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Sorcerer King Steam Early Access Hands-On Preview

RealGamerNewz - Sorcerer King Beta 5 Stem Early Access

Now that the fifth Beta phase has been issued for Sorcerer King it’s high time RealGamerNewz drops our thoughts and feelings on the direction the title has been heading in thus far, the development studio’s vision for those who don’t know yet, and a general impression on how that vision is actually being delivered. Most importantly, whether or not this game is even fun. But first things first, there’s a few things you may not know about me which I’d like to disclose immediately.

A quick internet search will show you that I’ve had my hands on two of Stardock’s other games in this genre (4X Turn-Based Strategy), namely Fallen Enchantress and Elemental: War of Magic. My experiences were not pleasant and the Reviews I provided reflect that loud and clear while still giving readers an idea of their redeeming qualities. The first one, Elemental, even came with a full length book. This prompted me to attempt and bring Brad Wardell onto a Podcast of the publication I was contributing for when I made the Review. Ever the busy guy, Brad apparently never got a chance to respond. Looking back I sincerely wish that I had tried harder, since now a ton of controversy has rained down on the industry and I feel it’s all tainted the developer to press relationship quite a bit, while at the same time causing far more open transparency (albeit through callous methods). That is neither here nor there for the purpose of this Preview though, but suffice to say I found it odd when Fallen Enchantress was released and had almost everything wrong with it that Elemental did (despite clear attempts from the dev team not to) yet the press gave glowing Reviews with high scores. I might have been a bit too harsh on it, but I lambasted it for being a re-hash and even felt that Wardell himself just didn’t know when to give up on a concept after I had played it.

So with all of this personal history / bias in mind, on walks Sorcerer King to my doorstep. Is it different enough? Is it good enough? Or is Stardock Entertainment just really good at PR and Marketing now? I dug in hoping to find out… Giving every game a clean slate to be judged on regardless of who made it or the past iterations is a concept I take seriously a member of the gaming media. Forgive, but don’t forget might not be an accurate way of describing this – but let’s just say that doesn’t mean I won’t notice repeating trends nor ignore them. With that all in mind I’m thankful to be able to say that Sorcerer King is a lot better than the previous two games I have mentioned, while still stubbornly carrying out their legacy. Before I deliver some of how I feel the game has improved, I would like to speak about the developers’ vision for this game and the genre overall for those who might be reading and wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into with this abnormally upfront Preview.

RealGamerNewz - Sorcerer King Beta 5 Stem Early Access Gameplay

After watching many developer streams I’ve come to understand what the team is going for this time around. A more approachable game that gets things right the first time rather than asking the player to bend over backwards to understand it. As for my own personal thoughts, I am pleased with what has become of this turn-based strategy series. Sorcerer King is distinguished and very different from its predecessors in many ways. Most immediately recognizable is the fact that the game is simply much easier to learn, more clear and obvious in its functionality, and most importantly – it’s more fun. Even without cutscenes players will be able to grasp the story being told here. While a few very advanced strategists can point out features and details that need re-tooling, the game is finally complete in that any player of the Strategy genre will be able to approach it without prior knowledge of the series.

Stardock Entertainment has truly produced something worthwhile with Sorcerer King. Although some polish on balance can be expected before the final release, it feels almost finished already, which makes me feel confident in this evaluation. Normally for Previews we like to stick with being informative versus evaluative, but given the history of the franchise and the high price point of entry for users it felt necessary to be judgmental. Now let’s talk about the actual details of how Sorcerer King games play out mechanically speaking.


– Build outposts to expand your territory, claim resources as your own in order to defend the world against prime evil

– Train units to expand your armies, stack them and bring dozens into each battle

– Upgrade your city with buildings that unlock a more advanced civilization, and enhance your army (among many other things)

– Gain spells, champion attributes, resource modifiers, and much more as your units and structures level up

– Craft potions, weapons, equip individual units with everything they need, auto resolve battles, or fight them out manually in strategy RPG grid style fights (some battles cannot be skipped)

– Come across interesting and varying random encounters with your choices impacting what happens in the immediate moment as well as eventual future such as robbing people, recruiting people, saving people from monsters, doing deals with neutral parties within kingdoms you wish to sway back to your side and away from the sorcerer king, and much more

All the while the Sorcerer King himself will continue to visit you and try to tempt you to join his side or at least accept his aid. It seems like a terrible idea and it’s probably better to maintain your honor in this quest since the world is depending on you as the last kingdom around. Engine performance issues are less than expected given the instability of the previous two games in the series, but there are still hiccups in frame rate and loading which is a shame. Of course, that could easily be a symptom of the game not being done yet, as it is still in Early Access, and I have not experienced anything game-breaking nor trudging along levels of slowdown.

