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Agents of Mayhem – Bad vs Evil Trailer


Agents of Mayhem is the spiritual successor to the Saints Row series, even taking place in the same universe. Now with more of a focus on co op play as all the characters have their own respected abilities that create differences in play, as is the trend with hero shooters of late. Agents of Mayhem launches this August on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Earth Defense Force 5 gets new screenshots


D3Publisher earlier today had loaded it’s site with plenty of new screenshots of the upcoming PS4 exclusive game, Earth Defense Force 5. The screenshots range from giant robots, to giant monsters, to showing off characters and vehicles within the game. The game will feature a mix of assets from the previous two titles, and will include plenty of new features for fans of the series. Below will feature several of the game’s screenshots. Earth Defense Force 5 will launch this year only on the PS4. Stay tuned at RGN for everything PlayStation.

edf5-33 edf5-22 edf5-6


Mafia III Free Demo now available


2K games and Hangar 13 have made a free demo of last fall’s Mafia III available for download. The download will take up 27GB on PS4 and 24GB on Xbox One. Which is quite large for a demo, so for those you running low on space make sure you have some available if you want to try this out. Your demo progress will transfer to the full game if you decide to purchase it at anytime, or when the demo time ends. The demo is available to download on PSN and Xbox Live right now.

Dark Souls III: The Ringed City DLC Launch Trailer


The final DLC for Dark Souls III is about to drop on March 28th for $14.99 by itself, or you can purchase the seasons pass for $24.99. This will mark the end of an era as this believed to be the last Dark Souls game for sometime. The Ringed City looks to be a great sendoff for a franchise that has been loved for over half a decade now. Spawning clones or games that follow a similar nature, and even a spiritual successor in the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. The Dark Souls games have left their mark on gaming, changing it forever, and now it seems to be ending on a very high note.


Grand Theft Auto V Strategy Guide Review

Grand Theft Auto V - RealGamerNewz - PS4 X1

If you need to find the most detailed and complete guide to GTA V, then look no further. The team over at BradyGames has put together a fantastic signature series strategy guide to any GTA V knowledge you may be searching for, all in one great looking package. From the minute I first saw this guide it just screamed collectible with just under 500 highly detailed full color pictures made from tear resistant pages front to back to ensure long lasting use while keeping it looking fresh. I knew this guide would be a serious commodity to the story mode section of the game but it also completely covers the entire online mode as well all platforms in this one book. The table of contents is set on two open pages with only eight categories so you can see everything the without having to flip over a page.

Every single stat from each character’s details to weapons, vehicles, and everything you can think of is broken down to help you make those educated purchases without having to interrupt any of your time in game. I especially enjoy the map sections that have been fitted perfectly to the pages with high resolution making it super easy see and navigate all areas without having to stop traveling to change screens.

After using this guide for awhile I would say it is definitely worth picking up, whether you have been playing GTA V for awhile and want to find something you have been looking for a long time, or your just starting out and need help getting around and understanding the game and characters functions. Two thumbs up for BradyGames for putting out a quality product that will remain useful and more importantly useful! So go get your own, because this one’s mine. There’s still time before Christmas if you know anyone who is playing GTA V on any console they would definitely appreciate this signature series strategy guide. At $24.99 it is a bargain.

Main Story Missions: A complete walk-through of the game, you won’t miss anything and following these pages while playing through the story mode will ensure that you get the most efficient progress towards unlocking all achievements. Each contract is broken down into extreme detail with step by step, maps, side notes, and even easter egg nuggets of information. It is also shown how much progress towards a platinum trophy is gained per mission.

Vehicle Showroom: GTA V has tons of vehicles, and with even more expanded for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it’s impressive to see them all in one place. Top Speed, Braking, Acceleration, and Traction are broken down for each vehicle in the game (which is an insane amount of detail for a guide of such quality). It would have been nice to be able to see the Armor / Health attribute of each vehicle, but we’re not sure entirely how that works and why it was omitted. There could be development reasons, it’s hard to say exactly. Some vehicles have an extra mode such as the ability to get Turbo or Custom Exhaust systems. It’s nice to be able to rapidly thumb through and have those abilities highlighted on these pages. This saves an incredible amount of time car hunting for the right vehicle that can do it all. Now you just find it in the guide, then get it in the game.

