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New Mega Ran + K Murdock – Kingdom Hearts Hip Hop / Nerdcore And New Tours

Mega Ran K Murdock - Kingdom Hearts - Hip Hop - Nerdcore

Over 100 backers have subscribed to the Bits and Rhymes Club which has benefits including exclusive tracks, album access, CD’s, shout-outs, and even influencing or co-hosting The Manual Hip Hop & Gaming Podcast which Mega Ran and K-Murdock put together each Thursday. To celebrate, a new video is coming to backers letting them in on some early information about Mega Ran’s upcoming 2015 album as well as early sneak peak listens.

Here’s a snippet of the latest track released only for subscribers to the Bits and Rhymes:

New Kingdom Hearts Nerdcore:

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out Mega Ran Documentary’s latest trailer debuted exclusively by RealGamerNewZ.Com in association with the nerdcore artist himself. In it, the Mega-Lo-Mania Director’s Cut gets a release window and a bunch of content updates that went into the full-length director’s cut of the film are available to be seen as well. Be sure to check it out if you’d like to hear more about the story behind the artist. There’s also the 5th Anniversary of Forever Famicom happening, which we will go into further detail about the celebration of that soon. For now check out the tour information below for that and a United Kingdom run which will be going on this Summer 2015.

For the Full Version of this Song, Subscribe HERE.

Mega Ran

Limited Edition Mega Ran Emerald Knights Tour

Mega Ran’s UK Tour Dates:

10 June @ Surya, London
11 June @ Club PST, Birmingham
12 June @ YouBloom Festival, Dublin, Ireland
13 June @ Centre for Computing History, Cambridge

*Order Signed Poster Here (While Supplies Last)

Limited Edition Mega Ran Emerald Knights Tour Poster

Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour

Mega Ran Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour

SkyBlew Drops Another Music Video Laced w/ Lyricism

SkyBlew Journeys In 1st Person Backdraft Hip Hop

In the following Music Video from Spiritual Independent Hip Hop Artist SkyBlew a smooth and mellow beat sets the stage for a string of impactful lyrics. The song was produced by Backdraft with Director of Photography: Cappy Leonard and Director: Will Lee collaborating for the visuals. Check it out below.

Now Available: Free Download

Mega Ran Documentary Mega-Lo-Mania: Director’s Cut Gets Brand New Trailer

Mega Ran Mega Lo Mania Director Cut Documentary - RealGamerNewz

Everybody knows, how the story goes. The money and the clothes, they all come and go. But no matter how intimate you are with Random AKA Mega Ran’s rise from being an unknown aspiring rapper to one of the most respected Nerdcore Hip Hop acts in the business, Mega Lo Mania is a documentary that will add to that perspective an inspiring tale of how doing what you love really can pay off if you work hard enough. There’s no question that the stars aligned for Mega Ran when he decided to put pen to pad and rap about the video games he grew up loving so much (namely the Mega Man series at the start, and eventually titles like Final Fantasy VII, River City Ransom, and many more).

Though never necessarily expecting success, fusing video games with hip hop is what brought the passion back to Random’s music making days. Partnered with DJ DN3 and numerous others who are met throughout this excellently crafted documentary, Random gives us an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes at one of his biggest events touring Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Tempe, Arizona with the vibrant personalities of The Lo-Classics who are also detailed.

Originally Mega-Lo-Mania: The Documentary began as a straight to DVD film. Director Michael Cardoza of Glasswork Media and Mega Ran then took to Kickstarter with the goal of bringing the feature to a larger audience via Netflix, iTunes, Redbox, and Amazon. This required funding in addition to expanding the film into a Director’s Cut edition. The goals and many stretch goals were successfully met as over $18,000 was raised with backer perks including DVD copies of the Director’s Cut, Mega Ran apparel, copies of a 2015 album soon to release, artwork, digital downloads, one of a kind items from Mega Ran’s shows on stage, and more.

This new release giving fans a door into the life of Mega Ran —- will be this summer when digital platforms are ready, only kickstarter backers have access to it for now.

