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Halo: Spartan Strike Review


The Year is 2552. Murder aliens for the good of the human species in Halo: Spartan Strike, where you don’t play as Master Chief but you will be fellow a Spartan soldier uncovering the details of events in the Halo story-line previously shrouded in some degree of mystery. Thirty missions are faced as back-story is given to the Halo franchise and that same beloved twin-stick shooter gameplay from Halo: Spartan Assault is brought to an even higher quality level. Tom Salta who did the soundtrack for Halo 2: Anniversary is back again to provide a moving score that feels great while gaming, and graphically the title has been taken to a new level as well. While you can get the game from Windows Store on your Windows 8 Phone, Windows 8 PC, or the Apple Appstore on iPhone / iPad, many people enjoy playing through Steam on Windows 7 still and Microsoft chose not to leave us behind thankfully. The game is fully available on its own for just $5.99 or with the original game it sequels for $9.99 as a two-game bundle.

In addition to Achievements there are also Assault Ops to accomplish which are goals that correspond with the statistics of your actions in battle. This can be very fun and rewarding and speed-running or just trying your best in missions does enhance the feel of the game. The classic pistol damage has been cranked up a bit. One shot kills on most enemies can now be possible with the pistol allowing players to get crazy kill-streaks that have that old halo feel to them, but you need to be skilled enough to pull this off. That isn’t as hard as you might expect because of a bit of Aim Assist being added into the picture.

Yes, a tiny amount of aim assist being thrown in to the game and although it requires players to be aiming almost in the exact right spot to begin with it can be annoying at times when a kill is completed then your aim gets thrown off because the aim assist was correcting the angle of fire and you didn’t know it at the time. This cannot be turned off which is a bit of a downer overall, but luckily it’s not too heavy of an Aim Assist to make me want to stop playing. There are a lot of improvements to the game including subtle touches to the user interface which make it more useful and better looking, but also bigger changes such as the way the story flows with missions, the graphical quality and gameplay design being at a higher level, and the surplus of weapon choices adding to tactical decisions mid-battle really make this game worth the extra investment of money and time over just playing the original and stopping there.

Halo Spartan Strike RealGamerNewZ Review

One way that replay value is extended is by rating your performance from each match. You can spend money on using different gear to go into battle with versus the original layout designated for that particular mission, but this can add to the challenge rather than help you out at times. There’s also a skull system to add difficulty to the game for higher experience payouts at the end. It would have been nice if some sort of endless survival mode could be designed since I really feel that these spin-offs have a huge potential for that, and then the replay value would be even higher. However, the game as it is has a lot to offer and I think it’s great how many full-size Halo features were crunched into this smaller experience. It’s great being able to pick up and play in short bursts something that feels so fun and true to the Halo franchise.

A couple issues that I did find slightly annoying but not game-breaking were that alt-tabbing forced the game into a Windowed mode with the wrong resolution for me. This might not be a problem for all users and could entirely be a symptom of my exact software configuration, but it still merits mentioning nonetheless. The game also seems to not recognize my Xbox ONE controller unless I plug it in before booting up the game. As long as your Xbox ONE controller is being recognized though, you can switch between the two inputs at the main menu’s settings screen. At the end of the day these issues are not really a big deal though and the game itself is very addictive and fun with an excellent flow.

Users on the iOS or Windows Phone are reporting that some of the mobile-specific issues with the original title have been very much improved such as touchscreen controls being much more responsive. Players are able to use all-new weapons, such as the Incineration Cannon, Scatter Shot, Binary Rifle, and more. There are also brand new armor abilities including an Airstrike, Proximity Mine, Shock Chain, and more.

Final Verdict:

With so many improvements over the original title, Halo: Spartan Strike takes an already fun formula and makes it even better. The game looks better, feels better with enhanced hit detection and more engaging, longer missions, and gives a lot of new content such as weaponry and enemies to be battled. Even after the title has been beaten the addictive nature of it makes you crave more. While waiting for a third entry to this side-series of Halo players can rack up Assault Ops accomplishments, Steam Achievements, and level up their game through achieving better results, playing against tougher scenarios through skull difficulty modifiers, and afford going out into combat with their favorite weapons for each mission which may actually make the game harder in some cases. Halo: Spartan Strike manages to come off feeling like a full production and could have easily been believable as a $15 game but instead comes in at a nice low cost of $5.99 and surely will satisfy players on Desktop PC (especially if they have a controller) despite the design for Mobile which has also been improved. Halo: Spartan Strike earns a 9.3 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz making it an RGN Gold Rated Game of 2015 and is easily one of our favorite twin-stick shooters of all time.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.3 / 10
RGN Rating: Gold Game
Developer: Vanguard Games / 343 Industries
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Available On: PC | Windows Phone | iOS

Played On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Vote for RGN’s Best Overall Game of 2014


Here it is, the best of the best. The cream of the crop. Some of the best games to release this year on any platform. The games listed are some of the best this year had to offer, and each stood out in their respective genres — weather it be through game mechanics, story telling, overall fun factor or a little bit of everything you would want in a game.

