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Suicide Girl Gamer of the Week: Gadgette


This week’s Suicide Girl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Gadgette. I sat down with her to talk about her favorite video games and how she got into modeling nekkid.

What made you choose the name “Gadgette”?

Well, when I awoke one morning to a magnifying glass dangling out of my noggin’ I knew it was time for a change. This was confirmed when my two puppies Gizmo & Gromet suddenly had acquired new red talking collars (plus the three went together – the name was for the critter I never had).

Do you happen to be an Inspector by any chance?

But of course. I am an (un)official employee to ensure that (un)official regulations are obeyed, in all things regarding boobs and beards. It’s quite a serious matter really, you’d be shocked to know the mayhem that regards facial hair and sweater kittens. Utter chaos, I tell you.

What are some of your favorite video games?

Ah! Down to the goods. Let’s see…I’m in love with all of the Fallout series, with New Vegas probably being my favorite of the bunch. I have a knack for detail, and prefer an adventurous open-world to a monotonous combat game any day. I recently discovered Skyrim (where have I been?!), which is essentially Fallout’s medieval older brother, so obviously that’s on my top ten as well. Army of Two, Splinter Cell, Saints Row, and Hitman are all series’s I’m a fan of, and this last Tomb Raider was killer! I’m still searching for my “ultimate” horror game, but for now Alan Wake will have to do.

GadgetteAlan Wake is a really underrated game. Did you ever play the XBLA title they made, American Nightmare?

Is it really? Ha, it’s one of my favorites! You know I heard about the LIVE Arcade game they made last year, but have yet to download it. A couple buddies of mine said it was pretty challenging, although I must admit now I’m itching to check it out.

You mentioned you are into the Fallout games. Do you go evil, or do you fight for good?

Aha! Despite being known for my signature smirk and mischievous look in the modeling world, I actually played 100% good for the entire trilogy! Although, after playing Skyrim with the Pickpocket perk at 100 and seeing a noticeable difference in loot, I’ve been wanting to play through New Vegas as a stealthy trouble maker. I love those kind of games, they’re like the “Choose Your Adventures” books when we were kids, you never run out of stories!

Are you more of a guns-blazing or stealth play style type gamer?

It depends on the game! Although, in general, I’d have to say I like to try to stay stealthy (silence is a monster, after all). I’d much rather make a run through Hitman or Splinter Cell without any kills, than go through murking the field.

What made you decide to get into nude modeling?

Well, I’ve been doing promotional modeling for roughly six years, and have turned my attention fully to modeling just this year.  A photographer posted a casting call for an artistic nude shoot, and I figured “Hey, I love modeling, I love being naked, so why not?” After my first shoot, I knew it was for me. That, and this way my exes don’t get any satisfaction of posting naked photos of me on the internet, hahaha.

Do you ever play video games naked?

I try to do most things naked, with the exception of cooking bacon and going to the bank.

What does it mean to be a “Hopeful”?

To me, or in general? I’ll answer both. The literal definition of being a Suicide Girls Hopeful is to be a model with a set in Member Review, awaiting to go “Pink” (AKA have their set bought) to become an official SG. To me, it’s been an amazing and creative experience; I love the networking platform that SG provides and I’ve really met some awesome people through the modeling site. Suicide Girls really is like one large family, and it’s lovely to be welcomed into such a unique group of folks.

GadgetteSo how long have you been playing video games?

Since my tiny little paws could punch the buttons on the grey slim plastic brick that was the first NES controller. And that orange gun. Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros were definitely my first games.

Favorite console?

I got started out on the original NES, so I definitely have to show it some love. Out of current material, I’d have to go for the Xbox 360 (soon to be Xbox One!). I think it has the best graphics.

What are some upcoming games that you are really looking forward to getting?

Just like the rest of the world, I can’t wait to slide into GTA5! Also alongside the rest of the globe, I always wanted to be a pirate so you know once the next gen consoles come out I’m going to be snagging AC4 Black Flag! Admittedly, I’m just a *wee bit* curious about the South Park RPG too.

If you could hang out with a video game character for a day, who would it be? Where would you two go? What would you do?

What a question! Hands down, Lara Croft. I mean, lezbehonest…girl’s got a BODY on her, and you know she’s down to adventure the world. (Can you say BFF?) I’d take her to Vegas and we would put The Hangover crew to shame. I’m going to make my dreams a reality, and you’ll know when it happens too, because as everyone knows, what happens in Vegas….ends up all over Instagram.

Where can fans find more of you?




Twitter: @gogadgettego

Gadgette 1553006Gadgette


Killzown Interviews #1 – Tre Casanova


Originally posted on

In this re-launch episode of “Killzown Interviews” I sit down with my friend Tramel aka Tre Casanova. I’ve known Tre since he first began making music. When he first started I thought he was doing it for fame as well as women but I now see he is true to his art. The quality of Tre’s music has increased over time as well as his passion to claim his spot in the Hip-Hop game . Tre and I talk about his life, music and what he plans to give his fans on his next EP.

