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RGN Podcast: Should Gamers Pre-Order Star Wars: Battlefront & Trust DICE / EA ?

RGN Podcast Aug 9 2013

After the big kick-off with Star Wars Celebration’s Battlefront Reveal and today’s Battlefront Dev Diary many gamers are split into two groups; those who are foaming at the mouth and throwing their money at the screen versus those who are calling foul, b.s., or much less friendly words towards their screens in disbelief and perhaps jaded but justified distrust. In the following RealGamerNewz Podcast we sit down and discuss whether or not gamers should think about pre-ordering the game at this point, which is what EA Games is suggesting everyone get ready to do right now. We also speak about all of the details thus far that are known about the game to be certain, which it turns out is not very much information at this time. DICE and their history developing games is discussed as well as the legacy of the Battlefront series.

In this Podcast we brought on RGN contributors who share differing views but are both determined to eventually play this game to see it for themselves, and we have a peaceful discussion which often breaks down into a debate showing both sides. One thing’s for sure, the pressure is definitely on for DICE and EA to surpass the partially complete, leaked, and cancelled Battlefront III that LucasArts was developing. Take a listen to the show below, do the research yourself, and make up your own mind. Thanks in advance for listening!

MegaRan’s LIVE Gamer Podcast “The Manual” Presented by Gunnar Optiks

The Manual - MegaRan and K Murdock Podcast

Thursdays at 8PM Eastern K Murdock (Producer of Forever Famicom) and MegaRan (Hip Hop Artist of Final Fantasy VII: Black Materia) come together to speak on the week in gaming, video game-based hip hop news, and in addition to their opinions on the industry also provide a deeper look into the vibe behind the creation of their music while answering questions from the fans.

Last week, they answered questions about their favorite Final Fantasy titles and whether or not they’d ever consider going over to the dark side of PC Gaming since the pair are mainly on consoles currently. That produced some interesting discussion indeed. The only problem with The Manual is that I’m always forgetting to check it out at the right timing live, so what I did is I set an alarm on my phone to remind me. There’s a Dash Radio app as well for Android (and can be side-loaded onto Fire OS) plus the iOS AppStore if you’re into the iPhone craze still.

The Manual is hosted specifically on the Multiplayer Network channel within Dash Radio, presented by Gunnar Optiks. You can listen in from a desktop computer, laptop, or mac easily too. K Murdock and MegaRan do a good job of keeping a theme going with each segment of the show, and provide music that backs up that theme while discussing their thoughts at hand revolving around sometimes light, sometimes heavy, and usually fun topics that could make you laugh or make the day go by a little better. At the end of the day, we are all in it for the same thing and that’s gaming. So check them out if you get the chance.

The Manual on Dash Radio’s Multiplayer Network

The Manual – Show #30 by Neosonix on Mixcloud

Dangerously Smart Podcast: Season 2 Episode 8 – Mike’s Out

Dangerously Smart

Hey everyone, we apologize for the long wait on this one. 

This episode is more of a conversational one for us. This episode is the last one (at least for a while) that will have the entire crew in the same room. Mike has moved to California to make it big. There may be a few growing pains as we get used to doing the podcast a different way.
Until then though give your ears a treat with an all new episode to entertain and delight!

The Dangerously Smart Crew

iRGN #9: This Generation Of Consoles Needs More Games, Now

iRGN Episode 9 - RealGamerNewz Podcast

In this episode of the iRGN Podcast RealGamerNewz and Shotgun Seat Productions speak on the current generation of consoles and how they are failing to live up to their promises in terms of offering fresh new AAA gaming experiences. Despite the best efforts of development studios under the wing of the majors, the indie scene is outshining the triple A development scene simply due to the amount of half-baked remasters and remakes which aren’t even worthy of the price tag associated with adopting “next-gen” into the home. Perhaps if major console titles weren’t being delayed, publishing firms hadn’t become so comfortable with the unreasonably long life cycle of last-gen, and the very real threat of PC Gaming taking over not been ignored then maybe things wouldn’t be this way. It’s still early in the generation though and there’s still time for things to turn around, which we adamantly hope they will. In the following Video Podcast we discuss ways that can occur and just exactly how we feel about the current environment in the 8th console generation.

iRGN Podcast #9:

OnLive Bought Out By Sony Today

OnLive Bought Out By Sony 3

Rest In Peace OnLive, after being up and running for just 5 years everyone’s fears have now come true. Those who paid into the OnLive service will lose access to the game’s they’ve paid for on April 30, 2015 as Sony’s purchase of their infrastructure finalizes and the cloud game streaming service is shut down for good. We all saw this coming a mile away, for a long time now the company has been struggling and it’s a miracle they even survived long enough to be acquired by Sony. Hopefully this serves as a warning for those attempting to make massive profit margins off of cloud-based gaming, though we sincerely doubt that. As for Sony’s acquirement it is currently unclear exactly what they plan to do with the OnLive technology but we offer a few speculations as well as run down the details of this industry news event in today’s RGN Podcast.

