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Mega Ran Extra Credit Tour Hits Down South Winter 2017


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11/24 Birmingham, AL @ Saturn
11/25 Jackson, MS @ Offbeat
11/26 New Orleans, LA @ HiHo Lounge
11/27 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
11/28 Savannah GA @ Jinx11/28 Savannah, GA @ Jinx
11/30 Jacksonville, FL @ Nighthawks
12/1 Tampa, FL @ Lowry Parcade
12/2 Orlando, FL @ The Geek Easy

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Mega Ran – 2015: Year In Gaming – Prod. By K-Murdock

Mega Ran 2015 Year In Gaming


Mega Ran is back once again with “2015: The Year In Gaming”, his annul recap of everything that happened in the Video Game Industry as well as his personal life. K-Murdock one of Mega Ran’s producers and Chip-Hop Legend is own right is back on the boards and  even gives a shout out to Ran at the end of the song. Mega Ran has had a phenomenal year in 2015 with the releases of  “Soul Veggies” with Storyville, “Race For Your Life” with SkyBlew, “Emerald Knights: The Album” with Bag Of Tricks Cat, “The Whole Point” (We Can Freak It Freestyle) with Mr. Miranda and finally his Billboard Hip-Hop Top 20 Solo Album  “RNDM”.   We here at RGN would like to congratulate Mega Ran on all his personal and professional success and will continue to support his music and movement in the years to come. Check out  “2015: The Year In Gaming” below and click here to purchase the track from


New Mega Ran Video Ft D&D Sluggers Uses New & Crazy / Innovative Old School Gameplay

Mega Ran Random Infinite Lives D N D Sluggers RNDM iTunes RealGamerNewZ

DJ 2Thirteen has done it again with Boston footage featured in the latest video from artist Mega Ran’s single “Infinite Lives” featuring D&D Sluggers off Mega Ran’s upcoming album RNDM. Benjamin Sutherland has also added a lot to this collaboration in terms of some really high quality, wild gameplay that gives life to Mega Ran and D&D Sluggers in the video game world. See if you can spot the games that inspired this, and you might be surprised by how it looks good enough to make you want to play after seeing.

Currently RNDM is available for pre-order on iTunes and is at #124th place on the sales charts, something that can provide huge exposure for an independent artist such as Mega Ran who has been making video game inspired music for years, selling out shows at gaming events, running worldwide tours, and keeps on giving back to the fans with more of what they want on top of helping out the community without bragging about it including supporting backpack drives through his widely viewed promotional channels.

Official Music Video:

124 Mega Ran RNDM iTunes Pre Order

Pre-Order RNDM on iTunes

You can pre-order the album for just $4.99 which Mega Ran calls “the album of my life” and draws inspiration from both his hip hop and video game rap roots to fuse together a piece of his soul. If you’re not into iTunes though, that’s fine, but the first 999 people who pre-order the album on will also get a free copy of the Mighty No. 9 Official Video Game Soundtrack through a bonus Mega Ran has arranged with Comcept in addition to the free bonus song “Mighty” which comes on all copies of RNDM and plays as the ending credits track to the video game Mighty No. 9 which was created by the father of Mega Man Keiji Inafune through a successful $3.8 Million Kickstarter campaign paying tribute to the legendary Mega Man series.

Pre-Order RNDM on

Mighty No 9 RealGamerNewz Mega Ran Random RNDM iTunes

Broken Pixels Kicking Off ORLANDO NERD FEST 2015 Tonight !!! – Livestream & Music Video

Broken Pixels Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 - Real Gamer Music 2

“We rap about games.” That’s the motto and don’t wear it out, Video Game Loving Musician Group Broken Pixels will be at the Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 and you can watch it all live on Twitch if you didn’t make it out there! The show is already happening now live, and at 9:15PM EST Jerome “JC” Chance, Lesky Lee singing hooks and XK holding down the spacebar, taking stage to perform kicking off an entire weekend of nerd culture expressed through song. (producer Equivalent Exchange of Broken Pixels had a family matter and could not make it.) With their influences ranging from heavy metal to hip hop to comic books and video games, the music the group creates led to them creating the Official theme song for THQ’s “Saints Row the Third” in November of 2011, performing at events such as E3 and San Diego Comic Con.

Check out the Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 Livestream as well as a sample of Broken Pixels’ work below.

Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 Official Livestream:

Broken Pixels Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 - Real Gamer Music

2015 Broken Pixels Official Music Video:

Have a great weekend everyone, and be sure to keep it real and keep it gaming!

Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 Schedule:

Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 Schedule - RealGamerNewz - Broken Pixels Mega Ran Skyblew

More Info about Orlando Nerd Fest

Mega Ran – “Your Favorite Song” (In-Studio Performance & Video Game Music Remix)

Mega Ran RNDM Your Favorite Song In Studio Performance

Mega Ran takes you on an unplugged style in-studio performance of “Your Favorite Song” from the new RNDM album then as the visual trip progresses and becomes more psychedelic we end up hearing an exclusive video game remix made with a modded Super Famicom and premiered live on the spot to the fresh vocal track.