Sorcerer King RealGamerNewz Early Access Preview

There is so much to say about this game and much of it is good. It’s very deep and diverse gameplay, lore, and beautiful presentation make it a must have title for strategy fans of any caliber. Finally it is possible to really understand what you are doing and function in the game without being a completely obsessed person scouring every detail. But this isn’t what everybody in the existing fan-base had wanted.

Some features have been “dumbed down” or removed entirely for the favor of making this game a better title for the overall gaming public. I want to personally thank Stardock Entertainment for making that difficult decision and executing it gracefully (most of what is lacking is actually in the game in some form, telling me that the dev team tried their hardest to avoid leaving things out) and while normally I’m against this practice in games, it made sense for this one. The games that came before it were simply not that good in my humble opinion and though I sympathize with strategy fans who meticulously frothed at the mouth over tiny details and statistical charts they were influencing, Sorcerer King is simply a better, more complete package.

Perhaps since the game is still in Early Access Stardock still has time to add back in some of the pieces that players are missing. But as it stands, this game is an amazing accomplishment bridging the gap between good design, responsible scope of core systems, and ridiculously ambitious scale. I look forward to possibly giving more Early Access Impressions, and definitely performing a Full Review upon release, though it will probably be around four thousand words or more because there is so much to cover in Sorcerer King. If you love the Strategy genre, buy this now.

BOID Steam Early Access Review

BOID Steam Early Access Review RealGamerNewz

BOID is a game that reminds me a lot of StarCraft – but not in a good way since it doesn’t live up to that potential influence in a meaningful way. The graphics are decent but the gameplay looks like something you would get out of a Health book. The graphics are also not only if you keep in mind this is an indie RTS game. The game does not keep my attention, and that’s not to say that there is nothing to do in the game, it’s just not as much as there could be to do in a game like this. The controls are mediocre and the game could be better. I wish it was controller supported but really the controls are nothing more than drag and drop with the mouse so I’m not sure how that would work anyway.

There are a lot of ways that BOID could be better and I really do wish it had more to it since it doesn’t keep my attention for too long, doesn’t look optimized for 1080P. This looks a lot like something that could be more well received on Android tablets and iPad but seems not really meant for a PC monitor display. With that being said I would like to see the development studio put out a better version of BOID on something touchscreen. I believe it would work flawless on a touch screen. It’s not that intensive of an experience and the game is not that hard. Again, I wish there was more to it and that it was much harder to play therefore able to keep my attention. There’s a lot of games that do a better job than BOID at bringing the strategy genre to the indie world. I wish it had more to do with the whole StarCraft phenomena but it doesn’t. It’s lackluster and the game could use more weapons to send your spawners too.

Editor’s Note: This is a Review of the Steam Early Access version of the game which may be subject to changes / updates in final build.

Check out the GeekEssentials Video Review below created for RealGamerNewz for more info.

Video Review:

Overall Score: 6 / 10
RGN Rating: Below Bronze
Developer: Mokus
Publisher: tinyBuild

Available On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: Eight digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Written by Shanerr123 and TecRev of Geek Essentials for RealGamerNewz

Distance Steam Early Access Review

Distance Steam Early Access Review RealGamerNewz

This game has qualities that are reminiscent of Wipeout. It runs great and keeps its frame-rate at a smooth 60 frames per second even when you’re going at high speeds and when things get hectic. The only thing that keeps this game from getting a full 10 out of 10 is that we find the flying sequences break the immersion unfortunately keeping the player from getting in that full focus. Overall the game provides a psychedelic feeling of pleasure similar to what Wipeout could induce when playing. Even with the issue of flying sequences being troublesome, this game can still give you that feeling and players will have a crazy time playing it.

Players will sure feel that impossible feeling of Dark Souls mixed with the funky racing of Wipeout. You will die many times in many ways before you get it right. The boosting feature keeps you in check by making you overheat and you will die after keeping it on for too long. The enemies of the game are simple barriers to lasers that will cut you up and they make it hard to avoid them at times. This game is easy to learn and hard to master but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

Editor’s Note: This is a Review of the Steam Early Access version of the game which may be subject to changes / updates in final build.

