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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter Reaches $1.6 Million, Closing in on Dedicated Mod Support Goal

Divinity Original Sin 2 Kickstarter Mod Support

With Divinity: Original Sin under their belt, acclaimed by press and fans, Larian Studios has taken Kickstarter by storm with the crowd-funding campaign of a sequel to this RPG / dungeon crawler legend. 34,467 backers have supported a successful drive which has surpassed the minimum goal of $500,000 by about triple earning a myriad of rewards for those pitching in money as well as reaching stretch goals benefiting all who will eventually play.

Currently (at the time of this posting) the KS fund for Divinity: Original Sin 2 is above $1.6 million, and needs around $50,000 more to receive fully dedicated mod support allowing the community to shape their own content keeping the game alive well after post-launch. If this fund reaches $2 million or higher Larian Studios will also create a Game Master mode for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

View Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Here

Americana Dawn – Kickstarter Reveal

Americana Dawn

Americana Dawn is a recent kickstarter game that is going to attract a lot of attention since its a classic JRPG set in Colonial America. Americana Dawn is a Suikoden game that has elements from great titles like Fire Emblem, Grandia, Chrono Trigger and also have the writings of the classic Mark Twain. Americana Dawn take place over two centuries of American history where the player will get to journey across three wars which include: the French and Indian War, and the American Revolution. They will travel the entire eastern seaboard of North America from the colony of Georgia to Quebec City. Players are taking the role of Foster who is a spirit of the sea, he is a gentle and innocent being when he arrives in America with no heritage and no home he gets lost in the wilderness of the Shenandoah Valley which is between Virginia and West Virginia where is has been by himself for one hundred years. Foster is found and recruited into the Virginia colonial militia by Colonel George Washington. The player will begin their journey as Foster where he will get to see how the world can change a man with loyal English becoming American rebels, he will have to fight friends who have turned to the enemy, he will also witness events that would create the United States of America.


The combat systems found in Americana Dawn are turn-based there are several different types of combat as well. Microbattles are a much smaller combat system where players take control of up to three characters. The combat system is based on utilizing cool downs instead of using ability points, this will force players to strategize their own approach to each battle. Enemies in-game have huge blows that can knock a character out of battle in just a few hits so the game uses DIS (Dynamic Interrupt System) to keep enemies fair, using this and using powerful timed abilities to emerge to victory in battle. Each main character in the game has different weapon types each with their own strength in battle, each weapon has 15 levels to master per item. The game’s progression is based upon skill acquisition unlike other games in this genre there will be no: EXP, no random battles, or statistical improvements offered. In addition to microbattles the game also offered macrobatttles which are large-scale battles that are based on historical battles. Players will control historical figured and large number of units that include: cavalry, infantry, brave, ranger, rifleman, and sapper. The music for Americana Dawn is a custom engine that has been inspired by the sound of classic Super Nintendo RPG’s, the sound is lower resolution instruments which is found in the first part of the game where the user will reflect Foster and how innocent and naive he is. Another part of the game the Super Nintendo instruments will evolve into a very rich high quality soundscape as Foster is understanding the world around him.

Americana Dawn can he funded up to Tuesday December 23, 2014 at 1:59AM CST, they are looking to gain a pledge goal of $70,000. Of course with Kickstarter there are several different tiers to donating to a game of this magnitude the all have different rewards. To get a copy of Americana Dawn they are asking for a pledge of $15 and this will get you a copy of the game for PC and Wallpapers and Icons, as the tiers go from $1 dollar to $5,000 there are many different tiers for donating and everyone can find something they are looking for and the rewards are placed all across the board.