Follow Tre on Twitter @OBEYCasanova then follow his Soundcloud here.

Check out his new single “Join the Team” featuring Epic Haynes off Target Practice Mixtapes Vol.9 below.

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SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Ryker Suicide

Ryker Suicide

The SuicideGirls are a group of alternate nude models perhaps best known for their tattoos and piercings. There are literally thousands of SuicideGirls and many of them are also pretty big gamers. The SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week this week is Ryker Suicide. Like many of us, Ryker has been playing video games ever since she was little. I sat down to talk with her about some of her favorite nerdy things.

What made you choose the nickname “Ryker”?

This is going to make me sound like a crazy cat lady, haha, but Ryker was the name of my cat that I had as a child. He passed away when I was 19 right after I moved into my first apartment. According to the vet, he died of a broken heart. It was really sudden, and he was only 12. I thought it would be a nice way to honor him, he was my baby boy!

What are some of your favorite video games of all-time?

Oh god so many. Sonic 2 (Sega), Mario Party (N64), Goldeneye (N64), Batman (NES), Bart’s Nightmare (Sega), Zelda: Ocarina of time (N64), and Kingdom Hearts (PS2) are probably my absolute favorites.

When did you first start gaming?

I have been playing video games as long as I can remember. My older brother and I used to play a lot of Atari when I was a wee little one. He taught me how to play computer games too, Duke Nukem and Beavis and Butthead games. NES was my personal first system that wasn’t my older brother’s. I was probably six or seven years old when I got it.

What are you currently playing at the moment?

Right now I am playing the Kingdom Hearts games again since they announced KH3 at E3. I am nearly finished with the first. I also play my Sega almost every day. Today I played Sonic and Knuckles, yesterday it was Virtual Bart.

Are there any Disney or Final Fantasy characters that haven’t been in the previous Kingdom Hearts games that you would like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3?

If you only knew how much thought I’ve put into this over the years! I am such a Disney nut. I would really like to see a Toy Story world. I mean, it’s such a classic, it blows my mind it hasn’t been implemented yet! I’d also really enjoy worlds for Finding Nemo, Brave, Robin Hood, Sword in the Stone (I know they include Merlin, but a full world could be pretty rad with the wizard duels and changing into animals), or the Rescuers. I even think Duck Tails could work! Remember the movie with the genie and the giant ice cream sundaes?! Come on, that would be so fun.

So I saw on your profile you also are into Magic: The Gathering? I gotta admit, I’m kind of surprised by that.

Ah you’re not the first person who has been surprised to hear…which makes me laugh a bit. A lot of cute girls I know dig Magic! I didn’t get into it until a few years ago and I am still working on my deck collections. I think my elf deck is my favorite. It’s always so underestimated and you can really deal some damage! I am going to be sad when we move, I will have to find new friends to have tournaments with!

Ryker SuicideA lot of girls don’t like nerds or gamers to begin with but as a girl gamer, you are obviously more accepting of gaming as a hobby in a significant other. That being said, what are the biggest turn offs to you when it comes to gamers?

I don’t like gaming snobs. I love to game, but I’m not so serious to the point where I feel like I need to judge people based on their abilities or interests in certain games. I generally just enjoy playing, especially with other people, and having a good time. I’m a big shit talker for certain games and I get really into playing against people so I probably turn people off more than get turned off myself, haha. My fiancée hates playing anything with me.  I really can be an a-hole to play with!

Has anybody ever questioned your “nerd credentials” because you are a girl?

Oh yeah all the time.  I have been a nerd since I was a kid, anyone who really knows me knows this.  But you know, I was a cheerleader in high school, homecoming princess, whatever… so there are a lot of a-holes out there that (ironically enough) really had trouble placing me outside of that stereotype. To this day, d-bags still question me. I had this guy as a bar guest one night quiz me on Harry Potter and Magic: The Gathering. Really, dude? I have Lord Voldemort and Lord Vader tattooed on my feet. I will end you! Hot girls can be nerds too, man.

If the Suicide Girls made their own video game, what type of game do you think it would be?

Oh man, a Suicide Girls game would be so cool! I think something like the Sims: Suicide Girls could be something that would be relatively easy to build and explore. Or a racing game! Think Sugar Rush (Wreck it Ralph) but with SGs! Oh! Wreck it Ralph! That would be another cool Kingdom Hearts world! Someone once compared us to Pokémon in a thread on a message board somewhere with the phrase “gotta catch ’em all.” A lot of us got a little peeved, so I think as long as they avoid that – pretty much any game would be cool.

