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Nintendo Announces New Titles! (Hopes For Profit)


A little late to the punch but Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced several new Nintendo titles releasing for the Wii-U and 3DS consoles. In case you missed it, here’s a Full WrapUp of the Nintendo Direct. Below I have listed the titles along with a brief description:

Bravely Default

First time being released state side and as of right now it is solely releasing for Nintendo 3DS, for those not familiar with this oddly named title it is developed by Square Enix being the game is the soul successor to Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light. This is going to be a great hit for any JRPG fan who owns a 3DS.

funky kong

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

After the success of the 2010 donkey Kong returns on Wii (later on 3DS) Retro Studios has announced their newest game coming to the Wii U (and most likely 3DS) featuring the return of their entire Donkey Kong team, according to Retro Studios this will be their most challenging game.

Hyrule Warriors (working title)

To all the Nintendo fanboys out there I have one word to catch your interest: Zelda. Well more like Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors… being developed by Nintendo alongside Tecmo Koei. This looks to be a game that might hold over Zelda fans over until the next chapter in the series releases. Based of what I got to see of the game, it shows off Link battling hordes of enemies, though Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have stated there will be more playable characters hence Hyrule in the working title.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

The pink puff ball makes his return! (Without yarn this time… yarn is not epic) This time bringing in a new story, a new ability that allows him to suck in the screen and a new 4 brawler mode resembling smash bros. Taking a few cues from Donkey Kong Country Returns Kirby will now venture levels and solve puzzles in the main platform level as well as the backgrounds of levels.

Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct

Mario Kart 8

Look yet another Mario game! Can’t imagine why Nntendo is having financial issues with games this original… anyways; Mario is returning to the track along with a slew of other Nintendo characters!  Being developed for Wii U, Nintendo will be continuing implementing ideas featured in the 3DS game Mario Kart 7 such as bikes and gliders. From the looks it seems like Nintendo is still showing off their abilities to make unique and innovative tracks.

NES Remix

The title explains the basis of the game, a remix of classic Nintendo titles. It’s only going to cost $15 on the Nintendo E-Shop, which isn’t that bad of a deal considering you get to play these great classic games like Donkey Kong Country (you know when Nintendo was in their prime) with some remixes to pull some old school gamers back in, one of the examples Nintendo gave was the ability to play as Link from Zelda in Donkey Kong (Awesome!). Nintendo promises many awesome remixes in this promising title.

Super Smash Bros. (New characters)

As every Nintendo fan knows Super Smash Bros. will be releasing next year on both 3DS and Wii U so I won’t go into the game details. Nintendo announces 2 New characters being added to the fighting line-up: Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and the mighty star Luma. Seems like this new Smash Bros. title may have the strongest line up yet… maybe.

Yoshi’s New Island

Bringing story book graphics to introduce new players to Yoshi’s Island the brief teaser trailer still showed very Super Ninteno-ish style gameplay for old school Yoshi Island fans to recognize. Being added to the Nintendo “New” Mario line up similar to “New Super Mario Bros” released a few years ago. This may be the promising title recently announced by Nintendo.

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Preview – Max: Curse of Brotherhood Xbox ONE

Max Curse of Brotherhood - Xbox ONE

Preview – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

A game developed by Press Play for Xbox ONE

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a new platforming and puzzle solving game premiering on the Xbox ONE following the main character Max. The story take place after Max accidentally banishes his annoying brother Felix to another dimension called Anotherland ruled by the evil sorcerer Mustachio and then realizes he is going to have to save him.

He has to run, jump, and use his imagination solving various puzzles and predicaments to save his brother, with the help of his magic marker. The marker is controlled by the right stick on the Xbox ONE controller to solve various puzzles by creating stepping stones, branches, elemental solutions and even harnessing fire balls to smite his enemies among many other devices he can create with his magic marker.

Max Curse of Brotherhood 2 - Xbox ONE

If this sounds at all familiar to you then you probably played their first game on iOS, Wii, DS, or PS3 called Max and the Magic Marker, which mainly utilized touch controls and motion controls were available. However, this spiritual sequel will offer more variety than just drawing solutions like its predecessor. For example, in this one you may have to draw a branch to reach a destination or cut that branch to create a raft.

The foundation of this game seems to give the touch screen feel using the smoothness of the marker with an analog stick interface. This game (so far) looks to be a very creative platformer with some very unique puzzle solving abilities. I’m very exited to see how this game turns out and how it can changes the way we platform. This game will be available for both Xbox 360 (30fps) and Xbox ONE (60fps) and is exclusive to the Xbox platform. Keep an eye on RealGamerNewz for more information on this and other Xbox titles as it becomes available.