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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition Releasing Next Week


Warner Bros. has announced that the Game of the Year Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will release early in May. Shadow of Mordor is one of 2014’s most award-winning games with over 50 awards including, Game of the Year, Most Innovative Game and Best Action Game. This bundle will include the main title and all of its DLC on one disc. That’s every character skin, runes, missions and more. Below is what you can expect:

Game of the Year Edition includes:

EVERY MISSION – Including The Lord of the Hunt Mission, The Bright Lord Story Mission, Guardians of the Flaming Eye Warband Mission, The Berserks Warband Mission, and more!

EVERY RUNE – Including the Hidden Blade Rune, the Deadly Archer Rune, the Flame of Anor Rune, and the Rising Storm Rune.

EVERY SKIN – Including the Dark Ranger Skin and the Captain of the Watch Skin.

EVERY CHALLENGE MODE – Including the Test of Power Challenge Mode, the Test of Speed Challenge Mode, the Test of Wisdom Challenge Mode, and the Endless Challenge Mode.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition will release on May 5, 2015 for $49.99. Note that this is only for the Xbox and PS4 versions.

If you are wondering if you should pick Monolith’s latest title, you can read our review here (Spoilers, it’s amazing).


Mighty No. 9 Will Get Published By Deep Silver September 2015

Mighty No 9 Deep Silver Comcept RealGamerNewz

Comcept announced today that they will partner with Deep Silver to deliver retail versions of Mighty No. 9 as well as provide additional content for the game made possible through a new partnership that sees Comcept retaining ownership of the IP while Deep Silver will help with marketing and advertising the game.

A new stage has been announced for the game today called the “Abandoned Lab Stage”  in which Beck faces off with rival nemesis Ray and the player unlocks Ray as a playable character for the game’s main campaign. This is free as DLC for digital versions of the game and will be included free in all retail boxed versions of the game. Mighty No. 9 has been slightly delayed with Keiji Inafune (CEO of Comcept and creator of Mega Man) stating, “We are confident that the extra content will be worth the wait.”

The final release date of Mighty No. 9 will be September 15, 2015 and the game will be available for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Microsoft Xbox ONE, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Linux, Mac OS X, Sony PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PlayStation 3. The physical version will be available for Xbox ONE and PS4 while the rest of the platforms will have digital versions only. It was announced that Mighty No. 9 will be localized in a number of regions in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese languages with voice-over content also announced for Japanese and French.

Work-In-Progress Gameplay Footage:

Is Konami Having Bigger Problems Than We Think?

Konami Sillent Hills Stock Market Kojima Productions

Recently it became known that Hideo Kojima and Konami are no longer on good terms and after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s completion he will probably not be a part of the company at all, P.T. will be pulled from PSN never to be seen again (the demo of Silent Hills released to much acclaim as a viral marketing stunt), and Silent Hills will probably never see the light of day. But today even stranger news as well as rumored explanations are hitting the Internet by storm. In a totally unexpected move, Konami has removed themselves from the New York Stock Exchange completely. In addition to this, an anonymous source within Konami claims that Kojima Productions has been dis-assembled as well as the other Konami teams working on various franchises such as Pro Evolution Soccer and Castlevania.

While it is unclear how many more console games Konami will be developing and publishing, the sources state that developers have been grouped into categories of one generic team each focusing on a different type of development (for example, “the graphics team”, “the audio team”, etc.) while developing multiple games at once, primarily unheard of mobile titles as Konami’s CEO begins to shift gears attempting to increase the profit margin of their portfolio by tapping into the Japan smartphone gaming craze. More rumors from the same anonymous source go on to state some very far fetched stuff which would normally not make it to print on RealGamerNewz, but because of Konami’s recent actions they do appear to be more likely to us than we like. Details such as employee accounts being wiped, Internet blackouts, electricity blackouts, and mandatory changing of team locations to keep employees scattered rather than unified are coming to light.

Please take all of this as a grain of salt while we reach out to Konami for comments. However, even if only half of this is true, things are not looking great.

Editor’s Note: Although the intent to take down the demo remains, Apologies for the earlier post exactly when P.T. demo is no longer being available after December 13th, 2015. Turns out the duration was for the twitter user’s PS Plus membership. Apparently the demo is only available for PS Plus members in Germany.
I should have looked more into this before writing about it. Again I apologize.