What made you first become interested in becoming a professional model?

I’ve been modeling since I was a kid.  I started with runway shows for department stores, then commercials, then I started doing hair modeling (which was really fun!)  It sort of just continued from there. SuicideGirls is my favorite thing I have ever done, though.  Aside from really enjoying the style of alternative pin up modeling, the community is just incredible and I have a family of sisters I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. It is kind of like being a member of a really, really, bad ass sorority!

You had a new set go up on the site a few months ago called “Game Day.” Prior to peeling it off about a quarter of the way through, you’re wearing a Miles Austin jersey. You live in Maryland, but are a Cowboys fan? How’d that happen?

If I had a quarter for every time someone asked me this, I would have a lot of quarters, haha! It actually kind of was the first rebellious decision I ever made.  My dad is a huge Redskins fan. Every year for Thanksgiving he would have me sit on his knee for the game on an important play, convinced I was his good luck charm. One year, when I was about six or seven years old, he kept interrupting me while I was trying to organize a play to put on with my cousin to come watch the game with him. Finally, I got so annoyed that I decided to root for the Cowboys. It just kind of stuck. It’s really funny too, because anyone who knows me knows how close I am to my father and he is probably the one person I never really rebelled against growing up. It was just this one thing – he still hasn’t really gotten over it either! At least I have been loyal, haha. God knows it hasn’t been easy… I am hoping this season is better. Though I really think we just need to get rid of Jason Garrett and get a coach a little more like Bill Parcels. These “nice guy” coaches aren’t getting us anywhere.

So who would you say is your favorite Cowboys player of all-time?

Well, Troy Aikman was my biggest crush growing up. I adored him. Did all of my biographies in elementary school on him. I even dressed up as him for Halloween one year. So he is technically my favorite, but there is no doubt that Emmitt Smith was probably one of the most exciting players to watch of all time.

Ryker Suicide

What about current? Keep in mind that if you say Tony Romo I will have to end the interview.

Hahaha! Aw. Poor Tony. You know, he catches a lot of grief for things that are beyond his control. We almost always have such big holes in our offensive line. It isn’t always his fault. But this is the last season I stick up for him, seriously. Either get it together or get a replacement. He is so good on paper, one of the best in the NFL. Just can’t ever seem to accomplish anything of relevance!

I really, REALLY love Damarcus Ware. Aside from the fact he is a f***ing (can I say that?) BEAST of a man, he is such a good guy! Always involved in charities, he works a lot with kids, and he is just a sweetheart. I really want a hug from that guy, haha. I am also excited to see what DeMarco Murray can do this year. Last year he just sort of exploded onto the field and then got injured. I was seriously online looking up a Murray jersey just before his injury. So, if he can continue with what he started last year, you will definitely find me sporting some new cowboys swag!

You probably get this question all the time also but I’ll ask anyway. When did you get your first tattoo?

I was 17! It was the shamrock on my left shoulder (just the shamrock at the time). My ex-boyfriend was an apprentice at a local shop, and I used to hang out all the time there. It was just before my birthday and they decided to don me with my first tattoo. The really cool thing about it, though, is my younger brother had the same tattoo traced off of my shoulder and placed onto his for his 18th birthday/first tattoo. Since then, he has gotten the same tattoo also in two other places. He was getting ready to go to Ireland and I guess wanted his shamrocks to be visible hahaha. He is just as much of a dork as I am, I love it.

Outside of gaming, what are some of your other hobbies?

I really love to cook. I actually recently dropped out of my psychology program to get myself enrolled in culinary school. I’m not sure if that counts as a hobby or not? But my favorite time of the day is pouring a glass of wine, turning on some Mozart and just getting down in the kitchen. I also read a lot of fantasy fiction; right now I am completely absorbed in the Sword of Truth series. I keep Googling the phrase “Showtime picks up Sword of Truth” in hopes that one day I will find that a real TV series will come out of it, and not just that nonsense ABC tried to do awhile back. I also really love needlepoint and puzzles. I almost always have at least one project going on.

Where can fans find more of you?




Twitter: @RykerSuicide

Ryker Suicide

RealGamerNewz Interviews Alex Hinkley: Are AAA Publishers Scared of Free Speech? Censorship Exposed

Censorship in the Game Industry

In the following article, myself (Editor-In-Chief of took the time to interview with Alex Hinkley who you may all remember authored a huge piece on the AAA industry’s failure to budget games correctly leading to massive losses and the shut down of many companies in the past few years alone (consequently leading to the losses of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the video games industry). This article ended up getting him fired and exposed a massive amount of censorship that exists in the video games industry today as AAA publishers are scared of free speech and try to use pressure (and in some cases their bank) to get writers hushed up. Here at RealGamerNewz we are not subject to that, so here is an interview exposing some of the more deep thoughts of the author which you likely will not find anywhere else. Enjoy.