Richie Branson Unlocked!!! Ghouls N Ghosts 3 This December If Stretch Goal Met

Richie Branson Ghouls N Ghosts 3 MegaRan

So you might have heard,

MegaRan is Doing a Kickstarter w/ 18 hours left

The initial goal of $5,000 was met very quickly by tons of fans who supported the mission of this Kickstarter, to get Mega Lo Mania (the MegaRan Documentary) turned into a Director’s Cut DVD for purchase or rental through Redbox that’s also available on a number of digital distribution and streaming websites including Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes. That reality gave way to another moment in which MegaRan decided to start making crushed 8-bit versions of his instrumentals for Nintendo NES cartridges that backers could receive. Beyond that, a brand new Mega Man EP was revealed for release on Christmas Day to all backers in addition to a new Random AKA MegaRan 2015 album entitled “Wouldn’t Miss It For The World”.

Through all of these crazy awesome rewards, not to mention USB keys, Vinyls, Sweatshirts, Guest Spots on MegaRan Tracks, his own tie, the ability to Executive Producer a gamer rap album, and the yet un-revealed secret stage, there has been a new challenger entering the ring!!!

Richie Branson Ghouls N Ghosts 3 RealGamerNewz


If you’ve never heard of the artist known as Richie Branson then you definitely should.

His Twitter Bio reads, “Billboard Charting Rapper/Producer (worked w/ Adult Swim, Def Jam, Sony, etc) who once outsold some of your favorite rappers with an album about a video game.”

He’s a different style rapper that pulls off impressive lyricism on topics the world of gamers often can relate to in exact, or at least really close. I mean, who hasn’t been to somebody’s house that was more disgusting than a nightmare and had to stay there, or been trapped in a zombie apocalypse with murderous agents sweeping for leftovers. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll have to take a listen below and start getting caught up! What began as a TOUR-ONLY EP spawned into a full series from Random AKA MegaRan and Richie Branson called Ghouls N Ghosts (named after the awesome Capcom game by the same title) paying tribute to the gore and horror gaming scene as well as the overall spooky atmosphere of death and demons.

Donate to Help Ghouls N Ghosts 3 Release, But Guess What…

If The Stretch Goal of $18,000 is reached a number of things will happen. This album will get pushed up to December 2014 and finished / released whereas it may have been meant for a later date previously before this decision from the musicians involved. In addition to that, MegaRan has vowed to take a tattoo that the fans pick (out of a few narrowed down video game selections) if $17,000 stretch goal is reached. A Drew Wise World Map is being revealed for MegaRan reaching $16,000 already and beyond the Tattoo perk MegaRan will also be making MegaRan Lunch Boxes.

You Can Still Get NES Cartridges + Vinyls by Upgrading Your Pledge

That’s right, you don’t actually have to donate all over again. Backers can upgrade their pledge at any time. Funds will be withdrawn on Saturday at 3AM according to Kickstarter (Sat, Nov 22 2014 3:05 AM EST to be exact), so there’s still time. Really, anything can be bought on the list that is still available, but I personally recommend taking advantage of the fact that for just a $85 pledge, everyone will still get a Vinyl copy of the album or getting one of the really incredible NES instrumental cartridges – they actually work when you pop them into a Famicom or Nintendo NES system. The fact that Ran has provided the instrumentals to his MegaRan 2015 album in bit-crushed format on the 8 bit carts is really a musical one of a kind thing for fans of MegaRan.

MegaRan RealGamerNewz 8 Bit Xmas


You won’t want to miss out on that, so kill a hundred birds with 1 stone.

two birds with one stone

Awww, poor birdie!

Consider Upgrading Your Pledge!

Update w/ Disclosure: I decided to back the Kickstarter for MegaRan’s Documentary to hit Netflix and other distributors. As according to our new RGN Public Ethics Policy, I will no longer be reporting on MegaRan’s work in an Evaluative Manner (i.e. Reviews) and will have another author Reviewing the work whereas I will be allowed to continue Informative Reporting (non-evaluative, i.e. News). If you have any feedback on this Ethics Policy, please comment on this article below or on our Policy itself and we’ll be sure to take your feedback into high regard. – Jon Ireson, Editor-In-Chief at

