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iRGN Podcast – Physical vs Digital Distribution

iRGN Episode 9 - RealGamerNewz Podcast

In the following podcast and RealGamerNewz discuss buying games on dvd / blu-ray discs versus buying them online through services like Steam, GOG, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. The ups and downs of DLC, free updates, bugs, and glitches are discussed with talks about the different types of games that are good and bad in the free to play genre as well.

This Podcast was originally broadcasted on Twitch.TV/realgamernewz.

Check us out for live podcasts on Wednesdays at 6PM EST.

RGN Daily News #82 – Nightly News Edition – LIVE Videocast

RGN Daily News - Default v3

While on the one hand it’s easier to release games to a large audience than ever, the flip side of that coin is that sometimes developers choose to purposely agitate the marketplace for sheer shock value. In the case of a game like Hatred, this becomes a fight for free speech as a professional development studio aims to re-imagine titles like Postal from the older years of video games. In other cases, you get completely amateur content that should only exist in a dark, undiscovered corner of the internet instead being presented to the masses through Steam and then reaching headlines and spotlight when it’s clear that not much more than a few passing thoughts were given to its inflammatory message and even its design.

We are talking about an actual game made just for the purpose of killing homosexuals. Yes, it exists. This isn’t a game with actual graphics and gameplay either, it’s a mockery of a game using slapped together MS Paint assets that were probably not licensed properly and exhibiting nothing but horrible game design rivalling that of the worst we’ve ever seen and quickly taking the throne. This game will be shown in the video and discussed before the daily news, since it’s a big thing we think needs to be discussed.

Such games are amateur hate pieces, and although the game industry shouldn’t censor work from professional development studios that have made a compelling, mature game (even Adult Only titles like Hatred), there needs to be a line drawn at some point to which games deserve a front-and-center spotlight to the masses through Steam and services like it. Spoiler Alert: this game isn’t one of them.

Some of the Topics Discussed Include:

  • When Does Free Speech Go Too Far & Become Abusive?
  • GOG Galaxy Launching Beta Software To Compete w/ Steam
  • The Witcher 3 Screenshots & New Trailer Released
  • 3D Realms Anthology on Steam Includes $130 worth of classic games like Duke Nukem 1, 2, 3D, and Manhattan Project for $39.99 and on sale for $29.99
  • Dead Island Franchise On Steam Sale 75% – 80% Off, Until Friday
  • EA Games Presents 2014 Earnings Call & New Info For Future

*This edition of RGN Daily News was broadcasted Live at

RGN Daily News #82 Videocast:

iRGN #11: Repeats & Remakes – When Should Devs Just Leave A Franchise Alone?

iRGN Podcast

On the iRGN Podcast #11 we are joined by our buddies at and the topics include a Paid Mods Round Table Discussion about them being put on and then pulled off Steam, Konami’s Trouble and what it could mean long-term, as well as the culture of repeat franchises putting out the same stuff over and over again or remake franchises and when to leave it alone? When is enough, enough?

iRGN #10: The Many Side Effects of Consumer Abuse From AAA Publishers

iRGN Episode 9 - RealGamerNewz Podcast

In the following uncensored, unedited podcast (sorry if there’s any offensive bloopers I meant to edit out 🙂 it’s been a busy week!) RealGamerNewz discusses a bunch of heavy topics for about 45 minutes including Review Scores, Indie VS AAA Games, Console Gaming and it’s current state as well as its future, Used Games and their effect on the industry when weighed against their convenience to the consumer, and more. Some of the other topics we cover are including, but not limited to, the pre-order culture, the over-saturation of DLC in the industry and publishers removing content that was meant to be part of the full game just so they can sell it back to us as DLC, other forms of consumer abuse such as misleading marketing or false advertising, and the effects all of this is having on the growing distrust of major video game developers and publisher worldwide from their consumer-base.

The opinions expressed on this show are that of the speakers and may not represent their final thoughts as everyone is a growing, evolving human being with advancing viewpoints that change over time. They also may not represent the opinions of the rest of our staff. Enjoy responsibly. I don’t always publish podcasts, but when I do I normally go all out, feel free to disagree. And until next time… Keep it real, keep it gaming!

RGN Daily News #81: Nightly News Edition

RGN Daily News 74 Large News Sites Trolling PlayStation Fans w Xbox Favoritism

A lot has happened today, between A New Witcher Gameplay Clip being released, Black Ops 3 Getting New Info, FFIV: The After Years being announced for Steam, Money for Mods being added to Steam, and Telltale Teaming Up w/ Marvel, this was truly an eventful day. That’s not all that happened though. You may have missed a lot of stuff. So here’s your Daily News breakdown of everything else that was big, today in written format and at night when everything is finally starting to slow down. First things first, any opinions I might express in this Daily News breakdown are mine and mine alone and may not reflect those of the rest of our staff – so bear that in mind. Now, let’s begin shall we?

