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Mega Ran’s E3 2015 Wrap Up

Random AKA Mega Ran Star Wars Battlefront E3 2015 RealGamerNewZ

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s E3 in Los Angeles for the fourth straight year, and this time, I was determined to make the most of it in ways I never had before.

I’m typically very impatient when it comes to waiting in lines, and I usually never understand the desire to do so, just to play games that will be available to the general public in a few months. But this time, there were a few blockbusters that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. So I decided to do whatever I could to play and see what all the fuss was about this year at E3. I broke them down into categories.

Ran’s Best of E3 (with hands-on time):

#1. Star Wars Battlefront

SWB was awesome. They allowed us to play 6 waves of co-op multiplayer, and in it, you’re a rebel soldier taking on waves of Stormtroopers and Walkers increasing in difficulty. You get to choose a pretty neat loadout in the beginning, including perks like personal shields and jet packs. I found it hard to aim and get headshots going, but I performed decently, making it to wave 5 before meeting my demise. I’m upset that this game isn’t going to have a single player story mode, but local multiplayer was a nice surprise and I can’t wait to get this one in November.

#2. Mad Max

WOW. It’s a combination of every game I’ve loved in the last 10 years: Shadow Of Mordor/Batman Arkham fighting mechanics meets GTA style open worlds and missions meets Twisted Metal car combat. Biggest surprise of the show in my eyes. The plot is independent of the movie but contains enough similarities to bring you right back to the awesome theater experience. I had no idea this game would be this good. Must buy.

Random AKA Mega Ran Mighty No 9 E3 2015 RealGamerNewZ

#3. Mighty No. 9

I had a meeting with Nick Yu of Comcept before I played the game, and he was so excited about showing it off. The game is being distributed by Square Enix, who had a HUGE display booth at E3. He couldn’t believe that his game, funded by a mere 4 million dollar budget, was on display on a huge screen, sandwiched between the new Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy titles, which both boast budgets well over 100 million. But onto the game, it’s fun and fast. Plays a little like Mega Man X, but not totally. Reminds me a lot of the Capcom remakes on PSN and Xbox live, like Strider and Bionic Commando. Much more than a Megaman clone, MN9 contains chain combo bonuses, fun dialogue and huge colorful bosses. Looking forward to more playtime in September.

#4. Street Fighter V

I wasn’t hugely into SF4, but I really enjoyed the few rounds I played on SF5. The new moves, combos and slightly slower gameplay was a welcome pace change from the last one. Seems to be a bit more detailed after a close look, but at first glance it looked just like the original. I got whooped pretty quickly, but I have to say I’m a fan of Birdie early on.

#5. Super Mario Maker

Nintendo stays winning. This is the most fun game I played on the show floor. All the characters and graphical styles of EVERY Mario game, fully selectable and customizable. I can see this game lasting for years, people will be creating their own levels and trading them online forever.

Random AKA Mega Ran The Last Guardian E3 2015 RealGamerNewZ

Best Games I Didn’t Play:

#1. Last Guardian/Horizon/Uncharted 4

Sony ran a 3 room extended demo of each of these games and I really enjoyed it. Super excited and it might be just enough to get me to cop a PS4 this year. Particularly impressed with Horizon.

#2. Halo 5

The lines were about 2 hours to play and I didn’t have that much time, so I watched some videos and it looked really cool. Saw a little 24 player multiplayer and that REALLY excited me. Can’t wait to grab that one.

Random AKA Mega Ran Fallout 4 E3 2015 RealGamerNewZ

E3 2015 Winners:

Bethesda – probably had the most packed booth. Fallout 4 plus the amazing Fallout Shelter iOS app.

Square Enix – Kingdom Hearts, scooping up Mighty No 9

Microsoft – Backward Compatibility, Recore, New Gears, Rare Replay, Minecraft Hololens…nice.

Sony – FF7, Shenmue 3, Uncharted, Horizon, and a whole lot more.

Random AKA Mega Ran Persona 5 E3 2015 RealGamerNewZ

E3 2015 Losers:

Nintendo – no Zelda, StarFox looks pretty much the same…but the puppets were cool.

Playstation Vita – no mention at all. Womp.

EA Sports – Madden looks pretty much the same, and why bother with NBA Live. But FIFA always comes through.

Overall, this might have been my favorite E3 in a while, good combination of great games coming soon, as well as really good stuff in the future to look forward to. Here’s to gaming.


Random AKA Mega Ran Mega Man Legacy Collection E3 2015 RealGamerNewZ


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Best Female Video Game Characters Of All Time

Best Female Characters Of All Time - RealGamerNewz

Something about the female form has always fascinated artists, but more than just their looks the characters I’ve chosen for this list have moving personalities with diverse and deep identities which are deep rooted in their rich oceans of personal experience.

This is a list of the all time best female characters in video game history. For the images, I used Cosplay rather than actual official images of the character from in-game. This was due to the character never getting their proper justice and their image being stuck back in time. For a better idea of who each character is and what they mean to my heart as a gamer, read the description under each image. I expect many people to say that I’ve left some out, but that’s probably because I have decided to forego the usual picks in favor of more meaningful choices.

These are well defined characters that have impact on the player rather than drawing from the player to define them. These women could stand alone for themselves without need for much speculation on their personality. That’s part of why these are the best of the best. Please feel free to comment your personal favorites and let me know who you think I missed though of course! I would love to see if there’s one I forgot  and also cherish among your personal faves. Below each picture is a link to the Cosplay Artist, the name of the character, and a description about my personal thoughts on that character, what video games they are from, and a slice of history from their life for those who don’t know them.