Stranger and Freaks, Random Events, Hobbies and Pastimes: This section includes everything you can do outside of the normal story missions for Grand Theft Auto V including Arms Trafficking Air, Arms Trafficking Ground, Assassination Missions, Bail Bonds, Parachuting, Endless Summer: Taxi Missions, and that’s not even half of them. Custom maps for particular moments in the game when players are looking for Triathlons, Races of all kinds, or just exact weaponry.

This guide has everything you need, even an in-depth look at GTA Online, now if we can just get Heists released that would be great!

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this guide was provided to RealGamerNewz by BradyGames for the purpose of this Review.

Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 Review

Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 Review - RealGamerNewz

Straight from the first step into Los Santos the textures and graphics are exactly what we’ve all been hoping for, depth visuals. Whether your returning from PS3 or this is your first visit to Los Santo’s, you are in for a treat. The environment looks super smooth with eye-popping details in every object, I dare say Rockstar may have we finally tamed GTA’s beastly new engine and harnessed its power properly on next-gen consoles.

A ton of new features, upgrades, and individual content pieces have been added to the game, the best of which I can say, DRAW DISTANCE has been improved. The worst thing I can say is that fans are tired of waiting for Heists missions to release, and although it’s great they’re being prepped for release now that the next-gen launches of Grand Theft Auto V are out – we were ready for them literally a year ago. Hopefully the build up is worth the wait, I’m surely not envying the pressure Rockstar Games must be feeling on that one.

Exclusive Content for those who have already played Grand Theft Auto V on previous systems is included in the game surprisingly enough. This extends from solving a Murder Mystery eventually leading to an unlockable graphics filter for the game, exclusive weapons including a Hatchet and high power Rail Gun, the Wildlife Photography Challenge, Stock Car Races, and some other stuff we won’t mention because it’s just more fun finding on your own.

GTA V RealGamerNewz PS4 Review

The liquid graphic textures that end up splattered on your car or on the ground appear raised and with proper depth and lighting. The end result is what looks a three dimensional effect. Problem is, the splatter pattern leaves little to be desired. Fluid animations overall though have seen a great upgrade.

In terms of overall graphics, EQAA (Enhanced Quality Anti-Aliasing) and high-quality FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing) has been upgraded according to Rockstar Games’ Reviewer’s Guide handed down to press. Antisotropic filtering has also been implemented in a way that is meant to make far away images look sharper. This definitely works while maintaining a larger draw distance, and nearly zero pop-up that I can find.More specs are listed including Tesselation and displacement mapping as well as Parallax occlusion which can account for some of our earlier observations with gooey substances looking more real.

Rockstar Games also boasts improved physics, particle effects, lighting (over 3x the number of light sources from Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3, among other lighting upgrades), re-modeled textures, re-sculpted objects, volumetric light pollution, and more.

There’s been over 150 songs added to the sound-track, great small touches like High Definition versions of the television shows you can watch in-game at your characters’ mansions such as Republican Space Rangers or Impotent Rage. There’s even new vehicles to check out.


Online mode has been increased to 30 players with 2 spectators, a new first person mode has been released revealing all kinds of great easter eggs and hidden goodies in the game. FPS mode also has its own (optional) cover system to duck and lean up against walls, new ways to aim, and controls that feel like a first person shooter not the regular GTA just pasted into first person. This can be customized, so fear not if those words brought little comfort.

GTA Online also comes pre-patched now, with 11 updates already included off the bat. GTA Online on next-gen consoles will usher in a new experience, which is great because the last gen version has succumb to many hackers as of late who enjoy trolling and ruining the experience for others with cheats and / or mods to the game world peer-to-peer servers (since Rockstar doesn’t appear to host any of their own). Hopefully that problem will still be patched on last-gen systems though, and owners won’t be left behind.

