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Developer Diary Nascar Heat 2


704 Games have released a new developer diary for the upcoming racing hit Nascar Heat 2. This year the competition is heating up in game where gamers will be able to work themselves up the ranks of the Nascar scene starting out at Nascar Camping World Truck Series, Monster Energy Nascar Cup series, and the Nascar Xfinity Series. In the Nascar Camping World Truck Series gamers will be racing as 32 drivers and testing their skills across 4 new tracks including: Iowa Speedway, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Gateway Motorsports Park, and Eldora Speedway.

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Doom Update 6.66

Recently Bethesda put out update for Doom which came out just over a year ago. The update to the game has dropped the season pass, so now users get all the multiplayer content. In the three multiplayer packs that are now included have, nine awesome maps, three new guns, new equipment, armor sets, as well as three additional playable demons. This is really huge that Bethesda has done this and hope more companies continue to ditch the season passes in the future. One of the big changes coming to in game multiplayer is the new progression system for unlocking: guns, equipment, and demons has changed to a specific leveling system. So before the system for unlocking all this was completely random and now it will be easier to work for the customization items in game that the user wants. If you have been playing the game since launch and already have these items don’t worry you can keep these items and still use the new progression system, or reset all your items. Veteran players will be receiving a special badge to recognize their previous in game experience, and if your one of the elite users that have achieved max Slayer level you will receive a special Slayer badge.

Before in multiplayer the developer had a hack module system and that is gone with the new update and being replaced by the new Runes system. The nice thing with the Rune system is the ability to be like perks so don’t have to be activated and don’t expire, so the user can add runes as part of the player loadout. Bethesda has also made other multiplayer changes and these can be seen in the new update.

To celebrate all the new changes to Doom the developer is having a free weekend for the game starting at 11:00 AM Central Time on Thursday July 20th and going till 11:00 PM Sunday July 23rd this is on Xbox One. For users on PS4 it starts at 11:00 AM Central Time on Thursday July 27th and goes till 11:00 PM on Sunday July 30th. For users on Steam the event starts at 12:00 PM Central Time on Thursday July 20th and goes through 3:00 PM Central Time on Sunday July 23rd. During this free game time users will be able to play through the first two campaign levels as well as take in multiplayer and SnapMap. If your on the edge still the game will be on sale during the free weekend for $14.99 and that is a great deal for an amazing campaign as well as a newly updated multiplayer with new maps, guns, demons and more. This also includes the amazing SnapMap where users can create and download all kinds of new game modes as well as new ways to enjoy defeating demons. DOOM_6.66_Update_730x411

Logitech buys Astro Gaming for $85 Million

Logitech acquired Astro Gaming for 85 Million in cash on Tuesday July 11th 2017. Logitech has a huge amount of peripherals in the PC market and with this acquisition of Astro Gaming they will be put in a nice spot to rule the console market as well. Astro Gaming has been making various ranges of mostly console gaming headsets mainly the Astro A40 TR. Joining the team on Logitech G which is known for their PC gaming products such as mechanical keyboards, mice, headsets, and simulator gear. This should be a very good move since both of these companies are leaders in both the PC and Console market and both have a lot of products in the Esports communities. DSC07343-e1499813018238

Switch is Nintendo’s Chance to Redeem the Mario Party Franchise

Nintendo Switch - Mario Party 11 - Mario Party 3 - RealGamerNewZ

We aren’t going to see a GameCube mini classic edition come out anytime soon, so let’s get Luigi’s Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader and some more N64 content on Virtual Console. There are tons of games on GameCube. I feel like it’s really one of the biggest games in Nintendo history.

Thank you everyone who tuned into my Crash Bandicoot Livestream today, by the way. It’s always appreciated!

Nintendo Switch - Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader - GameCube VC Virtual Console 2017

Nintendo must understand that the Switch NEEDS “A GOOD” Mario Party 11, “A SOLID” Smash Bros. entry, “A GOOD” Virtual Console. We also need some new tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, perhaps some light DLC, perhaps for its Battle Mode. Star Fox 2 being included on the SNES Mini as well as the quality of the overall lineup in general give the gaming industry hope that Nintendo is getting even greater at what they do despite past criticisms.