Director’s Cut Gets New Trailer:

Catch Mega Ran on Tour:

May 30 MomoCon, Atlanta GA
May 31 J1Con, Philadelphia PA
w/Bag of Tricks Cat and DJ Unknown
June 10 Surya, London UK
June 11 Club PST, Birmingham UK
June 12 YouBloom Festival, Dublin Ireland
w/K-Murdock and brentalfloss
June 20 Webster Hall, New York NY
June 21 TBA New Haven CT
June 23 TBA Boston, MA
June 25 Flashback Lounge, Watertown NY
June 26-28 Too Many Game Fest, Oaks PA
June 30 Superfly Comics, Yellow Springs OH
July 1 StarClipper Comics, St. Louis MO
July 3-5 Anime Midwest, Rosemont IL

Mega Ran & K Murdock’s Fan Club Offers Gamers Huge Benefits

MegaRan x SkyBlew x K Murdock - OutRUN the SUN

A new track from Nerdcore Hip Hop artists SkyBlew and Mega Ran with production by K Murdock has been released exclusive to Patreon subscribers of the Bits and Rhymes Club. Most who frequent RealGamerNewz will have heard about these folks and their genre of music plenty of times now, but quick refresher: Mega Man and Final Fantasy meet Hip Hop? Yes please. A whole boat load of awesome, and not the typical stuff you might be thinking – this stuff is really well thought out and deep giving fresh life to video game sagas in ways never seen before. If you’re any kind of gamer you owe it to yourself to check out Forever Famicom as well, an ode to the classic Nintendo era! If you are already familiar with Ran and K’s work then be sure to check out SkyBlew, one of the newest members of their crew who has been touring heavily with a unique sound introduced to the Mega Ran fanworld first in SkyBlew’s UNModern Life.

This new track is one of several works which will be released exclusively for members of the Bits and Rhymes Club who donate at least a buck to their cause, and it’s a good cause at that. The producer / emcee duo have nearly reached a goal which unlocks a totally new game-based album project with the community getting the ability to vote on which game gets brought to life. The reward tiers for this club are pretty intense too.

Here’s a list of some of what you can get:

  • Patron Level – $1 – Exclusive track not available anywhere else
  • Silver Level – $5 – Exclusive access to podcasts, music, and behind-the-scenes show (plus the above tier)
  • Gold Level – $10 – Exclusive access to full-length album downloads (plus the above tiers)
  • $25 – (Still Available) – CD mailed to you every month, hand signed, containing Exclusive instrumentals, podcasts, and more from that month (plus the above tiers)
  • $50 – (4 Slots Left) – Get your name / nickname mentioned in podcasts or tracks every month (plus the above tiers)
  • $75 – (Still Available) – Join monthly Google Hangout with Mega Ran, K Murdock, and the NPC Collective to have your voice heard in front of their audience and discuss social issues, music, video games, nerd culture, and more (plus the above tiers)
  • $100 – (Still Available) – Co-host The Manual LIVE or decide the topics of the show and pick what video game should inspire the monthly patreon exclusive track, get your name shouted out in the track (plus the above tiers)

(More Details HERE!)

Mega Ran and K Murdock are working hard to make this something they can do full time. With each passing increase in fan support, they have been successful again and again at extending how far this can go and how much they can do. As constantly working artists dedicated to that gamer life and supporting all of us as gamers no matter how we choose to walk our individual paths, it’s a great thing to see them giving back to the Fan Club with such great perks of being a member.

As always, if you cannot afford to partake there’s always the option of introducing a friend to their music and spreading the good word. But by all means, if you have the funds then every little bit helps the pursuit of intellectual hip hop at a high quality expressing what all of us gamers know in our hearts: that gaming is not just a hobby anymore it’s a work of art that has taught us so much.

Update – Preview of OUTRUN the SUN:

New Radio Station “The Lab” Hits #GTAVPC as Free DLC Produced by The Alchemist

The Lab Radio Station GTA V PC RealGamerNewz

Rockstar has announced today that “Welcome To Los Santos” is now available on iTunes from the creators of the game’s soundtrack and their extra music since they had more tracks than could fit into the game. The album will feature guest spots from Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y, Killer Mike, E-40 and more. In addition to being available on iTunes, the album is also available in-game for users of the Grand Theft Auto V PC Version (our review here) under the new radio station called “The Lab”.

