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SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Maud

Maud Suicide

This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is Maud Suicide. Maud has varied tastes in video games and is a big online gamer as well. RGN sat down with Maud to talk about some of her favorites and what it’s like playing Call of Duty online as a SuicideGirl.

What made you chose the name Maud Suicide?

I chose the name Maud after several straight weeks of researching and constant name changes. I knew that I was going to channel more of a vintage vibe because I have a passion for the olden days. I think a lot has been lost throughout time and with the help of SG I have found something that supports my pin-up passion and love for the old classic beauty. So what I did was go through a book of names from 1930s-1950s so I could find exactly what I was looking for. After some process of elimination I came across the name Maud. Maud Suicide. It was perfect; I fell in love almost instantly. Just recently I was getting tattooed and the name Maud came up, a tattoo artist had named his dog Maud and told me why – Maud Wagner was considered the most tattooed lady / best female tattoo artist in the 1940s. She was famous for her American Traditional work and brought a whole new dimension of the art of tattooing. Which is possibly the most perfect unintentional thing ever and I’m ever so happy to carry on the name and the belief of traditional work.

Tell me about some of your tattoos.

I have seven tattoos in total but my favorites have to be my giant crawling panther on my side, my lady head that represents the spirit of my first car (1994 Dodge Shadow ES, rest easy), my rabbit hole (I am such a sucker for the universe), and my Great Great Grandpa’s self portrait. Most people think it’s either just a man, some celebrity that I admire too much, or my boyfriend, and he is AB-SO-LUTELY none of those things! He was an incredible artist and he meant something to my dad and my dad means a lot to me. I’m madly in love with all of my work but those four pieces in particular reach out to me.

I also have a letter on my shoulder blade, script below my collar bone, and a dagger with a rose through it. The letter represents my love for writing, I write letters for the people in my life everyone loves receiving a love letter everyone appreciates that gesture. So I decided to write letters to everyone and anyone. I pour my little heart and soul out onto paper and seal it up for those who deserve it most. The script is for my mom, she has the same exact tattoo on her wrist. On both my dad’s and mom’s side I have Native American Cherokee and we all have been through so much, so she got “Strength” in Cherokee Native American. I decided to get it for my mom.

I love my dagger too, it’s so classic and clean. I’m looking forward for way more to come!

Maud SuicideWhat was the very first tattoo you ever got?

My first tattoo was like the script but I don’t consider that my first real real tattoo. I got this lady head on my arm when I first turned 19 I believe. Dawn Cooke is the master in disguise here and I give her all credit for my amazing work. Shout out to Depot Town Tattoo for being top of the line! Their staff is incredibly talented and it’s a great experience.

When I got my lady head done I brought Dawn a photograph of my car and said “make something out of this.” Her name is Cherrie and she was the absolute best. She rusted out from underneath but looked stunning from the outside in. Love that car.

What are some of your all-time favorite video games?

Very good question! It’s always so hard to say because we’ve all played so many games but if I had to pick in any order would be Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock 2, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 ( I’m actually a die-hard L4D fan and prefer 1 over 2 but 2 has great online play), Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Gears of War 1-3, Grand theft Auto V, Tekken, Soul Calibur 4, and I am killer at Peggle. But that’s only some of my favs, and that’s just only for Xbox!

I have a PlayStation, GameCube, Xbox, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and a Game Boy Advance as well as an interest in computer games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, and my old internet game RuneScape. Most importantly, however, I play Sims. I spent so many hours on that game everyday. I had it completely mastered. I had all of the expansion packs for first generation, all of the expansion packs for second generation, then finally my Sims obsession died down. RuneScape was pretty intense for me too. I’d sit there for days trying to improve my magic or trying to make my online character look great.

I love Kingdom Hearts for PlayStation, it blows me away every time I play it. It’s so beautiful and the storyline draws me in more than anything. I used to play a lot of Tomb Raider and Max Payne back in the day on my PlayStation as well.

GameCube had me on Mario on the daily. I couldn’t stop playing Super Mario Sunshine for years. I’m so serious, YEARS. I was so determined to get all of the Shine Sprites but I cannot for the life of me find the last four! Also I beat Animal Crossing with flying colors.

Mario World 64 is fantastic. It’s always nostalgic to play nowadays.