Nintendo is just sitting on a gold mine with excellent mini-game concepts going unused from Mario Party 1, 2, 3, Game & Watch, Warioware, etc. and I fear the legacy of Mario Party as a franchise is in danger after the release of Mario Party 10 didn’t quite fit the bill. This opportunity is a huge chance for Nintendo to prove this trend of success with Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in fact not a fluke and that they are back on track to giving gamers what they love most. Now is the chance to redeem Mario Party and show fans you know how to treat their beloved franchises.

Until next time this is Josh Ehresmann AKA YodaThe3rd your RealGamerNewZ Public Relations Editor signing off.

Nintendo Switch - Mario Party 11 - Mario Party 2 3 - RealGamerNewZ

RGN PR Editor Josh Ehresmann (YodaThe3rd) Livestreaming Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot PS4 Pro 4K Gaming RealGamerNewZ

Hello again RGN Viewers, Listeners, and Readers. Check out a person who is new to the Crash Bandicoot series trying to play without the nostalgia factor.

About Me: I am a gamer from the Midwest currently living in Minnesota, I’m not a huge fan of winter so i stay inside and game. I grew up playing on the NES, SNES, and N64. I love PC gaming as my main source of gaming I have a high end rig and love the community one of the largest one’s in the Quakecon community. I love Wisconsin teams such as Wisconsin Badgers and the Green Bay Packers, i tend to bleed green and gold throughout the year. I also enjoy listening to EDM music love the vibe and energy of the music. I’m a huge fan of all geek culture which also includes: Star Wars, Comic Books, video games, and movies.

[*Crash Bandicoot Fan Art By Andrew W. Dickman]

RealGamerNewZ - YodaThe3rd - Crash Bandicoot Fan Art

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MLB The Show 17 Review


MLB The Show 17 came out recently and is one of the greatest baseball games in the series. The Show has been around since 2006 where developer SIE San Diego Studio has been working on the series since its inception on the PS2. They have put their feet in a few other games over the years such as: Modnation Racers, LittleBigPlanet Karting, and Kill Strain. They had some competition up until its last game in 2013 with Major League Baseball 2k13. This is also the first year that the developer has been able to create the game solely on PS4 and not have to do a copy of the PS3.


MLB The Show 17 is the celebration of everything baseball and all the fans who enjoy it. The intro to the game will tug as some great baseball moments in history, it is all hand drawn on a chalkboard and put into a score board all ending with the announcement of the Chicago Cubs winning The World Series. This has to be the best introduction into playing MLB The Show 17, from there the user is introduced to the menu which breaks all the modes down for the user. When it comes to the visuals of the game, the stadiums are on point a ton of detail, the crowd looks really real, the attention to detail on all the stadiums. Players actually resemble their real life counterparts, the facial hair is actually really good from what previous years have shown. The actual player physics have gotten better with each year of the show as it is to emulate the sport in a realistic way. The ball physics are improved they actually slice after being hit by a hitter and with several types of fielding and pitching aims to make the game even more real slash simulation.


The Show has a lot of great game modes for the user to indulge in such as: Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, Franchise Mode, Retro Mode, Practice, and Home Run Derby there is a few other smaller options as well. The one mode that was really enjoyable is Road to the Show which is where the user can customize their experience they way they want to play. Everything from customizing their character to what position they play as well as how they handle their career. Pave Your Path is the newest feature added to Road to the Show where it allows the user to make decisions on their career from talking to their agent, talking to their coach about what position they want to play, to deciding when is the right time to enter the draft. Everything the user does in the game allows them to rank up and gain experience as well as training points so they can build the perfect player, leveling up the character is a must have if the user wants to advance from the minor league to the major league. Stubs are also in the game they are in game currency for buying card packs, they have everything in them from: equipment, stadiums, players, different jerseys etc. Real money can also be used to obtain more stubs to purchase bigger card packs. In the card packs they can be used to enhance the user’s Road to the Show as well as Diamond Dynasty.  


