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Leviathan: Warships Developer Diary and Screenshots Released

Leviathan: Warships is an upcoming title published by Paradox Interactive that seeks to bring turn-based naval battles to a new spectrum of players by utilizing cross-platform technology allowing gamers to play together (Co-Op and/or PvP) from either the PC, Mac, iOS, or Android. You can even start off a match on tablet platforms just to pick up where you left off on PC/Mac.

As the title heads for a fast approaching Q2 2013 release, will keep you updated on the latest as we await to get our hands on the title. “Ship just got real!” proclaims the newly launched Leviathan: Warships website. The following developer diary will give insights on how the Gameplay and Turn-Based system works, and was released today accompanying the following screenshots which can be seen below along with a Trailer for the title:

Stargate SG-1: Unleashed Available Now on iOS

The new Mobile video game based within the Stargate franchise, Stargate SG-1: Unleashed, developed by ArkAlis Interactive, is now available for both the iPHONE as well as the iPAD. The first of what will be three total episodes, can now be downloaded on iTUNES. Andriod users however, according to ArkAlis Interactive, will have to wait till April to get their hands on it. ArkAlis Interactive has also confirmed on their community page that a PC version is in the works that will be released via steam in a few months. ArkAlis Interactive also hinted at a possible Xbox Live Arcade version. No release date has been announced for either the PC or the possible Xbox Live Arcade version, but be sure to keep it on RealGamerNewz for the latest on Stargate SG-1: Unleashed. Below you can find the newest story trailer that was released in conjunction with the game’s release today.

Metal Slug X Released for Google Play and App Store

This updated remake of Metal Slug X has been released by SNK Playmore to the Google Play store for Android devices at $3.99. The classic adventure 2D shooter title is also available from the Apple App Store for iOS devices for the same price. There’s multiplayer for players near each other with two devices, online leaderboards, and custom controls.

Stargate SG-1: Unleashed First In-Game Footage Trailer Revealed

The Stargate world has had a very shaky history when it comes to video game adaptations based on the popular television series. After a cancelled console game, that would have been known as Stargate SG-1: The Alliance, as well as a  cancelled MMO that would have been called Stargate Worlds, fans have been wondering if the series would ever see the light of day on a video game console. That day, however, appears to have finally arrived in the form of a mobile game called Stargate SG-1: Unleashed!

ArkAlis Interactive has just released the first In-Game footage trailer for Stargate SG-1: Unleashed, check it out below!

Is this the game that Stargate SG-1 fans have been waiting for? Only time will be able to tell if this new game will bring Stargate back with a bang! But given its history in the gaming world,any game being released that takes place within the Stargate universe, is a step in the right direction. Stargate SG-1: Unleashed, will be released in an episodic format and the first episode will come out on a as of yet unannounced date in March.

In case anyone missed it, I will leave you with the initial announcement trailer that ArkAlis Interactive released last month. As always, stay tuned to RealGamerNewz for continued updates on Stargate SG-1:Unleashed.

MegaFlux Puzzle Game for Android Released With 50+ Levels and Level Editor

Reviving the days of titles like Pipe Dream with a twist, MegaFlux is a mobile gaming puzzle title for the Android market where you must adjust nano-pipes correctly as a sea of strange characters overflow on the screen. Taking the classic concept of the game’s core to an advanced level by introducing a level editor, medals to unlock, and a 50+ level challenge mode make this a full featured title.

Although the gameplay is designed to be played wherever you are with whatever time you have available, there’s also Relax Mode capable of bringing infinite randomly developed levels. There’s even a Community Mode coming soon where user created levels will be available for play.

Check out the trailer below for MegaFlux from SoFresh:

You can buy the game by clicking here or searching MegaFlux from Google Play on your Android device.

Final Fantasy IV Remake for iOS Announced

Final Fantasy IV is my third favorite Final Fantasy of all time coming right after Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII. This game will take you into the center of the earth with volcanic cities where monster-like beings live and it will also take you to the moon. If you are a gamer from the old school days you will remember this title as being called Final Fantasy II on the Super Nintendo.

All from the humble beginnings of Cecil’s battle within himself to turn from a dark knight to a paladin. This epic classic is now being remade for the Apple iOS mobile gaming market with new graphics featuring 3D models.

Tristans Twisted World: My top 20 games of 2011

Hey there real gamers, I’m going to give you my top 20 games list of 2011. This is where I tell you all what I think and why it’s there with a brief description. So prepare to read or skim through the list, whatever you want to do. Either like it, respect it, or hate it – I’m going to tell you anyway, this is Tristan’s Twisted World My Top 20 Games of 2011.



Ah, you all know Killzone 3. This game has it all and was one of the best PS3 games I’ve played since God of War 3. The graphics were amazing and enjoyable to watch during cut scenes. The story and multiplayer were pretty badass as well. It’s fun pulling off kills with a jetpack and kind of reminded me of Halo: Reach, but with a little more control over the jetpack. The guns were really amazing as well with many weapons to kill with.



Fatality lives in the newest Mortal Kombat. Badass moves and great finish moves with fun combat that keeps me coming back. The multiplayer is great fun or just sitting on the couch with your buddy right next to you and when you beat him he rages by throwing the controller.


Halo Combat Evolved came back this year and the 3D campaign option blew my mind it was amazing.  Despite the fact the multiplayer is just a Reach DLC this game is nearly to the point of where it was 10 years in its ultimate badassness.


This games fun multiplayer and interactive story made it such a fun party to hop on with at my buddys. I liked the friendly servers on the game as well. It may be a kid game but its still pretty badass.


