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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Version 2.2 Update Adds Shiva, Ramuh, And Leviathan Primal Battles

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn PS4 Beta

Hard mode and extreme mode battles for Leviathan will be added to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Shiva and Ramuh will also be added to the game’s hard mode and extreme mode battles, and main quests will be Level 50 with only hard and extreme modes.

All this and more is coming with the 2014 update to the game titled Version 2.2 Update. In addition to these expansions of FFXIV:ARR players will see Primal Battles for Shiva, Ramuh, and Leviathan and Good King Moggle Mog XII extreme mode.

You’ve been warned MMORPG gamers now get out there in Square Enix world and grind yourself to prepare for what’s to come.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gains Special Award + PS4 Beta Release Date

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn PS4 Beta

The PlayStation 4 version of Square Enix latest MMORPG efforts, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, will shift into Beta phase on the PS4 this February 22, 2014. The start date for the PS4 full game is set for April 2014 and Naoki Yoshida will be streaming the PS4 game for the first time on December 14, 2013 at 7am (Eastern NYC USA Time Zone). Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has awarded Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with a special award for its “originality, buzz-worthiness, influence and performance”. Keep an eye out on RealGamerNewz for more info as it becomes available.

Shadow Warrior Review

Shadow Warrior Devolver Digital

Flying Wild Hog has brought us another classic remade with today’s standards in graphics, and style along with other remakes like Doom, Duke Nukem, and Wolfenstein. But can Shadow Warrior stand out and go down as one of the best remakes of all time? Let’s see!

Story: Players assume the role of Lo Wang who is trying to acquire a sword that he doesn’t know much about. After attempting to purchase the sword he learns that it wields a power of inhuman capabilities and he must get the sword in order to save the world. Lo Wang becomes sort of possessed by a comical demon who joins sides to help Lo Wang get the sword back before a demoness can attain the sword of UNPRECEDENTED POWER!!! I said that with a booming sound in my head to add dramatic effect. The story line itself is pretty bland and straight forward with not much appeal, but still funny and comical with a lot of laughs, much like the original.

Gameplay: Shadow Warrior has a real solid character progression gameplay mechanic that allows you to upgrade Lo Wang’s abilities and weapons by attaining Ki crystals and each upgrade to his abilities appears as a Japanese tattoo on his body. I thought this was very cool, and a great idea which I’d like to see more of some time in the future with other games. It adds to the depth of the game when upgrades actually show up in some physical and / or aesthetic form. It’s a very good touch. The combat is fast paced and very well done, it doesn’t lose any aspect of fun as it goes on and gets deeper into the story. Most games feel like you’re doing the same thing after a while, and in Shadow Warrior there’s no difference, but the enemies you fight help keep the monotony away a bit and with simple controls which help the flow of combat stay fluid and fast for a first person hack and slash shooter.

Shadow Warrior Review - RealGamerNewz

Characters and enemies also have unique abilities and difficulties and some tend not to stick out in the story. The main enemies I felt needed more of a stronger role in the game and because they weren’t super tough, it made the game feel a little overly casual compared to its original incarnation. The most entertaining was the demon who is fused with you, combined with a few other vulgar and sexually themed characters that made for a good laugh throughout the story. Some parts I felt were rushed, but the game was still enjoyable. Shadow Warrior has minimal replay ability. You might enjoy one play-through of Shadow Warrior and never pick the game up again, but Flying Wild Hog seemed as if they were trying to go that route.

I have to give them a good kudos though for bringing a great game back that I had enjoyed as a kid with the limited resources they had. I can’t help but think if they were a triple AAA company that this game would have excelled more in some areas such as the graphics which weren’t horrible and surprisingly good looking for the most part in most areas, but not all. You’ll see  a few circumstances where their limitations show especially with the character models and not so much with the scenery. Nothing game-breaking, but I can’t fault them too much for this considering the fact that they are not a big game developer, but managed to reach near triple AAA quality and I commend them for that. Lighting and shadows looked amazing, but some areas of the game seemed as if weren’t focused on as others and that could be something that slipped by QA testing.