Terra Final Fantasy VI Cosplay RealGamerNewz

[Image Credit / Cosplay Artist: Weirdtakoyaki // Photographer: Jack Liu]

TERRA – Revolutionary, Spiritual, Hybrid Being

Terra Branford is part human being and part esper. In Final Fantasy VI, this means she is a part mystic being capable of magical powers beyond most human’s control. Her powers are used against her though will as she becomes a slave to the Empire run by Emperor Gestahl and Kefka. She was born of a loving couple from human and esper, but was stolen away at birth by the Empire amidst a war over power.

Mankind lost all technology and magic, but Terra’s struggle was only beginning. As the world was plunged into the abyss of starting from scratch again, eventually a new Industrial Age was born again under the very same Empire that was responsible for society’s collapse in the first place. Controlling forces took spirit beings and forcefully, brutally massacred them turning them into weaponized magic stones that gave the user any power possessed by those beings before they died – and in fact concentrated in an even more powerful form.

Terra reluctantly leads an entire army of heroes to the brink of the end of the world in an attempt to save it, but despite best efforts darkness falls upon mankind once again. After a major catastrophe, Terra must face a new world and fight for what is right once again. What I like most about Terra is that she is a very deep thinker.

One thing about this woman is that things don’t come easy for her. She often doubts herself and feels that she is not up to the task of leading The Returners against the Empire. She is horrified at the evil acts she has done when under the slave crown’s influence, burning men alive particularly. She struggles to come to grips with her newfound power as a Magic wielder and often feels weak and powerless against the immense odds she faces. As her transformation to Esper erratically rages on against her will, she begins to find strength in the friendships she holds and attempts to provide a greater hope for them all as she realizes they rely on her as a matriarch to their makeshift family of outcasts.

resident evil vicky redfield cosplay realgamernewz sexy gamer girl

[Image Credit / Cosplay Artist: Vicky Redfield]

CLAIRE Redfield – Deadly, Intelligent, Persistent

Claire Redfield can shoot the head off a zombie from across a crowded field without hitting a single bystander. She can also get to the bottom of any dark mystery she ends up a part of, albeit not without frustration and scraping the barrel for clues. Claire has always been a long time favorite for video game fans who have anything to do with the Resident Evil series. Her first appearance was in RE 2 and she’s basically the and I think we’re all going to be getting to see a lot more of her lately thanks to RE: Revelations 2 hitting and the REmakes (we are hoping for a part 2 and 3 to happen, so go out and support the Remastered version of part 1 for Capcom!) 🙂

Claire refers to her work as her “boyfriend” because that’s just the kind of up-beat, zombie murdering, politician exposing badass she really is. Her heart is a powerful beacon of positivity in a world full of blood, sin, and corruption. It’s dangerous enough dealing with zombies, but Claire comes face to face with the most highly kept secret mutations ever brought into vile existence by the Umbrella corporation and their fiendish partners.

G-Virus monsters in Resident Evil: Degeneration the Animated Film as well as Resident Evil 3 would have completely destroyed our best detective in the Resident Evil world if it wasn’t for her extreme ability to suppress her emotions and get the job done. Claire is who you want by your side (or controller) in a RE game and to tell the truth the RE games without her in it just aren’t the same!


[Image Credit / Cosplay Artist: Nemu013]

KITANA – Mysterious, Murderous

Kitana (MK series) One of the first female video game characters of the 16 bit era, Kitana is accompanied in the MK series by a long line of powerful and well storied women including Sindel, Mileena, Jade, and more. full name – video games shes in – history of her life – what i think about her : Kitana always had this aura about her like she was mysterious and deadly, a veteran of ninja assassin murdering, and yet a delicate rational human being still existed somewhere between the ruthless rage. You could tell beneath it all, Kitana was still aware of her spiritual side, that plus her prominence as a deadly killer in such an intense action game makes her one of the ultimate females in video game character history.

tifa ff7 cosplay by darktifastrife

[Image Credit / Cosplay Artist: DarkTifaStrife]

TIFA Lockhart – Pure, Strong

Tifa Lockhart first appeared in Final Fantasy VII but also stars in Advent Children, Dissidia, Itadaki Street, Kingdom Hearts II, and is available as DLC for LittleBigPlanet 2. Her life is almost as much of a blur as that of her childhood friend Cloud Strife’s. In her hometown Nibelheim, which was later burned to the ground, she suffered a lot of pain and suffering at the hands of Sephiroth and the ShinRa corporation. No matter what she went through though Tifa stayed the same person. Her strength allowed her to resist the hate within her and instead continue a path of righteousness while battling for the good of the planet with the insurgency group AVALANCHE.

Originally designed as a cheerful character, her depth and sorrow was emboldened as Tifa came closer to her goal of stopping the madness that had infected her life since the start. War and power struggles had ravaged everything she ever knew and taken many people away from her. She found a way to keep a smile on everyone’s face and though there was some resentment harbored inside for those who had done this to her, the spirit of her intentions never broke and neither did her focus.


[Cosplay Artist: Unknown (please help us give credit) // Discovered on GiantBomb]

CATE Archer – Clever, Adventurous

From No One Lives Forever 1 and 2, Cate Archer is one of my favorite playable characters in history. PC Gamers will remember that during the time of her fame the shooter genre was at its peak with excellent storytelling and gameplay fusing together for top quality experiences. Frustrated with being underappreciated Cate found excitement when she became wrapped up in the 60’s spy adventure of a lifetime.

Although Scottish in origin, her refined British-sounding accent made the wit of her dripping sarcasm melt in your ear lobe, but this woman was also very deadly. I can’t count how many clips of ammunition of exhausted as Cate Archer, but every so often I remember the days when PC games still ran on CD-ROM and NOLF 2 was in my stack of favorites. Cate Archer always treated danger as a drug that made her feel alive, and part of her greatest strength was her complete arrogance and confidence in herself which can easily be related to while gunning down terrorists by the dozen.