For Diamond Dynasty the user can build the ultimate baseball team with current players as well as greats from the past. The ability to have a team with the best players throughout baseball history seems like a good time and definitely a large consumption of time. Franchise mode allows the user to control everything in their franchise from coaching tasks, trades, scouting, drafting, working with staff and much more. Retro Mode is the game type that has the most amount of fun especially if you come from old school baseball games. The controls are simplified they have retro graphics on the HUD but still have the gorgeous in game graphics in the background makes from a ton of fun to play. There is no special batting like in the normal version of the game which is actually really fun it takes the game to a simpler time in sports games. Home Run Derby is exactly what it sounds like the user picks who they want to go for the home run record and then swing away and keep crushing them out of the park. This is a fun mode to visit from time to time to get some swings in and work on some batting practice.


While playing MLB The Show 17 one thing that they really nailed this year is the graphics, not having to hold back by doing a PS3 version this year has really helped out. The attention to detail on everything is amazing the crowds actually look like real fans, the lighting in game is stunning. Character models look life like and true to their players as well as all the hair detail on the heads and facial hair. Each stadium was given a high amount of detail as well, anything past that suffers but that can be overlooked since the rest of the game looks really good. There is also the online aspect with the game keeping up to date rosters, users can also play others online with customized gaming lobbies.


MLB the Show 17 is the best baseball game out there, no where can you get this kind of experience. With all the features added to this year make this game worthy of checking out. The added Pave your Path feature in road to the show can’t wait to see how this progresses in the coming years. If you’re the user that wants to control every aspect of the game this is for you, or if you’re a casual player who wants to play retro mode and crush some home runs.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game
Developer: SIE San Diego Studio
Publisher: Sony
Available On: PlayStation 4

Release Date: March 28th, 2017

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

Splatoon 2 Test Fire Impressions


download (7)

The Splatoon 2 live fire event happened over this last weekend at several different times each for an hour a time. Since this was my first time playing a Splatoon title I was in for some really fun multiplayer action. Coming from the Wii U never really gave Splatoon the time of day or really cared to play it. So for the first test fire event I had to go in with an open mind. Jumping right into the multiplayer action there is turf war which is cover the most of the map with paint your team wins. Now weapons in game are as follows: Splatter Shot, Splat Charger, Splat Roller, and Splat Dualies. Each have their strengths and weaknesses for a majority of my time I used the Splat Roller as it seems to cover the most of the map the fastest. Wanting to make sure that everything was received from the test fire I did use the other weapons to find out how each worked in battle.



While testing Splatoon 2 the Nintendo Switch was actually in TV mode and the pro controller was what seemed the proper choice especially for the game being a shooter. The game can be played in handheld mode and with the joycons if that is more your speed. The controls felt decent at first since the game starts the user out with motion controls, the user has to wave the controller around to aim which is really a giant pain in the ass. Once this was turned off the game feels really good to play especially with the pro controller.

Now the game for the short time spent with it was really a blast to play and can’t wait for this game to come out there was definitely some problems. In multiplayer there is no sort of voice chat with teammates but this could be added later since Nintendo doesn’t have a proper online system yet. This would make the game a lot more enjoyable so i can communicate effectively with my team so we can work together properly. Also the online was extremely horrible being dropped from games several times and no ability to join your friends games. Take all of this with a grain of salt since it is a beta and all of this should be fixed by the time this game comes out later on this summer.

These were my impressions, and our Deputy Editor Tristan gave his own as well. At RGN we want to have different options and different perspective on things. Stay tuned for our coverage on Nintendo and Splatoon 2.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Review


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands comes from Ubisoft Paris, the first game in the series came out back in 2001 and has progressed through the years in several games each of them have the same gameplay which is a modern or futuristic tactical shooter. The term Ghost stands for group for specialized tactics since the squad comes from different special forces groups. Ghost Recon Wildlands runs on the AnvilNext 2.0 engine, other games that are running on this engine include: For Honor, Steep, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Syndicate as well as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.