For Small Fee, MegaRan Will Make A Hip Hop EP / Album About Your Favorite Game

MegaRan FF7

MegaRan AKA Random is best known for his jump into the role of Mega Man and helping to launch Nerdcore as a genre alongside artists like MC Frontalot. When the album Black Materia came out, it shocked the video game world and blew up the world touring indie artist’s fan-base with Final Fantasy 7 fanatics who couldn’t get enough of Ran’s conversion of what was once a classic masterpiece video game saga into the feeling of that same story taking place in real life. Through voicing each character’s deepest unspoken emotions and embracing that exposure of FF7’s inner conflicts / spiritual themes, Ran proved that video games and hip hop belong together. If you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen below now:

Now the artist known as Random is offering the chance for your favorite game to see that same metamorphosis. One backer of the Mega Lo Mania Director’s Cut DVD Kickstarter has already purchased it, and I can’t wait to see which game they suggest for Random to bring to life.

Donate Here to Receive Backer Benefits

An EP of 4-5 tracks will be created with executive producer credits given to the backer as well as copyright license ownership and the decision on blessing the project for mass release or keeping it for yourself (an unprecedented value proposition in music that you’ll likely never see again) for just $900 which also nets the backer Mega Lo Mania Director’s Cut, Random’s 2015 album, (digital downloads of both and physical copies), a shout out on Twitter (Random has tens of thousands of fans), and a bunch more (all on top of actually getting to executive produce and own your own MegaRan Video Games Hip Hop project)!!! You can bump it up to FULL ALBUM (9 tracks at least) for $2,000.

Or for just $250 you can get K Murdock and MegaRan to do a song about your favorite game!

(6 slots remaining)

Like I said this is the type of opportunity you won’t see twice. At the time of this writing, there’s only 33 hours left to accept such an awesome offer. Help Random distribute his Documentary to his fans all over the world, and become an Executive Producer of an incredible album at the same time.


Donate Here to Receive Backer Benefits

Update w/ Disclosure: I decided to back the Kickstarter for MegaRan’s Documentary to hit Netflix and other distributors. As according to our new RGN Public Ethics Policy, I will no longer be reporting on MegaRan’s work in an Evaluative Manner (i.e. Reviews) and will have another author Reviewing the work whereas I will be allowed to continue Informative Reporting (non-evaluative, i.e. News). If you have any feedback on this Ethics Policy, please comment on this article below or on our Policy itself and we’ll be sure to take your feedback into high regard. – Jon Ireson, Editor-In-Chief at

What Is MegaRan’s Big Secret? 3 Days Left On Kickstarter Stretch Goal Or We’ll Never Know

MegaRan 3 Days Left realGamernewz

MegaRan Mega Man blowing up in your face with an incredibly successful and fan-loving Kickstarter that has seen everything from the sale of MegaRan’s own Famicom to the reveal of crazy tracks like The Philadelphia Way (Click Here) to hear that and listen to a newer one below to even MegaRan selling the tie off his neck – all in the noble and global pursuit of getting The Mega Ran Documentary – Mega Lo Mania: The Director’s Cut published on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Redbox, Film Festivals, and likely anywhere else MegaRan and his team of international PR ninjas can get their foot into a door. This is the type of moment that fans live for, to see an artist who was once completely underground having their story told in front of the world. MegaRan is responsible for some of the best pairings of Video Games and Hip Hop ever created, and even hosts a panel on Video Games And Hip Hop in our home town Boston, MA every PAX East. I was originally going to make this post about the next Mega Man album that’s hitting, the excitement of which I think is going to rise greatly as the wrap up of the year approaches and fans have time to catch up with all of the great flood of excellent Nerdcore news this holiday season.

Donate Here to Receive Backer Benefits

But now I just need to know…

MegaRan Stretch Goals

What is MegaRan’s Big SECRET???

