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Top 10 Final Fantasy RPG Games Of All Time

Final Fantasy Top 10 RPG Games of All Time - RealGamerNewZ

Happy Easter! Welcome to another RealGamerNewZ Top 10 List. This one comes near and dear to our hearts as we prepare a special meal and gather around telling tales of young and the old adventures throughout gaming’s vast universe. Today we will revisit some of our favorite games of all time, the gem of the Square Enix portfolio, and one of the top selling franchises of all time – Final Fantasy.

  1. Final Fantasy VI – PS3+Vita / *Super Nintendo – A realm perfected, a world of ruin, an evil empire, and an adventure of exploration with resilience in the face of adversity. The long lost and forbidden technology of Magic is finally explained to humankind, and its shameful secret revealed. Originally titled “Final Fantasy III” in the United States version, FF6 is a masterpiece that shows the peak design of the classic retro 2D JRPG genre and defines Final Fantasy mechanics as a franchise.
  • Noteworthy Features: Living Espers turn to Summons and Magic Artifacts that any character can learn spells from, Open World with much variety in locations made available through a steady storytelling process that gives the illusion of free roam. Airships and Gambling on to-the-death Battles in Coliseum are also featured. Memorable characters with well fleshed out identities coming together to play various roles in an evolving plot around the battle for ultimate power in a world under threat of being lost to madness.

2. Final Fantasy VII – Steam / PS4 / PS3+Vita – Open rebellion against a sinister rogue state engulfed in genetic engineering, a massive city floating above the sky and a vast overworld with hidden treasures abound. Memorable and universally acclaimed blockbuster of an experiment in disc-based classic retro 2D meets 3D JRPG genre FF7 is currently being remade into a modern day AAA experience, and the original is a must-play experience for turn-based RPG gaming fans.

  • Noteworthy Features: Materia Magic System, High Tech / Modern World Version of Final Fantasy is brought together by intriguing characters who each have their own weapons class of training and path of skills in addition to the Materia System. An entire subset of mini-games leads to a Gamers-style Casino suspended above a quicksand-filled jail.
  • There’s a massive overworld that slowly opens up to gamers across what was originally a 3 disc-campaign on the original Sony PlayStation and cinematic cut-scenes are introduced to the series while paired with exploratory scenes of 2D backgrounds and 3D models in addition to 3D battles taking place in ATB Turn-Based Combat.
  • This title told the tale that cemented Final Fantasy as a gamer’s go-to franchise for solid RPG gameplay systems and stories paired together, and the discovery of FF7 has also led many to retrace the series’ roots in search of gems from previous iterations.

3. Final Fantasy IV – *PlayStation Portable / *Super Nintendo – A time before time, where swords and kingdoms were a noble folk, mages and wizards were of confusion and mystery, and the secrets of the mystic creatures within and around the world made them that much more intriguing. Visit the moon, and reveal the secrets of the inner-earth in FF4, originally titled “Final Fantasy II” in the United States version, an incredibly well polished JRPG that can also be looked to as a defining moment for the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • Features: Guardians of the crystals, the redemption of a dark knight, towns and villages at the mercy of a kingdom and its overthrown ruler’s army, these are the backdrops for Final Fantasy IV. An incredible set of classic-inspired gameplay systems lead this story-based, combat-heavy turn based title by the original Squaresoft who also made FF7 and FF6.

4. Final Fantasy X – Vita / PS3 / PS4 – When we Sin, where does it go? What does it become? If it was all spiraling chaotically into a tsunami-breeding storm, would we stop and pay it attention then? Perhaps our Sin would simply wash over us again and again as we cling on, barely surviving, looking at the civilizations of ancient times left behind as wreckage for a foggy memory we attempt to remind ourselves of. Or is it all just a dream? Final Fantasy X brought the series to a higher graphical presentation while sacrificing some of its open world roots in exchange for a cinematic storytelling experience.

5. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – *PlayStation Portable – Another life, another time, the layer behind the story of the man we all looked to

6. Final Fantasy IX – PS3+Vita / Steam

7. Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII – *PlayStation 2

8. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – *Super Nintendo

9. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call – Nintendo 3DS

10. Final Fantasy V – PS3 / *Super Nintendo

Honorable Mentions: Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Tactics.




*Super Nintendo, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable titles are provided under the Bill Clinton Act of 1995 in which gamers who own a copy of the original game in physical format are allowed a 24 hour copy of the digital version (emulated) in order to provide backup playing in the event of a hardware failure on the original cartridge. You must own this game to play it.
**Where there are modern day re-releases or remakes that are of an acceptable quality, RGN has provided the link to purchase this game that way instead – however, some remakes of FF games have been deteriorating to the franchise due to the employment of mobile support for iOS and Android touch controls.

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