Further Gameplay Details Revealed as Spy_Watch Launches for Apple Watch Today

Spy_Watch Bossa Studios Apple Watch Games RealGamerNewz

Everyone in the agency has been killed except you and a spy data analyst who you must whip up into shape and teach to be an actual spy. You won’t be bothered constantly on your Apple Watch about his fumbles though, don’t worry, instead you’ll receive periodic updates throughout the day (every couple of hours or so) which will prompt your decision making in his actions. That being said we previously only had a few gameplay screenshots that conceptualized the idea of Spy_Watch for us. Now we’ve got a new trailer to communicate that concept to the masses as well as further information on how the title will play out. You can find the trailer below.

For a more detailed look at the game Bossa Studios gives us an example; employ stealth or charisma to wade through guards and gain entry to the target structure wherein the mission lies? Players will receive a quick notification on their Apple Watch giving them the ability to choose various behaviors quickly by tapping the screen and then check out the results later. But if you’re not there the agent will do what they think is best, hopefully not mucking up in the process! It is a watch of course, not a GameBoy Advance, so the developers are trying not to make things too tedious for you. However, there is some pretty cool technology at work here. In addition to the newly revealed plot twist kicking the story of Spy_Watch off, there will be procedurally generated levels as well for unlocking abilities and gaining more access to the rest of the story itself.

Think of Spy_Watch as your nervous routine of checking on the time, but also checking on your spy for fun. Checking on the fun!

Spy_Watch is Now Available for the Apple Watch on the iTunes Appstore for $1.99 as of today.

Marvel and Telltale Games Assemble For a 2017 Video Game Release


Yes, you read that right. Marvel Entertainment and Telltale Games have officially banded together, to develop a new title set for 2017 release. This Blockbuster announcement comes via the gaming publisher’s blog. For those of you who don’t know, Telltale are responsible for multiple episodic games, including the award winning Walking Dead series, The Wolf Among Us and more. They are currently on the first seasons of their Game of Thrones Tales from the Borderlands titles, and are working on a Minecraft game.

“Announced this evening in San Francisco, we’re excited to reveal an all-new partnership with the incredible team at Marvel Entertainment. We’ll be teaming up on the development of an upcoming Telltale game series project set to premiere in 2017!

As always, stay tuned here for the latest news and details on this and all of our upcoming projects as they become available…”


Source: Telltaleblog

Test Your Sex Knowledge in New Taboo Trivia Game & Win $200

Taboo Trivia - Sex Knowledge Video Game - RealGamerNewz

Think you know sex? Prove it. A new online trivia game from adult products website Adam & Eve (18+ Only) has been launched in which all of the delicious intricacies of sex are put up for gamers to discuss, debate over, and ultimately rise to be victorious as the winner of 1 out of 10 $200 shopping sprees on the site which offers sex toys for couples, individuals, lingerie, bondage devices for kinky fun, adult DVDs, and much more. There’s currently a Spring Clearance Sale going on as well in which items starting at $9.99 can enhance and improve your relationship’s funnest moments. My wife and I have used this website before, and they are a major brand which can be trusted to ship discretely and on time with partnerships in some of the highest quality products available throughout the adult industry.

Play Taboo Trivia Now

Taboo Trivia’s sweepstakes to win money at the store will go on until the middle of next month, May 11, 2015 to be exact and you can start playing today for free. The more times you play the game the better your chance to win will be, and the better you’ll be at the game so the better you’ll do, and hopefully the better at sex knowledge you will become.

Spy_Watch for Apple Watch, Best App Yet? Gameplay Screenshots + Details Inside

Spy Watch Apple Watch Missions

In case you missed the news last week Bossa Studios is creating something for the Apple Watch, and it actually doesn’t seem half bad. Now, I don’t know if this is going to change anybody’s minds about whether or not they actually want to buy an Apple Watch, it could sell some folks, but at least those who have taken the plunge will now have something fun and interesting to install!

Thanks to the creators of Surgeon Simulator and the forthcoming Worlds Adrift (more on that gem soon), Spy_Watch will soon be available for players on the run who want a quick but engaging experience to get their mind off of pesky things like not walking into a wall by accident because they’re looking at their Apple Watch or you know, work responsibilities.

Spy Watch Apple Watch Gameplay

Non-essential stuff like what your boss is saying to you indeed can now be further thwarted by the awesomeness that is gaming. Since you’ll likely be glancing quickly at your Apple Watch then looking away, something many Apple Watch apps have failed to realize at this point, Spy_Watch doesn’t actually require tons of face time per action. Instead, players can interact with it in short bursts progressing their gameplay throughout the day.