Jon: Did you have any idea that the article might get you in trouble when you were writing it?

Alex: Well obviously when one is writing an article criticizing overspending in an industry, you naturally expect that the people you’re criticizing aren’t going to take it very well. As for trouble from Examiner though, I never thought there would be a problem. I had been writing for Examiner for over four years at that point. I had published nearly two thousand articles across three separate columns and my work had received almost six million views. I would have expected that after dedicating so much time and effort to Examiner that they would have at least given me some forewarning if there was a problem with my work. What’s funny is that the week before getting fired, they had just “promoted” me to the A-list review team and praised me for what great work I had been doing.

Jon: How did you learn you had been fired?

Alex: At first I had no idea I had actually been fired. My access to the site dashboard simply went away on the night of June 28th without any notification from anybody. This was three days after I published the article mind you, so I didn’t suspect a connection. It is also worth mentioning that all of my numbers were cited from trusted, verifiable sources so nothing I wrote was factually inaccurate. I had no reason to suspect I had been fired for writing an article that was reporting on-record facts.

I emailed several content mangers to ask what was going on but nobody replied until the next morning. Then I got an email from the managing games editor named Steve Ruygrok that they had decided to let me go because of the article. He said he wasn’t going to debate the content of the article but that “major developers, publishers, and public relations people” had complained to them about it and they did not want my article to damage their already fragile relationships in the industry among other writers on the site. So basically it wasn’t the content that got me fired – it was solely due to the fact they thought it threatened their future ability to obtain free games.

What makes it even more baffling is that a majority of readers actually liked and agreed with the article. It had 9,000 Facebook likes on it by the time it was taken down. A “rebuttal” article that was written by a game developer had less than 1,000 likes. Have you ever heard of being fired for writing an article that 90% of people who read it agreed with? It was simply a very vocal minority, comprised almost exclusively of game developers and other industry professionals, that made it seem worse than it was by repeatedly insulting me in the comments and on Twitter.

Ruygrok wrote in his email that he wished there was some other way to handle this but that they were left with no choice. Really? How about instead of firing me, simply take the article down and explain why it had to be removed. Or better yet, why not simply task one of the other writers on the site with penning a counter article to mine? No other choice? C’mon there are two better choices right off the top of my head.

Jon: Do you feel like the video game industry rewards censorship and punishes freedom of speech?

Alex: Yes I think the answer to that one is obvious since gaming industry professionals got me fired because they didn’t like my opinion. Trying to shut up a journalist because you don’t like what he said is not the proper response and the fact Examiner capitulated to their wishes goes to show the sorry state of affairs that game “journalism” is in today. The game industry has a history of this. Jeff Gerstmann being fired from GameSpot for a negative review and Rab Florence leaving Eurogamer after they edited an article he wrote about PR and journalists being too cozy are just a few examples.

Examiner, at least the gaming division, has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the video game industry. How can the information you read on that site be trusted as the writer’s honest opinion when people like myself get fired if someone complains? Most of the top people in the gaming division at Examiner have next to no qualifications so they will do whatever it takes to further their career. Take the games editor, Steve Ruygrok, for example. According to his profile on linkedin, he went to college for a degree in sports management. I’m not one to judge education since I also have an off-topic degree (a Bachelor’s in Criminology to be exact) but he’s never worked in the gaming industry whatsoever. He’s never been a journalist. Prior to becoming a writer at Examiner, he worked as a sales intern. He had only been with Examiner for a little over a year before he became a content manager and the managing games editor.

As previously mentioned, I had been writing with Examiner for four years. I have been running the most successful play-by-post RPG online for thirteen years (it’s also free to play, mind you). I have also been published in the Software Developer’s Journal and have published a book on game design and RPG mechanics. Why wasn’t I the managing games director?

The answer to that is Ruygrok does what the industry wants him to. He’s a puppet. I am not. He writes to make industry professionals and the higher ups at Examiner happy, I write to inform gamers. The latter is frowned upon and the former is rewarded. Is that really how things should work?

Jon: Do you think video game publishers bribe big sites too much by allowing even authors who aren’t writing a review to receive free copies of games while other sites have to beg just to get 1 copy?

Alex: Yes review copies and exclusives are definitely a form of bribery. Examiner pretty much admitted as much when they fired me and said it was because they didn’t want to hurt relationships in the industry. That means they didn’t want to stop getting free stuff. Too many “journalists” today temper their opinions because they want to keep getting free things and feel like an “insider.” If you write a scathing review of Black Ops 2 and say it is the worst game you have ever played, Activision probably isn’t going to send you a free copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts regardless of whether or not your opinion was honest and backed up by valid reasons.