>> Info About “RNDM” The Album & How To Pre-Order <<

Mega Ran Presents… “RNDM” – Pre-Order and Get MIGHTY NO 9’s SOUNDTRACK, FREE!!!!

01- Random AKA Mega Ran - RNDM - 2015 Album - Mighty No 9 Soundtrack

Prepared for your ear buds with the official anthem to Mighty No. 9 as a bonus track, appearances from artists like Kool Keith, Open Mike Eagle, MURS, Joell Ortiz and more. On a mission to make this one the favorite song, Mega Ran released the second single off RNDM (pronounced Random) “Your Favorite Song” as a methodically planned out audio experience, “Infinite Lives” featuring D&D Sluggers, and the Mighty No. 9 Soundtrack Credits Track Mega Ran made has been given a Preview Snippet: “Mighty” through the website launched recently to give updates quickly to fans who are swallowing up the hip hop and video games artist’s latest works after a successful Director’s Cut Documentary Kickstarter Mega Ran recently went on to perform the Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour (among other tours) with K-Murdock, Sammus, brentalfloss, D Nilsz, and more, releasing new content all the while and planning the next move. He even dropped in to RealGamerNewZ to give us an Exclusive E3 2015 Mega Ran Wrap Up!!!

In 2007 Random released an album named “Mega Ran” and in 2015 Mega Ran is releasing “RNDM” taking us full circle with it.

> Pre-Order RNDM now: and get Mighty No. 9’s Soundtrack Free (While Supplies Last, 999 Available)

Stated to be the most personal album he’s ever put together, Mega Ran speaks on some of his tracks briefly to over 58,000 Twitter fans (at the time of this writing):

Release Date: 15 September 2015

Executive Producers: Raheem Jarbo, Matthew Weiss and Kyle Murdock.

Production by: Michiru Yamane, RND1, Lost Perception, Lazerbeak of DOOMTREE, Dibia$e, AKT Aktion, K-Murdock, Fresh Kils and more.

Artwork by Daniel Hill.

Mighty No. 9 Official Soundtrack Features Sneak Peak Of Mega Ran’s Latest Album, RNDM

RNDM Mega Ran

Teacher, Rapper, Hero Random AKA Mega Ran put pen to paper and microphone to stage for years now representing the world of Capcom’s Mega Man video games in Music form!! Mega Ran, Mega Ran 9, Mega Ran 10, Mega Ran (5th Anniversary Edition) Double Disc, and now announced today by Mega Ran and Comcept USA “Mighty”, a 7 minute track dedicated to the Mighty No. 9 universe, a spiritual successor to Mega Man’s core gameplay concepts created by Keiji Inafune after successfully being Kickstarted by fans worldwide in his departure from Capcom and founding of Comcept USA a new studio dedicated to making Mighty No. 9 as well as other games. Production Credits for “Mighty” go to Random Beats, Storyville, DN3, K-Murdock and Danimal Cannon.

Signing up for more info on the upcoming album RNDM will give access to 3 more preview tracks and as the album’s launch September 15, 2015 approaches (the same day as Mighty No. 9) the website will display a more and more defined image eventually revealing the cover art for this album. Mighty No. 9 is available for pre-order Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, and Windows PC via Steam. RNDM will be available for pre-order soon, stay tuned to RGN and Mega Ran’s social feeds for more on that when information becomes released.

Preview “Mighty” by Mega Ran @

“Mighty” & RNDM Preview Video Blog Announcement by Mega Ran & K-Murdock While On Tour:

Superbyte Europe Tour Coming Soon:


*Tickets / More Info: Superbyte. the ultimate UK chip festival.

Mega Ran On Tour:

*Click HERE for More Info / Tickets RSVP

Jun 30 Super-Fly Comics, Yellow Springs OH FREE
Jul 01 The Demo, St Louis, MO – $10
Jul 02 42 Lounge, Milwaukee, WI
w/ Brentalfloss

Jul 03-04 Anime Midwest – Hyatt Regency O’Hare & Convention Center Chicago, IL
Jul 05 7th St. Entry Minneapolis, MN $7-$10 TICKETS
Jul 09 Super Audio Game Land, Mission Brewery, San Diego, CA 6-10p
Jul 10 BAMF Festival, Ruocco Park, San Diego, CA 7pm
July 17-19 BitGen Fest, Baltimore MD
Jul 31 San Japan San Antonio, TX Tickets RSVP
Aug 01 Secret Stages Festival Birmingham, AL
Aug 7-8 DEFCON, Las Vegas NV
Aug 9 Orlando Nerd Fest, Orlando FL
Sep 11 SuperByte Festival Manchester, United Kingdom

Mega Ran & K-Murdock : #ForeverFamicom 5th Year Anniversary USA Tour & Behind The Scenes Commentary

Celebrating 5 years of Gamer Hip Hop, a unique blend known to some as Nerdcore, GamerHop, ChipHop, but to Mega Ran and K-Murdock it’s a way of life, the Forever Famicom Tour spans the United States (exact dates etc. below, scroll down) and marks the latest in a steady string of tours centered around what is likely the most recognized video-game inspired music act out.