Shadow Warrior Review - RealGamerNewz 2

Audio: If you read my Preview of Shadow Warrior, you know how much I liked the music in the game. Being a big fan of Japanese themes, you get a good mix of that in Shadow Warrior which helped set the mood and fit the overall theme of the game. With a combination of Rock, Opera,Ttechno and Japanese instruments make hacking, slashing, blowing, and (that sounded bad) shooting your way through a demon horde more exciting. The soundtrack to the game is just amazing with great music and I’ve found myself listening to it a lot on YouTube (track 4 mostly). I highly recommend the game’s OST for good listening tracks if you’re into that type of music.

Final Verdict: Flying Wild Hog set out to deliver a nostalgic game up to today’s standards without sacrificing some of the great things that made the original great. This is a great example to follow and something I wish  Duke Nukem would have had. While the game is no perfect 10 and doesn’t have much replay ability, it’s still a great entry and makes for a fun few hours. I give Shadow warrior a 7.5 out of 10.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.5/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: Flying Wild Hog

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Shadow Warrior Review - RealGamerNewz 3

GoD Factory: Wingmen Preview

GoD Factory

Have you heard of GoD Factory: Wingmen? If not.. You’re missing out on a potentially great aerial space combat shooter. In GoD players pilot a ship which can be customized in depth and will be their tool of destruction as well as defense. Objectives include destroying enemy carriers and defending yours while earning “credits” from playing matches and blasting through enemies. Players also get a second ship that can be customized with the ability to switch back and forth between the two which will help diversify the arsenal of terror zipping through space and hopefully laying the smack down on unsuspecting, and a few suspecting, enemies.

Each point of weakness destroyed earns one integrity point. Once you reach 6 integrity you have defeated the enemy ship. The game is balanced nicely for both teams and all species to help with evasion and battle, but carelessness will still result in getting killed, so strategy is the key and teamwork with allies is, well, your ally.

GoD Factory 2

The game’s size and structure are well done and beautiful. You’re in space and the size of the carriers, which are 9 miles long, take you back a bit. These take tons of cooperation with other teammates to destroy, which is done by strategically attacking certain weak points throughout. So this game isn’t going to be a typical ‘go off and do your own thing’ kind of game like most end up being. The matches will often be well over 30 minutes. There’s 4 species you can choose from as a faction with each having significantly differing weapons.

Take for example Humans who have speed on their side, while the Chorions have a higher chance of survival. Each species has a weakness, but also a strength that other factions don’t. While there’s still a lot of information that has yet to be revealed to us, like the economics, GoD Factory: Wingmen is proving to have all the makings of a strategic hit so far and is currently on Kickstarter as well as Steam Greenlight in case you want to help support this title’s development.

SmashMuck Champions Preview


Smashmuck is a new MOBA about to make a splash and get all the girls wet. In SmashMuck Champions you will battle foes in a managed team of 10 in an online arena over 5 different game modes. You can customize your fighter, train, and practice all before you pit yourself against the onslaught of attackers ready to bludgeon your face with their fists, swords, hammers, or bludgeoning tools. Okay, so maybe I made the bludgeoning tool part up.

SmashMuck Champions Screenshot 2

SmashMuck has a unique style and look that only slightly mimics other MOBA titles. It contains the same basics of a MOBA, but the overall feel of the game is less serious and more about fun. The battles are not to be taken lightly though, and you’ll find yourself playing 5 games when you only wanted to play 1 quick match. With the growth and over-saturation of MOBA’s, SmashMuck breathes a bit of fresh air into the lungs of the genre giving new life to something seemingly overdone in other titles.