Final Verdict:

If you haven’t been a part of the Grand Theft Auto V Experience yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. In this version, Driving stability has been taken to a new level. The overall feel of the game as well as the surroundings are meshed without unsightly lines or glitches even at top speeds. New crash animations have been introduced with subtle slow motion scenes just before impact lasting split seconds so you can bear witness to your self-inflicted carnage. Glass smashing, smoke burrowing, tiny pieces, and particles disintegrate as it all unfolds.

After seeing the difference between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V, I really appreciate the work that went into the upgrade details. This game comes with everything that made the first version great, smoother graphics with new textures and objects, and higher quality engine performance. The extra content added will be producing hours of replay value and Heists is still on the way according to Rockstar. All of these things are what makes revisiting Grand Theft Auto V well worth a second purchase.

Official Trailer:

1080P Gameplay Footage (Complete):

Overall Score: 10 / 10

RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developers: (Main Dev) RockStar North

(additonal work) RockStar NYC, RockStar San Diego, Rockstar Leeds, RockStar Toronto, RockStar New England, RockStar London, and RockStar Lincoln

Publisher: RockStar Games

Distributor: Take-Two Interactive

Available On: PS4 | XO

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

PC Version Review Here

PS3 / 360 Version Review Here

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review as a part of a Review Kit which also included a T-Shirt and Collectible Toy.

Trials Fusion PS4 Review

Trials Fusion RGN Review RealGamerNewz

Trials Fusion has all the intricate attributes that it takes to have a high flying intense bike competition. This futuristic sci-fi rider traverses a strange universe of planets that are chock full of insane ramp structures, mixed with organic scenes and trails. Fusion gives you all the tools, equipment, and training you need to immerse yourself into the world of trial bike riding whether you are familiar with this type of sport riding, or have never even seen it before, thanks much in part to the non-invasive training qualifiers.

At the beginning of every new level a training lap is required to unlock the different types of levels and race tracks / competitions. This lap will need to be completed before you can progress forward. These short instructional tracks help the player while in motion and lessen the learning curb considerably. The beginning tracks are great for just letting it rip and getting a good feel for the insane things you can pull off. Later on in the higher levels, a serious degree of challenge and difficulty are presented.

In Trials Fusion, it’s all about the run time as players race to overcome obstacles and find the right combination of throttle versus angle in order to best their previous times in the hunt for Gold and Platinum medals. While all of the competitions are timed, some of them require points for the medals which are generated by successfully completing stunts in an all-out freestyle battle. As players progress, the levels intensify training a player to master the balance and exact power it takes to hop from a dead stop across perfectly measured zones where the slightest mistake will not allow you to move forward.

Trials Fusion Xbox One Review PS4 RealGamerNewz

With the track creator the only thing stopping you from making an insane jump and climb-infused track is your own imagination. Place ramps, obstacles, and create impossible climbing situations of your own and load them up online for everyone to take a crack at them. With this mode and a Season’s Pass full of content on the way, Trials Fusion will continue to be played on your friends list for some time.

Video Review:

*Click Gear > HD 1080P Option for Optimal Viewing

Final Verdict:

Currently at the time of this Review, players can only play local multi-player on the same screen, which is a very cool racing experience introducing real life side by side dynamics, but soon fully Online Multiplayer will be launched for the title providing a much more exciting gameplay option. At that point, this title becomes a must-have for sessions with friends.

After spending enough time to acquire the gold medals needed to unlock the final tracks I am looking forward to incoming DLC as well as player-created runs. That will give this title the longevity it deserves for a different type of session whether you are in it for serious competition or just out to have some high flying fun. Trials Fusion gets a 9 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz, making it a an RGN Gold rated game. Be on the lookout for future reviews of the upcoming add-on content for Trials Fusion Season Pass holders soon.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9 / 10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Publisher: Ubisoft

Development Studios:

  • RedLynx

  • Ubisoft Shanghai

  • Ubisoft Ukraine

Available On: PC | PS4 | 360 | Xbox One

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

NASCAR Redline Review


NASCAR Redline is a mobile game that recently released for the iOS App Store and is built to take full advantage of the iPhone 5’s extended capabilities. Eutechnyx is a known developer behind many NASCAR games published on console as well as PC spanning a number of impressive simulation and gameplay experiences. This title takes the fundamental experience of games like NASCAR: Inside Line and NASCAR: The Game 2013 and essentially puts them in your pocket. With Redline though, that isn’t just a selling tag, it’s actually true as nearly all aspects of the game have been recreated for the mobile title, but now turn-based.