We have only 3 days left to find out. I can see the money adding up every second from people who might be fans of Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII Hip Hop Album, Forever Famicom, Blur Bomber, MegaRan and his Solo Missions like MegaRan 9, TeacherRapperHero Series, Language Arts Vol. 1, 2, 3, The Call: 8 Bit Anniversary Edition and the dual mind albums like Mirandom – Memorandum,

All backers names are on the back of the Nintendo NES cartridge album, many backers are getting MegaRan’s 2015 album in Vinyl, Audio CD, digital MP3, and more. It’s time for everyone to pull out the stops on making sure every MegaRan fan at least knows about this and has the option to get some of these crazy goodies – because at this point Mega Ran is raising up Stretch Goals upon Stretch Goals including GETTING A TATTOO, dropping A NEW MEGA MAN ALBUM AND A 2015 ALBUM and more. But at $20,000 a “Secret Project” that Random House is teasing will be unlocked. We have no idea what this project is all about, but MegaRan has been playing an awful lot of awesome retro games lately, working with a lot of Nerdcore and Hip Hop Artists, and it could literally be anything. We’ve come this far, So back now! 3 Days Left!

Donate Here to Receive Backer Benefits

Donate Here to Receive Backer Benefits

MegaRan Mega man 2015

 MegaRan RealGamerNewz

Update w/ Disclosure: I decided to back the Kickstarter for MegaRan’s Documentary to hit Netflix and other distributors. As according to our new RGN Public Ethics Policy, I will no longer be reporting on MegaRan’s work in an Evaluative Manner (i.e. Reviews) and will have another author Reviewing the work whereas I will be allowed to continue Informative Reporting (non-evaluative, i.e. News). If you have any feedback on this Ethics Policy, please comment on this article below or on our Policy itself and we’ll be sure to take your feedback into high regard. – Jon Ireson, Editor-In-Chief at

MegaRan Announces Kickstarter to get Mega-Lo-Mania: Director’s Cut on Netflix + Redbox #RealGamerMusic

MegaRan 8 Bit

Mega-Lo-Mania (our review coming soon) is a documentary from Random AKA MegaRan which was debuted by Glasswork Media at FilmBar the award winning wine bar and movie theater in Phoenix, AZ where a snapshot of the heavily touring indie musician’s life and what it’s like to be MegaRan for a few crazy shows hitting Arizona, Cali, and Vegas with a few unexpected turns of events causing Ran to think on the fly in order to give the fans what they want as he’s done worldwide now with albums covering everything from MegaMan to Final Fantasy and also speaks on life experiences growing up in this modern society us gamers know about all too well.

The original documentary has been released physically and is available digitally still HERE but would be much more accessible to all of MegaRan’s many, many fans around the world who use Netflix, iTunes, Redbox, Amazon, and more. In addition to breaking down the cost of distributing to all of these platforms, Big Ran let’s us know there will be an added bonus to fans getting this Kickstarter achieved. The entire project will be reworked as the longer, second polish release Mega Lo Mania Director’s Cut. Take a look at the following excerpt from the Kickstarter below:

Mega Lo Mania Director’s Cut DVD

“We put in the man-hours to create the content and put it out, out of our own pockets, but when it came time to figure out distribution and promotion, we were quite frankly out of money. Additionally, most retailers and festivals require a film to be 60 minutes, and ours is currently at 40. This requires reshooting, repackaging and re-releasing the video, as Mega Lo Mania: The Director’s Cut.

This Director’s Cut will feature:

  • more performance footage
  • interviews with legendary and influential musicians about me and our work
  • more history of chiptunes, VGM and hip-hop
  • much more!

Here’s a breakdown of costs:

  • Getting a movie on Netflix (HD)= $999
  • Getting a movie on iTunes= $1500 + yearly fees
  • Getting a movie into Redbox =$1395
  • Getting a movie into Amazon= $150
  • Getting your movie into just HALF of the hundreds of film festivals all over the world= over $1000 in submission fees

total= over $5000… to distribute a film…AFTER making it. Whoa.