With Dota and LoL being so popular and bringing in millions of dollars, how can a new game make itself stand out among the crowd? Well, Kiz Studios managed to pull that off in such a way that it allows hardcore and casual players to mesh seamlessly without ruining fun. Kiz studios decided to run with a much simpler design than other MOBA titles are famous for and limiting the available characters to 24 at this moment while allowing ease of use and play for newcomers. Typically MOBA’s can be overly complex and you spend a lot of time trying to find the right build or character to use, and often you are forced into picking a certain character because another player has already chosen one. This is not needed with SmashMuck.

SmashMuck Champions Screenshot 1

As for game modes you have 5 to choose from; Destroyer, Plunderball, Conquest, Siege, and Gauntlet. Destroyer has players collecting items to power up their “Colossus” which means the opposing team is doing the same thing, and it’s your team’s job to destroy the enemy colossus before it’s built.

Plunderball (my favorite mode) is a capture-the-ball mode in which 3x capture equals a win. Conquest is almost self explanatory, you need to go out and claim as much territory as possible to be declared the victor by holding zones and gaining points to reach the goal.

Siege is the standard MOBA battle where you destroy towers and push your way through your enemy’s base. And finally there’s Gauntlet. This is a cooperative play that sends a, well, gauntlet of enemies at you that must pass much like a survivor mode.

I really enjoyed my time playing this game even though I’m not the biggest MOBA fan. I think SmashMuck has brought a new player into the world of MOBA’s and I feel as if it’ll do the same for others when the game releases. You can sign up and enter now for Early Access of the game by going to

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn World Transfers Date Revealed by Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Gameplay ENDGAME

As I finish up the final touches on my Full RGN Review for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn it has come to my attention that the MMORPG’s World Transfers have been given a date of occurrence, or for my non-nerd-speak brethren – it’s happening soon! Two weeks from now it goes down, but you won’t be able to take part unless you meet the following requirements:

Excerpt from the Press:

  • “Must not be part of a Free Company.
  • Must be logged out at the moment of transfer.
  • Must not have any items in the market.
  • Players may be limited to how much Gil they can carry over.”

[Source: EGMNow]

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Review

In 2010 Frictional Games terrified the living day light out of us with the cult horror game Amnesia: A Dark Descent. Now they bring you a new nightmare. Created by The Chinese Room, the studio behind Dear Esther.

The year is 1899 And Wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus awakes in his bed, wracked with fever and haunted by dreams of a dark and hellish engine. Tortured by visions of a disastrous expedition to Mexico, broken on the failing dreams of an industrial utopia, wracked with guilt and tropical disease, he wakes into a nightmare. The house is silent, the ground beneath him shaking at the will of some infernal machine: all he knows is that his children are in grave peril, and it is up to him to save them.

In my time in the Mandus manor, the atmosphere was just like it’s predecessor. Scary sounds, mysterious noises, and the feeling that some sort of terrifying creature was going to bust through the door at any moment. Buuuut this game lacked that which was extremely disappointing. Not only was the fear toned down, but you didn’t have to worry about saving lantern oil, or sanity overtaking you and those two things helped Amnesia give you anxiety and true fear especially of the dark.

Another saddening circumstance of this game was that the Pigmen monsters were slower than the creatures from Dark Descent. So running from the Pigmen was all you needed to do to escape which took away from the desperation of trying to find a hiding spot as monsters chased you down the hall into the very room you ran into. I remember in Dark Descent literally screaming out loud in real fear as I tried desperately to open a door to a closet that I kept slamming on accident trying to get in while screaming like a little school girl.

Those things are what made Amnesia truly scary and made it feel like you yourself was actually running for your life. A Machine For Pigs misses this greatly and I didn’t feel as scared as I did in the previous game. There were moments of “AH!” or “Eek” but none of “AAAAAAHHHHH!!! OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!! NO, NO, NO!!! PLEASE GOD NO!!!” The game seemed to be more puzzled focused which isn’t a bad thing for a challenge, but I truly wanted a good horror game and as a heavily anticipated game as this was for me, I am saddened to say that they did not deliver on my high hopes and expectations.