I encountered this earlier this year during an interview with the CEO of Sledgehammer Games. I was asking him about the upcoming Call of Duty game. He answered all of my questions because he is a great guy but then a public relations rep swooped in and told me I couldn’t publish anything he said because they had to control exactly which publications get that information first. Not cool.

And that is why game journalists aren’t honest. They just want to become that publication. The gaming industry is small and everybody knows each other. It’s like an exclusive clique of people who are all friends and you really want to be in that clique so you’ll do or say anything that will make them accept you as one of their own. I got that out of my system in high school.

Jon: Would the video game industry be selling as many AAA games if people were allowed to score them as they really feel rather than with the weight of publisher relationships in mind?

Alex: I think game reviews do affect sales because casuals often rely upon them to determine whether or not to buy a game. Unlike hardcore gamers that know about every game coming out and are up on the latest news and previews, casual gamers don’t dedicate as much time to the hobby so they simply see if a game scored well or not and base their decision off that. That’s why publishers and developers care so much about review scores. It’s not just to boost their own ego but because it really does affect sales. I’m sure that Call of Duty wouldn’t be selling so many copies each year if reviewers actually wrote honest opinions about it (Black Ops 2 sucks).

Jon: Do you really believe Examiner reads through every article before approving them, or do you think they just say that?

Alex: Yes there is a staff team that supposedly reviews every article after publication. For a while they even had a scoring system where all the articles got a certain number of points based on some editing criteria so I have no reason to think that Examiner is lying about this policy. In fact, I had an article taken down in the past because they thought the wording was too similar to the wording of a press release (it was a list of patch notes so I don’t know what they were expecting). That article got taken down within ten minutes of publication. If they were able to catch that one within ten minutes, I have a hard time believing that the staff team wouldn’t have taken down this article prior to the backlash if they personally had a problem with it. I published it on June 25th. There weren’t problems until late at night on June 28th. Obviously Examiner did not find the content objectionable.

Jon: Did you receive any unexpected support from employees or ex-employees of the AAA video games industry? What did these folks tell you about their experience in the biz?

Alex: I did get some support from indie developers who agreed with my conclusions. One funny thing to mention is that a prominent developer from Visceral tried to tell me that indie gaming was dying when it is in fact the complete opposite. A source at Sony confirmed that they have signed on more indie developers for the upcoming year than they ever have before. So either the guy at Visceral was horribly misinformed or was just flat out lying.

Jon: Ever since your article and subsequent interviews, RealGamerNewz has heard a lot of major publishers’ and developers’ employees expressing their belief that huge budgets lack creativity. This is even being reflected in public now by people like Jade from Ubisoft. Do you think they are just jumping on the bandwagon, or do you believe a change is coming to the industry next-gen focusing more on art and less on money?

Alex: Well I hope that it is indicative of a coming change to the industry since it is obvious the current model won’t work for much longer. Even game developers recognize that but they try to pin the blame on gamers saying we don’t spend enough money. Cliff Bleszinski made a tweet saying the “numbers just don’t work” when talking about used games. Guys like him think used games kill sales and thus kill the industry. Yet he drives a Lamborghini. That was the entire point of the article. Gamers are not the problem. Wasteful spending is. Deep down developers know what I wrote in my article is true which is why it got so much backlash. The industry is going to have to change.

Indie games are really where it’s at. Indie developers don’t make games because they think they are going to get rich off them like some people in the industry. They make games because they want to see that game in the hands of gamers. That’s why you see so much more creativity in indie games. You can also get tons of indie games for on the cheap. Why spend $60 on Final Fantasy when I can spend $5 on Doom & Destiny on Xbox LIVE Indie Arcade and have just as much fun, if not more?

There’s no innovation in big budget games anymore. Developers just go with what has worked in the past in hopes they can continue to keep the cash flowing. Their goal isn’t to make a fun game, it’s to make a game that will milk the most money out of gamers. Remember when sequels to successful games were few and far between? Half-Life came out in 1998. Half-Life 2 came out in 2004. That’s a six year wait. So why does there need to be a new Call of Duty game every year? Why is there a new Assassin’s Creed every year? It was bad enough when franchises like Madden did it but at least their excuse was that sports games need up-to-date rosters.

***Editor’s NOTE: Alex’s views are his own and may or may not represent those of RealGamerNewz and the rest of their staff. This article will not be taken down for any reason(s) citing the 1st Amendment of the United States of America. Thanks, -RGN Staff

RealGamerNewz Interviews Random: Deep Thoughts from the Artist Known as Mega Ran

RealGamerNewz Podcast

What’s up everybody welcome to the revival of our RealGamerNewz Interviews section. I’m really happy to welcome back Mega Ran to the website. We first met at PAX East a few years back while he was doing a Hip Hop and Gaming Panel with K-Murdock, and since then has gone on to produce some of the most memorable and meaningful hip hop albums on the planet shattering all boundaries and constrictions typically placed on hip hop artists blessed/cursed with the “nerdcore” label.