In the following behind-the-scenes trailer, Alchemist and Oh No (the producers) as well as the artists on the piece will discuss what it was like working on the game, how they ended up with enough material to release the original soundtrack as well as expand on it over time throughout the PS4 / XO release and now the full blown addition of The Lab radio station / Welcome To Los Santos retail album christening the release of the PC Version, and their overall feelings towards the Grand Theft Auto franchise and games throughout history.

Hellblade (PS4 Exclusive) Developer Diary #9 Focuses On Music [HD 1080P]

Hellblade RealGamerNewz

The musical creative process behind Hellblade is said to have been a bit more of a focus than for most games. Some heavy rock music paired with abnormal sounds, futuristic / dark themes, and orchestral symphonic tunes are heard in the 9th developer diary of the upcoming title from Ninja Theory. For those not keeping up, Hellblade is a hack and slash / action title hitting the PlayStation 4 on a yet to be announced date.

The development studio has been taking an approach of providing the gaming community with plenty of dev diaries that way there’s no shortage of information with which to form accurate expectations of the final product (or so we hope, especially after The Order’s fiasco in which many felt misled). Check out Andy LaPlegua discussing his journey as an artist through working with Ninja Theory on Hellblade and hear some of the audio atmosphere. More information on the game will be on RealGamerNewz as it becomes available.

More Hellblade trailers and gameplay including the other dev diaries can be found here.

Mega Lo Mania: Director’s Cut – Movie Review

Mega-Lo Mania
In 2014 Chip-Hop emcee Random aka Mega Ran collaborated Hip-Hop Jazz Band “The Lo Classics” to conduct a three city tour and film a documentary around the tour as well as to discuss their humble beginnings the music industry. The result was Mega Lo Mania which is directed by Arizona Filmmaker Michael Cardoza was originally released last year as apart of one of Ran’s Kickstarter campaigns but now is planning to release the “Director’s Cut” on DVD as well as various streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and others. The Director’s Cut of Mega Lo Mania features over thirty minutes of footage cut from the original film and more celebrity cameos then you can hit with arm cannon including Murs, MC Front-A-Lot, Sammus Music, K-Murdock among so many others.

Mega-Lo-Mania Pic 1

The film begins with Ran discussing his rise to fame as MegaRan and how he discovered “The Lo Classics”. Ran then details how the put together their tour and what challenges they faced bridging his live performance with the LC’s live instrumentation. Ran also gives his fans and supporters equal amount of screen time as they share their stories with our Teacher, Rapper and Hero. The film also features tour footage of Ran and The LC performing live versions of Splash Woman, Best Friends and others. The pacing and editing of the film is smooth and keeps you interested throughout, you will never feel bored or lost in viewing this documentary. The only problem though is there where a couple of times in the film where certain stories of Ran and the band told again but from a different perspective in two different parts of the film which maybe the added footage but it doesn’t slow down the pace or enjoyment of the film. The film quality is on par with recent gaming related docs such as Indie game the movie, Video Games: The Movie, King of Kong, AVGN The Movie and others. There was a lot of love put into Mega Lo Maina and it shows on screen.

Mega-Lo-Mania Pic 2

Mega Ran And The Lo Classics are the chip-hop equivalent to Jay-Z and The Roots in mainstream rap. The energy that Mega Ran and the group puts into their music and their performances are inspiring to see on screen and its a real treat to watch if you were not there to witness it in person. Mega Ran is an amazing performer by himself and The Lo Classics takes his performance to another level. Mega Lo Mania is a the music documentary for those who never watched a music documentary as well as season vets who have experienced Jay-Z’s “Faded To Black”, Ice-T’s The Art Of Rap or MC Front-A-Lot’s “Nerdcore Rising”. If you haven’t already I recommend that you seen this film when it is re-released in June.

Mega-Lo-Mania Pic 3

Official Trailer:

Overall Score 9 / 10

RGN Rating : Platinum Film

Produced by Glasswork Media/ Random Beats Productions

Directed by Micheal Cardoza

Available Soon On: DVD, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Redbox

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this movie was provided to RealGamerNewz by the Artist for the purpose of this Review.

Visit and today

Today Only: FREE Mixtape, Mega Ran Music Discount && Worldwide Release Party Livestream

Mega Ran Presidents Day Sale Discount

Just a quick blurb to let everybody know about a great deal. One of the most talented and hard working Nerdcore artists of all time responsible for such works as MegaRan 9, Forever Famicom, Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata and of course the universally loved Final Fantasy VII: Black Materia (just to name a few) has issued a President’s Day Discount.