RealGamerNewz - Catherine Cosplay by Pamelacolnaghi

[Image Credit / Cosplay Artist: Pamelacolnaghi]

CATHERINE – Tempting, Devious

Catherine from the video game by the same name is one succubus that was easy to fall in love with. Even though she is pure evil there’s something ethereal and affectionate about her that can’t be resisted. Maybe it’s the escapist nature of her companionship offer to brisk you away from your physical existence and cut through all the difficult parts of life to simply spend time with a delicious demon that absorbs you into her fiery, burning passion. She has brought many men down the path of self-destruction, and I can see why. It’s not because of her looks, or her cutesy voice, but instead the attitude she puts forth and the fun-loving nature she exhibits. It’s a shame that she’s just delivering a rouse for her own selfish plots. Beware if you cross paths with Catherine, it may be your undoing.

rikku ff7 cosplay artist jessica nigri

[Image Credit / Cosplay Artist: Jessica Nigri // Photographer: Martin Wong]

RIKKU – Kind, Teacher, Savior

Final Fantasy X’s Rikku of the Al Bhed – She spoke a foreign language, she was nice to you, she came from the heart at all times, and had a clear purpose to her actions. Rikku was such a well defined character she belonged in a Hollywood film and she’s one of the characters who helped bring realism to the gaming world. What’s not to love? Rikku always has your back, she’s always a friend to the people around her. She stands up for peace, what’s right, and the survival of others. Often times I felt that the crew she ran with would have been better off if they’d listened to Rikku more often.

Her mastery of technology is undeniable, and choosing to always use this power for good was an inspiring and impressive attitude to have even in the face of uncertainty. Probably one of her less noticeable features is that Rikku is an excellent judge of character. She knew to question the authority of the Maester Seymour Guado before anyone else, and she knew that Tidus although naive and foolish was a good person who could be trusted immediately upon sight. As time goes on she shares her insights openly and gives the knowledge of Al Bhed technology away to her allies as they earn from her one piece at a time. She’s saved the lives of her friends more than once and doesn’t keep track, it’s just what she does. Rikku is a hero and highly underrated female character in gaming.


[Image Credit / Cosplay Artist: CyberLight Cosplay AKA Light]

LIGHTNING – Fiery, Exacting, Efficient, Relentless

At first I didn’t like her because of her cold off-putting attitude against everyone else, but over time the things she was afraid of started happening. Events beyond her control put those she love in direct dangers spawning evil that took 3 games to quell completely. Lightning is stable, consistently angry, and she is viscous. She doesn’t care anymore about the pretense of feelings and simple is after achieving the mission. In a lot of ways, this is the ultimate Final Fantasy warrior archetype we’ve seen before with characters such as Cloud or Cecil.

Lightning does things with a bit more grace and a bit more anger, adding even more edge to this strong list of leading ladies. No matter what, she never gave up. Her mindset was to see through any fairy tale versions of reality and get to the bottom of issues which she would then deal with swiftly. If only everyone else around her had listened to her concerns the first time around, things wouldn’t have gone the way they did for her sister. It’s almost a tragedy how misunderstood Lightning is, even I didn’t get her at first. Now it is clear to see Lightning is an absolutely intelligent and powerful woman who knows what she’s talking about and simply has no time for subtleties.

Celes - Final Fantasy VI - Cosplay Artist - Heidi Cosplay Kitten

[Image Credit / Cosplay Artist: Heidi AKA Cosplay Kitten]

CELES Chere – Independent, Fearless, Conflicted

Wait a minute, I almost forgot Celes !!

Once a General of the most powerful army in the world, Celes is wrongly named as a spy and given a prompt fall from grace as the ease of her life in power is stripped by the Empire she spent her whole life serving. This gives enough motivation for her to join The Returners in their quest against the evil actions of the Empire, but it doesn’t cause her to abandon her own thoughts on self-preservation and self-realization. She isn’t shocked by her ability to use magic in the way Terra Branford was, and instead is very comfortable with her abilities as a Knight of mysterious power. After all, she was born powerful, not suddenly gaining her abilities overnight. She’s a high class warrior who struggles to find her place in the world after being ejected from the throne.

Her decision making process is all internal, she’s not easily won over by the logic of others but instead is very capable of examining a situation herself and making judgement calls on her own. I admire the way in which she faces life without shedding a tear very often or worrying much at all. Of course, she’s only human, and conflicted emotions are the plague of those who can see multiple points of view. There are times when she needs to walk away and get deep reflection.

Being somewhat old fashioned in her approach, Celes doesn’t always understand the delicate and careful plotting / planning of her rebel partners The Returners. Favoring a direct military path she finds herself most at home when flat out war is at hand. You can take the girl out of the Empire but you can’t take the Empire out of the girl I guess.

Celes is a fascinating Final Fantasy character. Even more so than Terra. But Terra is just so iconic. Esper hybrid, so badass and such a deep thinker that she’s also often lost off in her own little world. I can so relate to them both, well not to the flaking out part but I’m definitely an Esper Hybrid! Probably.

One more of Terra below for good measure:

Terra Final Fantasy 6 RealGamerNewz

[Image Credit: Final Fantasy VI Fan Art // By Unknown, Found HERE]

What does everyone else think about this?

There’s more amazing female characters in the world of video games, these are some of my own favorites and rather than picking up the obvious ones made famous by popularity, I decided to go with those who made an impact on me personally throughout my time in games. If you have personal picks that are from lesser known games that you guys think I may have missed out on, let me know, who do you think are the best female video game characters of all time?

Editor’s Note: This piece is an Opinion Article and may / may not represent the views of RGN Staff or Audience. Feel free to disagree and / or comment below.