MegaRan Drops a new Earth Day Music Single:

Crypt of the NecroDancer is out on Steam today with 20% Off and mini-documentary about it. It was revealed recently that you can also beat the game on New Game+ and New Game++ for extra soundtracks to unlock, which for this game, actually
makes a difference in gameplay as well. More Info Here!

Metal Gear Solid Online for MGS V: The Phantom Pain To Support 16 Players on Xbox ONE, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

Conker’s Big Reunion releasing on Project Spark for Xbox ONE and Windows PC tomorrow.

Axiom Verge will release on Steam May 14, 2015 and PS Vita at a later date.

Galactic Civilizations III will release on Steam May 14, 2015 and exit Early Access.

Will Fight For Food Gets A New Launch Trailer:

A Dev Diary for Zombie Vikings is Coming Friday

TOXIKK Developers defend their game and release a new update. The company has stated that their smaller active playerbase was part of their plans and that they don’t want the game to be too widely embraced until after Early Access since right now it’s all about balancing the game out with the expert players who jumped in first and that they believe those players would scare away others.

Bloober Team still trying to put together the pieces of Basement Crawl as they work on the free replacement for those who bought it, called Basement Brawl, or perhaps just “BRAWL” now. A Multiplayer Trailer has released showcasing the progress of those efforts. That trailer is below:

Unreal Engine 4 still doing Twitch livestreams and offering better, cheaper access to indie devs than ever before while also pushing the quality of the engine and ease of use to a new level.

Electronic Arts stock prices slowly climbing ever since Star Wars: Battlefront reveal, but not as quickly as investors would like as news of half of its potential players being unhappy and distrusting with the game emerges online.

Overlord – Codemasters announces Overlord: Fellowship of Evil
Info: 2015 Release, New Trailer, 4 Player Co-Op, almost MOBA style designed hack and slash gameplay, PS4, Xbox ONE, PC.
“See what the Internet has to say about it LIVE”

Black Ops 3 News – Hidden Snapchat Clues Let To Black Ops 3 Action Trailer Reveal, the year 2065 is the game’s setting, bionic cyborg soldiers confirmed, most likely an evolution over exo suits, gameplay reveal sunday, double xp and double weapon xp friday to monday on black ops 2.
Info: “In the next 50 years, technological advancements will lead us into a world where only those who risk going too far, will find out how far we can actually go….” Black Ops 3 trailer says, “Mankind’s greatest mistake will be the inability to control the technology it has created”
“You already know this is a hot topic, speak your mind on it too”

Square Enix Announces Press Conference Plans for E3 2015
Info: June 16, in LA or Live on Twitch with replay promised on YouTube, Kingdom Hearts III will be talked about, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy XV will also be at the show, as well as the largely controversial re-release of
Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 4 which simultaneously angered and excited fans when it was announced.
“Not much is known about the conference yet, but that won’t stop the world from forming an opinion about it”

New Mad Max Gameplay Trailer Reveals Further Details About The Upcoming Game:

Also, Earlier This Week: $5 spent within a Steam account now required for many actions such as adding friends or sending private messages to prevent spambots and hackbots running wild so often. free to play only players shouldn’t worry because free to play games pretty much contain their own friends and messages features anyways.

RGN Podcast: Should Gamers Pre-Order Star Wars: Battlefront & Trust DICE / EA ?

RGN Podcast Aug 9 2013

After the big kick-off with Star Wars Celebration’s Battlefront Reveal and today’s Battlefront Dev Diary many gamers are split into two groups; those who are foaming at the mouth and throwing their money at the screen versus those who are calling foul, b.s., or much less friendly words towards their screens in disbelief and perhaps jaded but justified distrust. In the following RealGamerNewz Podcast we sit down and discuss whether or not gamers should think about pre-ordering the game at this point, which is what EA Games is suggesting everyone get ready to do right now. We also speak about all of the details thus far that are known about the game to be certain, which it turns out is not very much information at this time. DICE and their history developing games is discussed as well as the legacy of the Battlefront series.

In this Podcast we brought on RGN contributors who share differing views but are both determined to eventually play this game to see it for themselves, and we have a peaceful discussion which often breaks down into a debate showing both sides. One thing’s for sure, the pressure is definitely on for DICE and EA to surpass the partially complete, leaked, and cancelled Battlefront III that LucasArts was developing. Take a listen to the show below, do the research yourself, and make up your own mind. Thanks in advance for listening!

MegaRan’s LIVE Gamer Podcast “The Manual” Presented by Gunnar Optiks

The Manual - MegaRan and K Murdock Podcast

Thursdays at 8PM Eastern K Murdock (Producer of Forever Famicom) and MegaRan (Hip Hop Artist of Final Fantasy VII: Black Materia) come together to speak on the week in gaming, video game-based hip hop news, and in addition to their opinions on the industry also provide a deeper look into the vibe behind the creation of their music while answering questions from the fans.