Check out the GeekEssentials Video Review below created for RealGamerNewz for more info.

Video Review:

Current Score: 9 / 10
RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Refract

Available On: Windows PC | Mac OS X | Linux (via Steam)

Coming Soon to PlayStation 4

Written by Shanerr123 and TecRev of Geek Essentials for RealGamerNewz

Review Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Infinifactory Hands-On Steam Preview

Infinifactory Steam Early Access Preview Hands On Impressions

Infinifactory is a weird 1st person puzzle solver which puts you in place of what I am assuming is an enslaved human being forced to sort through various scenarios at the hands of very fat aliens who are hellbent on your death. You take the role of a sorter and your job is to make sure different boxes of different types make it through a conveyor line to a specific drop area in a specific way.

Some boxes need to be stuck together and enter the drop zone in that shape or else you have to redo your conveyor line and start again. At first I didn’t know what to think of this game but the puzzles are actually quite difficult and they get even harder as you progress through the game. As you go through these various levels you will find dead bodies of other slaves (sorters) who probably couldn’t figure out how to do these puzzles and died while trying. Once you do find these dead corpses you will be able to walk up to them and activate a recording of their last moments. In one instance I found a dog corpse and all that was on the recording was a bunch of barking.

I don’t know for sure but there may be a hidden story behind all of it but since this is in Early Access it’s still pretty difficult to tell. I am sure though that others have their theories. I will say this game is a bit tedious at some points because I feel there is not much incentive to finish the puzzles. All that happens after a couple of puzzles is the player getting sent back to a locked room with a trophy that can be placed wherever or just thrown around like you’re an R-Tard…. That’s what I did. So far though the game is pretty enjoyable especially as an early access game, but for $24.99 I suggest waiting for more to be added because the main puzzles are nothing too special and the game just doesn’t seem worth $24.99 at this stage of development.

Official Trailer:

Developer / Publisher: Zachtronics Industries

Available On: Windows PC, Mac OS X (Via Steam Early Access)

Played On: Windows PC

Preview Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

JumpJet Rex Hands-On Steam Preview

Jumpjet Rex RGN

Looking to try something new this year? Well take a look at the early access game JumpJet Rex, a pixelized 2D platformer where you take the role of a T-Rex in hopes of saving the universe and preventing the dinosaurs from going extinct. The main character in the game can be customized as you progress finding new items, loot, and coins. There are many ways to customize your dinosaur by either changing the color of it, modifying the jump boots you have, or even changing how your T-Rex buddy looks all together. The gameplay in JumpJet Rex is not like many others due to the fact that the main goal in this one is racing to the finish line in the shortest amount of time possible while passing through all the golden rings made available throughout the course.

Once you reach the end you are graded by how many times (if any) you died and by how fast you completed the course. Also, while you are going through these different courses there are secret areas you can find which will either give you new customization items for your T-Rex or tons and tons of coins which you can use to purchase new colors and boots with. Once you complete different courses and you achieve the goal of either a record time and / or completion without dying, you are awarded with a star for each task accomplished. After beating enough levels or collecting the right amount of stars you are then introduced a boss which you have to defeat using your jet boots. Due to it being Early Access, only 3 bosses are in the game although a wide variety of levels are there for players to challenge and take on. The difficulty level for this game also varies by gamer.

Jumpet Rex Boss

At the beginning of the game it’s pretty easy but as you progress the levels become strikingly more difficult and require a little more thinking as well as trial and error before they can be mastered.  If you feel as though you can’t do it alone there is also a co-op option so you can play locally with another player. This definitely seems to add to the challenge and thrill of the game due to the fact that you can challenge and race each other in these missions. JumpJet Rex was created and is still being worked on by TreeFortress Games and the early access game is available on Steam for only $9.99. To me, that’s a really great deal just because this game is already pretty awesome and its in Early Access still. So if you’re a fan of 2D platformers then go ahead and give this game a try.