Top 3 Ways GameStop Can Win Back Gamers’ Trust

RealGamerNewz - Top 3 Ways Gamestop Can Win Back Gamers Trust

I’ve had times in my life where I’ve gone hard against brands I disagree with, but perhaps I’ve gone too far because I saw unfulfilled potential and missed opportunities. I’m here today to provide what is hopefully much more valuable feedback and constructive criticism about one brand in particular. GameStop is the bane of many gamers’ existence, but it doesn’t have to be – and it wasn’t always this way. In my opinion the following three points are areas where GameStop needs to show improvement in order to win gamers back, and I genuinely hope that they do.

Number One: Stop telling people to pre-order games. This might sound like a really small thing but is actually the number one complaint that gamers have against GameStop. Believe it or not, this one small and simple change in wording could provide a huge impact on making people love the in-store GameStop experience again. Gamers feel like when they’re told what to pre-order they’re being forced into decisions that they’re not ready to make yet. Even worse, if the game disappoints them later, instead of blaming themselves for the purchase, they will blame GameStop.

Simply let people buy whatever they want to buy. Modern video game consumers are still going to pre-order games even without being harassed and have already educated themselves in most cases as to what they think deserves that risk. Maybe instead get to know them as individuals and be a better salesman by finding out their wants and needs and cultivating a friendship. Ask them what they like in a different way that is not so pushy and try asking what genres they like without immediately pushing for a pre-order the same day. This could be a way to open up conversations. Many people who still shop at GameStop say that they enjoy these types of conversations, but do not enjoy the pressure of the constant pre-order requests every visit at the check out line.

Gamestop RealGamerNewz Used Games

Number Two: Stop selling used games for so much money. What’s the point of buying a game used if you’re only going to save $5 or $10? Of course we understand that GameStop needs to survive as a business, but if they want to do that then they need to also understand that they’re competing with Amazon and eBay a lot more these days than they used to be. They also need to understand that gamers are aware buying used might not directly support their favorite publisher / developer, so a great bargain will go a long way to keep GameStop from losing that much needed profit margin with used game sales.

Number Three: Stop selling used games as new copies. Many GameStops open up games that haven’t been used yet to allow employees to play them. This is a great benefit for employees who work at GameStop, but it’s not okay for GameStop to sell these at the new game price. Just because a game is in great condition doesn’t mean that it is a new copy. If someone has taken it home and used it already and broken the plastic wrapping on the original case GameStop should not be allowed to sell that to gamers at new game price without the seal and act like it’s okay.

There are even extreme cases where GameStop has done this with very rare games sometimes resulting in driving up the price above $60 (such as when highly anticipated Action RPG Xenoblade Chronicles from development studio Monolith Soft was first released for the Nintendo Wii with an exclusive distribution agreement that saw the game only available in GameStop stores.) This caused a huge ripple throughout the gaming community, cost GameStop to lose a lot of their remaining reputation among skeptics, and overall left many gamers feeling upset or even betrayed.

There are many more ways in which GameStop could improve but before listing those I would like to see the company take an actionable interest in solving these three first. Only then will I be able to confidently provide more feedback and begin to take them seriously as a company again as well as feel like I’m being taken seriously as a consumer of video games. I’m not the only one who feels this way and hopefully they still care about what real gamers have to say.

Disclosure: The author of this article worked for Amazon on a confidential project during a six-month contract which was completed as scheduled.

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this article are that of the author and may / may not represent views of the rest of RGN Staff / our audience. This article will not be removed and all takedown requests will be ignored.

Interview with Writer of Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Derek Padula

derek padula author photograph

The pilot episode of Robot Underdog’s new live action Dragon Ball Z web series Light of Hope was released on Tuesday. The episode has been a smash hit so far with most Dragon Ball Z fans having nothing but good things to say about it. At the time of this writing, the episode already has 1.8 million views and is climbing fast. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Derek Padula, the writer of Light of Hope, to talk about his work on the episode.

Haven’t seen it yet? You can watch the 13 minute episode on YouTube here:

Also a shameless plug before we jump into the interview, if you’re a DBZ fan and like online role-playing be sure to check out my online RPG: It’s been running since June 2000 and is currently the most active play-by-post RPG in the genre.

Alex: So how did you come to be the writer for Light of Hope?

Derek: I was approached by Robot Underdog in late 2013 because they wanted to create a live-action Dragon Ball Z series and weren’t happy with their current script. They found me online and felt I’d be a good match, since I’m the world’s only professional Dragon Ball scholar, at The Dao of Dragon Ball.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should do it, because Dragon Ball Z has never been done properly in live-action before, and it’s a difficult project to achieve. Most consider it impossible. But I thought, “What would Goku do?” The answer was that he’d see the challenge as an opportunity to improve himself. So I said yes.

I rewrote the script from scratch, and penned all three episodes in about a week. I had never written a screenplay before, but the idea’s appeared in my mind while I was meditating, in inspiration. I know these characters so well that it was easy to write natural scenarios, and I believe, fitting dialogue that rings true to who they are.

That makes it sound easy, but writing a Dragon Ball Z project is extremely difficult. It requires decades of fandom to truly understand these characters. You have to watch every single episode countless times, read all the manga, and study these characters until they feel real to you. Then, you have to somehow express that on a page, and show them in contrast to one another. That’s a challenge unto itself, but then to bring it to the screen with real people? That takes a lot of hard work, determination, and sacrifice. It’s why people say it can’t be done. But I feel like we did it, and the fans agree.

Alex: The pilot episode surpassed a million views on YouTube in just the first day alone. Were you expecting such a massive reception?

Derek: No, but I am glad to see that result. We missed our projected release date by a full day because of technical errors with the sound, so I wasn’t sure how that would affect the reception. But the fans have spoken, and they feel it’s worth sharing. I think the reason why is three-fold.