Cast your vote below and like before, if you don’t see your pick in the list, select other and type it in. Voting starts today and ends on Jan 7, 2015. The winner will be announced shortly after. If you haven’t already you can cast your votes by clicking the three links below, for the best 2014 games on specific platforms.

Best PC and Mobile Games of 2014

Best PlayStation and Xbox Games of 2014

Best Wii U and 3DS Games of 2014

Best Overall Game of 2014

Best Overall Game of 2014
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Dragon Age: Inquisition
The Wolf Among Us
Sunset Overdrive
The Talos Principle
Child of Light
Dark Souls 2
Bayonetta 2
Super Smash Bros. Wii U
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Stay tuned for the results early 2015.

Vote for RGN’s Best PC and Mobile Games of 2014


Some of the year’s best video games were also released for PC and Mobile platforms. Cast your vote below for which game you think is the best of 2014. If you don’t see yours on the list, then you know what to do by now; click “other” and write it in.

Voting starts today and ends Jan 7, 2015. Winners will be announced shortly after. If you haven’t already, you can cast your vote for the best games on other platforms as well:

Best Wii U and 3DS Games of 2014

Best PlayStation and Xbox Games of 2014

Best PC Game

Best PC Game
Dark Souls 2
South Park: The Stick of Truth
The Wolf Among Us
The Talos Principle
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Divinity: Original Sin
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Best Mobile Game

Best Mobile Game
Hitman Go
Kingdom Rush: Origins
80 Days
Monument Valley
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Stay tuned for the chance to vote for the Best Overall Game of 2014.

Cosmophony for Nintendo Wii U Review

Cosmophony RealGamerNewz

Cosmophony has been on phone platforms for a while now and now the development team has decided to break into the console world by releasing the same exact game on the Nintendo Wii U platform. This game is a technicolor rainbow of sound, and can be played on the Wii U Game Pad with our without the TV on it will be on both screens the same. Unfortunately, it also requires a large amount of precise action and patience while playing.

The back story of Cosmophony is that there is a guardian of the universe and she was put in place by the Gods to keep harmony in the universe. Problems arise with that since she wasn’t able to do what she what assigned to do. When the universe collapsed, she died and was imprisoned in a crystal. Now it’s the player who has to save the universe and bring it back into harmony by releasing the guardian from the crystal.

Basic gameplay elements are basic as it gets: moving back and forth to avoid some blocks while shooting at other various blockers. The controls are very simple and there is a nice tutorial to go through before playing any actual levels. There are two modes to play on for each level as well. There’s a practice mode that the player can play through to understand the obstacles and what to do when it’s show time. While using the practice mode, players are allowed time and a more calm environment to master each level in since when someone plays in practice mode it allows them to restart from checkpoints throughout the entire level. This is quite different compared to the main mode of gameplay, which makes players actually start from the beginning after they hit an obstacle – every single time. In that sense, players are offered the best of both worlds and the debate will rage on for which gameplay mechanic is superior.


The pattern and the music are the same in both modes though, so it can become a bit repetitive for some. The chance for perfect scoring for any level is better though having played so much. Four stars can be achieved in total for each level: Two for practice level completion, and two for the actual level )one for completion of the level itself and one for shooting all of the in-game obstacles for that particular level).

Once each actual level is completed, Cosmophony opens up the next level as the player continues on to bring balance to the universe. Exciting, right?

Final Verdict:

This game was overall simple yet irritating. With the amount of preciseness and patience it takes it is not meant for all gamers, but if someone likes these types of games it would be something that they would sure enjoy. The controls are simple enough but the repetitiveness is hard to continue to deal with.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 5 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developers: Bento–Studio, Moving Player

Available On: Wii U | iOS | Android | Windows Phone

Played On: Nintendo Wii U

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the developers for the purpose of this Review.

How Stella Got Her Grove Back – Angry Birds Stella : Trailers [HD]

Angry Birds Stella Logo



Late last week Rovio Launched Angry Birds Stella,  the next chapter in the Angry Birds series  free for  Android, IOS, BlackBerry and Nook. In this installment of Angry Birds players take control of a cute pink chick named “Stella” who is tasked to stop an evil bird and her band of pigges from using a powerful book of magic to take over the Angry Bird Kingdom. Check out the trailers below and make sure to download “Angry Birds Stella” Today.

New Age of Empires Game Announced for Windows 8 Phone + Windows 8 PC by Microsoft Studios

Windows 8 Age of Empires

Announcement Trailer for Age of Empires: Castle Siege on Windows 8 devices and phones.

Genre(s): Real time strategy
Platform(s): Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone
Publisher(s): Microsoft Studios
Developer(s): Smoking Gun Interactive
Release Date (NA): September 2014

Asphalt 8: Airborne (FireTV / Android / iOS / Windows Phone) – Dubai Update Trailer [HD 1080P]

Asphalt 8 Airborne Dubai

The following Dubai Update Trailer is presented below for Asphalt 8: Airborne in Full 1080P High Definition. Asphalt 8: Airborne is available on Amazon Fire TV, Android Phones and Tablets, Windows Phone, and iOS devices.