Official Trailer:

Developer / Publisher: TreeFortress Games

Available On: Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux (via Steam Early Access)

Played On: Windows PC

Preview Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

H1Z1 Impressions Pt II – Updates, Lag, Players Become Zombies After Death

H1Z1 - Steam Early Access Impressions - RealGamerNewz Pt 2

Hello again RGN Readers, it’s me, John Clark of the RealGamerNewz Community, back again to tell you my experience first hand with the latest updates H1Z1 has had rolled out for it. More news has been coming in about H1Z1 and how the game is moving on in a new direction. From day 1 without ceasing to this day, H1Z1 has received tons of updates and bug fixes which genuinely improve the game. The latest update has fixed a lot of imbalance which originally existed in the game, and makes it more of a survival title and less of just a shooter online with food hanging around.

One of the neat things you might not know about H1Z1 which was revealed recently by the development team is that when players die they actually have become zombies in the population of the undead (though you cannot play as one). Meaning, when you kill a zombie to a player who never had his dead body’s items taken then you’ll end up getting those items from a zombie. Crazy right? I didn’t believe it myself at first, reddit here. I’m not sure how long that part of the game has been live but in the most recent update there was a lot of cleaning up done to the overall balance of this game.

In this update they’ve made it harder for you to survive which made things more fun for me personally as well as having my backpack changed from 1500 to 600 capacity. A lot of items take up more room now which is good and bad at the same time because you have less over-powered folks but you also have less of a chance of surviving through the right situation if you aren’t very well thought out on preparations before making a trip.

I do feel screwed over because of a server wipe eliminating all of the work I’ve done thus far in the game, but I enjoy H1Z1 enough to keep playing it, writing about it, and telling others about it – so the development team must be doing something right. Ever since the latest reboot, servers are running great. There’s much less lag in the game now. Even more imbalance issues were addressed recently including finding loot being too easy (it’s much harder now).

Rare items are also a lot harder to find now. I personally haven’t seen or come across any enemies or players using the most rare items yet since the update in fact, so it’s taking some time for things to progress back to that level. Graphics are looking better than ever and in the upcoming update there are plans for expanding H1Z1 even further. I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to say and let me know what you think about the game if you play, or if you don’t – consider checking it out. Thank you, peace out.

If you play H1Z1 and want to meet up and level up with me or go into towns, villages, and camp sites together make sure you are ready and add me. My in-game name is John1989

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Written by John Clark of RGN Community

Besiege Hands-On Steam PC Gamer Preview !

Besieged Game

Ever wanted to design and create a medieval siege weapon? Well now you can with the new game Besiege from Spiderling Studios. In this game you don’t control a weapon given to you, you create it. In order to create the weapon you have always desired you are to pick from a certain amount of items to build it and set it off into victory. Players can build everything from a catapult to a giant wall of cannons. When you first start the game you are given 1 of 15 scenarios. In the first one you are to destroy a simple house using any means necessary to destroy it although the game will recommend and explain how to use the wheels in order to ram your weapon into the house. So in the beginning there’s pretty basic mechanics. Besiege on Steam Early Access won’t just give you the same scenario every time. Sometimes players will have to destroy a structure, kill all enemies (or most enemies), and even move a certain object(s) from one location to another.

How are you going to complete these missions? Build your own siege weapon of course. Since this game is in early access it only offers the first 15 levels, a sandbox (still being developed but still playable), 33 items to use to build your weapons of choice and some include flying tools to utilize flight. There is an infinite amount of things you can build if you put your mind to it.

It does take time to build these siege tools although for me it was not too bad. For others though it may be a bit tiring. My opinion would be once you have this game updated more and more, allow steam workshop to be set in place so people can share ideas and test one anther’s siege weapons out. Because some people love games like this, but sometimes just not the building part.

Building mechanics are not the only thing this game has going for it. The graphics, UI, and the atmosphere of the game are amazing as well. The graphics are sleek and smooth to look at goes great with the UI of the game which is also sleek itself and easy to navigates. The atmosphere in the game has its own place in this game because it’s just the atmosphere I would expect from a sandbox builder, calm and peaceful. Music isn’t anything too special although some does play, so it doesn’t seem too quiet while your building your weapon of doom. Overall as an early access game I have had more fun with it than I thought I would, with all you can build and destroy it was an amazing experience. Check out my game play for Besiege down below and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on this great game.

Full 1080P 60 Frames Per Second RGN Video Preview:

Now Available on Steam Early Access

Preview Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Hands-On Preview.

