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FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary: A Legacy of Art Grand Opening

Born in 1987 and gracing the video game industry stage touching the hearts of millions of fans across the past 3 decades, Final Fantasy is a game series that most – if not all – role playing game fans can locate fond memories from. With so many installments across nearly every platform ever invented for playing games on, this series first released on December 18th, 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and continued to be a system seller for historic consoles such as the SNES and later Sony PlayStation.

On December 2nd legendary Final Fantasy artist Toshiyuki Itahana (i.e. FF9, Chocobo’s Dungeon, MOBIUS, FF Explorers) hosts a live art exhibit and signing session at the Gallery Nucleus on 210 East Main Street in Alhambra, California from 12 noon to 7 pm (Pacific Time) in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy.

With humble beginnings, “The story follows four youths called the Light Warriors, who each carry one of their world’s four elemental orbs which have been darkened by the four Elemental Fiends.” and this is how it all started. However, the industry would come to know the series as an ever-evolving franchise full of self-contained universes bursting to the brim with love-able characters, amazing gameplay, and touching art.

Toshiyuki Itahana - Final Fantasy Artist

[Toshiyuki Itahana – Final Fantasy Artist]

That art is what’s specifically being remembered on December 2nd at the Gallery Nucleus which will feature free exhibits that do not require tickets. This event will spread until January 7th, 2018 giving many a chance to peruse the exhibits on display and the hall detailing a historical view on the art of our beloved JRPG franchise that arguably gave birth to it all.

Free guest tickets to the signing and live art event can be obtained HERE. There will also be a number of fan service items taking place at this time including (but likely not limited to) a free exclusive poster for any FF30th purchase made at Nucleus.

“Come celebrate the Grand Opening of FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary: A Legacy of Art on Saturday December 2nd, 2017 with your fellow fans. List of activities below:

  • FINAL FANTASY Merchandise Shop – Purchase any
  • FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary item at the event or simply arrive in a FINAL FANTASY cosplay to spin the prize wheel for a chance to win exclusive prizes!
  • FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game Demo
  • FINAL FANTASY Drink Bar (Non-Alcoholic beverages also available)
  • FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary Photo Wall
  • FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary Signing Wall
    And Food Trucks!”

OpTic Gaming finishes first place in Call of Duty World League Stage 2 Playoffs Presented by PS4

With half a million dollars on the line, the top COD teams from around the world competed in the second season of playoffs for CWL Championship and a $500k prize pot. This thursday, 8 more teams will face off in NA Last Chance Qualifier. Below is a list of the results from that as well as the teams which will face off Thursday. Additionally, this August will see 32 teams competing for $1.5 million dollars as part of this year’s 2017 CWL Presented by PS4, with Activision | Blizzard teaming up alongside MLG and Sony to make history with a record-breaking $4 million dollar total prize count; The Largest in Competitive Call of Duty History.

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Killzown Unboxes – Magic The Gathering – “Oath Of The Gatewatch” Intro Pack

Killzown Unboxes Magic The Gathering

DJ Killzown Jones is back with another episode of “Killzown Unboxes” and this time he take a look at one Magic The Gathering “Oath Of The Gatewatch” Intro Packs called “Vicious Cycle”. Magic The Gathering is the number one trading card game in the world and “Oath Of The Gatewatch” is the latest booster expansion in the popular and long running card game. The Intro Packs are designed for players who are just starting play MTG and their are a total in five in each new set in addition to a Event Deck, Fat Packs, single Booster Packs, and Booster Boxes. The MTG “Oath of Gatewatch” Set is available now where trading cards are sold, check out the video below and keep it locked right here to RGN for more “Killzown Unboxes”.

Killzown Invades: Pixel Pop Festival 2015 – Part 1

Killzown Invades Pixel Pop Festival logo


Killzown makes his triumphant return to Saint Louis’ Premiere Indie Game Festival, Pixel Pop 2015. This year featured over twenty independent game devs in both Video and Table-Top/Card Game format on the show floor as well as panels, contest, and game tournaments during the show’s two day stretch. This years event was hosted Dynamic Midwest Events and Happy Badger Studio at Webster University’s East Academic Building. Check out the video below and for more info on Pixel Pop be sure to visit today.  If you want to keep with Killzown check him out on, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and subscribe to his channel on Youtube then as always keep it locked to RGN for all of your event coverage.