I’m sorry if I am talking way too much about how awesome these games are! If you haven’t played any of these yet I recommend them all to you.

What games are you currently playing these days?

I’m currently playing GTA V, Red Dead, always and forever COD2, and L4D. I love video games so much I play one game for a little bit then switch, then switch again. They’re all so great. I want to find you all in the GTA V online world and do missions with you! Nothing is better than to come home, take off your pants, and play some video games. Almost therapeutic!

A Call of Duty fan eh? Do you ever rage when you die? C’mon be honest.

Oh god yeah, I’ve noticed that I rage the most online. I can’t help myself when someone has a kill streak and is taking out everyone. I find a way to trap them and make a comeback. Sometimes rage is a good thing. It almost takes out all the steam in me / frustrations I’ve had that day or week. I just get online, then rage. It really is a great feeling. Maud Suicide

What is the worst/best pickup line someone has ever used on you when playing a video game online?

Most of the time it’s just hard for them to grasp the concept that a girl is actually doing well in a match. I can start hearing them getting frustrated so I put my headphones on and tune in / respond. I think the most frequent line used would be “You’re a girl? You’re probably really fat” or “I bet you’re so ugly.” Mostly it’s, “You’re a giiiiirrl?” YES I’m a girl, clearly I’m a woman! Little do they know they’re having a conversation with not only a girl but a SuicideGirl.

Are people in real life ever surprised when they learn you’re a gamer?

Come to think of it yeah I suppose they are! But once they get me going, or if the conversation is brought up, I will tell them everything. I think being a gamer is great and I suggest my peers to become one if they can! It’s nice to just kick back and fly a helicopter in GTA V sometimes. I mean come on, who wouldn’t!

Would you ever consider getting a video game-related tattoo and if so what would it be?

Honestly I’ve never even considered it!  I don’t have anything in mind that would stand out to me/ be traditionally done. I think that it could very well be done but it’s not my cup of tea! HOWEVER, if i did have to choose it might be sweet to have a Red Dead Redemption sleeve or piece on the back. That would be so cool.

Your profile says you’re into UFO hunting? How did you get into doing that?

I am very pleased you brought this up. Aliens and UFOs are my favorite subject. I started “UFO hunting” about three years ago I’d say. I started seeing them more than hunting for them maybe a few times a year now. I love the sky, I love looking up at the sky, staring into the sky oh gosh and stargazing I love it all very much so I’m always looking up and observing what’s in my surroundings. Sometimes you’ll see something you’ve never seen before while other times you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

So… you’ve actually seen UFOs?

Four in total. I know they had to have been. I’ve had some very strange experiences. Once I was driving down 94 with my ultimate best friend and as I was talking about my UFO experiences I couldn’t believe my eyes what was in front of me I immediately pointed and said, “There’s one now!” There were three in a row and one kept blinking in and out randomly. Next morning my other ultimate best friend was listening to the radio then the subject of UFOs came about and they said “People all around Metro Detroit claim to have seen a UFO!” I wrote the news channel that did the story and told them I saw it too. That was just one experience. I swear I’m not from this planet sometimes.

Where can fans find more of you?




Maud Suicide

Killzown Interviews – Zeus Jupiter

Killzown Interviews - Zeus Jupiter

This week on Killzown Interviews I sit down with Saint Louis recording artist Zeus Jupiter and we talk about his upcoming untitled LP as well as his twelve year journey in the music industry. Zeus gives us the story about his relationship with LA artist Mack 10, his rise to fame as Ruka Puff and much more. If you or someone you know would like to be on a future episode of Killzown Interviews email me at but until then enjoy the show.

Killzown Interviews – Zeus Jupiter

Zeus Jupiter “Light It Up” ft JB Stone

RGN Interview: Call of Duty Star James C. Burns (AKA Sgt Frank Woods) Discusses New Film Coldwater + More

RGN Interviews James C Burns Sgt Woods

Welcome to RealGamerNewz and today we’d like to welcome a very special guest; Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 & 2 Star who played as Sgt Frank Woods, real name James C. Burns, on his new role in this summer’s hit film, Coldwater. And yes, I even got James to say a few words about the potential for a future of his work with Treyarch.

