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Tristans Twisted World: Top 50 Moments in Video Games

The top 50 moments in video games can be sad, epic, or anything these are mine and few others opinions and can subject to change as all Twisted Worlds tops are. SPOILERS!!!!


Gears of War 2 sinking Jacinto


Dead Space 2: Served Gabes Death


Super Mario 64 Rainbow Bowser Boss battle


Shadow of the Colossus – A Great Fall


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion closing the Oblivion gate



Final Fantasy X – Tidus says goodbye


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Fighting Alduin


Mass Effect 3 Mordins Death


Dreamfall the Longest Journey ending


Is Starhawk Overflowing with Noobs?

They need to work on all the noobs in the game, it’s just rediculous. All people do is get in hawks, pick up cluster and destroy your base and team over and over and they put on their shield. They dont even give you a chance to rebuild. Then the other half of their team are coming over in jetpacks jumping and shooting everyone with rocket launchers at the same time, do you know how hard it is to get out of that?

If it isn’t the hawks, it’s the tanks and their missiles, too many people hack with both vehicles and it makes the game very less enjoyable. I’m so sick of the noobs, especially that clan “Terror Squad” that’s all they do is noob in the game, no one in starhawk likes that clan!!

It’s bad enough i always end up on the crappiest team anyway, but the noobing needs to stop, LBI you guys really need to lower the power on those hawks and tanks or create more defensive strength for razorbacks, sidewinders and defensive structures. I really leave matches with tanks because they just always manage to flood your base

You Know You Were Thinking It! Part 2

Welcome back to You Know You Were Thinking It! a series from Deon Lofton of where Deon will be exposing those hidden thoughts that are in the back of every gamer’s mind.

1. Is camping really the future of First Person Shooters? I hope not.

Call of Duty Campers

2. Duke Nukem? Who? Remind me who that is again? (Here’s a video  for those of you who may be a little young for this one.)


3. Ever wonder what’s really on Link’s mind as he is roaming through the forest?…………. It’s probably not what you think (hint, hint).

4. We all have played a game that was very difficult. For me, that game was Final Fantasy 7.  I am still stuck in the factory, 15 years later – talk about difficult.


5. What’s up with these video game system intial startup times? First the beep (on PS3), then the noise of the fan (on Xbox 360), then the logo. I mean, you can practically make a cup of coffee before the system finishes loading – just saying. Here’s to hoping the next generation will be faster!

6. So, who won the battle? Battlefield 3 or Call Of Duty? The numbers speak for themselves.

7. I see Fat Princess is still eating that cake! She can’t get enough.

8. Ok I mentioned him before but, didn’t Dom from the Gears of War series deserve to live? I mean, his wife was tormented by the Locust – woudn’t that be enough? I can see it now, a Gears of War spin- off featuring Dom as the main Character! But it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

9. Who’s really going to win the battle? Street Fighter or Tekken? I Guess we will have to wait and see.

10. Do boobs really help sell a game? I think so. We will probably find out when we see how well Soul Calibur V does.

11. With all the fighting games were seeing this year, one has to wonder, where is Virtua Fighter 6?

12. Speaking of fighting, where is Battle Arena Toshinden? Sophia’s whip will put Ivy under submission.

13. CJ has been away from the scene for a long time. He’s probably hanging  out with his crew underground. He was the best GTA character right up there next to Luis Lopez.

 You Know You Were Thinking It!

Want More? Check out Part One if you missed it.

Are Graphics Really Important?

We all know that eye candy is a good thing but, is it all that matters? When examining past systems like the first Playstation, it was all about gameplay. I can remember playing Crash Bandicoot without a care in the world. Sure, the graphics were impressive at the time – but the gameplay was far more superior than some games to date.

As Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 reach their prime it is evident that this generation has been pushed to its max. Will the next generation be the answer?

There are many games coming out today that are broken because developers focus on graphics as a first priority. The line between graphics and good gameplay must be blurred in order to ensure playability that lasts for years to come.

What are your thoughts on this? What games do you remember from the past that had superior gameplay to many of today’s. Comment below.

Are Yearly Released Games Ruining The Single Player Experience?

As games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin’s Creed continue to be released each year, one must wonder what effect it may have on the single player experience. Other games that stand out are the Uncharted series and God of War, which all deliver passionate, classical one player stories.

Most games today try to include a story mode to give background. However, in many games we see the errors in thought process, with characters not fitting in or being underdeveloped.

I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of making it through to the end only to be underwhelmed as the ending did not happen as you anticipated. The answer is that games like the God of War series continue to offer that one person thrill and set the bar for other games to follow, whether they intended to or not. What are your thoughts on the matter? Are we beginning to see the watering down of single player game modes and games overall?

You Know You Were Thinking It!

This is a new section I will be doing to expose those hidden thoughts that are in the back of every gamer’s mind. You know you were thinking it!

1. Why does Princess Peach always need to be rescued? After all, the moves she has in various Mario games shows she’s capable of defending herself!

2. Was I the only person to think that Link was actually named Zelda? Talk about confused.

3. Will Sonic The Hedgehog ever die? It’s like the Energizer battery he keeps going and going.


4. Where is Shenmue 3?

5. How Many Mushrooms Can One Man Eat? aka Mario?

6. Did Dom from Gears of War go to Heaven or Hell?

7. Killer Instinct reboot? I hope and pray.

8.How many cakes can a Fat Princess eat?

9. Did MW3 steal all the Zombie’s glory? Uh oh, Zombie Revenge is imminent, or is it just DLC? Just kidding.

10. Finally, wouldn’t it be cool if Cat Women and Ryu from Ninja Gaiden shared a game together? Claws and Heads would be flying. Priceless.

Graphics: 3DS vs PSP2 (NGP) Video

When the Next-Generation approaches there are a few things we cannot enter without. First, is money of course. Next is a great lineup of games. And thirdly, is an awareness of the quality of each system heading our way. For my gaming brothers who may not be so lucky as to afford multiple Next-Gen handhelds, I present to you the 3DS vs PSP2 Graphics Comparison Video.

Take a close look at this video and watch it as many times as you need then make your own conclusion! Shout out to Hitman for creating this video right here in Boston. Thanks. *Disclaimer: All footage used under fair use license and is copyright of its respective owner*