The setting of Ghost Recon Wildlands takes place in Bolivia in 2019, the country is falling to the Santa Blanca which was a small Mexican drug cartel. They have gained much power and influence in the country as making it the largest producer of cocaine in the world. The Santa Blanca’s leader goes by the name El Sueno, he is quite religious and well as a really brutal and savage character. El Sueno has written his own religion that tells the story of the Santa Blanca which he uses to influence the people of Bolivia as well as striking fear. The game brings you in as the Cartel has found a mole in their system who is a DEA agent Ricky Sandoval, and your CIA informant Karen Bowman brings your team in as she finds out that Ricky Sandoval was tortured and murdered and sends to the ghosts in.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Screenshot 2017.03.19 -

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world the size of the map is the largest that Ubisoft has ever made. The game has 9 different types of terrain so the user will get salt flats all the way over to the jungle, there is an active day and night cycle in the game which is very useful when doing different types of missions. There is 4 main areas that the user will have to knock out four main areas: they are security, influence, smuggling, and production. Each of these have various underbosses with their own profile and set of missions to go along with them, at the very top of this is El Sueno he is the final boss. As the user attacks each region they will have to adapt to different environments, most of them are very similar in setup but enough variety to keep it fresh. The game can be played through solo or in co-op, the preferred method is co-op as this game is a blast getting a four guy squad and tearing up the missions whether it’s going in silent or going in guns blazing. Don’t get me wrong playing it solo is a very different experience as  the user will be in charge of controlling three ghosts which is very easy to pick up on.


Ghost Recon Wildlands controls are very easy to pick up on. On Xbox one they are standard third person shooter controls and the top bumpers are where the control wheel is found for giving the ghosts orders as well as using rebel support. The controls on PC are very open standard mouse and keyboard support, the developer has also included multiple keyboard layouts as well as input device auto switching which is really nice when playing on both the mouse and keyboard and Xbox one controller. The PC version of the game has been designed differently to support a wide array of controls.

Let’s talk graphics the main version of Ghost Recon Wildlands on Xbox one looks decent at best this is from being played on an Xbox one S, the game has quite of bit of texture problems on the console. On the PC the graphics and the amount of detail is a different story, from resolution scaling to no framerate capping and the amount of different options that can be turned on is astonishing. Ghost Recon Wildlands also has the option of running in different refresh rates and this game runs amazing in 144hertz, other technology that is included from nvidia’s HBAO+ ambient occlusion shadowing which improves the fidelity of the game. Nvidia also has added turf effects which increase how dense the grass looks making it look a lot more realistic. Instead of taking screen shots normally there is a technology called Nvidia ansel which gives the user the ability to take some amazing screenshots when the detail can really be taken to a whole new level as well as being able to take complete 360 degree shots.


Co-op is the shining part of this game with the ability to play the entire campaign with drop in and drop out co-op makes the game really enjoyable. The user will find it really easily to play the game with friends even if they are in a different part of the story then they are. Most of the time finding randoms to party up with is relatively easy and this is both on Xbox one and and PC version of the game. The developers have also created the Ghost Recon network where the user can find groups to play with. If the game is feeling really easy cranking up the difficulty really forces the user to change the way they play the game as well as what tactics they will use to attack with.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Screenshot 2017.03.20 -

Verdict for Ghost Recon Wildlands is that the game is really enjoyable to play solo or in co-op it might not be the same ghost recon formula that the older games had. The ability to play the game as a full on shooter and being able to choose what type of guns and setup the user wants to play with is really nice. Weapons on gear can be found through the various areas in the game or purchased as micro transactions in the in game store along with some other cosmetic  items. Big props to Ubisoft that they have really been putting in the time and technology into the PC version of the game, hopefully this trend continues and we will see more PC support in coming titles. Looking forward to the DLC that the developer is coming out with and the added support that will come to the PC version of the game. I would highly recommend this game if the user is looking for a great co-op experience and enjoys open world games.


Rating: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver

Developer: Ubisoft Paris

Publisher: Ubisoft

Available On: Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC

Release Date: March 7, 2017

Review Copy Info: A digital and physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

Fallen: A2P Protocol Releases on Steam Early Access

Fallen A2P Protocol Steam Early Access

Fallen: A2P Protocol comes from developer Red Katana, it’s a turn-based tactical combat strategy game. Fallen is set in a post-apocalyptic world with destructible environments, changing weather systems, turn-based gameplay, great story with lots of dialogue, and character progression. Developer Red Katana went to Kickstarter when the wanted to fun the game and hit their goal of $75,000 to make the game.

For those looking to purchase the game early on steam there is currently 6 full missions to play, as well as 3 side missions and that comes out to about 4 hours or so of gameplay. This may not sound like a lot but the game will be updated as they are working on it, and the full release will have 16 main missions, 10 side missions, they will have cutscenes in them, and the game will be around 15 or more hours of gameplay, plus lots of other additions will be seen as they are announced for the developer. The game is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and SteamOS.