Last week, they answered questions about their favorite Final Fantasy titles and whether or not they’d ever consider going over to the dark side of PC Gaming since the pair are mainly on consoles currently. That produced some interesting discussion indeed. The only problem with The Manual is that I’m always forgetting to check it out at the right timing live, so what I did is I set an alarm on my phone to remind me. There’s a Dash Radio app as well for Android (and can be side-loaded onto Fire OS) plus the iOS AppStore if you’re into the iPhone craze still.

The Manual is hosted specifically on the Multiplayer Network channel within Dash Radio, presented by Gunnar Optiks. You can listen in from a desktop computer, laptop, or mac easily too. K Murdock and MegaRan do a good job of keeping a theme going with each segment of the show, and provide music that backs up that theme while discussing their thoughts at hand revolving around sometimes light, sometimes heavy, and usually fun topics that could make you laugh or make the day go by a little better. At the end of the day, we are all in it for the same thing and that’s gaming. So check them out if you get the chance.

The Manual on Dash Radio’s Multiplayer Network

The Manual – Show #30 by Neosonix on Mixcloud

RGN Week In Review – April 18, 2015 (A Totally New Format, Experimental Launch #1)

RGN Week In Review - Post Easter Hiatus

Hey RealGamerNewZ Fans! In case you didn’t get a chance to check us out this week, here’s all the best posts in one spot! As you know, we often do Podcasts at the end of the week, but not every week. So we are working on a new experimental system that will allow us to display the best News, Reviews, and other posts we had during the week while you were gone. This way, even if we don’t get a chance to Podcast about the Week In Review, there will still be a way to keep up with everything we’ve got going on in the form of a post. If the text below is gibberish or some kind of code error, please check back later!

This is the first time testing our new system. 🙂 Thanks in advance for being cool and understanding. Hope you’re all playing some amazing games, I just picked up H1Z1 on Steam and got my eye on DayZ Standalone – and I’ve been playing lots of GTA V on Steam as well as I Am Bread, Dirty Bomb, Halo: Spartan Strike, that Killing Floor 2 Beta, and I forget what else. Man, so much good stuff in gaming right now! The drought is over!!! And it’s only going to get crazier and crazier from here on out.

Some Recent News of the Week:

Some Recent Reviews of the Week:

Some Recent Articles of the Week:

Some RGN Daily Shows of the Week:

Some Videos of the Week:

RGN Daily News #80: A Bunch Of PlayStation 4 Game News You May Have Missed

RGN Daily 80 - PlayStation 4 Game News

While a bunch of cool indie and triple A stuff was going on today, a flurry of news, and our Review of The Escapists for Xbox ONE / PC / PS4, you have may have missed the fact that Sony dropped a ton of news on the PlayStation Blog. We jumped into a quick RGN Daily News Podcast for #80 today as we covered those announcements and spoke on the games we are currently playing this week. Here’s the sources to the information contained in the show as well below the video.

RGN Daily News Podcast #80:

RGN Daily News #79: Cities Skylines Reaches Over 1 Million Sales + More

RGN Daily 79 - Cities Skylines Sales

Guitar Hero is back!! (Reveal Trailer Here) and A New Monster Hunter is coming from Capcom. For today’s RGN Daily News you’ll have to forgive me as we return to the written format. I spent a good deal of the day catching up on ZzZ’s and now am back to work on a multitude of Reviews including GTA V on PC (Available Now through Steam for Windows) as well as Titan Souls which also launched today on PlayStation 4 as well as Vita and Windows PC and Mac OS X (Linux version coming later). There’s even a demo for Titan Souls on Steam as well. This is the calm before the storm ladies and gentleman and you can really feel the E3 Season begin to approach as new games are being announced and revealed. That Guitar Hero Live game from Activision must be somewhat important to them as well since they spammed every member of the Call of Duty consumer Newsletter with the announcement and even pinned it to the Call of Duty homepage today. In other news, Cities: Skylines has reached a well-deserved 1 Million Sales and climbing through Steam making Paradox Interactive one of the most beloved City Builder game publishers at this time in an era after the fallout of EA’s PR nightmare with the online-only rehash of SimCity which fell flat on its face. We will have our own Cities: Skylines Review coming up this week along with much, much more so be sure to stay tuned for that!

If you follow us on Twitter you may have noticed I was gaming today with the Community Manager of Nkidu Games Inc. and we were playing The Red Solstice a team-based strategic shooting game on Windows PC involving co-operation and survival against monstrous, vile enemies. Be on the lookout for more of that as we continue playing the game for our own coverage, a Single Player mode emerges soon for it, and we continue enjoying the interactive community surrounding the project who are admittedly a lot better at the game than me. Thanks for checking out the RGN Daily News #79 and bearing with us as we transition from the not-so-busy first months of the year into the heavy gaming circuit and aim to bring you coverage about the best indies, best AAA’s, and none of that generic boring stuff you don’t care about. Until next time, keep it real, and keep it gaming!!