RealGamerNewz H1Z1 Steam Early Access Impressions

H1Z1 RealGamerNewz Preview Impressions Steam Early Access PC Gaming SOE Sony

[Image Credit: F2P]

Hello RGN Readers, my name is John Clark and I’m part of the RealGamerNewz Community. I’ve been playing H1Z1 for the few weeks now that it’s been available on Steam Early Access and in my opinion if you’re into the survival horror meets action genre of video games then this is the game for you. Here are my thoughts and impressions of the game thus far at the timing of this post.

I must say, H1Z1 is phenomenally well put together. There are two types of gameplay I see on it that are on the forefront but this is only minimalist compared to what others can do with a little time and creative ingenuity. Of course, creation is limited to what you can also defend since this is a persistent world game with plenty of PvE but also PvP elements that can often be brutal and unforgiving. In that sense, H1Z1 is very straightforward, kill or die!

At the start of the game all you really have as a survivalist player is a back pack with some rags and a flare. From the start players must go around the map looking for food, wood, metal, and water, and in the midst of doing this have zombies running after them not to mention wolves. If you’re the type to delve into PvP moments either on purpose or by accident, you’ll end up with over players trying to kill you for your lot or sometimes they team up with you and make a group to help you out and get better / stronger in both PvP as well as PvE.

To get good at H1Z1 players have to just stick with it, the zombies and wolves are there for killing and you have to adapt every 30 minutes or so to find food currently plus drink some type of clean water before you die of hunger and starvation. In my opinion, the air drops that players can pay for in the game are perfectly fair except I don’t see them often enough as a person not paying for them – I was promised the chance to shoot them down or steal them from other players if I’m in their vicinity. Hopefully I get to live out that promised experience soon. If you ask me, there are too many campers who use a campfire as a friendly fire warning but then shoot you anyways in the back of the head. One time a few people picked me up and brought me around and then spoke to me about teaming up with me. Suddenly, one departed from the group briefly. He then proceeded to kill me. This kind of thrill is exhilarating and fun but there needs to also be an equal way for players to team up together. Giving each other just 2% of what you get isn’t seeming fair to me.

If you play H1Z1 and want to meet up and level up with me or go into towns, villages, and camp sites together make sure you are ready and add me. My in-game name is John1989

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Written by John Clark of RGN Community

Impressions: EVOLVE Brings an Original Flavor of Gameplay Innovation That’s Worthwhile

Evolve Turtle Rock Studios 2K Games

Evolve on Xbox ONE has a solid frame rate, gameplay, and graphics. Over time, we’ve seen Turtle Rock Studios give a very much improved build again and again. The game overall is very quick and easy to jump in to and play and the design concept is original and good. Turtle Rock has given birth to a lot of new moments for the shooter genre and we appreciate that as the genre certainly needs revitalizing.

Evacuation Mode and the map to map, round to round changes (Turtle Rock claims results in over 800,000 possible combinations) give a dynamic feel to the game. Guns and upgrades all have a very different feeling. The game has a similar feel to Destiny in that players feel an urge to perpetually upgrade gear and bring it online with their crew.

Evolve is even more focused on gameplay and user interactions online than most games in the shooter market and will likely be judged heavily for it. There are some issues with core elements of the game being sectioned off and costing extra money but the fun factor, replay value, and dare I say innovative nature of Evolve makes these issues possible to overlook.

This game has shown promise since the start of development and I’ve personally now played more than a few builds both through public and press access, at events and from home in real world settings, and each time milestones have seemingly been met to push performance, controls, and graphics in leaps and bounds. There’s a lot of game modes that simulate other games in the genre, or add new original twists to the scene. Some of these include Rescue Mode, Nest Mode, and Defend mode. Hopefully these all stay available to play and aren’t phased in / out due to popularity – since I like diversity. But hopefully they can also be populated with games.

Evolve PS4 Xbox ONE

Balancing can be a tricky thing, and we expect more along the lines of tweaks and updates as the full build is prepared for launch, and even once its out the door. Such is the way with heavily multiplayer-centric shooters after all. But besides that, and all caveats discussed aside, So Far So GOOD!

Jermain Jackson, Deputy Editor Impressions of Evolve:

Having played the technical test on my Sony PS4, my excitement level for Evolve went from almost non-existent to, ”Give it to me NOW!”

Evolve is one of the most fun co-op experiences I’ve played in years. Even if there is no verbal communication between you and your teammates, as long as everyone plays smart and utilizes their character class’s unique abilities, you can achieve victory.