Currently #1 in France and hitting American theaters on August 15th, Coldwater made a big splash at SXSW and the Cannes Film Festival. You can check out the trailer for Coldwater on and to give a little background on the plot, Burns plays the role of an Ex-Marine Colonel who has set out to help a group of juvenile young folks to reform themselves by any means necessary. A real life boot camp if you will.

But this isn’t just your typical boot camp film. Another character named Brad is one of the teenagers forced into this reform training and has more on his mind than others may realize. While trying to do all of the right things, he just can’t seem to catch a break. Coldwater is produced by Flying Pig Productions and directed by Vincent Grashaw.

RGN Interview:

Coldwater Film Trailer:

Pre-Orders Now Available on iTunes

Coldwater RealGamerNewz Film Sgt Frank Woods

Arch City Gaming Company – Killzown Interviews

Archcitygaming (1)


Today on this edition of Killzown Interviews I got a chance to visit one of the coolest independently owned and operated video game stores in the Saint Louis Area, Arch City Gaming Company. I got the chance to talk with the owner Mike about his gaming background, the history of Arch City Gaming Company and more, as well as take a tour of the store. Check out the interview below and be sure to check back to RGN for more Killzown Interviews.

SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Prurient


This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Prurient. Prurient’s status as a lifelong gamer can never be questioned as she has several video game related tattoos including a pretty sweet one of Samus on her arm. I sat down with her to talk about tattoos, video games, anime, and how awesome it is to be a nerd.

How long have you been a gamer?

I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. If I had to actually place an age for when I started playing, I’d say when I was able to comprehend the functioning of a remote along with how to work it with a character/video game. So I’d say at least six or seven. When I first started, I used to play on a Nintendo 64. I would play WWF No Mercy with my family, and of course I’d always be one of the girls. I’d be Trish Stratus or Lita. Since then I’ve always dreamed of being a WWE Diva. My other favorites were Clay Fighters 63 1/3 and Mischief Makers. Once I got older I started playing the more classic games like Super Mario.

Do you still follow wrestling at all?

I actually just watched it recently after Wrestlemania 30 happened! The last time I watched it before then was when Kane and Lita had a thing and got married on the show. I miss Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero and my all-time favorites, The Hardy Boys and Sting. I watch it now and it’s so much is different! I must say though, the guys from “The Shield” are probably my new favorite part of the show. And the new WWE Women’s Champ, Paige, is a kick ass chick. I saw that she’s been in wrestling since she was 13! Respect!

So what are some of your favorite video games?

Oh my, I have so many favorite games. I already listed a few but some of my other favorite games are Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in particular but I got Silent Hill HD so I can play those again, Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Gears of War Series, Borderlands… I freaking LOVE Borderlands 1 and 2 and I’m thrilled for the prequel that’s being talked about, Tekken Tag Tournament, the Assassin’s Creed Series, the House of the Dead series, the Hunter the Reckoning series, and Mario Kart for both N64 and Wii.

I am also a huge fan of Just Dance. I own 1-4 and 2014. I still rock out on Guitar Hero all the time as well, but the only songs I’m really good at on expert are Parabola, Schism, and Vicarious by Tool. I may be just as avidly into music as I am into my games!

Prurient 4What are you playing right now?

I haven’t actually been playing too much lately since I haven’t purchased myself a new game in awhile. I’ve beaten every game that I own basically, but I’ve been playing Gears of War 3. It’s been hard to play since people spoiled the whole game for me and let me tell you without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t heard what happens… I am pissed and heartbroken.

Your profile says you’re also into anime, what is your favorite?

I first started reading manga before I got into anime. The first series I ever read was Peach Girl along with the Change of Heart series. But anime wise I LOVE Death Note. I know that it started as a manga series but I love being able to watch it. I actually watched the Peach Girl series on YouTube. That was interesting. A lot of people have told me about Neon Genesis Evangelion as well but I haven’t looked much into it yet. As a kid I also used to watch Sailor Moon English dubbed on Cartoon Network.

Tell me about some of your tattoos/piercings.

This is a good gamer question for me because a lot of my tattoos are based on some of the questions you’ve already asked! My whole left sleeve is gonna be filled with video game tattoos. My favorite tattoo is my Samus tattoo. Samus is such a freaking awesome female video game character and I love how in the beginning you have no idea she is even a female until you beat the game and she takes off her helmet. But just the whole aspect of her is awesome. She’s so bad ass. I fell in love with her all over again playing Corruption. I won this tattoo for free in a contest held by Kendall Orlando, who works out of a shop in Saint Clair Shores called Wonderland Tattoo.

