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iRGN: Pre E3-2015 Podcast Part 2


Topics Include E3 2015 Rumors & Confirmations, Dishonored 2 Rumor, EA to show a new Battlefield (Rumor), More Fallout 4 Pre-Reveal Discussion, and a lot more coming up in the final show before E3 2015 begins. Thanks in advance for checking it out! Doge over and out…

This Podcast was originally broadcasted on Twitch.TV/realgamernewz.

Check us out for live podcasts on Wednesdays at 6PM EST (our normal schedule) and all through the E3 2015 while we’ll be doing spontaneous shows to supplement the articles you can find on our website. Enjoy!

iRGN Podcast – E3 2015 Predictions

RealGamerNewz - E3 2015 Predictions

The following podcast featuring Alos Tucker, J. T. Melanson, Tristan Werbe, and the crew over at covers a ton of E3 2015 discussions and predictions including the possibility of a new Fallout game, PlayStation Morpheus, Microsoft Hololens, and whether or not they will show up in the conferences, New IPs, RARE, Naughty Dog, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fatal Frame, Final Fantasy XV, FF7 HD Re-Release, Starfox / Metroid current development progress, Minecraft, Telltale Games, Scalebound, Black Ops 3, Phantom Dust, and many other titles wer also discussed. Take a listen and check out what we had to say and stay tuned to RGN this summer for all of the gaming explosiveness.

iRGN Podcast – Physical vs Digital Distribution

iRGN Episode 9 - RealGamerNewz Podcast

In the following podcast and RealGamerNewz discuss buying games on dvd / blu-ray discs versus buying them online through services like Steam, GOG, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. The ups and downs of DLC, free updates, bugs, and glitches are discussed with talks about the different types of games that are good and bad in the free to play genre as well.

This Podcast was originally broadcasted on Twitch.TV/realgamernewz.

Check us out for live podcasts on Wednesdays at 6PM EST.

iRGN #11: Repeats & Remakes – When Should Devs Just Leave A Franchise Alone?

iRGN Podcast

On the iRGN Podcast #11 we are joined by our buddies at and the topics include a Paid Mods Round Table Discussion about them being put on and then pulled off Steam, Konami’s Trouble and what it could mean long-term, as well as the culture of repeat franchises putting out the same stuff over and over again or remake franchises and when to leave it alone? When is enough, enough?

iRGN #10: The Many Side Effects of Consumer Abuse From AAA Publishers

iRGN Episode 9 - RealGamerNewz Podcast

In the following uncensored, unedited podcast (sorry if there’s any offensive bloopers I meant to edit out 🙂 it’s been a busy week!) RealGamerNewz discusses a bunch of heavy topics for about 45 minutes including Review Scores, Indie VS AAA Games, Console Gaming and it’s current state as well as its future, Used Games and their effect on the industry when weighed against their convenience to the consumer, and more. Some of the other topics we cover are including, but not limited to, the pre-order culture, the over-saturation of DLC in the industry and publishers removing content that was meant to be part of the full game just so they can sell it back to us as DLC, other forms of consumer abuse such as misleading marketing or false advertising, and the effects all of this is having on the growing distrust of major video game developers and publisher worldwide from their consumer-base.

The opinions expressed on this show are that of the speakers and may not represent their final thoughts as everyone is a growing, evolving human being with advancing viewpoints that change over time. They also may not represent the opinions of the rest of our staff. Enjoy responsibly. I don’t always publish podcasts, but when I do I normally go all out, feel free to disagree. And until next time… Keep it real, keep it gaming!

iRGN #9: This Generation Of Consoles Needs More Games, Now

iRGN Episode 9 - RealGamerNewz Podcast

In this episode of the iRGN Podcast RealGamerNewz and Shotgun Seat Productions speak on the current generation of consoles and how they are failing to live up to their promises in terms of offering fresh new AAA gaming experiences. Despite the best efforts of development studios under the wing of the majors, the indie scene is outshining the triple A development scene simply due to the amount of half-baked remasters and remakes which aren’t even worthy of the price tag associated with adopting “next-gen” into the home. Perhaps if major console titles weren’t being delayed, publishing firms hadn’t become so comfortable with the unreasonably long life cycle of last-gen, and the very real threat of PC Gaming taking over not been ignored then maybe things wouldn’t be this way. It’s still early in the generation though and there’s still time for things to turn around, which we adamantly hope they will. In the following Video Podcast we discuss ways that can occur and just exactly how we feel about the current environment in the 8th console generation.

iRGN Podcast #9:

iRGN Episode #8: Nintendo Club 2.0, DeNA Mobile Partnership, and Next-Gen Console

iRGN Episode 8 - Nintendo NX

Possible designs of next console from Nintendo are discussed by Tristan and Jon from RealGamerNewz as well as what the new Club Nintendo 2.0 (not final name) will likely be like now that the company has revealed their plans for developing on Windows PC, Smartphones, and Tablets in a partnership with DeNA as well as their plans for something they are currently calling Nintendo NX which will have a “totally new concept” according to Nintendo. We kept this one short and sweet since there isn’t much information available at this time, but if you want to hear all of the possibilities involved as well as all of the facts without bickering or bitterness that some folks are spreading through this announcement, check it out for yourself in today’s iRGN show. More information will be released on RGN as it becomes available.