The first reason is because of the common conception that Dragon Ball Z just cannot be done properly with real people. This was established by Dragon Ball Evolution and the other fans who have attempted such a project, to different degrees of success. So we had to go above and beyond and really show that it is possible. This was achieved through the right balance of martial arts choreography, special effects, and costuming, along with a genuine and original story, instead of just doing a shot-for-shot recreation of a trailer. We had to walk the line between anime and reality, and I think we succeeded.

The second reason is that we stayed true to the source material. Dragon Ball Z fans across the world can see from our work that we’re also fans. The quality speaks for itself, so they want to share it.

The third reason is that it touches a part of their hearts, reminding them of their youth, and just why Dragon Ball Z is such a powerful force in their lives. Fans have said to me that Light of Hope moved them to tears. The high amount of views is nice, but I wrote this to touch people’s hearts and inspire them to tap into their potential. When I hear from fans that it made them cry tears of joy, it’s the greatest reward.

Interview with Writer of Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Derek Padula 2

Alex: What made you guys decide on doing The History of Trunks in live action as opposed to some other story arc?

Derek: The History of Trunks is the most realistic arc in the Dragon Ball Z story. There are no aliens, talking pigs, or magical dragons. It’s just three humans against two pseudo-humans. So even though it’s still extremely difficult to do well, it’s the most achievable.

The other factor is that it’s an emotional story, it’s self-contained, and it has a darker tone that appeals to a modern audience. So we felt this would be a good one to start with.

Alex: Fan reception thus far has been almost all positive. What were some of the challenges that you had to overcome to make live action DBZ work as compared to Dragon Ball: Evolution which pretty much everybody hated?

Derek: If the Hollywood executives had bothered to watch or read Dragon Ball, then they would’ve realized they were on the wrong track from the beginning with their adaptation. If you don’t stay true to the source material, you’re doomed. Did they not bother to ask themselves why Dragon Ball is so popular? It’s because of the writing of Akira Toriyama, the characters, the conflicts, the deeper message that’s inherent in the series. 20th Century Fox took everything that’s great about Dragon Ball and threw it in the trash.

In contrast, everyone at Robot Underdog, the actors, crew, and myself, have been devoted fans of the series since we were kids, so we stay true to the source material. True fans can see the details, from the color of the Androids’ eyes, the way Bulma foreshadows that she’s working on the time machine, how Gohan jokes about Trunks’ dad having pride, the mentor to disciple relationship, the Super Saiyan transformation, the list goes on. There are so many details to get right, and we tried the best we could with the budget and time that we had available. With more than $10,000, it could have been even better. So if your readers want to see an Episode 2, please donate to

Alex: How is a fight scene created? The choreography and pacing of every shot really makes them stand out.

Derek: The fight choreography is done by a talented group of martial artists and stuntmen called Creative Action Development (, led by Tim Storms, in collaboration with Lohan Buson, founder of Z-Team films ( Here’s a couple behind the scenes videos that you can watch that go into the details:, and

I write every aspect of the scenarios, the environments, and all of the dialogue, but for the intricacies of the fight, I leave it to the professionals. What I do is set up the key moments for them to follow. For example, such as when Gohan prepares to fire the kamehameha, and it gets negated, followed by his transformation. Then they fight for a while, and that’s all done by the other team members. This is followed by the fight between Trunks and 18, which I also set up, but they choreograph. Then the moment where Gohan head butts 17 in the face, shoots into the ground to create a dust cloud, saves Trunks’ life, and they fly away. I write that into the script, but they make it real.

So I set up the pivotal moments in the timeline, and then the professional’s add their awesomeness to it. At that point in the script I write, “Insert awesome fight scene.” And then they do!

Interview with Writer of Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Derek Padula 3

Alex: Aren’t you actually a martial artist in real life?

Derek: Yes, I trained in Shàolín gōngfu for several years, along with Tàijí-quán and sparring. Then I studied abroad in Beijing, China and trained with a Shàolín monk and Tàijí sword master. At the same time, in 2003, I started practicing Fǎlún Dàfǎ meditation. And that’s what led to a much better understanding of East Asian culture, because I had to actually put the principles into practice and become a better person.

The martial arts are not about fighting. They’re about improving your character. This aligns itself with the concepts in Dragon Ball, where the characters are always trying to reach the next level. So that’s when I started to see the parallels, and began writing my book series, The Dao of Dragon Ball (

The idea I want to express in Light of Hope is that they’re fighting for a reason. Gohan and Trunks would prefer not to fight at all. But it’s the only way they know how to keep everyone alive, and they’re fighting for a hope that maybe, if they work hard enough, they can change their future.

Alex: Where was the episode filmed?

Derek: In Los Angeles, in a mountain setting just outside of the city. There were also some scenes shot indoors, but we tried not to show the specific locations in order to maintain the believability of that world. So I don’t know where they are in real life.

That said, I can tell you that the Capsule Corporation headquarters is located on the same cliff face as Tony Starks’ mansion in the Iron Man films.

Alex: Who is your favorite DBZ character?

Derek: Goku. He inspires me to rise higher and to endure. He’s always focused on what is most important in life, takes the world lightly, and is pure-hearted. Great inborn quality, excellent enlightenment quality, and a heart of great forbearance. He’s an ideal to strive for.

Of course, his eating habits…

Interview with Writer of Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Derek Padula 4

Alex: Tell me a little bit about your books.

Derek: The Dao of Dragon Ball books reveal the true culture of Dragon Ball. They help you better understand your favorite series, and in turn, yourself. I use them as the vehicle to explain higher concepts, such as the energy that they fire out of their hands, the supernormal powers, reincarnation, multiple dimensions, and the East Asian answer to the meaning of life.