Controls: That’s right turn-based. NASCAR Redline features input at certain moments that effect the simulation of what you’re seeing. You can start and pause a statistics feed you’re seeing which tells you your position in the game, the amount of damage done to your car, and how much fuel you have. There’s also a text narration of the events taking place in the race, such as drivers passing each other or experiencing difficulties. You’ll also be notified of caution timers and be able to select how much gas to get in the pit, tires to swap, and how heavily to repair your vehicle. This is basically a turn-based system that is sometimes randomly interrupted to bring you to a cut-scene which asks you to hold the gas or break for a certain amount of time, prevent the vehicle from redlining, and then wait to see how this is played out in hi-fidelity graphics followed by in your text-based stat-readout view of the simulation.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Redline isn’t a racing game. This is a title for the iPhone 5 which you can pick up and play at any moment, with micro-seconds of gameplay dedicated at a time if necessary. Redline represents a flawlessly reliable, beautiful looking, and intense simulation game controlled by a fairly straight-forward menu screen with cut-scenes that you control acted out in a visually 3D world that is mind-blowing hi-fidelity.

This type of gameplay experience is not going to be for everyone. Some might be looking for the more direct racing experience, and while all aspects of the NASCAR sport and game series are here, they are represented by a completely new input and control style. This game, however, is perfect for the iPhone 5. Gamers on the run who love the NASCAR video games by Eutechnyx finally have a NASCAR sim in their pockets which allows them to pitch fictional races, control a driver in them, and do all of this while busy in their real lives at work or at a doctor’s office waiting around. Small snippets of gameplay can be had with Redline. It can be placed in your pocket with the race still taking place. Then it can be picked up and interacted with. There’s also incentive to keep playing more often thanks to a complete campaign system.

Nascar Redline Review

Campaign: The full week by week campaign of NASCAR Redline from Eutechnyx is a complete simulation of the career in a NASCAR driver’s life. From races, to training, to upgrades, and even managing sponsors players are taken through many aspects of the sport with their hi-resolution vehicle pitting and speeding against other drivers to make it to the top. Development of your skills is a necessary part of moving through the entire game which also features an unlockable “SEASON” experience that delivers the authentic experience of a competitive driver in the NASCAR racing league.

Gameplay: There seems to be nothing missing from its console counterparts as NASCAR Redline enters the mobile world as possibly the most polished racing game on the entire platform, however the way you play the game is totally different. The game’s simulation and input, found in more detail above (in the controls section),

Drivers / A.I.: The artificial intelligence of the drivers in NASCAR Redline are what you’d expect from a Eutechnyx game, they’re realistic and brutally difficult until you get on their level. All of the real life drivers from NASCAR are here as well as the images of their vehicles in a high resolution 3D representation. Eutechnyx is a trusted developer of the NASCAR licensed intellectual property and Redline is an official production sanctioned by the NASCAR companies. But the game isn’t all serious, it’s pretty funny to watch the player’s vehicle peel out doing donuts after a race.

Graphics / Art Direction: The art style of NASCAR: Redline is of course photo-realism with graphics that impress on the iPhone 5 model series of devices. Eutechnyx shows their mastery at even mobile games as this title delivers the experience of a full NASCAR game found on consoles or even the PC. If anything the Redline mobile game for iPhone 5 shows off the scale to which this developer is ready to make a full racing title. We surely hope this is in the plans and pipeline for driving fans that want a real-time experience rather than a time management game.


Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: Realistic background noise and engine effects are found in the game. There’s no voice-acting or major audio system in the game, other than during its interactive cut-scenes, but the soundtrack does remain true to the NASCAR theme and license. There is a decent offering of music in-game, including a “Redline” soundtrack that fades in and out at times among other sound effects.