Fallen: A2P Protocol Steam Page

Ironclad Tactics PS4 Review

Ironclad Tactics PS4 RealGamerNewz Review

Ironclad Tactics comes from developer Zachtronics, an indie game developer that has several games in their portfolio which are mainly based on puzzle mechanics of some sort. Their main games other than this release are Infinifactory (our hands-on preview here) and Spacechem. Ironclad Tactics is a strategy game that takes on elements of a collectible card game as a way of controlling units in-game. It was originally released in September 2013 for Windows and Linux then followed releases on Android in October 2014 and hit the PlayStation 4 this year. The story for Ironclad Tactics takes place in an alternate version of 1860 during the American Civil War and follows the two main characters of Joseph and Maxwell who are employed in the Navy’s Bureau of Steam Engineering. They have developed a new kind of mech soldier called Ironclads which run off steam. They are not the only one’s developing Ironclad units though since they are also being developed by the Confederates for the war. The entire story is told with comic strips that are animated to keep the story flowing forward.

Gameplay for Ironclad Tactics is much like a turn based strategy game where players take one turn and then have to wait for their opponent except without the turns stopping. The game has battles after each bit of story is told and these are played with cards. The cards in the user’s deck are really up to them since they can customize their deck any way they want it. Balancing is a must in order to win matches against the computer and against other players.

The balancing of a deck is the hard part since only 5 cards will be able to be played on the user’s screen at once and they can be purchased with action points. This is where the game feels like it could use some tuning since for parts of battle or even the start the user could lose a lot of the battle without having any good cards or having their heavier units go across the board and no action points to spend to put them down.

Ironclad Tactics PS4 RealGamerNewz Review Gameplay

For the cards there are 4 different types in the decks including: Ironclad Units, Human Troops, Tactics, and Parts for the ironclad units. Each of these need to be balanced when trying to build a deck for the game and if they aren’t then the user will be restarting the mission several times. New cards are added as the game progresses and it’s up to the user to choose what they need to win each match. To win a match the player must get their units across the board so that they can achieve victory points and each battle has a different amount of victory points needed. The points are on both sides so the users opponent will also be trying to earn their victory points before they do and the first to do so wins the match.

The graphics in the game are nothing spectacular but the time put into the story scenes really stands out the most. Also, the little bits of fine detail on the troops adds to the immersion of the story and the time period that is being portrayed by the developer. Ironclad Tactics can be played in co-op which make for easier accomplishment in the harder missions, as well as competitive multiplayer online which adds more gameplay to this game.

Final Verdict:

Ironclad Tactics was an alright strategy game overall that suffered from trying to fit into the deck building space. The game has a decent replay ability since decks can always be switched out with other cards and that makes the amount of combinations great, but ultimately feels a bit forced. The added co-op in the game is a nice bonus if the user wants to play this game with a friend and enjoy the experience together and there is a multiplayer experience in the game, it’s 1 vs 1 mode but playing online takes forever since finding a match is hard and that takes away from any solid recommendation of the game – but if the user has a buddy to play through the story with that’s probably the best way to play Ironclad Tactics. This game is not a must buy at this current time but if it’s on sale then consider snagging it for cheap. Again, this game isn’t bad but it isn’t amazing either. Ironclad Tactics has a lot of room for improvement as a design and gets a 6 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 6 / 10
RGN Rating: Below Bronze
Developer / Publisher: Zachtronics Industries

Available On: PS4 | Windows PC | Linux | Mac OS X | Android

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Titanfall Turns A Year Old, Season Pass Becomes Free

Titanfall RealGamerNewz

Today is the anniversary of the launch of Titanfall. Since the launch of the game the community has really made a lot of content for the game and developers at Respawn Entertainment have noticed and want to return the favor. So today if you own a copy of Titanfall on PC, Xbox 360, or Xbox One you can go to either Xbox Live or the Origin Store and add the Season Pass to your game for free. This includes all of the maps that have been made from the community as well. It’s really great to see a developer give back to the community in a big way, hopefully we will see more things like this from other developers in the future.