At the same time, the books also reveal the origin of the Dragon Ball series, giving you the first unofficial biography of Akira Toriyama that has ever been written. The books are filled with thousands of detailed facts that I’ve spent 12 years researching, compiling, and transmitting back to you in a way that’s easy to understand. I do this work upfront so that you can just sit back and enjoy your adventure with Goku.

If you think you know everything about Dragon Ball, then these books are for you. They’ll show you more about Dragon Ball, and yourself, than you ever thought was possible.

Alex: As a Dragon Ball scholar, why do you think Future Gohan wasn’t strong enough to defeat the androids? I mean the dude had been training/fighting for thirteen years!

Derek: There is no official answer, so it’s something a lot of fans wonder about.

I believe it has to do with his struggling to survive, rather than a quest for power. Trunks on the other hand, is the son of Vegeta, and believes that more power is the only solution. Gohan doesn’t have a master who pushes him harder, so he’s doing enough to make a difference in the world, while still growing in strength with each battle. But without a master or being forced to near-death situations, he can’t reach the next level.

A longer answer involves a lot of speculation about the effect Trunks has on the main timeline after he goes back in time to save Goku. This leads to a butterfly effect that causes the Androids in one timeline to be stronger than the other. It’s complicated and would require a long time to explain. There are a lot of DBZ forums that discuss it to death, back and forth.

So instead I’ll just say that the Androids in the future timeline are so strong that Gohan can’t catch up to them, even after all those years of fighting. When he’s a Super Saiyan he can go toe-to-toe with one of them at a time, but when they gang up, well… You’ll have to see what happens in Episode 2.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered Steam Review

David Cage RealGamerNewz GeekEssentials Heavy Rain Review

Indigo Prophecy is a game coming out of the Xbox original lineup of games that were very forgettable. Why this game was remastered is mind boggling. The story revolves around Lucas, a man who was possessed by a spirit that is trying to destroy the world… really original right? In fact that sounds very familiar. The game also has another character Carla. Lucas the main protagonist is involved around a conspiracy of the Indigo Child. Now let’s get onto the gameplay shall we? The gameplay is archaic, almost tank-style control themes that are very hard to control. The prompt system is based on a Simon-says style game and moving the right stick up and down to make decisions.

In essence, Quantic Dream had zero reason to give this game a remaster. It was forgettable in 2005 and it’s forgettable now in 2015. The story was lifted from a book named The Invisibles by Grant Morrison where a special prophecy child needs protection to save the world. If you don’t understand how bad this looks for the gaming industry to have a game that was ripped off from a famous book receive high praise and recognition as being creative, then you need look no further than the recent explosion of drama around ethics.

farenheit indigo

The gull of Quantic Dream that they have the nerve to call this game original is baffling, bewildering, and belligerent. The prompts are strange to control, the gameplay has horrible movement, and Quantic Dream alongside their Steam Remaster team Aspyr have shown a distinct lack of even understanding what modern gameplay was in 2005, is in 2015, and should have been to begin with when this game was first being developed as an early concept.

The music in the game is pretty passable for the time and the plot of the story it makes sense but what I fail to understand is the fact that a story based game has Extra lives. This game is basically a movie script turned into a game but they put the common video game feel to it. It makes Zero sense. The graphics to this game are very good and that’s all I really can say that is truly positive, The opening scene to this game looks stunning even for a game made in 2005, Other than that when you start up Indigo you will see what I am talking about, and Ten dollars is not worth the price of admission to the opening scene you can find on YouTube.

indigo prophecy quantic dream atari realgamernewz

To call this a video game in any sense is kind-of a joke at the end of the day.

Final Verdict:

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is a failed movie plot based on a plagiarized work lifted off of a book published well before this game was even a glimmer in its maker’s eye that got thrown to the failing Atari in the late 2005. Somebody somewhere thought it was good idea to put this out. Normally a video game this low of quality would have been dead on arrival but market conditions as well as some marketing power from high level companies made this into a poster child for indie-gone-major games.

Should you buy this game? Not at the price point they are offering it at, Ten dollars is a bit much for this game to even be considered even by someone who is interested.

Look, it’s not a bad game because it doesn’t work it’s a bad game because it’s so high minded of itself but fails to deliver an enjoyable entertainment experience to most demographics of people who would be willing to try it such as gamers, film fans, etc.. Developers of this game should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking of putting this game on the market a first time, I have zero clue why they thought we wanted seconds. The industry has been giving Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy a whole lot of credit that it doesn’t deserve.

Official Trailer:

GeekEssentials Video Review:

Overall Score: 4 / 10

RGN Rating : Below Bronze

Developer: Quantic Dream (Additional work by Aspyr)

Publisher: Atari (original) Aspyr (Remastered Version)

Available On: Windows PC | Linux | Mac OS X | SteamOS

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was purchased by GeekEssentials for the purpose of this Review.

Written by Nicky Santoro of GeekEssentials for RealGamerNewz

Opinion Piece: Nintendo just doesn’t “get it”, do they?

Nintendo Procrastination RealGamerNewz Parody

Hi everyone, it’s been forever in a day since I’ve written something for any gaming website, and let me tell you it’s been quite an experience. I’ve been incredibly busy with college and for a time I was working almost full-time hours as well. That said, I’m in my second semester back at college again as of this writing and I have to say it feels damn good to be moving my life forward, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have much to say when it comes to a certain company we all love but also love to hate at the same time, I am referring to Nintendo, the genesis of all modern day gaming. You gotta love Nintendo, they’re a lightning rod for controversy and of course for scorn within the gaming community these days; but they are also known for making some of the best damn games on the face of this planet hands down!