RGN Video Podcast:

Fanboys Fall Back, Exclusives R Good 4 U

Xbox VS PlayStation - Fanboys - Exclusives

These days it seems everybody wants everything, and they want it on whatever console they happen to own. There seems to be a major backlash against exclusive games both from the majors as well as indie developers. What is sad though, is that many times a lack of quality content ends up being the result of the multiplatform obsession that the gaming community has thrust upon publishers and developers of all shapes and sizes.

In the following RGN Podcast we discuss just how we feel about console exclusives and address the age old excuse that gamers always throw up, claiming they cannot afford more than 1 platform to game on and that it’s simply not fair for some games to be available only on a different platform that they don’t own. Instead of catering to this victimized state of mind we have provided a compelling argument that will serve as the first part of a longer series of discussions aimed at proving the point of exclusive games being good for the industry as a creative force driving originality, innovation, and healthy competition causing the focus of development studios large and small on creating high quality video games we wouldn’t otherwise see in such a polished state / form. Surely not all multiplatform games are bad, but take a listen to what we had to say on this show and tell us you don’t agree that buying every halfway decent game just because it releases is a cheap cop-out compared to spending big on hardware then picking and choosing only excellent software to purchase for it.

RGN Video Podcast:

Are Video Games Better Than TV?

With the latest string of interactive work coming out of the video game industry rivaling television shows and film (more than just financially), Shotgun Seat Productions finally asks Are Video Games Better Than TV?

Video Podcast:

[Photo Credit] Giant Bomb at PAX Prime 2012 Telltale Games Booth

Illuminati In Gaming Episode #2: Freedom Under Attack Through Censorship

Illuminati In Gaming - RealGamerNetwork - Logo 1p0

Today’s Episode Includes Topics Such As: Hate speech being used in games and why the media makes it worse, censorship of the game industry and how it will be spread, developers trying to silence journalists they don’t agree with, and more.

Dangerously Smart Podcast #7 w/ Guest J. J. Hammond)

Dangerously Smart

Hey listeners! This is our first remote recording of the Dangerously Smart podcast!

So with this episode we covered the end of Internet Explorer, Nintendo’s future, Konami losing Kojima, a Mallrats sequel, a death in comics and getting some info from our guest about StL Tech Talk.

Video Version:

Please take some time to listen, enjoy and as always just have an amazing time!


The Dangerously Smart Crew


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iRGN Episode #8: Nintendo Club 2.0, DeNA Mobile Partnership, and Next-Gen Console

iRGN Episode 8 - Nintendo NX

Possible designs of next console from Nintendo are discussed by Tristan and Jon from RealGamerNewz as well as what the new Club Nintendo 2.0 (not final name) will likely be like now that the company has revealed their plans for developing on Windows PC, Smartphones, and Tablets in a partnership with DeNA as well as their plans for something they are currently calling Nintendo NX which will have a “totally new concept” according to Nintendo. We kept this one short and sweet since there isn’t much information available at this time, but if you want to hear all of the possibilities involved as well as all of the facts without bickering or bitterness that some folks are spreading through this announcement, check it out for yourself in today’s iRGN show. More information will be released on RGN as it becomes available.

Topics Discussed:

– Club Nintendo Replacement Announced (App Rewards)

– Nintendo NX Next-Gen Console Teased

– Nintendo Goes Mobile – Partnership w/ DeNA Detailed

Press Play Below to Watch iRGN #8:

Season 2 Episode 6 – Insert Dangerously Awesome Title Here

Dangerously Smart
Hey! Welcome back to the Dangerously Smart podcast!
This week we cover some awesome news about Apple helping you keep time for only a measly $10,000, go into Batman’s new M rating in the Arkham series, how creating a cartoon can gave a man 10 million dollars a year for life, and a host of other great news in the nerd world!
Thank you all for coming back to listen, comment and as always enjoy the Dangerously Smart podcast!


Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast Minisode #2 FGBG (For Gamers By Gamers)

Beatz N' Bitz Podcast Minisode #2

Today on the second Minisode Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast Killzown and Jon Iro Editor-In-Chief at the future of The Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast. The Beatz N’ Bitz Network, Lil Wayne, Titanfall 2, and more. Check out the podcast below and then keep up with Killzown on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+,  Youtube as well as


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