There were still moments of fear like I had originally felt in Dark Descent, which had all went away as I learned that I had nothing to fear. No sanity to overtake me, no lantern oil to search for, and no fear of the monsters chasing me. What A Machine For Pigs does do right on by me is the, as stated before, atmosphere. It looks scary, it feels scary, and it sounds scary. There was a lot of ambient noises of what could be a creature, or music would heighten at certain points and really get the blood going. Encounters with monsters were quick and over fast, but still elevated my heart rate.

I just want a hug!

Final Verdict:

I can easily say that I enjoyed my play time in A Machine For Pigs. The only thing I can’t say is that I was left satisfied. I wanted to S#!@ myself in fear again (never really happened the first time. No.. I swear, it never happened!) and I was left here thinking “that was it?”. If you scare easily this game could probably give you a good jump or two, but I would have to suggest A Dark Descent if you want to feel true terror, and fear from a video game. Hopefully with their next horror title The Chinese Room can deliver us another truly horrifying game that will have grown men screaming and running. I give Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs a 6/10.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 6/10

Developer: The Chinese Room

Publisher: Frictional Games

Available On: Windows PC / Mac OS X / Linux

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gameplay [1080P HD ENDGAME LVL 50]

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Gameplay ENDGAME

This is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Endgame Level 50 Gameplay in 1080P High Definition originally streamed on my TwitchTV channel PwnagraphicTV and now here on RealGamerNewz archived for the ages. Enjoy by hitting play and it automatically starts in 1080P.

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Conquer The Galaxy… A ‘Galaxia Conquestum’ Review

That title sounded better in my head..

Galaxia Conquestum is a turn-base arcade game. First you select your faction and enter the galaxy map to strategically choose which galaxy you’ll attempt to conquer. Then you’ll be fighting in space through an arcade scrolling shooter to conquer that galaxy! Be careful, your opponent can also attack you fiercely. Defend your galaxy when attacked and bring the fight to your enemy on the next turn.

The Key Features are:

• Custom game settings

• Choose from 3 factions

• Turn-based and arcade gameplay

• 10 in-game achievements

• All original music

• Partial Xbox 360 controller support

The game has its basic function and isn’t too complex, but you can’t let its simplicity fool you. The game does pose a real challenge, you’ll also have the choice of whether to let the computer fight for you or not. Where is the fun in that, though?

The thing that I really like is how complicated the game could be and the fact that it was just so simple like its original. With improved graphics giving it a slightly 3D look, you fly through-out space dodging and shooting overwhelming odds to an ominous but catchy soundtrack. I also find myself raging at a few moments in the game, and am slightly taken back by the nostalgia it provides. I haven’t played a game like this in so long that I forgot how hard they can actually be compared to the games of today. Complexity of the game mostly came from the fact it was such an old system that you were used to as a kid so going back in you think “spfft.. ” and then 4 rage-fest hours later you’re wondering “HOW WAS I DOING THIS AS A KID!?!?!”

Final Verdict: Overall I had a very good time playing this and got a good challenge at the same time a huge nostalgic rush. It feels good to go back and play such a simple game that used to bring us joy as kids, and some adults. You can play this now for the Android OS and PC. I give this game a 10/10, making it a Platinum RGN Game.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 10/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer / Publisher: Alien Octopus Studio

Available On: Windows PC / Android

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of the PC game and the mobile version were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

War Thunder Review

Firstly, allow me to apologize for such lengthy time it took me to finally get around to this, and Galaxia. I’m not one to make excuses, buuut.. It’s all Square Enix fault! FFXIV is too addicting. I eat it, I sleep it, I breathe it! O_O Anyway.. On to the review!

War Thunder, as most of you will know, is a Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game much like any MMO on the market today being developed by Gaijin Entertainment. With a  slightly different mechanic though than standard MMO’s with the whole being in planes, tank, and Battleships that are strongly void of Rhianna and Taylor Kitsch.