First off, let me start with a disclaimer. I do love Nintendo; I love all the games from them that I own for their systems. Anyone who’s anyone knows I get hyped about a new Smash, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Mario, etc. My 3DS and Wii U have seen a ton of gameplay between the two and anytime I hear about them announcing new games, I’m always looking forward to finding out more about them. Also, I am well aware I don’t represent the views of everyone at RGN; or of all Nintendo fans either. So why am I writing this article?

Well, there are some things that need to be said about their business practices during the last 8 or so years. They have some serious issues that we all know about; the disaster that followed a strong launch of the Wii U in the US is just the tip of this proverbial iceberg. I sincerely believe that this goes way back to when the Wii was still flourishing, kicking ass and taking names and it starts with the lackadaisical attitude they began to have regarding localization of titles that people would’ve paid damn good money for to obtain, but couldn’t due to…well, you know, not releasing these games in the respective regions of the world.

It calls back to 2007/2008 in particular when Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse was being produced. A lot of us were genuinely excited about it, finally what became my favorite survival horror franchise was being continued and it was looking great too I might add. Localization was definitely in the works, and rumors began to spread that the game was going to hit the US/EU. Then out of the blue, it was announced that the localization for the title was being shuttered, as in cancelled. To say me and others were angry about this would be an understatement. For a brief time I actually considered selling my Wii and if it weren’t for Metroid Prime Trilogy among other titles, I would’ve done so.

An image from Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse – a title that unfortunately never saw the light of day outside Japan.

It only continued to get worse from there, games like Disaster: Day of Crisis ended up not seeing the light of day in the US, yet again rumours spread that it was because Reggie Fils-Aime; current COO of Nintendo of America declaring the game to be “crap” that led to the cancellation of the title. I’m sorry but if this is true, then this is absurd, you don’t cancel a North American release just because the COO calls a game “crap”, what’s crap to him could be gold to another person. If it were me, I would’ve released it in North America anyway.

Another Code: R for the Wii also never saw the light of day in the US even though its predecessor Trace Memory for the DS did. Yet Another Code: R saw the light of day in Europe. Anyone else noticing a trend? Because I am, and it’s going in a negative direction, pointing the finger of blame squarely at Nintendo of America and possibly NCL too, both parties are guilty as charged. It doesn’t even end there either, oh no, it gets even worse.

We almost didn’t get this amazing game, along with two other titles.

You see, this all culminated with Operation Rainfall and their awesome efforts to push Nintendo of America to release Xenoblade Chronicles in the US. It was a massive success, and the title ended up selling the best in the US, the same goes with the Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, though the remaining two games were only released in the US thanks to XSEED Games. I do not believe Nintendo of America deserves credit for them as it was XSEED that stepped up to the plate for the last two games. Without XSEED’s efforts, chances are we would’ve been denied these games as well, just like we here in North America were stupidly denied the Fatal Frame 2 remake (which Operation Zero valiantly tried to campaign for) while in a hilarious twist of irony Europe never got Kirby Dream Collection. Gee, one would think if Nintendo truly wanted our money, they’d release both games in both territories, right? Guess what? They didn’t.

Sales charts proving that Nintendo games sell the best in the US. Slightly dated but you get the picture.

Ultimately, the end of the Wii’s lifespan was a hot mess. I find it funny, and not as in funny ha ha, I mean funny as in “that’s f***ed up” that people say “Oh, Nintendo was smart for not bringing <insert title here> to North America/Europe,” for instance; and then try so hard to validate their reasons, but always they fall back on the same excuse, that being “sales”, each and every time anyone has tried to argue that point or any inane reason they could possibly justify with me, I always come back with the fact that the Fatal Frame series or just about any game Nintendo has ever released for that matter, always sold best in North America, hell, even the 3DS spinoff known as Spirit Camera sold the best in North America. Also, I am going to add something else here, Nintendo actually has partial ownership of the Fatal Frame series now. Why piss away good money on an awesome IP only to screw over those who follow the series? See what I am getting at?

Why am I writing about this per se? Well, I am doing so to show that Nintendo really is out of touch, and that the roots of their problems are deep-seated within the company’s traditional hierarchy. Many ideas have been shot down before they could even get to the planning phases, just because someone higher up has the power to veto. Yes, it’s thanks to some of those higher up that Nintendo has had the power to remain in business for over 120 years, but at the same time, this structure is a double-edged sword that could very well end up make them pull out of the console hardware market and the gaming industry almost completely.

When you have a company that is inconsistent with their releases in North America and in Europe, one that isn’t focused on delivering the best of the best to their consumers’ worldwide, well, that lightning in a bottle that you captured? Eventually it escapes and shakes the ground, causing the foundation to crumble like a house of cards. That’s exactly what has happened with the transition from the Wii to the Wii U.

Nintendo f***ed up the international release of this incredible game badly.

You see, Nintendo neglected to pay attention to what the core fans wanted in order to pander to the new casual base that they built up during the Wii’s lifespan, and instead of sending the Wii out with a bang? It died with a whimper. Had Nintendo just made sure Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, and the Fatal Frame 2 remake had all hit North America at the same time as they did in Europe, and along with that; I know I will probably catch hell for this, but also delayed the launch of the Wii U itself until everything truly was ready to go, I guarantee they would’ve been in a more prime position to gear up for the Wii U’s launch.

Instead, the problematic launch of the Wii U, along with delays of key titles (with one notoriously going multi-platform and having the Wii U version delayed so it would launch at the same time as the other versions), software droughts, missing sales targets and third parties dropping support for the console? It’s no wonder Nintendo is in the conundrum that they’re in. While they might be making bank for the first time in a few years, let’s face it, the Wii U is still selling very poorly and a system that was thought to be dead on arrival, the Xbox 1, has surpassed it in overall lifetime sales to date.