Topics Discussed:

– Club Nintendo Replacement Announced (App Rewards)

– Nintendo NX Next-Gen Console Teased

– Nintendo Goes Mobile – Partnership w/ DeNA Detailed

Press Play Below to Watch iRGN #8:

iRGN Episode #7 w/ Replay With Doc Discussing VR Gaming, RealityTV, E3 2014, and More

iRGN Episode 7 - Replay with Doc

Being part of the game industry in many various ways, the Guest star of tonight’s iRGN Episode #7 is Doc from Replay With Doc who discusses everything from the far-end future to Reality TV Shows, E3 2014, indie gaming, and a lot more. We even got on a personal level with Doc and talked about Project Morpheus, the result of Facebook buying out Oculus Rift, as well as the industry’s freedom of speech coupled with inner conflicts within our community. Some of the more scrupulous morals of Reality TV Shows are discussed, and an interesting never-before-released Shows are discussed which Doc was a part of in addition to being on Sony’s The Tester, part of the Sony MVP Program, and representing gamers in other various ways. Take a listen and look below at the full show which is presented in high definition for your viewing pleasure.

iRGN Episode #6 w/ Ashen Rift Developer – Industry Discussion + Kickstarter Preview

iRGN Episode 6 - Ashen Rift

This Episode of the iRGN Podcast by RealGamerNewz will feature Barry Collins (the creator of Ashen Rift) as we discuss major issues in the industry such as the brutal job market, the indie development scene, indie devs doing their own PR with sometimes disastrous results, and a lot more heavy industry topics. We will also discuss Ashen Rift with the developer live on the air about this work in progress game.

Main Topics:

1. Special Guest: Ashen Rift developer Barry Collins Discusses His Work In Progress Game*
2. Should Indie Devs Avoid Doing Their Own PR?
3. Irrational Games + Santa Monica Studios Latest In Major Industry Layoffs
4. How Should An Indie Game Be Priced?

*For More Info On Ashen Rift Visit:

Alternative: MP3 Version Below:

Or Directly Download MP3 by Clicking Here.

iRGN Episode #5 – Go To Hell Dave, Modern Warfare 4 Needs Couch Co-Op

iRGN Episode 5 - Go To Hell Dave

In this episode of the iRGN Nex Gen Podcast we welcome Special Guest Alex Byrom from Falchion Games who opens up the show discussing their upcoming point and click adventure title (which is now greenlit on Steam) called Go To Hell Dave. Our newest contributor Nestor also jumps on with myself and Deputy Editor Tristan Werbe taking on the Hosting duties as we venture through industry topics spanning everything from the fate of our favorite genres, the possibility of Steam marketing itself to the console gaming crowd, Amazon entering the gaming business, and much more.

Below is a list of some of the topics we touched upon during this very lengthy, but very in-depth show.

– Go To Hell Dave the upcoming point and click adventure game for Steam by Falchion Games

– Nintendo Talk (NES Remix 2, Super Smash Bros. Wii U Characters, Monolith X Gameplay Analysis)

– Split Screen Co-Op : We Miss It!

– The Order 1886 = No Multiplayer, 30 Frames Per Second

– Infamous: Second Son Multiplayer Possibilities, or Impossibility?

– Amazon Entering Game Biz by Buying Double Helix Games, What’s Next?

– COD Discussion (MW4, Black Ops 3, 7 Dev Studios, 3 Years Per Game)

– The Fate of the FPS Genre and Why We Won’t Let It Go…

iRGN Episodic Content DLC #4

iRGN Podcast

  • Halo 2 Anniversary for Xbox ONE?, Halo 5 delayed
  • Nintendo Developing for Phones, Apps and Possibly Games
  • How will PlayStation Now change gaming? Will Microsoft and Nintendo create something similar?
  • XBL Gold Subscription required for MMO’s On Xbox
  • Xbox ONE TitanFall edition apparently does not have disc tray
  • Certain Japanese games becoming a laughing stock?
  • BioShock Infinite Season Pass a let down?
  • Should you get 2DS, 3DS, or 3DS XL?
  • The Four Swords Zelda Offering

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