Designed after the way we all text these days, Spy_Watch tells a story and has players completing missions through quick back and forth interactions. There’s training, missions, agency funds, spies to send on missions who will report back their moment to moment results, and a full experience / level up system. More info will become available soon, but so far this looks like the most promising thing we’ve seen come out of the Apple Watch’s invention so far and we owe it to Bossa Studios to give them a chance to wow us with the eventual full reveal of this software. Cheers team!

Spy Watch for Apple Watch

The Evil Within: The Consequence Trophies are now Live


The trophies for The Evil Within’s second DLC, are now available for your viewing pleasure. Based on the list, it seems ‘The Consequence’ will consist of 2 chapters, same as the previous story DLC, ‘The Assignment’. Check out the list and trophy value below.


Bronze Trophies:

Fumbling in the Dark – Turn on the generator using no more than 10 chemical lights. (Ch. 3)

A Real Hero – Save Sebastian’s life in the hotel. (Ch. 4)

There Will Not Be Blood – Get through the hotel without being spotted or killing any enemies. (Ch. 4)

Stick to the Script – Defeat Ruvik before the final showdown in The Consequence. (Ch. 4)

Becoming an Agent – Collect all Personnel Files in The Consequence.

This is Just the Beginning – Complete the hidden letter in The Consequence.

Silver Trophies: 

It’s All Your Fault – Collect all Research Documents in The Consequence.

None More Dark – Clear The Consequence in KURAYAMI Mode.

Hidden Trophies count: 2

The Evil Within: The Consequence will release on April 21, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. You can read our review of ‘The Assignment’ here.

Two New Screens from The Evil Within: The Consequence feature a Familiar Area


With a little less than a week to go before its release, more screenshots have surfaced for The Evil Within’s second story DLC. The two new screens (Above and below), feature protagonist Juli Kidman over looking a ruined Krimson City.

Kidman still seems to be armed with only her trusty flashlight and nothing else.


The Evil Within: The Consequence will release on April 21, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. You can read our review of part-one, ‘The Assignment’ here.

Via: The Evil Within Facebook page

Operation Zero – Heralding the Return of Fatal Frame #WeWantFatalFrame #WiiU

Fatal Frame Wii U Coming to North America - RealGamerNewz

Hey everyone; J.T. here, I hope all of you out there tuning in are doing well, and once again I apologize for my absenteeism here at RGN. Anyway, how about that Fatal Frame; I mean wow, who would’ve thought after almost a decade of lying dormant here in the US that suddenly the series is finally making a comeback, huh? Recall that article from before were I was railing and saying Nintendo just didn’t get it? Well, guess what folks, I’m eating my words on that. Boy, I almost feel like a total ass right about now.

That Nintendo Direct overall was simply incredible, actually their best one ever in my books. We got a look at a project that we thought was dead in the form of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, which might I add looks downright amazing, and of course some updated looks on upcoming titles like Splatoon and the like. But for me and thousands of others, the highlight was easily the reveal of Fatal Frame.

When I saw the ghostly image followed by Bill Trinen saying “Anyway, here’s something I know the fans have been clamoring for.” then Mr. Trinen going on his spiel about the game itself, I was screaming at the top of my lungs for a moment; so much so that my dad told me to shut up. My spirit wasn’t dampened in the slightest though, if anything I was grinning ear to ear the rest of that night as I am sure thousands of others were too.

Either way, it’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come; of course it is doubly amazing how Nintendo is finally listening to their fans on what games they want. When I first took over Operation Zero, there were all of 13 members on the page. That number has increased exponentially and membership still seems to grow both here, and on Twitter where my fellow admin Fingal (we have codenames to identify who we are, out of respect for privacy he wishes not to have his real name revealed) has done a bang-up job managing our presence on that network and has every ounce of my respect as my equal. Furthermore; he’s just as passionate about the franchise as I am, to say I am glad for Fingal’s presence in working with Operation Zero is an understatement. The man has my deepest gratitude for all he’s done for Operation Zero.

This begs the question, however; are we at Operation Zero done? Now that we’ve achieved our goal of getting Nintendo to release a Fatal Frame game in the US for the first time in almost a decade, the answer is a definitive no. Why? Well, we’ve got work to do to help this game out. Now that it’s coming, we’re going to be the ones who help Nintendo sell the game and advertise it. That means word of mouth, posters, videos via social media, anything and everything we can use to broadcast this game and sell it to people, we must use.

Not only that, because of this bold move; the older games in the series actually have a legit chance of making it to the US now. Know what this means? The idea of a double pack of the two Wii games would be a great start. It’s a pipe dream at the moment, but who’s to say it won’t become a reality. Some already suggested an eShop release of the two Wii games ala the way Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the Metroid Prime Trilogy can be accessed, but honestly, I feel by doing it digital only, it’d be gutting the sales of the series.