For those of you who are wondering, what’s going on with Ran these days? And for those of you wanting to get to know him a little deeper, RealGamerNewz presents this exclusive interview straight from the horse’s mouth.

Random on RGN

Jon: First off Random AKA MegaRan, welcome back from the road and how are you enjoying the touring? 🙂

Random: It’s great man.. I really feel like after all the years, and all the hard work, things are finally starting to roll the way I wanted them to. I am truly good right now and it feels really great. I enjoy performing more than anything, so I’m blessed to be able to play so many shows.

Jon: Where is the most unique place you’ve ever performed, if it’s possible to narrow it down to just one?

Random: Wow, there have been a few, with me being such a different breed of rap artist. Ground Kontrol in Portland was my most recent unique performance spot. It’s an arcade bar and they don’t have a stage or sound guy, so we had to put everyone and everything in the back corner and control it while playing.

Jon: We know you’re going to be at PAX Prime performing this year, have you thought about what songs you’re going to perform?

Random: Oh yeah. I’m gonna mix it up as much as possible… I have an entire set planned out, from The Call all the way up to TRAP and Nocturnal Cantata. It’s gonna be an excellent primer for the new fans as well as giving the old fans something new, as all the songs will be covered by an amazing band out of AZ, The Lo Classics.

Jon: What was it like working with Sammus on your latest project Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata? Has Konami and the composers/developers behind the franchise given you any feedback?

Modern Art Piece by 박세현

[Modern Art Piece by 박세현]

Random: I haven’t heard from Konami but I had a chance to meet Michiru Yamane (composer of Symphony of the Night) while in Tokyo and that was a surreal experience. She stated that she loved the songs and was actually a hip-hop fan, that was a fun conversation. I performed with her looking on and got the thumbs up. I look forward to making enough money to have to deal with the developers attacking me, ha!

Jon: Now that you are established as a hip hop artist delivering tracks capable of relating video game story-lines, settings, and characters into a real life experience which even non-gamers can relate to (thereby expanding audiences) have game companies approached you to do music for their games?

Random: I’ve done some music for some games, most of which have not seen the light of day. I’m ready to pursue video game soundtracking on a serious level now, after returning from Japan I got the eye of the tiger. I have friends placing music in games and have for some time, and I’m working on an instrumental project that I hope will get people excited about the option of getting my music into games.

Jon: I feel like Final Fantasy VII is a a parable for real life with its themes of Armageddon, corporate corruption, good versus evil, and of course raw human emotion. ‘Cry for the Planet’ is a dope track that you put together which brought these themes into today’s world while still upholding the FF7 concept within its aura. Do you also feel like these games, and consequently your hip hop remixes of the games’ soundtracks, are telling a story that extends to the issues of mankind as a whole, and how would you like to see transversal art like this advance humanity / hip hop?

Random: Thank you. “Cry for the Planet” was the one track that almost didn’t make the album because of it’s story-driven nature, but it was the most important by far. I found inspiration in listening to a lot of Michael Jackson, and the beautiful track “Earth Song” inspired “Cry.” It was so real that it made me feel like it had to be on the album.

Jon: Will you ever do a Final Fantasy VI album? It’s my favorite video game of all time, and I feel it has very deep metaphorical meaning from its foundation to its surface much like how Final Fantasy VII does.

Random: I love FF6, but it didn’t touch me at the time or place that 7 did, but that doesn’t mean I’d never do any tributes to it. K-Murdock and I debate all the time about which is better, and I think I might be able to admit now that FF6 IS actually a better game than FF7, but the advent of the 3-D graphics and amazing landscape made FF7 change role playing games forever. Again, I never say never, so who knows?

Jon: On the TRAP (Television & Radio Are Poison) EP you took the most popular style of beats going in the mainstream industry right now and blessed them with some very deep and meaningful lyrics. It seemed like you are trying to reverse the curse which some of the hip hop industry suffers from, particularly negativity and promotion of a generic image and lifestyle which is ultimately causing the downfall of a lot of good people in our world. What kind of impact do you want TRAP to have on people hearing it for the first time?

Random: I want TRAP to grab people’s ears and hook them in. I hear so many people say “rap sucks these days, but the beats are hot.” So I took a month or so, hit the clubs and listened to the radio and did some real research. I’m like a hip-hop scientist in that regard. I have to do tests and experiments before I get started. Upon listening I agreed. Though today’s hip-hop production style is very different, there are still producers innovating, while most of the rappers are stuck in the dark ages concept and technique-wise. So my plan was to get on beats that they’d expect to hear a Drake, 2 Chainz or Rick Ross on, and give them a little bit of medicine that tasted like candy. I was very pleased with the result, and I actually had a lot of fun!