Based on gameplay footage, it seemed as though being in control of the Monster would have been the most fun part about Evolve. Boy was I wrong. For the most part, playing on the hunters’ side was just as fun and intense as playing as a Monster. Neither side felt unbalanced, each had their strengths and weaknesses.

From my experience Turtle Rock Studios has done a wonderful job of capturing the thrill of the hunt and the fight for survival. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it come February 10, 2015.

Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Turtle Rock Studios
Release Date (NA): February 10th, 2015


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GameStop Offers Exclusive Variant For Marvel’s Star Wars Issue #1 To Power-Up Reward Members


When Disney purchased LucasFilm LTD it gained all of its film properties most notably Star Wars they canceled all previous in-devours,business ventures and projects and started a new with all new projects related to those properties. This move ended the Dark Horses run with Star Wars and the rights to the comic book for the intellectual  property have been transferred back to Marvel Comics which hasn’t had the rights to the series for almost 3o years. It has been reported that Marvel Stars Wars  #1 (Vol 2) will sell well over one million copies when its is released when its released next Wednesday January 14 2015 and Gamestop has offered a Exclusive Variant for the first 10,000 Power-Up Rewards members to purchase with their Power-Up Rewards points. This maybe be a great opportunity for collector’s and Star Wars fans alike because comic variants tend to be worth more than the standard issue cover and will be worth more if the stand issue reaches its one million sales mark. Star Wars Fans that have Gamestop Power-Up rewards accounts with 8000 points saved up should head over to their website here log in and claim the issues before time runs out. If you have claimed the offer or intend or picking up Marvel’s Star Wars Issue when it is released next week let us know in the comments below and as always check to RGN for all your Video Game related news.

Halo 5: Guardians – Multiplayer Beta Impressions


Art By VGWallpapers
Halo 5 Guardians is the next installment of the highly successful FPS series and marquee Xbox Franchise will be making its way to the Xbox One later this year. 343 Industries recently gave Halo Fans who purchased “Halo The Master Chief Collection”  a chance to participate in the multiplayer beta for the game to give players a feel for the game mechanics and control scheme. Halo 5 Guardians’ Multiplayer Beta takes what players loved from the games previous entries and meshes it with things gamers expect from the modern FPS Shooters as well as stream lined a lot of the game mechanics they introduced Halo 4. Players can now jump, hover, boost, ground pound and shoot seamlessly with skipping the beat. The pace of the game is dramatically increased and the maps are refined for fast pace yet tactical gameplay. The weapons and gun play in the game are highly updated and no one weapon can decimate your opponent unlike in previous entries making aiming and shot placement even more critical than before especially in the 4V4 multiplayer modes. The targeting and scopes have been greatly improved allowing players to point and shoot with out a huge recital in the middle of the screen. The Assault Rifle, DRM, and Pistol make their return as well as some of the Covenant and Promethean weapons for the previous game. The player assassinations and take-down’s are back as well as kill reversals for those critical moments right before a player’s death. 343 has also brought player customization back allowing you fully customize your Spartan’s looks, color palate as well as your Clan Tag but the load out option has been locked for the Beta. 343 has allowed players to change their button layout so if you don’t like the new default you can change it however you like to player the game. Halo 5: Guardians looks like it will uphold the legacy of the series iconic mulitplayer mode and maybe even take it a step further. The beta does has some visually hiccups and it does take a while to join in a match at times but when you join a game you stay inside the current match. Halo 5 Guardians looks like it is on the right path and now its up to 343 Industries to follow through and finish their work on the game the data that the gain in this session as well as feedback from the community then couple that with the massive single player the company has promised us Halo 5 might just be the FPS of the year for 2015. Check out our video impressions of the Multiplayer Beta below and keep it locked to RGN for all your Halo news.

Video Impressions

Unannounced Zombie Game’s Mysterious Teaser Campaign Begins….

unannounced game realgamernewz

Last night I received a really strange email stating the following:





Sent from my iPhone”

this image was attached:


unnanounced zombie game realgamernewz

We sent out our best men to figure out who in the RGN audience was in danger / needed help. Many people were accidently harmed during this process as we mainly travel by using the tank aimed backwards to fly through the sky like in that Grand Theft Auto III game when shit starts getting really wonky. Anyways, after much needless virtual death – we came home feeling like we just got pranked hard.

Then this video email came in….

More Info Coming Soon…..