Hitman Go – Review

Hitman Go Screenshot 2

Hitman Go is a strategy/puzzle game set in the Hitman Universe from Eidos Montreal and Square Enix. The game takes our favorite anti-hero Agent 47 and places him into levels that are board games with each level being inspired by a mission from the main Hitman series. The game’s introductory levels show you the ropes to Hitman Go’s control scheme and game mechanics. The player must guide Agent 47 from the beginning of the each game board to the end all the while dodging guards and other enemies who when they see him will end the game.

The game is very easy at first but ramps up in difficulty and challenge as you will have to dodge multiple guards, use objects in the game world to distract or avoid them all the while watching the number of moves you us as well as obtain briefcases which will help you unlock more levels. When the player ends each level they are rewarded with coins that are engraved with the Agent 47’s seal. The more the player earns the more boards they can unlock. The only thing that may aggravate some players is that when they do finally unlock all of the levels in the game there are DLC game boards to purchase and the game is already $4.99 on the iOS and Google Play Store.

HitmanGo Screenshot 1

The smooth touch screen controls will keep the player in control of the Hitman’s movements on the board with no lag or accidental movements as your screen is locked during play. When the players find items they can use on the board to distract enemies they will prompted to use the item immediately within a certain area before making his next move. There are even areas on the board that will allow the Hitman to change his outfit to blend in with the characters on the board, transport himself across the board via a trapdoor and other signature movements from the series to spice up the game play.

Enemies will have different patrol routes in which they move and some will stay on their post. The player must make sure he does not move into the enemies’ line of sight or the player will lose the level. The game gives players enough challenge and will keep them playing to use less moves and complete the challenges to keep unlocking the levels in each game board. Hitman Go is very fun to play in short burst or long playthroughs and it’s very addictive; gamers may clear an entire board before realizing hours have flown by in the process.

There are puzzle and strategy games out there that will show you how to clear their levels/stages, or in some cases even do it for you and Hitman Go isn’t one of those and doesn’t. Hitman Go requires the player to think on their feet to advance to the next level. The omission of those hint type features makes Hitman Go stand out because it believes in its player and doesn’t want to hold their hand to beat any of the levels in the game, which is a bold move by the team at Eidos Montreal.

Hitman Go Screenshot 3

The graphics in Hitman Go are very clean yet sleek, gamers will feel the entire scope of Agent 47’s world all around them in each game board. The music and sound effects add an atmospheric effect to the puzzle action and will even hype players up at certain moments while clearing a board. The simplicity in the character and level design makes each level feel like part of a bigger, overarching world as they are in Hitman proper. If you are looking for a puzzle title that is great to play and embodies everything about Hitman this is the game for you. Hitman Go also has maintained if not surpassed the quality of the version of the game that we here at RGN demoed at Pax East this past April and truly lives up to the Hitman Legacy.  The game is polished and one of the best mobile games that have came out this year and is truly worth its price tag.

Final Verdict

Hitman Go is one of the best puzzle games that has ever been released and that is saying something coming from a licensed game. This title takes everything fans loved about the Hitman series and has fully translated it into a fresh and riveting experience from start to finish. The only strike against this game is the fact that there are in-app purchases for more game boards, but at the same time players still get a full gaming experience when they initially purchase the game for $5. Hitman Go is still a stellar title; a truly great game for puzzle fans and fans of the Hitman series alike.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

RGN Rating : Gold Game

Developer Edios Montreal

Publisher: Square Enix

Available On: IOS | Android

Played On: Android

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

The Witcher: Battle Arena


CD Projekt Red and Fuero Games seemingly out of no where have released the trailer for “The Witcher :Battle Arena” a new Moba game set in The Witcher Universe. The game hasn’t not been given a released date but the game’s official site suggest that the game will be available soon for the IOS, Android and Windows phone platforms. Check out the trailer below and be sure to check back to RGN for all  “Witcher” News.

Its Really Happening : Video Games – The Movie [Official Trailer] [HD]

Video Games The Movie

The Video Game Industry while young has been one of the fastest growing and ever evolving forms of entertainment in the history of mankind yet it still hasn’t been give the respect and treatment it deserves. Video Game Industry Veterans Zach Braff and CliffyB have partnered with Variance Films to create a film that chronicles video game history from its humble beginnings to where the industry is today. The film will be released simultaneously in theaters and online on July 15 2014. Check out the trailer below and visit to pre-order the film or find a screening near you.

Angry Birds Epic Is Available Now On All Mobile Platforms

Angry Birds Epic logo


Not to be outdone during this E3 week  Rovio Entertainment has released the next installment to their highly successful Angry Birds  franchise. Angry Birds Epic is now available for Android , IOS  and Windows Phone Store for free. Rovio has also released a trailer for the game  and a slew of info on the games’ website.  Check out the trailer below and be sure to download Angry Birds Epic today.

Angry Birds Go! (Mobile) – Sub Zero Gameplay Trailer

Angry Birds Go Sub Zero

Are you a fan of kart racing? How about Angry Birds? In this new game from Rovio called Angry Birds Go! players race kart style with freezing cold Sub Zero levels revealed today in the following Gameplay Trailer.

This game is available free-to-play on Windows Phone 8, Apple iPhone, Google Android, and Blackberry devices.