This RPG fit the star wars genre very with fun gameplay and many choices.  The story was one of the best Bioware has ever told. I hope in the future we see even better.


Probaly was one of the most wanted games of 2011 I liked it a whole lot but honestly didnt know what this game was. But when I got it I just had to go back and play Origins thats how good this was. Great story,great gameplay it kept me coming back for a while.


This Fallout type game is even better than Fallout! The multiplayer vehicle play kicks some serious ass. The co op multiplayer is pretty awesome as well.But the campaign is what takes center stage and reall I mean really is awesome pick this game up.


The sequel to a truly awesome is even better than before. With tons of people playing on the multiplayer who needs to play offline challnge your friends or randoms thats what I do. The graphics are amazing and I just love this game.


Once you start this games singleplayer your mind is blown away by the awesome graphics. With pretty core gameplay it makes you know why theres multiplayer which is very fun but the singleplayer is the main reason to buy this game.


This game made me get my Wii out since I like Zelda. It wasnt as good as the Ocarina of time but defiantly up in the best games of all time. The graphics be cartoon like but it doesn’t take away from how awesome this game is.


This space horror didnt scare me shitless like the first one did….but it made me fell like I had a fighting chance more so against these monsters. The multiplayer personally was good despite it could be way better but it just added to the awesomeness of this game.


Steping into the shoes of Ezio again makes anybody with half a brain fell good. With even more badass moves from slicing to jumping back to aerial assaults this game makes you fell awesome. The multiplayer really made a giant step up this time around as it nearly fells complete and the servers are accutaly good.


This crime thriller was yet agian a succes by Rockstar games. Despite it lacks multiplayer its singleplayer is among the best in Rockstar history up there with GTA 4 and Read Dead Redemption. The gameplay fells like a Rockstar game which makes it fell more similar and awesome like.


Now this game will help me wait for Grand Theft Auto 5. This may just be the most unrealistic game of all time…..but who cares!!!! Its one of the funnest games ever made and the story is very good no matter what choices you make.


This handheld 3D game is one of the best Mario games to date. It fells like some of the old Mario stuff which makes it the best game for Nintendos handheld yet. With fun gameplay using alot of Marios new gadgets id say youd have to play it quite often.


Epics final Gears game is well EPIC. With The Unreal engine at its hand Gears played nicely and looked beatiful for a destroyed world and all. Campaign was amazing very good writing and the multiplayer and co op modes make this the ultimate Gears of War 3 package it could ever be.


If you play this game in 3D you might die. Crysis was just amazing the graphics are by far the best of 2011 in HD or 3D. The story mode takes you on a unforgettable journey. The multiplayer is just amazing with all the differnt upgrades and weapons to choose from and well made maps.


Valve did it again expect using the word of Portals which everyone knows and loves. This game will probaly set the future for Valve games using servers that are good for awesome co op and making one of the best single players of 2011 Portal 2 is just downright awesome.


Batmans best performance yet well besides The Dark Knight of course. Batmans combos get some help from Catwoman in this awesome game that makes gamers want such a great game. The story was just…I cant use words to describe it…it was amazing defiantly worth picking up.


For the game of the year it goes to Skyrim. Just about the best game I have ever played its in my top 5 of all time after I played it. RPG elements are at its core in this game as it has the best customization system ever in an RPG to date and it fells like this game just takes your breath away.

Well Real Gamerz thats my top 20 let me know what you think about it in the comments below till next time peace.

Snooki from MTV Jersey Shore making more Games, Apps Genius acquires contract and engine for her

Snooki from Jersey Shore does more than just party. These days she is getting her hands into something a little closer to your hearts, video games. Today at 7:20 AM (Eastern US Time) Apps Genius has announced their agreement (which was signed on October 2011) is progressing with Snooki for a puzzle-inspired game as well as eight games to come following.

Apps Genius will be in charge of creating and releasing the games for Jersey Shore star Snooki. The first of these titles is planned for release in the near future. Apps Genius acquired a new game engine to design more games for her under the continuing of their contract.

You can also check out some pics below from “Snookify Me Lite” (currently available now for download).

“Adam Kotkin, CEO of Apps Genius, stated: “Our acquisition stems from the first of several relationships that were founded at the Game Developers Conference 2012 in San Francisco last month. Having obtained the rights to this game, we intend to share it with “Snooki” and modify it according to her input in order to make it her very own. I am confident that all of “Snooki’s” fans who enjoyed our previously released apps, “Snooki’s Match Game” and “Snookify Me!”, will find this new game, just as addictive and fun as those earlier apps.” — Excerpt from the Official Press Release.

Z2Live Acquires Vancouver Studio Big Sandwich Games

Will we see a revival of this formula that has worked so well on the PC? Micro-transactions in place of monthly fees and expansions instead of downloadable content packs and updates. If this acquirement can lead to further competition in the free-to-play indie market then we may find out.

Today Z2Live has announced to the press that they have acquired Big Sandwich Games. Together these game development figures are likely to bring more high quality games to the scene.

“Big Sandwich Games clearly executes at a level that meets our bar for quality,” said Lou Fasulo, COO at Z2Live. “The acquisition represents a key part of our long term strategy to build, operate and scale genre defining games.”

Best known for Battle Nations, Z2Live is a strong proponent of Free-to-Play and has reached a playerbase of over 25 million worldwide. With fully loaded, indie Vancouver studio Big Sandwich Games in their arsenal and are likely to be cranking out plenty of gaming goodness soon.


Source: Examiner