I also have a Resident Evil tattoo that’s based off of the movies’ main character Alice. I also added a Licker from the games to the idea of my tattoo by making Alice part Licker. She has Licker feet and the long tongue that wraps around the Licker’s neck behind her. The Licker itself has his tongue wrapped around her arm. I had my friend Emily Daugherty draw me up the Alice idea and an artist named Darl Papple, from The Shop in Fowlerville (who I also won this tattoo from as well), drew me up the whole piece with the Licker added in the back and the tongue wrapped around. I had to give it a personal touch and add the kink factor into it. The name Prurient suits me well!


Prurient 2

I have lyrics down my left arm that say, “This is not the end this is my rebirth into something I can comprehend,” which are lyrics by my close friends in SycAmour who have recently been signed to Hopeless Records! And I have a Sailor Moon piece on my thigh which I did myself. I have a tattoo in memory of my dad on my back that my older sister and brother have as well as my cousin. I have Deftones lyrics from “Lucky You” on my inner right calf that I also did myself. I have a cat whisker tattoo on my finger. I have Letlive lyrics on my foot and lastly of my favorites, is my shoulder piece. It’s inspired by Maria Brink of In This Moment. She’s a total babe and I love stars so I just wanted something to represent that. Overall I have over twenty tattoos.

And piercings wise, I have quite a lot of those as well. I actually used to have a lot more. I have my navel, nipples, lobes (which used to be stretched to an inch but have shrunk down to 3/4 of an inch), a helix orbital in my top right part of my ear, labret, nostril and septum piercing. I used to have the “venom” piercing in my tongue which I do miss. I’ve actually had many other ones but those are what I still have now. I did pierce my nostril, nipples, and labret all on my own.

Have you ever dated a hardcore gamer before?

I can’t really say that I have. I think that I’ve been the bigger influence on guys towards video games than they have towards me. I mean all of my relationships did have video games involved in free time, but my current boyfriend is the biggest gamer I’ve dated. I get him into video games and he gets me into comics and everything Marvel and DC related. It’s awesome.

A lot of guys wish they could get their girlfriend into playing video games with them. As a girl gamer yourself, do you have any advice for guys looking to do that?

To be quite honest, I don’t think you could make a girl who doesn’t play video games actually play them. It’s kinda like being born with it. I do play some games with my older and younger sisters and try to get my girl friends to play with me but the coordination of a remote and just keeping up with the game isn’t easy to teach someone who hasn’t done it before. But if you want to try, and I hope you can succeed fellas, the key is to warm her up with a game fitting her style. I mean if you really wanna make her feel special go buy her Lollipop Chainsaw and let her just destroy some stuff. I honestly had quite a fun time playing a game with such a provocative female character. I liked that it was kind of funny and not so serious.

I wouldn’t start her off playing multiplayer with you on Call of Duty or Halo, that’s for sure. I mean I personally wouldn’t object to a co-op game of Halo, but I’ve been doing this for awhile. Maybe take her to the store and get her a game. Maybe she might like a Wii game or something more pPrurient 5hysically interactive. But definitely as a first step, take her to a game store and see what would fit her style of gaming or personality best, and just keep going from there!

If you could create your own video game, what type of game would it be? What kind of story would it have?

Good question, and I must say it’s not one I’d ever thought about. I know it would have equal male and female roles, because I hate playing as male characters all the time, but I’m happy with the diversity you see nowadays with female characters in games. I think I’d kind of want a girl version of God of War. I don’t really know what I’d have the story be in detail, but something along those lines would be killer in my opinion!

Have there ever been any instances in which you felt embarrassed by your nerdiness?

NEVER! I love that I wear a cat kigurumi around and play video games in it. I love talking to people about games and science fiction. I love getting super geeked on anything new that has to involve video games whether it be sequels or new systems or new games… OR NEW MOVIES that are being planned like the new Assassins Creed movie! Video games, “nerdiness,” and just being my own person has been my whole life. I love reading books and falling into another world and video games do that for me on a visual and more interactive level. It’s soothing, its fun, and it connects me with people. Whether those people are my family and friends or people I don’t even know but then become cool with just because we both love video games. Games bring excitement and adventuring into other worlds into my life, and I would never and will never be embarrassed of something so awesome.

