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Lupin The Third & Metal Gear Solid Collide In A Animated Mash-Up Intro.

Lupin MGS

When one thinks about the 80s they probably think of Lupin The Third and Metal Gear, but no one ever though that the two would ever been seen together until a few years ago. There was an unknown animator who dropped a mash-up opening of Lupin The Third with the cast of Metal Gear Solid and even though the creator is seemingly no where to be found the video lives via youtube. Check out the mash-up below and be sure to keep it locked to RGN for all your Metal Gear Solid News.

Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun

AC5 Assassins Creed

You may remember back before Uncharted received its third entry, a student at college for graphic arts put together the look of a hypothetical third Uncharted. This later inspired the same thing to happen with the fourth. In these incidents, Concept Arts were created for a game that never existed.

Today, We now have an awesome look at the game that will never be : Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun , thanks to the artist VinHillArt who has emerged with this:

AC5 Assassins Creed 5 2

assassins creed v aa

AC5 Assassins Creed 5 3




View More Art / Info From Original Artist HERE

assassins creed v realgamernewz ubisoft

BoJack Horseman Intro Re-Created Within Microsoft’s Virtual Sandbox Game ‘Minecraft’ [HD 1080P]

BoJack Horseman Intro In Minecraft

YouTube User Alex at Omnimo Support has uploaded a completely BoJack Horseman Intro re-created within Microsoft’s Virtual Sandbox ‘Minecraft’ which is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition and was created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg.

Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novel Asks – Zack VS Cloud: Who Wins? You Decide [Vote]

Zack VS Cloud Final Fantasy VII - RealGamerNewz

The Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novel is a free to download online piece of literature which falls into the Fan Fiction / Fan Art category of multimedia for one of the world’s favorite role playing games of yester-year. The Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novel is currently asking JRPG gamers whether Zack Fair (Crisis Core) or Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) are preferred.

Click Here To Vote Now

A third volume to the Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novel will release April 30, 2014. More info can be found in the About Section of the FFVII Unofficial Novel Facebook Page.


First Of Its Kind GDC 2014 Fan Art Gallery Being Hosted By Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital Fork Parker

Fan Art is something incredible that has grown over decades from a rare breed of contemporary art into a full fledged genre of multimedia content which some companies are doing well to openly embrace. Fan Art is typically created for the thanks and love towards a franchise or product / brand that is very beloved. For example, when Devolver Digital published Hotline Miami it inspired a great amount of Hotline Miami-Fan Art and the community for this type of work done out of love has just grown and grown.

Devolver Digital has decided to recognize this achievement of the video games community to maintain the right to Fan Art by hosting the first of its kind GDC Fan Art Gallery at this year’s GDC 2014. Game Developers Conference is a yearly industry trade event where professionals in the video games business attend panels on specific game-dev topics as well as connect with each other in a peer environment. In recent years Games Press / Media have been increasingly present at the GDC events and game publishers have increased their use of the event as a launchpad for major announcements regarding top franchises and / or important investments.

CLICK HERE to visit the digital version of this newly established tradition from Devolver Digital.

If you’re one of the thousands attending the Game Developers Conference 2014 be sure to stop by, the address is below. The good news is you can probably get in without a GDC badge if you live near the area and are really into gaming, though it wouldn’t hurt to have one either.

  • Book Club
  • 543 Howard St.
  • Lower Level, Main Gallery
  • “Open to all GDC badge holders
    and gamers of discerning tastes”
  • Wed., March 19 through Fri., March 21
  • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Below are examples of some of the Fan Art gamers can expect to see there.

Gods Will Be Watching Hotline Miami luftrausers_max.psd

Luigi’s Mansion Theme Song For Acoustic Guitar and Piano by @edtalenti [HD Music Video]

Luigi Mansion Cover

An original guitar and piano arrangement of the Luigi’s Mansion Soundtrack by Edoardo Talenti.

Follow Edoardo Talenti for More: TwitterFacebook | YouTube

Fan Art: Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake

Earthbound HD Remake

Earlier this week a fan by the name of Christopher Behr has brought to light something that has taken him over a year to produce. The following images are not part of a larger project that is playable, to the dismay of many fans, but has been recognized by fans as perhaps the most professional looking Fan Art ever created for Earthbound and resembling an Earthbound HD Remake further fueling hopes that the game could someday be revived by either Nintendo or the original development team. Take a look for yourself at the images below in full detail which were released on Reddit (via Imgur) and be sure to visit to pay your respects to the creator. Below the images is some Earthbound Fan Art created by other fans including music and a trailer remade for the game.

Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 1 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 2 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 6 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 5 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 4 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 3

Fan Art: Final Fantasy VI Wedding Waltz Acapella [HD Video]

Final Fantasy VI Fan Art

This week Final Fantasy fan Jaron Davis has put together something unique and incredible. The following Fan Art is a Wedding Waltz Acapella created for and inspired by Final Fantasy VI (perhaps the best FF game of all time, unless you’re one of those 7 uber-fans 😉 ). Check it out below! Show the guy some love and check out his other videos too if you like it.

Konami Is Accepting Fan Art for Lords of Shadow 2 Poster Contest

Lords of Shadow 2 Poster

Konami and the team behind Castlevania: Lords of Shadow have launched a Fan Art Contest involving posters for the upcoming Lords of Shadow 2 in which players take on the role of a relateable Dracula who has a few challenges to face in life (or ‘un-death’ technically). The entry link for the contest is HERE (Official Konami Website). An example above is shown as a basic starting point for the would-be artists of the next Lords of Shadow 2 poster who are considering applying.