Jon: Still speaking on TRAP, fans of your gamer raps might have not expected this from you, but what has the feedback been like for this project and what can you tell us about TRAP 2?

Random: I’ve made a lot of new fans and supporters with that project. I get people all the time who tell me that they were moved by the story in “Black Bags,” or touched by “Turn Me Down” or walk around quoting “TRAP (King’s Theme).” I really think it’s the beats that get people into it, and then the lyrics that keep them staying and coming back. What impresses me most is that people actually listen to the words and appreciate the things I’ve said. that’s really made me excited, and that’s why I want to do a part 2. I’m taking my time on this one and it’ll probably not be done until the end of the year or later, but the first single “Doubt Me” with Futuristic and Lefty is coming next week.

Jon: What is your advice to the underground hip hop artists out there right now who might feel frustrated that things aren’t taking off in their career?

Random: I can’t give any advice that won’t sound cliche, but here goes: Be yourself. don’t chase after these people, let them chase you. Get a job so you won’t have to rely on record sales to pay bills. Stay persistent and keep your focus. set small goals that you can easily attain, then late goals. Give it your all.

Jon: Having a positive mindset is something you seem to promote heavily. On TRAP it feels like you are essentially fighting fire with water by attacking negativity in hip hop and television with positive messages. Do you feel that any films and/or video games out there can sometimes have too much negativity in them as well, or do you believe that the quantum nature of their experience allows for each individual to interpret their own vibe from a game?

Random: I try to stay positive all the time, and reflect that in my music. I also try not to make grandiose political or societal statements that can be broken down, misinterpreted and used against me but I think I failed at that with the title of this project, ha.

I don’t believe that movies and games have as much stake in what goes on, as these people are paid actors. The problem with music is that these artists spend a 60 minute album saying how real they are, which makes it hard to differentiate fact from fiction. same with “Reality” TV, where they stress that these people aren’t actors, but in actuality, they create most of the drama they face in the shows for ratings. So I do believe that individuals are able to interpret and enjoy video games without being negatively impacted for the most part, more so than TV and radio, though parents should definitely monitor what their kids are consuming.

Random Deep Thoughts from the artist

Jon: What’s your favorite film of all time and do you feel it has had an impact on society?

Random: My favorite movies are “Casino,” “Dumb and Dumber,” “Full Metal Jacket” and most recently, “Silver Linings Playbook.” I think the combination of these titles is probably what shapes Random more than anything else. I love to laugh, but I also love to get down to business, and build strong relationships through team sports, education and music. So all of those together makes me who I am and affects my everyday being. I don’t know how many of these have impacted society but it’s widely accepted that Full Metal Jacket is one of the greatest movies ever made, and it’s place in history is undeniable…and if you disagree, what’s your major malfunction, numb nuts? Ha.

Jon: With all of the touring and continuous album dropping, do you still get time to game? What do you play these days and what is your most anticipated video game right now?

Random: I don’t have as much time as I’d like, but when I’m home between tours I try to beat at least one game. Right now I’m playing The Last Of Us, and really looking forward to playing the Deadpool game next.

Jon: Can you let us in on some of the thought that went into the ‘Tactics’ track on Time and Space Deluxe Edition? It’s one of those hip hop storytelling joints that leaves you craving for more, and what can I say I’m craving!

Random: Tactics is a two-fold track that simply came from me kicking around the title and some famous sneaky stealth action game stars. I came up with the line ‘Sam Fisher get the picture’ and went from there. I thought, what if there was a “Mission: Impossible” for rappers? That’s where I’d be. So it’s about me being an old fogey, a la Old Snake, say, and having to hunt existing rappers who don’t make wise decisions. there’s a twist at the end (I won’t give it away) and it almost works as a pseudo-origin story for Random, and a message that it’s never too late to go hard. It was weird to me, but I’m glad someone dug it.

Jon: Forever Famicom, which you put together with K Murdock, is an album that gamers can rock from start to finish with perfect flow. We recently heard K teasing a third DLC release. Is there anything you can tease or share with us about this project?

Random: Oh yeah! K sent me a bunch of beats and we’re looking to put the final cap on the series with a DLC3. I can’t speak on the game samples or tracks yet but you’ll get a taste this fall.

Jon: If you were a game designer, what kind of game would you want to be releasing right now?

Random: I’d go with a real life real time present day RPG, kind of like Earthbound, maybe including some aliens or zombies and time travel. It’d be awesome.

Jon: Do you view the console wars of Xbox Vs PlayStation Vs PC Vs Nintendo as constructive for the video games industry or do you think it’s holding the business back?