Where can fans find more of you?





Prurient 3

Tangentlemen Interview


Last month at GDC it was announced that multiple AAA developers were jumping ship and joining an indie company named Tangentlemen. I wrote an article about the interview with Cory Davis and decided to each out to the team myself. Well, they responded to my questions and overall I really enjoyed talking to them. Here is the interview:

1. To new people trying to get in the industry do you have any advice? Also skip over AAA and go
to indie or try AAA first?


Well, obviously we all came from from a AAA background, and it definitely gives you a solid understanding of how the different pieces of game development fit together, and the importance of deadlines, but it’s tough to get into. Anyone can start developing with the tools out there now, so Indie development is a great start point.


You’ve got to start creating, and meeting the right people (other talented game developers) as soon as you possibly can. I think getting involved with an indie project, or helping out with a mod is the best way to prove yourself. If you’re able to have any form of success with the projects you get involved with, then you have a foothold. At that point, you can use your foothold to open the door to a number of different opportunities.


I think it depends on what kind of work you want to do, AAA tend to develop specialists, whereas in. Indie you do a little bit of everything. We’re really lucky that we have a broad range of interests, so we’re. comfortable throwing ourselves into new territory.


Say yes. That first job is always the hardest. Take any opportunity in so you can learn but then be careful what you are good at. While you are looking for work seek out similar people and try to start a project or help on their project they are equally valuable. Nothing resonates like working on something. All successful development requires people good at integration. Working on a group project and being able to reference that experience is key. Look at others portfolios. This IS a competition and you are compared to others. Make sure your materials look good.

2. You guys are just getting started and maybe down the road I will be able to ask this question
again, but so far, other than your Garoffice, what are you enjoying about the indie atmosphere?


I love being able to bring my guitar in to work. I’ve been experimenting with some sounds that I think would be really good for our project, so it’s been great to just play my ideas out and see what fits. I also have a badass view of an ancient cactus.


Impending victory born from the fires of destiny.


You get to set your own culture. making a company from the ground up is a big challenge but a lot of fun.

3. How did your families react? I mean essentially you guys had reached what can be considered
the top of the gaming industry and to the normal person indie development can be seen as a downgrade.


Everyone’s been really supportive so far. My wife is also starting her own company at the same time, so it’s been a bit of a challenge, we’re both really understanding, but at the same time, we need to able to change plans on a dime to help take care of the kids.


Julie has been telling me to go Indie for years, so she’s been super excited! When you’re working in AAA there’s just so many things that are outside of your control. Things like release date, marketing material, schedule, and other important factors that contribute to the overall success of the game. We’re really looking forward to having more input in those areas.


Mostly my dad gives me his opinion on how it was ok for Activision to screw over Infinity Ward.


Eden was just really excited we’d be cleaning out the garage.

1. In an interview during GDC Davis talked a little bit about Kickstarter. Have you guys dived deeper to the conversation about funding? If so is Kickstarter still considered a viable option?


We’re looking into all possible avenues for funding right now. Kickstarter has absolutely been a viable option for a lot of game projects recently, and it’s something we’re looking at very closely, however there are a lot of other options out there as well, we don’t want to rule anything out just yet.


There have been some really successful Kickstarters in the last several months. Having the opportunity to interact directly to the gamers and retain ownership of your game is a really exciting
prospect. We’re still trying to figure out where we fit best.

2. So, what’s with the name? Why Tangentlemen? Is there any significance behind it or is it just a cool, untaken, interesting name?


So we were all in the car together, and Cory made this offhanded joke about Tangentlemen as a potential name for a studio. We all laughed and thought it was funny, but for the life of me I can’t remember the joke. What I do remember is that it captures some of the juxtapositions we’re trying to achieve.


We’re not the youngest guys to go Indie. Most of us have kids, and we’re bringing decades of experience to the project. The name has a sense of refinement, an appreciation for really bad puns, and just a hint of the unknown.


I think it helps chart out the direction we want to take with our games. we want to create meaningful, unimaginable interactive experiences. It also has a myriad of meanings most of which are entirely misleading… just like the answers to life’s important questions.