So, here we are, back at Kickstarter to figure out how the heck to get the most out of the time and effort we’ve already put in. Tough stuff.”

There’s also a ton of great stuff for just pledging what you can towards this release!


  • Copies of the Director’s Cut DVD as well as MegaRan’s 2015 Album “Wouldn’t Miss It For The World”
  • Digi Packs of everything being released with Free Bonus Live MP3 for those cyber ballers out there.
  • USB Drives and/or CDs full of MegaRan tracks (retail + unreleased)
  • Signed 8 Bit Ties – Ran is literally selling the tie off his neck to make this happen! (3 available)
  • Video w/ MegaRan!!! Yup, this one will cost a bit but totally worth it and more in value. (3 available)
  • MegaRan’s Modded Famicom for playing your own chip tunes on stage!
  • Musical or Video Collaborations – but please, check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  • Much More, click the link below to see all pledge options and rewards listed by MegaRan:

Donate to MegaRan’s Mega-Lo-Mania: Director’s Cut DVD / Netflix Kickstarter HERE

Check out the Official Mega-Lo-Mania trailer below:


Update w/ Disclosure: I decided to back the Kickstarter for MegaRan’s Documentary to hit Netflix and other distributors. As according to our new RGN Public Ethics Policy, I will no longer be reporting on MegaRan’s work in an Evaluative Manner (i.e. Reviews) and will have another author Reviewing the work whereas I will be allowed to continue Informative Reporting (non-evaluative, i.e. News). If you have any feedback on this Ethics Policy, please comment on this article below or on our Policy itself and we’ll be sure to take your feedback into high regard. – Jon Ireson, Editor-In-Chief at

Kickstarter News: Gryphon Knight Epic Has 27 Days Left

Gryphon knight

Cyber Rhino Studios is in the process of making a new Game, Gryphon Knight Epic.  A 2D Medieval Shoot Em’ up that is being worked on for PC.  So far this game looks amazing.  This 2D Medieval Shoot Em’ up from what I see has a lot to offer.  From amazing hand-crafted levels that you get to explore, to amazing  game play and insane boss fights.  Cyber Rhino Studios has worked hard on this game, and so far its showing just how hard they worked.  This game is looking great. Just check out the video below and you will see what I mean.  Well that’s all for now. If you want to see more about Gryphon Knight Epic, check out Cyber Rhino Studio’s website for more information.

Shiness The Lighting Kingdom Is An Ambitious Indie RPG


Shiness The Lighting Kingdom is an Indie RPG made by developers Ynnis Interactive and is trying to gather support from a kickstarter campaign. Shiness is a game that has caught the eye of many; it is closing in on its goal of $100,000 and has achieved the necessary votes required to get green lighted on Steam. As of now, Shiness seems to be on track to achieve the base stretch goal of $100,000 for a PC version before the Kickstarter campaign ends. However, Ynnis Interactive is hoping to bring the game to PS4, Xbox One and Wii U as well, but it will need quite a bit more funding to do so. Right now the only system to have a stretch goal is the PS4 at $140,000, but the other systems are in the cards as well if the PS4 version is able to be created.  In order for Shiness to become a multiplatform release and for it to gather as much funding as possible, the game needs to gather a bit more attention and quickly, which is what I am hoping to do here. Shiness has only 10 days left on Kickstarter and has a bit of a ways to go if it is going to achieve multiplatform versions. Before going any further, take a look at the amazing trailer below that depicts the game itself in action.

Shiness The Lighting Kingdom Kickstarter Link

After viewing the trailer above, Shiness looks to be an ambition RPG that could potentially even compete with many AAA RPG titles. Shiness is described by Ynnis Interactive as ” a Role Playing Game which will let you dive into a new adventure across Sky Islands. In a world where every land strives for power, two Wakis named Chado and Poky, traveling aboard a flying boat, accidentally land on a very dangerous island. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into a huge universe that will stay with you for a long time! With its unpredictable storylines and frenetic gameplay, Shiness is waiting for you to play the story imagined 20 years ago by our Creative Director and finally brought to life.” Shiness is also described as being halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and a fantasy RPG.