Gameplay: In War Thunder the gameplay is a blast, pun intended, as you blast your foes by land, sea, or air in large maps that are closely similar to the land at the time during the WWII era. I found myself deeply immersed into killing Nazi’s, a.k.a. Germans because no one wants to refer to Germans as Nazis, even Germans, and those damned ‘Japs’ (just kidding Japanese readers, the game is just that real). The scale of the maps were very large at a realistic 200 kilometers (125 miles) soon to be 300 kilometers (roughly 180 miles according to Google because I can’t convert kilometers to miles off the top of my head.) With realism as depth of this, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself in War Thunder.

For gameplay modes there are Arcade Battles,  Historical Battles, and Full Real Battles.

In Arcade Battles, you’re pit 32 vs. 32 in planes making you challenge the opponents strategies by having you defend you “country” with easy and basic controls. It makes the game easier, but fun for everyone to enjoy regardless of rank or skill.

War Thunder PS4 PC

Historical battles make for a much hardcore mode imitating real life damage and war as much as possible. Diving your plane to fast, pulling up, or going head on into a fight can prove fatal and have you ending the battle fairly quick Full Battles Now here is a mode that is harder than hard. Porn star junk hard. It reenacts flight simulation to the “T” where real life damage is taken and battles are hard due to the fact there’s no easy mode. Basically.. If you haven’t been shot mid air in the wing during WWII, you’re not going to know what the hell to do to survive plummeting into the earth. It makes for a real challenge and real fun.

Sound: Sound in the game as amazing. You heard explosions from other players in other places nearly right away in the distance and in the direct location of their shot. It made for a real cool immersion factor while you tried to maneuver your vehicle, whatever it was, to that direction only to go with frustratingly slow speeds to get there often. That was only due to realism, which I am not against. War Thunder uses realistic sounds recorded from actual planes, tanks, guns, and just about any other war machine from ‘Dubaya-dubya 2’, it sounded like you were apart of a real battle beginning to end.

Controls: War Thunder’s controls were very smooth and easy to learn, but I had issue with the plane controls, but I’ve always had a bit of an issue with planes in video games *cough* Battlefield! Oh my. Excuse me.. Didn’t mean to cough and type at the same time. I found it pretty simple to get into and also the responsiveness was on point regardless of how much I raged when I died, I couldn’t blame the controls even though I did.

Graphics: Graphics were on par with some of the best combat simulators out there and only in beta at the current moment. I was amazed by some of the smallest details which the graphical engine displayed greatly. The Dagor Engine, in my opinion, is a very underrated one which impressed me a lot.

Multiplayer Aspect: Of course this is the bread and the better of the entire game. You can easily find yourself delved into hours of play time and not even realize it. Time flies, more pun intended, especially with how in-depth the massively multiplayer online combat flight simulator developed by Gaijin Entertainment is.

Final Verdict: With all the depth, fun, and historical aspects of the game, I can see people spending hours of endless fun back in time reliving one of the world’s most talked about wars. It’ll be cool to see what Gaijin has in store for us when the game launches this November on the PlayStation 4, Mac OS X, and Windows PC. I give this game a solid 9 out of 10 making this one of our RGN Rated Gold Games.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment

Available On: PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac OS X

Release Date: November 2013

Review Copy Info- A digital voucher for this game’s downloadable content was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Shadow Warrior Preview – ‘The Reboot (Not the official title)’

Being developed by Flying Wild Hog, and Devolver Digital this first person shooter is set to blast it’s way back onto PC’s this fall minus the controversy and stereotypes though. Why? Because lawsuits. That’s why.

That doesn’t take away from the overall shock value of the game, which still had plenty of it, but I can think of more popular games with much worse. You’ll wander through some pretty looking Japanese scenery and really awesome lighting effects set in a real calm setting before you get tossed in a fray of death and destruction reigning down like an unholy hell of stuff that’s hellish and unholy. Michael Szutack, the games lead, has stated “We’ve taken some of the core elements of the original — brutal katana combat, beautiful Japanese setting, frantic gameplay, and Lo Wang’s sharp tongue, and  reinvented them for 2013″.