Random: I like competition, but I feel like there just isn’t any. There are no exclusive titles anymore, outside of Nintendo’s games, so it doesn’t matter much which system you buy these days. it just comes down to brand loyalty. So though I love competition, I don’t feel that we have any, it’s just a market of personal preference. For the console wars to really be effective, we need more companies willing to create great exclusive games and quit porting the same titles.

Jon: Would you rather play a game with bad graphics or bad gameplay?

Random: Bad graphics, all day. it’s all about the gameplay. Legend of Legaia and Xenogears come to mind… and even some people would say Final Fantasy VII. But if a game is fun, I can overlook the graphics flaws, no prob.

Jon: How often do people recognize you in public, and what’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you when meeting a fan in past couple of years?

Random: I have some strange chance meetings with people, like in restaurants or supermarkets, that’s always interesting. Other times it’s a weird coincidence of some kind. Like, just yesterday, the company I order my shirts from sent me an email, and it was a guy saying “I just saw this order come across and I wanted to email you and say that you’re awesome! been a big fan for years! Black Materia is genius!” I’ve had that happen in comic shops, game stores or places like that.

Most times it’s not that exciting, but I’ve met fans at airports and had whole families take pics with me, I was thinking “This must be what it’s like to be Kanye West,” ha.

Jon: I also asked a couple folks what they would like to see me ask Random before putting together this interview, and here’s what the fans wanted to know:

Fan Question #1: Could you rap about DARK SOULS for me someday?

Random: No. It’s too hard. I think my disc may be broken from tossing it out of my PS3.

Fan Question #2: Do you make beats?

Random: Yes I do, I don’t release a lot of them though, last one I made was “Tactics” on Time and Space. Will be doing an instrumental project soon.

Fan Question #3: A lot of people ask you why don’t you come to “my city” and so what is it being an up-and-coming artist and not being able to travel around everywhere and can you explain to the fans why it is that you only can come to certain cities?

Random: Well we can only come to where we’re requested. and not just by a handful of fans but by a promoter and venue who is willing to take a chance on us. So I get tons of requests to play places and I’m thankful, but until a scene is built that will come out and support these types of events, promoters will think twice about wanting to pay for a show. So it’s very important for fans in small towns to email and call their local venues and request us, to the point where they have no choice but to do it!

Fan Question #4: Will you ever do a song dedicated solely to the fact that you have two names; MegaRan and Random?

Random: Actually yes, I’m working on a song addressing that very issue… possibly for DLC3 🙂

Fan Question #5: Where’s the Sega project from you and K Murdock? We’re waiting patiently. 🙂

Random: We’re undergoing some long and arduous talks with SEGA about what we can and can’t do, since we’re trying to do this one right and on the radar. So this might be a long process. But stay patient, we’re doing our best to make it happen. Thank you guys for the game suggestions! We have a huge list now. Just have to work out the logistics.

RealGamerNewz Interviews Random

There you have it people, the RealGamerNewz interview with Random. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to ask Random, and even after this interview I’ve thought of more questions. Eventually, when time permits, there will probably be a part 2 to this interview. If you have any more questions you want asked, you can email them to with the subject “Mega Ran Questions”. Until then, you can listen to Random’s music and order copies as well as official merchandise: CLICK HERE. Find multiple ways to follow Random below, Peace!

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Random on Tour! Coming to a city near you. Check out the dates below:

8/3 New Haven, CT – @ Cafe Nine
8/4 Boston, MA – @ Church
8/9 Buffalo, NY – @ Duke’s Bohemian Grove
8/10 Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live – Bit Gen Gamer Fest w/K-Murdock
8/11 Columbus, OH – @ Double Happiness
8/13 Cincinnati, OH – @ Northside Tavern
8/14 Indianapolis, IN – @ Sabbatical
8/15 Milwaukee – @ Mad Planet
8/16 Minneapolis – @ 7th st. Entry
8/28 Los Angeles, CA – @ The Airliner (Low end Theory)
8/29 Yuma, AZ – @ Inca Lanes (Basement)
8/30 – 9/2 Seattle, WA @ PAX PRIME (Ran Only)
9/3 @ The Percolator El Paso, TX
9/4 Austin, TX – @ The North Door
9/5 San Antonio, TX – @ 502 Bar
9/6 Ft Worth, TX – @ Tomcats
9/7 Fayetteville, AR – @ Smoke and Barrel Tavern
9/10 St. Louis, MO @ Blank Space
9/12 Birmingham, AL – @ The Bottletree
9/13 Atlanta, GA – @ 529
9/14 Jacksonville, FL – @ 1904
9/15 Orlando, FL – @ Bikkuri Lounge (OME and Random only)
9/16 Charlotte, NC @ Knocturnal @ Snug Harbor

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