Right now you can get anything MegaRan’s ever released on for 25% Off. Use the code presidential (no capital letters or spaces or anything funky like that), at checkout. I personally have to recommend the new album Soul Veggies which released early last night in Boston featuring Storyville, will be available on tonight at midnight if you pre-order, and is the pair’s first full collaboration after many years of working together (detailed in the FREE Mixtape! ), hopefully of many to come.

MegaRan will also be streaming gameplay and global release party! So be sure to check that out in the video below or you can subscribe to him / come back to this page – whatever is easiest. Also, if you’re unable to grab that Soul Veggies on Bandcamp or just need it somewhere else, check out some of the alternative methods to support this artist below.

Soul Veggies Also Available On:

Tour Info by MegaRan himself:

“Next weekend I’m in ALASKA! here are those dates:

Feb 20 Gorilla Games, Anchorage 6pm
Feb 20 Bosco’s, Anchorage, 9PM

Feb 21 Bayview Pub, Sitka, 8PM

then after that, NEXT TOUR starts March 5 in NYC!”


MegaRan’s Worldwide Release Party Livestream (Goes live at 11PM PST AKA 2AM EST):

Killzown Interviews: Midwest MonStars – Part 1

Killzown Interviews - Midwest MonStars logo

Killzown Jones Sits down with the STL Rap Duo The Midwest Monstars for an interview you won’t forget. Check out the Midwest Monstars on Re-verb Nation & as well as their label Monstars Family. The group also have a facebook page for you to check out and like follow them on instagram @Midwest_Haze & @rawkizzie.

Source – djkillzownjones

GEEKLY PODCAST: The Podcast Everybody Knows, Like The Konami Codes #RealGamerMusic @MegaRan @Melwheezy

“Take it easy, it’s time to keep it GEEKLY, with DJedi, Tech Dre, and Melwheezy – SciFi to gaming, movies to comics, whatever your pleasure is they- they- they got it.” – Random AKA Mega Ran- Geekly Podcast Theme


Soul Veggies Breaks Top 25 Pre-Ordered Underground Hip Hop Albums

Mega Ran Announces Brick Records Deal Signed for Soul Veggies

If you haven’t heard yet, Soul Veggies has signed with Brick Records to present something fresh for hip hop heads around the world. With topics from the current state of hip hop to government surveillance, overcoming personal demons, and more, Soul Veggies opens with a casual and crisp introduction and takes you through solid tracks of quality that real musicians or passerby can equally appreciate.

Don’t miss this album. It’s already in the Top 25 Pre-Ordered Underground Hip Hop Albums on alongside acts such as announced today by MegaRan and features production from Storyville, Lost Perception, The Symphony, The Cymatiks, Wann Sklobi, Mike Paris, Kid Icki, DJ Seedless, and featuring verses from Random AKA MegaRan + Storyville (the Soul Veggies group, brand, logo, identity, movement, what have you), featuring Russel Tate, PT Starks, D.O.E. Boy, Laura Zahn, and Wise Intelligent (of Poor Righteous Teachers).

Pre-Order Available Here

“React” (abridged) (Full Version + Music Video Coming Soon):

LIKE on Facebook to UNLOCK Official Soul Veggies Music Videos

Behind The Scenes:

Tour Mixtape / Preview CD:

Twitch Gives Gamers Free Music, Plans to Livestream Deadmau5 Concerts

twitch music logo realgamernewz

Twitch Music Library is a selection of over 500 pieces that can be used as background music in any gameplay stream on Twitch with no fear of copyright issues happening. Some folks who have jumped in include Spinnin Records, OWSLA, Mad Decent, and Fool’s Gold. You can find all of this at Music.Twitch.TV right now.

In addition to these efforts to make that streaming life just a little bit easier, Twitch also announced they have plans to start their own internet radio stations beginning with Monstercat FM and hopefully evolving to see acts like Deadmau5 put on concerts / events which would be live-streamed on Twitch’s new Music Section. Indie and major artists alike are encouraged to get in touch with a Twitch representative today to begin talking about getting involved with these new venues.