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Bioware teasing a harder difficulty mode for Mass Effect Andromeda’s Multiplayer


Prepare for Platinum. The hardest mode from Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer is now returning to Mass Effect Andromeda. It also appears that the Batarians are going to be making a return as well. Of course this multiplayer update will be completely free which is great. No word on singleplayer DLC yet, and I wanted to say that our site has not covered the story that is running about. The story that says the DLC is cancelled, which I can’t comment on, but there seems to be many misconceptions and we don’t want to report “fake news.”


Call of Duty: WWII Not Coming to Nintendo Switch


Sledgehammer games has a made statement regarding Call of Duty: WWII on the Nintendo Switch. This is the very simple exchange on Reddit.

ThePCGamingNoob: “Yes or no? Is Call Of Duty WWII coming to Nintendo Switch?”

Sledgehammer Games: No

A big simple no, but it’s interesting it’s a flat out no. Of course this game was well in development way before Switch Dev Kits were made available, and some Publishers are still iffy on making games for the platform. I’d assume if the success keeps up, the next Call of Duty will be on the Switch.

Call of Duty: WWII comes out on November 3rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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“The DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT tutorial trailer teaches you the basics from moving, guarding, and dashing to attack strategies in helping you win. Understand the differences in performing bravery attacks then using the points collected to unleash HP attacks. Check out the tutorial and get a better grasp at this team based brawler set for a worldwide release in early 2018!”

SEGA Conspiracy Theories That Make You Wonder…

Sega Conspiracy Theories That Make You Wonder - RealGamerNewZ

Video game publisher, console manufacturer, creator to the favorite systems of many fans (Genesis, Master System, Dreamcast, and more), SEGA is not without its interesting background. With routes tied to what many consider to be the potential case for subtle occult hints left within the software of their games and even the menu system of their machines, SEGA is pressed to some conspiracy theories which they didn’t have to answer for in years’ past due to the advent of high-speed internet (Broadband) in the home and eventually in the hand (iPhone, Galaxy). Now we wonder, and without the ability to ask the past from the future about the present, we are left in awe to only speculate as to what happened to cause the stories below.

Fun Is Infinite, SEGA Enterprises. Signed By Devil.

Sonic CD Users discovered that if you follow a particular input of the Sega CD game system, the following strange messages will occur! At title screen pressed Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A. At next screen enter FM no.46, PCM no. 12, DA no. 25, press start. Newer Versions Use Just the #s 12 and 25. “Fun Is Infinite, Sega Enterprises. Signed by Devil”  The theory has been challenged by some who say that the “Devil” word in Japanese was actually a mistranslated and instead an extremely similar name is listed as a signature from a member of the game’s development team. These stories have yet to be solved to this day and still the debate remains.

Captured Alien Audio if Saturn games put in CD Player

Planet Saturn and word Satan are the same thing also? In addition to creepy infomercials and bizarre hidden messages in their game systems, if you’d try to put the Sega Dreamcast GDI gigabyte game discs into a music player, you’d get an odd tone of voice from a commanding female officer of the Sega elite. Have you heard this before? Does it give you De Ja Vu? Do you feel like you have? The sounds heard in the background are argued between fans as being either the sounds coming from hell itself of mankind and beasts yelling out in agony or the recorded sounds of an extraterrestrial being held captive on Earth for humans to study. Be our guest and let us know what you draw as your own conclusions after hearing it below.

Sega Illuminati Easter Eggs RealGamerNewZ

League Championship Series Starts back up this weekend!


League of Legends competitive circuit begins this weekend for North America!

LCS has really grown since the last time we saw it when TSM defeated Cloud 9.

New rules have been set as long as the addition of 2 new team slots bringing the total up to 10 teams now! The 2 major rules that have been placed are 1. “All Players must have a set of peripherals to leave at the LCS studio” this means they are really cracking down on any forms of cheating and tampering with equipment used to play. Apparently there has been some cases of cheaters in the game being involved with equipment having “bot like” programs installed on them. Imagine a mouse that has macro’s on it and practically plays the game for you! Unfair. Hopefully this can be avoided for such a large competition though.

The second rule is that all coaches must be dressed in appropriate business attire Because they are representing a huge organization and League of Legends itself. This rule isn’t really a big deal but the Koreans who professionally game have been doing this from Day One. This is probably because the organizations pay big money to the players and the coaches. In Korea, Video Games are widely accepted as a sport (even more so than in USA despite Obama and The White House declaring Competitive Gaming as a Sport in America.

There was also another minor rule that was established saying that sponsorship for teams can be pretty much anything but a competitive game. This event was brought up around last split when the ever so famous porn site Youporn wanted to sponsor one of the LCS teams and there was a huge controversy about this. Many in the MOBA community thought it was highly inappropriate even if Youporn was bringing a lot of money to the table. However, under this rule Youporn can now sponsor a LoL team. Any brand except for other competitive MOBA games can sponsor a LoL team in theory under this new rule.

Last Year: TSM defeated Cloud 9 below:

RGN’s EricSteezWard will be streaming Everyday. Game give aways at 100 followers! More to come.

Hello everybody Ericsteez here with a little announcement .

I plan to stream everyday for the next couple of months and if it works well I will keep at it! I plan on streaming various games such as League of legends, Counter Strike, Mount and blade: With fire and sword and when my HD PVR come in ill be streaming alot of console games.

When I reach 100 followers on my stream I will give away Counter Strike : Global Offensive. Then after i reach that goal I’ll have plenty more stuff to give away from there. So if you wanna win some cool free stuff just click the link below and hit the follow button. Also I’m not too sure on what my times will be for streaming but I’ll eventually get a schedule going!download (2)

Opening Cinematic and Trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us Released

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fighting game based on the DC comics universe. Injustice was developed by NetherRealm Studios for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. The  new trailers Shown below give a great description of the fighting game and its style. The game is a one on one fighting with one round per fight. Most of the Famous DC comics super heroes and villains gang up to fight against Superman’s New world order. This game brings a cool Tekken like fighting style mixed in with cool unique features with each character.