Shiness will contain many incredible features that is allowing Ynnis Interactive to create a very ambitious game that could define a new generation of Indie RPG creations. Ynnis Interactive is promising gamers that Shiness The Lighting Kingdom will incorporate the following features:

1. Travel across the world with a group of five playable characters throughout the journey.

2. Fight against enemies using your material arts and magic arts.

3. Resolve puzzles creating and using or mixing the abilities of each hero.

4. Change your reputation doing quests when you require it to.

5. Finally, after watching the trailer, many of you may have been wondering what language are they using for the dialogue? Well the answer is, a brand new language. Ynnis Interactive invented a brand new language solely for this game which is quite an impressive feat.

It is clear that after seeing the trailer and the many features Ynnis Interactive is incorporating into Shiness The Lighting Kingdom, that the hearts and souls of many are being put into Shiness. It would be a shame if every single gamer did not have the chance to experience what looks to be a hidden gem. Head over to their Kickstarter campaign now (Link is here and is also located above the trailer) and learn even more about what the final product plans to offer. If you are impressed by what you see, support the developers if at all possible. Many rewards are being offered for any support you can provide and even just a small amount of support could be the difference between Shiness reaching its stretch goals or failing to do so. After seeing the ambitious nature of Shiness The Lighting Kingdom, it would be a huge disappointment to not have every gamer be able to experience what looks to be an epic Indie RPG experience.


Comic Book Villains Attack Real Life in Welcome to TATE’S w/ 1080P HD Preview + 8 Days Left on Kickstarter


Ever wondered what it would be like if you had to face your favorite Comic book villains in the real world? Welcome to TATE’s is a series about just that, among other things. Shot on location at local comic book stores, WtT (Welcome to TATE’S) has already been presented as a Full 1080P HD Preview (as seen below) and a Kickstarter Pitch (Click Here) as the campaign for crowd funding this Original High Definition Web Series by the fans for the fans reaches its final week.

Over 80% of the asking price goal of $6,525 has already been met and as readers can clearly find by snooping around the Kickstarter Page for this series, a clear budget has been set as well as a number of assets and plans made available transparently to potential supporters. TATE’S Comics has officially allowed the series to be shot in actual Comic Book stores, although the episodes won’t take place only in these settings.

The team behind this project have already gotten a lot of great people behind them including Kickstarter Staff who named this project as a Kickstarter Staff Favorite, Walter Flanagan from Comic book MenPhilip DeFrancoSourcefed, and others who have helped drum up awareness for the show. This initiative in building connections for the project shows that as many eyes as possible will get to see the final product, not just backers.

Perhaps more importantly, a creative talent team has been assembled that displays impressive assets to assert their capability to fulfill everything this KS promises. Here are some samples, but please do be sure to visit the Kickstarter Page for this product linked at the bottom of the article for everything directly from the source’s mouth.

John Place:

welcome to tates


RealGamerNewz doesn’t just post about every new Kickstarter under the sun. As you may have noticed, the majority of what we post are only things that catch our own personal interest. That being said, this is definitely a project that is worthy of your interest. Our experience with some of the talent and team members involved in this project give us the clarity of vision to easily recommend this funny and interesting web series get your full approval.

Perhaps not all who are reading this and excited by the idea can donate, but you can still help out by making a major difference during the last week of this crowd-funding campaign by considering to tweet about, tell a friend about, or publicly share this article over social media networks and your own blog sites.

Fan-made content is becoming more and more steadily accepted by major corporations involved in making our entertainment. The better the quality work that is released, the more companies will be interested to either look the other way and allow fan projects to be created or even better – more companies will start actually embracing legitimate creators and helping to bring their visions to a wider audience.

(for complete info on project, see Kickstarter Page)