Replay Ability: High – Customization and upgrades held over the course of gameplay make it so the title is easy to play over and over with perpetual goals giving your thumbs a long play-through.

Engine Performance: No glitches were experienced during our play-through of the game.

Final Verdict:

Once you’re into the concept of a NASCAR racing simulator that allows pocket-play at any time, the title fits well in your iPhone and is completely worth the low price it’s being charged. NASCAR Redline gives you a quick play on an interactive action piece for the true NASCAR fans out there. If you aren’t a fan of the franchise, you can still appreciate a quick game of this with time to spare. Those who are looking for a full driving / racing NASCAR title on the iPhone 5 will currently be disappointed though, which is basically the only negative point of this title. For those who may have expected a different genre for NASCAR’s first iOS installment, they will be met with an unfamiliar set of gameplay mechanics to the NASCAR IP. But if they give that unfamiliar experience a chance they will find a very polished, thought-out experience meant to take away any mind-numbingly boring moments out of life and replace them with dreams of winning at the All-American Driving Sport.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.5/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher: Eutechnyx

Available On: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch*

Played On: iPhone 5 mobile devices

*May not be compatible with legacy devices

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Auto Club Revolution : New Update Drivers Journey Experience Progression System


The new progression system is now live. Eutechnyx has added a slew of new features to the free to play online racer continuing add replay value and keep race fans coming back for more. Auto Club Revolution is a constantly evolving  build that allows the development team to enhance the players experience while adding some of the best features anyone could ask for each time they do.


In this latest addition a new damage model for the AI multi-player modes will be a game changer for those of you who have yet to experience it. Eutechnyx has already proven that they have the ultimate damage system bar none that we have seen in the NASCAR The Game series. So be prepared to pay the price for trying to take those corners to fast or pass someone when there is no space to do so. You will take on damage the severity will depend on what exactly you have hit or been hit by and where. Then you will need to go back to the garage and make repairs before you can go back out on the track.


They have also made ninety percent of the cars purchasable with credits you earn from racing. Premium cars can still be purchased with E-Bucks. Those purchased cars will earn extra EXP and credits per race making it easier to unlock even sweeter cars sooner. No need to worry if you have purchased cars or XP on the previous system they have taken care of the fans and made sure that everything will be carried over to the new system which is most excellent in my book. New cars are being introduced as well you can check them out on their Facebook page.


So, what are you waiting for? This is an excellent free to play racer that has just received some premium upgrades and has a awesome community as well where everyone is friendly and happy to be there oh yeah and it’s free! Go and sign up today at you won’t regret it.

Nascar The Game: 2013 Review


After dominating the console racing genre with the release of  NASCAR The Game: Inside Line in November 2012 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii consoles, the team over at Eutechnyx has done it again. Filling in the gap with some much needed realistic racing which has been missing for a number of years. Bringing the NASCAR experience over for PC gamer’s with great success, NASCAR The Game: 2013 is now available on Steam specifically for PC.

Challenge or race as all of the forty three officially licensed NASCAR drivers on all of the official tracks. With this latest installment Eutechnyx has built in multiple graphics settings to help make sure that it will run with a wide variety of hardware making it much easier for everyone to be able to join in on the fun. They have also enhanced the AI models and behaviors to make the game more fun and enjoyable, as well as offering full controller and multiple steering wheel supports. This puts NASCAR The Game: 2013 at the top of 2013 racing title releases without a doubt.


Some of the new features include the awesome Gen 6 cars and paint schemes where players can completely design on their own cars in the enhanced paint booth. They can also be saved, shared, and traded with other players online, how cool is that? Those are just a few of the things that coming  to PC has added to the experience. Bringing this title over to the PC also gave the talented team over at Eutechnyx a chance to really show just how good the quality of their graphics build really is when comparing to the limitations of console. Eye popping visuals and amazing textures are just a couple of the enhancements you will enjoy as you roar down your favorite race tracks without a single detail missing from any of them.