I think if Nintendo were to do this right, they could pull a Bayonetta 2 and bundle this double pack of Mask of the Lunar Eclipse and Deep Crimson Butterfly in with Oracle of the Sodden Raven. They could also release these games on the eShop too. Do I expect them to do so? No, at least not yet anyway; but if they were to do so it could very well be a great start towards promoting the series in both the US and EU, allowing the series to become more accessible to their audience is a great thing if you ask me. That includes physical and digital distribution of the games.

Fatal Frame Wii U Coming to North America - RealGamerNewz 2

There would be work needed to get Mask of the Lunar Eclipse; the game that never really left Japan, to be satisfactory for US/EU consumption of course. With that one, the glitches that break the game and don’t allow you to complete the ghost list would need to be fixed, and not only that an English dub would need to be recorded too. Some would say this extra step isn’t necessary and just to leave the game subtitled, but I say otherwise. A happy compromise would be to have the Japanese voices available as well for selection, but honestly; I much prefer a good dub any day of the week.

With both games, the textures would need to be revamped for HD, and controls tweaked to take advantage of the Wii U’s controller, but a classic mode allowing you to play the games the way they were originally designed to be played would also be ideal. That way everyone gets what they want from the experience, and we get to enjoy more of this wonderful series. Win-win, right? I’d say so.

However, I noticed a matter of growing concern throughout the community. That there were brief talks of a boycott of the game if it were to be censored in any way, shape or form. While we can all rest assured that many of us are simply grateful that we’re getting this game at all, the fact that a boycott was even mentioned in the first place is just ridiculous and asinine; also dare I say incredibly insulting to me and to every one of us who worked hard to get Nintendo to give the series a chance worldwide. Boycotting would only ensure that we never get another Fatal Frame worldwide again, something I absolutely do not want to happen.

I felt this needed to be addressed because the talks of doing so in the first place upset me and others within the community of Fatal Framers quite deeply, we all felt as if a katana slashed us to the bone. While we don’t know at this point whether or not the game will be censored in any way, shape or form; I am willing to bet that some of the more risqué outfits of the game will probably be either altered or taken out completely to be added in later as DLC if you so desire it, but I feel that’s about as far as the censorship will go; that is if the game is even censored.

Fatal Frame Wii U Coming to North America - RealGamerNewz 3

Believe it or not, Nintendo has actually let some controversial things slide in the past. Remember the game Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the N64, remade into Conker: Live and Reloaded on the X-Box? I do, and I remember that game was chock full of M-rated content. In an infamous segment of the game, you fight against a creature known as the Great Mighty Poo, and get this, there’s actually a sing-along musical complete with a bouncing ball following the lyrics so you could sing along. I won’t give too much details out about the fight itself but I will say that the song was uncensored on the N64, the curse words were not bleeped out at all. When Live and Reloaded hit the X-Box, the lyrics were censored and the curse words bleeped out.

There are other examples of Nintendo letting things like this slide even today. For instance; Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are both completely uncensored, all the curse words, the sexual innuendos, etc. are completely intact with those two games. Even Devil’s Third, a game that was previously multiplatform but picked up by Nintendo, is also completely uncensored. I’d say at this point Nintendo won’t be taking much, if anything out of the core game at all. Nothing story related will be touched, that’s for sure.

While I always said I have a love/hate thing going on with Nintendo; with this power move Nintendo has won me back as a loyal customer and it is safe to say that everyone needs to get their hands on a Wii U. I’ve always rather enjoyed the console from the start, but with all the original software hitting the US/EU later on this year including three must-have games, two rated M for Mature no less; Nintendo truly is catering to the core at long last. The house Mario built now has one of the most diverse library of games that one simply can’t find anywhere else. I dare anyone to say “Nintendo is for kids” now, chances are they’ll get laughed out of the building.

Rise From Your Graves…. Guitar Hero Live Revealed by Activision w/ Trailer

Guitar Hero Live - RealGamerNewz - Reveal Trailer

Here and now, the Music Game genre is about to come back to life. There are many titles who hastily jumped to take the spot of Guitar Hero when it was discontinued by Activision. Some good, some bad. But that’s not what this post is about. Today, Guitar Hero Live has been revealed by Activision. The company did always say that the discontinuation of the world’s best-selling music game would be temporary, and now they are living up to their words.

Guitar Hero Live will release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U some time during 2015 at a to-be-determined date and is being developed by FreeStyleGames for Activision.