3. How have you guys been prioritizing your project(s)? Meaning are you prioritizing enjoyment,
longevity, or beauty?


Right now we have one project, I can’t say much about it yet, but I can tell you that it’s coming from a very personal place for me. We started by kind of verbally exploring some of the themes we wanted to explore with our next project, and a lot of us were mentioning the same ideas. We don’t want to make a game that’s pure ego trip, we want to make something that challenges the way our players think. I guess you could say we’re prioritizing theme.


I’ve really enjoyed speaking with the team and look forward to their game’s announcements. I wish them the best of luck and really hope they are having a great time in their Garroffice. For those of you who do not know, they are currently working out of a garage. So, for fun sake I just called it their Garoffice. Anyway, I’m sure Tangentlemen has a great future ahead of them and I really wish them the best. Most of their developers made my childhood and everyone I got to speak to were very nice.



RGN Interview with Yvonna Lynn (Gamer, President of Charisma+2)

RGN Interview - Yvonna Lynn 23

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Yvonna Lynn. She is the President of Charisma+2  a modeling company that focuses on providing talent who are deeply entrenched in gaming and play all of the latest releases as well as specialized niche shooters and other games. She is also an avid gamer as well. But that’s just part of what Yvonna does, and she introduces herself further in the beginning of this video chat between herself and me (Josh Ehresmann, Public Relations Editor at RealGamerNewz).

During the following interview me and Yvonna casually brought up gaming issues as they came along. She also leaked several pieces of news in our interview of good length that gamers won’t want to miss out on, so be sure to listen to the entire show. If you have any further questions for Yvonna or myself, feel free to drop a comment on YouTube or RGN (or wherever else you might be reading this) and I’ll do my best to get back to you in future shows.

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SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Linx


This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Linx. Linx has been playing video games since an earlier age than probably anybody else you know and nowadays works at GameStop. She is also a huge Resident Evil fan. Linx recently sat down with RealGamerNewz to talk about everything video games.

Why did you choose the username Linx?

I chose Linx because it is the alias I use a lot when roleplaying online and I also ended up naming my daughter that. Someone on the site already had part of it in their name so I started thinking about my last name and ended up having a list of choices between Lynx, Lynux, and Linx. I guess what the deciding factor in it all was I started signing stuff and found which one was easier to sign and which one I liked better when I signed it.

When did you first start playing video games?

I would have to say I started playing games as early as two years old. My parents would hand me the gun to the NES and leave the game Duck Hunt on the main menu and I thought I was playing it! I grew up playing NES and Super Nintendo then moved on to the PlayStation family. My dad and I would sit up all night and play together or I would make a pillow fort on the couch and watch him play. I really got into gaming though when I was a preteen and older. I would go to a friend’s house with my PS2 in tow and we would spend all night trying to beat a game. Even now I kinda have my daughter into playing games because she will walk around with a nerf gun and yell “die, die!” Haha. I think she has watched me play Resident Evil way too much.

What are some of your all-time favorite games?

Hmm some of my all time favorites… well I guess I can start with my obsession with the Resident Evil series. I love those games! It all started when Resident Evil 2 came out on the original PlayStation and my dad was playing it. I even had a lil’ crush on Leon for the longest time, hahaha. I own Code Veronica through RE6 on my Xbox 360 and plan on trying to get one of every one there is. I also plan on getting the Umbrella logo tattooed behind my ear. If I had to pick between which one was my favorite I would have to say it’s a toss up between 5 and 6. I love the over the shoulder style and the fact they brought back my favorite characters from when I was a kid.

My second all-time favorite game would be The Last of Us. I just loved the story and the gameplay, plus the scenery was amazing too. I can’t wait until they do more with it. My other favorite games would be a toss up between the Devil May Cry series, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and the Jak and Daxter series. Honestly I have too many favorite games to really choose just one of these. I grew up playing Crash, Spyro, and Jak and Daxter so those are just a given when it comes to the classics and great games with good stories. I think I loved the Devil May Cry series so much because the stories were unique and the main character, Dante, was hot and a smart ass. I was kind of obsessed with this series for awhile and named my chinchilla Dante after it. If I had the time and money I would defiantly cosplay Clair or Jill from Resident Evil, and possibly Lady from DMC.

linx4Playing anything currently?