Full race weekend is totally geared towards hardcore racing fans with an extensive career mode including driver development, earning real world sponsorships, and vehicle upgrades, as you claw your up trying to achieve greatness. All the while during Full race weekend you are also getting helpful hints and strategies form your crew chief as you make your way to unlocking new features, and upgrades. Sponsors will set goals for the driver to complete during the races and will also reward them with hefty bonus payouts if achieved. This is one reason to try to keep the highest profile sponsors which will increase your payouts and help you build a stronger faster race car.


Take full advantage and fine tune your car to get a feel for each individual turn and track with several practice runs that are built into each race. Then get all your ducks in a row because now it’s off to the qualifying laps. After you feel you are fully prepared to take the pole, head out and tear it up. Go hard because everyone wants that front row seat in the race.

The multi-player online has all twenty-three tracks with the Sprint cup series rosters, drivers, and teams. Up to sixteen players can race at once with Darrell Waltrip and Mike Joy providing commentary via the Fox broadcasting booth. Crew chief advice and track tips are brought to you by Ray Evernham and Ty Norris to help you achieve your goals and navigate the tracks. NASCAR The Game: 2013 features the most realistic damage system you will ever experience. Everything matters including tire wear and fuel usage to the point where if you decide not to pit it will either cost you, or win you the race.


Final Verdict: Only available on Steam for $39.99 ten dollars less than the usual release price of any game on Steam. The quality and sheer amount of content you will receive makes this a ‘no-brainer’ for all hardcore gamers. So what are you waiting for? Get on Steam and get in the race for the cup! NASCAR The Game: 2013 receives a 9 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz earning it a Gold Game RGN Rating Award.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Eutechnyx

Available On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Hardware requirements:


Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (2 * 3000 MHz)
Memory: 2048 MB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 8800 GT


Processor: Intel Core I5-760 (4 * 2800 MHz)
Memory: 4096 MB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 260

Binary Domain Review

Binary Domain takes place well into the future and it takes full advantage leaving behind not many missed gameplay opportunities. You’ll see yourself using technology such as nano-machines to upgrade your weapons and other technological advancements to your advantage during your war against robots. You’ll be glad to have these advantages on your side too. Since your enemy isn’t human they’ve got a few advantages themselves, most notably they don’t die just from losing limbs.

The world is overrun with a robotic race that has become self aware and as usual there just isn’t enough space on planet earth for more than one species because all hell has broken loose and it inevitably becomes up to you to set things right. Finally a game where you can swim. At times the game feels like a true battleground of man versus machine and the artificial intelligence of the game is a lot better than even some we’ve seen on more recognized titles. Other times you will feel like you’re playing a stealth action or adventure game.

One thing Binary Domain does right is allow you to skip the tutorial sections of the game that will constantly bog you down in other games even though you may be able to just pick it up and play since many other games in the same genre use similar control schemes. Binary Domain lets you get right into the action and the controls feel pretty much at home in your trigger finger hands. As with most third person shooters these days, you can get behind cover as well as tuck and roll to avoid getting shot. Once behind cover you can shoot blind or while creeping out of cover strategically to aim.

The game also makes use of voice commands using a regular old microphone such as Bluetooth headset or a standard wired plug-in. If you don’t feel like making any noise at that given moment you can just hold down the left trigger and select the command you want to create in dialogue manually. You’ll mainly use voice commands to tell the soldiers on your side what to do, but they’ll only go through with it if they trust you enough. Working on trust throughout the game becomes a vital part of keeping your team on point.

The bond that is earned through battle between yourself and your allies serves to keep your own personal morale high in real life as you shoot through hordes of enemies. Visually the game gets the job done. It’s not the most impressive ever seen on a console but you can see clear enough to aim a good ways out and the world around you is capable of immersing you.

Final Verdict: Binary Domain is a good blast through game if you enjoy some shooter action with a decent overarching plot. Overall this game receives a 7 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz.



Overall Score: 7/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Publisher: SEGA

Available On: PS3 / 360 / PC

Played On: PlayStation 3

Review Copy Info: A copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for purposes of this review.