Mega Ran and K-Murdock put together Forever Famicom with the love of video-games as a centerpiece theme and as gaming is a way of life for so many millions of different people worldwide, this led to a universal soundtrack that is mostly about Mega Ran’s life but can be related to by many listeners. Production was crafted in such a way that K-Murdock has managed to mix retro with modern sound creating something completely new and different that is progressively changing and morphing throughout the track.

>> The resulting journey is a ride of audio-induced nostalgia called FOREVER FAMICOM

So many people like Forever Famicom that it has been performed live many times, Forever Famicom DLC was released with instrumentals including never-before-used exclusives to the original album and brand new tracks, then later more tracks were featured in Forever Famicom DLC 2, and DLC 3. The Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour will cover NYC, Boston, STL, Detroit, Chicago, and more. Check out the full listing within this article and click the tour date for more information or getting tickets. More Info At


Mega Ran and K-Murdock have released a behind the scenes style director’s cut edition of Forever Famicom in which the producer / lyricist duo discuss each track, how it came together, the vision behind it, funny revelations looking back, and all kinds of unexpected development information that’s interesting to hear on top of the music that it’s all about. There are two tracks available for free to get started and this documentary / commentary style digital album is only $1. If you want to preserve the history of the album further there’s also a remastered edition contained on a Special 8GB USB Edition available.


Special 8GB USB Edition Includes:

Celebrating 5 YEARS of collaborations between Mega Ran and K-Murdock, these LIMITED EDITION USB drives will contain remastered .flac versions of the albums:

  • Forever Famicom (2010)
  • Forever Famicom DLC (2011)
  • Forever Famicom DLC 2 (2012)
  • Forever Famicom DLC 3 (2013)
  • -all album instrumentals.

-AND for the first time ever, “Forever Famicom-mentary:” a full length track by track breakdown of the writing and production process behind each song.
-High res concept art and album sketches by Kevin Merriman
-4 episodes of the video series “Forever Famicom: The Movie” by Griff Morivan
-digital lyric book

Don’t miss the tour information below, FanGamer Presents Mega Ran and K-Murdock with Sammus, brentalfloss, and D Nilsz at the –


FanGamer Presents Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour

Mega Ran and K-Murdock
Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour
with special guests brentalfloss and Sammus (w/DNilsz)

click each one for info!

>> More Info At

June 20 NYC @ Webster Hall*

June 21 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine (3PM)

June 21 Providence, RI @ DV8 (9PM)

June 23 Boston @ TT The Bears Place*

June 24 Syracuse @ Singers

June 25 Watertown – Flashback Lounge

June 26-28 Oaks, PA @ Too Many Games Fest*

June 29 Detroit, MI @ Garage Cultural

June 30 Yellow Springs, OH @ Super-Fly Comics*

July 1 St Louis, MO – The Demo*

July 2 Milwaukee, WI – 42 Lounge*

July 3-4 Chicago, IL @ Anime Midwest*

July 5 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St Entry^

with brentalfloss
with Sammus + D Nilsz
with brentalfloss and Sammus + D Nilsz
^Ran and K Only


Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII Is “Pay What You Want” Celebrating #FF7Remake E3 Announcement


It’s 2015 and the legend of Final Fantasy 7 lives on strong. Far and wide fans have been requesting Square Enix bring the classic Turn-Based RPG which represents an era in which the core features of the FF franchise were at their best. A seemingly open world with many interesting towns, deep backstory, variety of playable characters with different approaches to combat, endless side-content to self-discover, many types of gameplay including snowboarding, gambling, mini-games, arena combat scenarios, real time action sequences such as the motorcycle video game in the Golden Saucer arcade, and a lot more are expected to remain intact with this remake.

Final Fantasy VII was way ahead of its time, but the controls and graphics have certainly aged since the original PlayStation 1 days. Here’s to hoping that Square Enix does the original justice and manages to re-capture the feeling and the scope of one of the most epic FF tales ever told. At E3 2015 it was announced that Final Fantasy VII will be given the FULL REMAKE treatment, and not just the Remaster / Re-Release originally announced by Square Enix to fans’ dismay. It is unclear at this time how far along development already is and how long this will take, but live on stage at E3 FF7 Remake has been confirmed for PlayStation 4 and the following teaser was shown below:

In honor of the FF7 Remake being announced, Nerdcore Hip Hop Artist Mega Ran has made Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII free or pay what you want for a limited time, this album is a homage to the game which brings its characters and world to life in a new way re-telling the story with remixed music using the original composition and lyrics that pierce the heart and soul of what FF7 is all about. If you’ve never heard of it, you owe it to yourself to check it out and you can now for free. Enjoy a preview, quick listen below and feel free to jump around and find your favorite characters mentioned in the album.

Catch Mega Ran On Tour:

Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour

– More Info About Mega Ran Shows & Tickets