I am playing Call of Duty: Ghost right now, mostly Gun Game on multiplayer online. My PSN is fallenangellinx. Look for me I may just play with ya sometime! Honestly I have started so many games that I really need to finish them. The list includes for PS3: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Dishonored: GOTY, Infamous one and two, and on Xbox 360: Deadspace, L.A. Noire, American McGee’s Alice, and going back over Resident Evil 5 and 6 to completely beat them.

So if 5 & 6 are your favorites, which Resident Evil game do you think is the worst in the series?

That’s really a easy question I absolutely HATED Operation Raccoon City. I am not the best at FPS games and so you mix that with bad A.I. and no online play (I didn’t have internet at the time) it was a really crappy game. I tell people who buy it when I’m at work at GameStop that it’s basically Call of Duty but with Resident Evil people.

Do you get some cool video game related perks for working at GameStop? I have heard of some people getting to keep old promotional items after they are no longer useful. Have you ever gotten anything like that?

Working at GameStop gets me a discount which I have bought a couple gaming shirts with and my boss gave me a CoD: Ghost shirt that no one other than who was at conference will have. I’ve also gotten to take home posters too. I have a 3D Devil May Cry poster from the newest one in my closet. Although you would think a pretty girl at a gaming store would get hit on a lot, it doesn’t happen much until I open my mouth and spout off stuff about Resident Evil or a few games I’m obsessed with. I am proud of my Resident Evil, 5 it is the closest I’ve gotten to completely beating a game.

CoD: Ghost actually received some pretty bad review scores and wasn’t received well by fans either. What do you think of the game so far?

Well I am not a Call of Duty fan in general other than the zombies on Black Ops, but I like it as something to play and yell at the screen haha. As far as a story I didn’t really get to see it much since my boyfriend played it whenever I wasn’t. But all in all aliens don’t beat out Nazi zombies ever.

Which would you rather own a PS4 or an Xbox One?Linx

Ugh the infamous question I get asked everyday at work haha. I honestly don’t know. I like both systems as upgrades from the older ones and the graphics are equally awesome looking, but it’s a toss up really. If I wanted to not spend a lot of money I would get the PS4. If I had the money, I’d buy the Xbox One. Either way though, the games I want, like Dying Light, are already coming out on the older systems which I have both. If it depended on games, the only game for the One so far that I want is Dead Rising 3. I have both of the other ones and the Zombrex Edition of two. I’m leaning more towards the PS4 though because of Infamous: Second Son and anything that may come out for The Last of Us, Plus it’s cheaper and I’m very bad with money hahaha.

What’s the one game that you have spent the most amount of time playing?

Well other than The Sims which is a given because who doesn’t lose their lives to that game haha. Other than that though I would have to say Resident Evil 5 or probably the Jak and Daxter series. I would spend hours and hours trying to get every lil’ thing I could on those games. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my games. I have every achievement besides the multiplayer and DLC ones, and the professional difficulty one on Resident Evil 5. I’m a revil through and through. It’s sad haha.

Getting all the non-multiplayer/DLC achievements is still really impressive. What have you gotten your gamerscore up to so far?

My gamerscore on Xbox is up to 22,486.

What are some things that you like to do for fun outside of video games?

Aside from working and being a full time mom to my beautiful 18 month old girl, I read a lot of books and play with the newest edition to my family Miss Hariot the cat. I know it’s a boring life but I love it because there is nothing better than coming home and having a lil’ girl come and wanna sit on your lap and talk gibberish to you. She will come and sit next to me while I’m gaming or reading and bring her own lil’ book, it’s too cute. That and she loves to cuddle with the kitty on the floor. She loves animals just as much as I do and I think I will have to take her to shelters like I do and socialize the animals when she gets older.

 Where can fans find more of you?


Instagram:  linx_jesse

Vampires VS Humans In Nosgoth [Pax East 2014 Developer Interview + Hands On Demo] [HD]


DJ Killzown Jones interviewed Corey and Gregory from Psyonix Studios last week during Pax East for their upcoming free-to-play multiplayer action game with Square Enix entitled “Nosgoth”. The game is currently in closed beta and players who would like to take part in the War of Vampires Vs Humans can do so by visiting to sign up for a Beta Key or by becoming Nosgoth Founder today. Check out the interview below and be on the look for Nosgoth when the full game launches on PC later this year.

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Pax East 2014 Developer Walkthrough

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