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Killzown Invades – Gateway Geek Fest – Part 2

Killzown Invades Gateway Geek Fest PT 2


Killzown returns to the Gateway Geek Fest show floor to show you the folks at home more of what you missed. If you missed the last episode of Killzown Invades GGF click here and come back when your finished  watching it so you’re all caught up.  Gateway Geekfest will be back next year August 5th – 7th 2016 with more information to be announced soon. Check out the video below and then be sure to visit for everything GGF.  Keep with Killzown on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and subscribe to his channel on Youtube. Thank you for watching and make sure to keep it locked to RGN for your event news and coverage.

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Broken Pixels Kicking Off ORLANDO NERD FEST 2015 Tonight !!! – Livestream & Music Video

Broken Pixels Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 - Real Gamer Music 2

“We rap about games.” That’s the motto and don’t wear it out, Video Game Loving Musician Group Broken Pixels will be at the Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 and you can watch it all live on Twitch if you didn’t make it out there! The show is already happening now live, and at 9:15PM EST Jerome “JC” Chance, Lesky Lee singing hooks and XK holding down the spacebar, taking stage to perform kicking off an entire weekend of nerd culture expressed through song. (producer Equivalent Exchange of Broken Pixels had a family matter and could not make it.) With their influences ranging from heavy metal to hip hop to comic books and video games, the music the group creates led to them creating the Official theme song for THQ’s “Saints Row the Third” in November of 2011, performing at events such as E3 and San Diego Comic Con.

Check out the Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 Livestream as well as a sample of Broken Pixels’ work below.

Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 Official Livestream:

Broken Pixels Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 - Real Gamer Music

2015 Broken Pixels Official Music Video:

Have a great weekend everyone, and be sure to keep it real and keep it gaming!

Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 Schedule:

Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 Schedule - RealGamerNewz - Broken Pixels Mega Ran Skyblew

More Info about Orlando Nerd Fest

How Video Games Turned One Person’s Life Around

Video Games Changed My Life - Quinn of RGN

Hello there all!


We are happy to have you here again, this time to share a background story of one our staff members who’s life got turned around through gaming.


For one gamer it all started in 1995 with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Making hours on end with the Lion King set a path open for freedom of creativity, meeting well-spirited people and having tons of fun.

This is the story of ChronicGalaxy and his gaming past.


I have been asked to share my gaming history with you, the reader!

As many of you know gaming goes back quite far now, and we have seen developments beyond our wildest dreams. From starting out with a basic concept in 2D to full open worlds in magnificent and breath-taking visuals, we as gamers have witnessed the beauty of development.


The gaming industry has had a lot of negative feedback from concerned parents across the world, yet it also has a wonderful side to it. For me this wonderful side changed my entire life.

Some people look at me as a geek, which I fully admit I am, which I’m proud of today.


It wasn’t always the case for the young gamer, who sheds light on the introvert person he once was.


Though proud as I am now to be a geek, I had my fair share of criticism in life for just playing videogames. People told me I was wasting my life away, while all I could think of was to get back behind the controller and into the magnificent virtual world I became familiar with. I can remember that I thought people were right in a sense at one point, because the more criticism I got, the more it started to feel as if I was indeed wasting my life away.


This alone had the effect that I didn’t feel the need to interact with people, because videogames didn’t judge you for what you loved doing. It took me quite some years to crawl out of this, which the games I played helped with. Games such as Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation 1, Kingdom Hearts for the Playstation 2 and Minecraft for the Xbox 360 helped me release the fury I had for the world, and helped me gain the creativity I have today.


Though it wasn’t the end goal, this gamer in particular gained a lot out of gaming.


I have played on most platforms, some platforms being frustrating and most being amazing. I have met people from different countries, learned about the good sides of humanity and learned to communicate through gaming. For me, this opened many windows of opportunities, including this one: Being able to write and share my story with you. This is my gratitude towards gaming, the lessons I learned and the people I met – it is truly a remarkable and beautiful thing which I plan to never give up.


We could not agree more! Thank you for taking the time to write this, and as a viewer; thank you for taking the time to read this. We’ll see you next time!