The game definitely has some pretty classic comedy which you’ll experience throughout the game with Lo’s cocky behavior  and a masked demon that Lo meets earlier on in the game.

The same demon grants Lo his powers which you can upgrade to learn new valuable skills and traits to help your progression. The list of weapons isn’t in any short supply either with shotguns, sub-machine guns, and crossbows with guns being some of the most handy.

For any fans of the old game, you will notice some nods to the original games in forms of quotes, but I have to ask. With the how disappointed fans were of Duke Nukem, can another ’90’s remake actually be successful with todays gamers? The potty humor that was awesome in the original Duke Nukem wasn’t all that well accepted this genre and I can only hope that Shadow Warrior isn’t overdoing it for other gamers. We will see if Flying Wild Hog managed to find that balance between a fast, fun, and entertaining game while not losing any of the elements that made the original a classic.

Shadow Warrior launches on PC this fall.

Muramasa Rebirth Review

Muramasa Rebirth is a port of Muramasa Demon Blade that was originally launched on the Nintendo Wii coming to you from Vanillaware. Muramasa takes place during the Genroku era (1688 for those who don’t know. Of course I already knew and didn’t google it. I DIDN’T GOOGLE IT!!) run by the Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokogawa (Whew.. say that 5 times fast).

With his culture being threatened, Tokogawa has an unquenchable thirst to attain Demon Blades which are cursed swords with amazing power. This game features real hand drawn 2D animation as you take control of a Male ninja or the female Kunoichi. The game plays and feels great as a side scrolling action game giving you cool ability to zip through the air, switch weapons on the fly delivering powerful attack, and special powerful moves that absorb spirit from you demon blade.

You can also customize your weapons and forge new ones as you progress and gain new weapons and gear to make you stronger. The games overall look and graphics were stunning and looked great on the Vita. The controls and mechanics were smooth and nice which made doing combos easy and fluid along with the very relaxed soundtrack with a nice 16th century soundtrack playing as you slack and hash multitudes of enemies.

Gameplay: Fast, fun, responsive. You could easily link combos together between enemy to enemy on the screen all while evading and countering attacks. Boss battles weren’t overly hard, but also not super easy. The game can pose a real challenge if you don’t pay attention to your weapons “health” or switch weapons at the right moment for that special defense attack.

Controls: Very easy, and simple on a handheld. You’ll find yourself button mashing more than you would meticulously and carefully connecting combos together, but it still works nicely.

Characters and Enemies: My one complaint I do have, if it’s a complaint at all, was there wasn’t enough enemies sometimes. You could run through 2 zones and not encounter anything at all. When you did though the heat was on! The characters themselves in the story are pretty memorable as you’ll learn more about them as you progress and what role they play in this war of interdimensional worlds.

Graphics and Art Direction: Look at those screens and I think they speak for themselves. The beautifully drawn character models, scenery, and levels all look fantastic on the PS Vita’s crystal clear screen. Crisp, clean, and smooth are the words that come to mind to describe the graphical quality. But how hard can it be to screw up a 2d side scrolling action game as far as graphics go. Right?

Replayability: High. Very high. With how fun and addictive the game is, you may find yourself wanting to get the platinum trophy for he game, which won’t be easy. The story isn’t the strongest part here, it’s the gameplay which may have you coming back for more and for that platinum trophy.

Final Verdict: This game was the perfect port to the PS Vita and easily one of my favorite  games on the system so far. The Vita needs more games like this and Vanillaware did an amazing  job with the port. I give this game a solid 10/10 making it one of our Platinum Games. Great graphics, great gameplay, great story. A must buy for all PS Vita owners.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 10/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developers: Vanillaware

Publisher: Aksys Games

Available On: PlayStation Vita

Review Copy Info- A digital voucher for this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.