GameStop Offers Exclusive Variant For Marvel’s Star Wars Issue #1 To Power-Up Reward Members


When Disney purchased LucasFilm LTD it gained all of its film properties most notably Star Wars they canceled all previous in-devours,business ventures and projects and started a new with all new projects related to those properties. This move ended the Dark Horses run with Star Wars and the rights to the comic book for the intellectual  property have been transferred back to Marvel Comics which hasn’t had the rights to the series for almost 3o years. It has been reported that Marvel Stars Wars  #1 (Vol 2) will sell well over one million copies when its is released when its released next Wednesday January 14 2015 and Gamestop has offered a Exclusive Variant for the first 10,000 Power-Up Rewards members to purchase with their Power-Up Rewards points. This maybe be a great opportunity for collector’s and Star Wars fans alike because comic variants tend to be worth more than the standard issue cover and will be worth more if the stand issue reaches its one million sales mark. Star Wars Fans that have Gamestop Power-Up rewards accounts with 8000 points saved up should head over to their website here log in and claim the issues before time runs out. If you have claimed the offer or intend or picking up Marvel’s Star Wars Issue when it is released next week let us know in the comments below and as always check to RGN for all your Video Game related news.

Fact Or Fiction? Nintendo Factory Sealed Defect Samus Amiibo (Dual Cannons)

Samus Amiibo RealGamerNewz Dual Cannons

There’s an eBay listing going for over a grand with 77 bids at the time of this post for what is being called a Nintendo Factory Sealed Defect Samus Amiibo (Dual Cannons). Take a look at the listing for yourself.

The seller is jetfour of eBay Community residing in Louisville, Colorado, United States. The user appears to have 100% positive feedback, but is not a very active eBay user at all.

Skeptics point to the shoulder placement. Many we’ve shown this to even claim that this item has been moved just to fit the arm in the package. It’s alleged that this Amiibo pack has been carefully opened & carefully resealed.

If indeed a hoax, whoever buys this item has been scammed and the item will definitely be worth less than the original price, other than as a novelty to other gamers who could just easily re-create the same effect themselves at home for cheap.

24 Hour Streaming One Man Gaming Session


Are you interested in producing your own video game? Or potentially designing levels, characters, or weapons for a game? One video game company is offering you chance to learn these things in a 24 hour live stream session.

Dan Bisciglia is the owner of a gaming company named Vintage Games. Vintage Games is based out of Austin, Texas and is a small company producing mainly retro style games. Dan has taken inspiration from the NES and SNES era, which many of us got our start gaming during that time period. I know I personally grew up playing games such as Mario Bros, Castlevania, Contra, Mike Tyson Punchout, and many of the other great series from those generations.

During this 24 hour live stream, which you can watch at Gamers will learn how to design a top down shooter with 5 levels, 8 songs, and 3 different playable characters. Levels will be single screen where you are under attack by waves of enemies and have to destroy a boss at the end. You will have the opportunity to collect weapons and things alike in this overhead Contra like game.

In an interview with Dan he stated that, “The game is being built from the ground up. The only preparation I’ve made is breaking my time table in to 2 hour time blocks. I’m going to start with the design and scope of the game as soon as the stream starts.” The stream will be starting live at 12pm CST/1pm EST, so be sure you’re on time.

If you’ve ever wanted a free lesson in game design or just an opportunity to enjoy watching someone be creative this will be a fantastic chance! Be sure to tune in as Dan shows you the basics and creativity of being a game designer!

Gamer Gear #2 – The Los Santos Snapback And Tee Shirt

Los Santos Black T-Shirt

In this edition of Gamer Gear we take a look  at some pieces in the  Rockstar Warehouse  inspired by GTA V. If you were lucky enough to purchase The Collector’s Edition of Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3 or Xbox 360 you gain access to the Official New Era Los Santos Snapback and if you log on to the Rockstar Warehouse you can complete your outfit with Los Santos T-Shirt available in black or white for around $20. If gamers would like to purchase the Snapback they must track down a Collector’s edition of GTA V for the previous generation of consoles or log on to eBay and find it there. If you own both of these pieces leave a comment below with your thoughts on Rockstar’s GTA V apparel line and check back soon to RGN for the next installment of Gamer Gear.

Los Santos Snap Back