I give Nintendo credit where credit is due; their games are always top notch, also having that warmth and charm that you simply can’t find anywhere else no matter how much others try. Plus, they have stepped it up with the edginess of the games they’re picking up and publishing, games like Devil’s Third and Bayonetta 2, the latter of which has sold very well in the US and we have Xenoblade Chronicles X coming later in 2015 as well. They’ve done a lot right, but I feel they’ve definitely not done enough to smooth things over. Nah, they need to make up for their mishaps during the last generation, big time I might add. When you miss a chance to appeal to your audience, that audience ultimately turns their backs on you.

How can anyone sit there and even think that Nintendo is in an okay situation here? Yeah, they might be turning a profit, but damn, when one thinks about it, the reason the Wii U is tanking horribly is because of bad mistakes they’ve made over the last 8 or so years. I’m sure some of you will still try to justify that they were smart in giving the Fatal Frame series in particular the shaft ever since acquiring partial rights to the license. Suffice it to say though, I am a firm believer in karma, and in this case karma bit Nintendo in their proverbial backsides, has sunk their teeth in, and is not letting go. Of right now, the Wii U’s LTD is about 9.2 million, after two and a half years that is just pitiful. Especially when your competitors have been on the market for just over a year, and one of them has sold more than double that amount in that amount of time.

Let that sink in to your heads if you may. How can anyone even think that Nintendo would be smart in not localizing every title they can get their hands on? How can anyone even think to justify the excuses made to defend Nintendo as if they’ve done no wrong in giving gamers the shaft on games they would love to play? How can anyone defend horrible business practices? When you have people (and these are actual quotes) going as far as saying “maybe there is a clause in the contract that makes it disadvantageous for them to localize the series, you never know” or “Nintendo is a business, not a charity! They don’t need your money!” to which I say yes, Nintendo is a business, but they remain in business because of us. When you use ludicrous statements like the two quoted from above to try to justify your view, I hate to say it but your argument is pretty much invalid by the time you’ve reached that point.

I might love Nintendo as much as the next guy, but I’ll be damned if I am going to stand by and watch the train-wreck happening and not say anything about it. I won’t claim to speak for all gamers, or all Nintendo fans, but I do believe that there are many out there who echo my sentiments almost to a tee. Yes, Nintendo might be a business, but they remain in business because of us, the fans, as in you and me. So long as we use our voices and do not remain silent, we control the market, we control who gets our hard-earned money, end of story.

Editor’s Note: The views of J. T. Melanson may or may not reflect the views of RGN’s Audience, RGN’s Staff, or RGN’s Affiliates. Please enjoy this Opinion Piece responsibly and feel free to disagree in the comments section below, thank you. Sincerely, RealGamerNewz Team.

Dying Light Mods: Techland Vows To Re-Enable Mods Via Patch Soon Over Steam

Dying Light Mod Patch banned techland

In a pleasing turn of events, Techland has responded to a huge flood of reports that websites have been piggy-backing on claiming that the Dying Light developer was taking a stand against mods. Today, on their own Official Dying Light Steam Page, the development studio has taken the time out to assure gamers that they are indeed still for the gamer, and pro-modding. The reason why mods were temporarily removed from the game was due to player vs player integrity of the game being jeopardized by cheaters. Techland will introduce a new patch that re-enables modding and hopefully at the same time keeps the few bad apples who ruined the bunch out of cheating during PvP of Dying Light.

Techland’s Full Statement Below:

“Dear Gamers,

With the recent patch (1.2.1) on Steam we blocked cheating to make sure the game’s PvP system (Be The Zombie) would not be abused. This, however, had the side-effect of hindering mod-makers from making changes to the game.

Creating obstacles for modders has never been our intention, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We are now working on a quick patch that will re-enable common tweaks while stopping cheating in the game’s multiplayer mode.

At Techland, we have always supported the mod community, and loved seeing how our own game can be changed by the players. A big part of the original Dead Island’s success was the passion and creativity of mod-makers from our community. We want the same for Dying Light. For quite some time, we have been working, and still are, on giving modders all the power we can. We will keep you updated!”

Source: Techland on their Steam Official Dying Light Group

All Points Bulletin AKA APB: Reloaded – Pay To Win on Xbox One / PS4 ???

RealGamerNewz APB Reloaded Xbox One PlayStation 4 PS4

With over 500 hours in APB: Reloaded, I have to be honest – it’s a VERY Money-Grabbing game. Even if you’re premium it begs you to throw down cash for weapons , cars, and XP. You could easily spend 200 bucks on this game and get nowhere if you aren’t careful. The shooting is very ridiculous, you do no damage without certain premium guns. The cars handle like Tonka Toy Trucks on ice. It’s a fun game once you realize how to make money. Otherwise, you’re forever broke.

Check out the following video I made showing off how $15 can’t even get you 1 decent gun in the game on PC at current time of this post (1/25/2015) and for those who have never played the game, give a feel of what to expect. Hopefully the pricing structure is changed for consoles and then given a dramatic price drop on PC as well, though we have doubts that will happen.

Second Opinion:

Electrickrypt of RGN Community: “I grabbed this game when it launched. I Never spent a dime after that and still had hours and days of fun!!! Especially being LANed up next to a buddy. The interaction and customization are amazing. I’ve thought about getting back on it but the cheaters were building up when I stopped playing it. I Never saw it coming to consoles. I Would definitely have to be on the next-generation consoles as big as this game is.”

APB RealGamerNewz Xbox One PS4

“My animated GIF of my crew and I. Good times!”

Update: TheHostileZone Responds to 2nd Opinion:

My issue is you have no friends to play with and what not you’re still very limited to what you can do. If you do purely F2P you are still limited to low XP. If you forget to log in for a bit that gun that took 5K to get is now expired. Also most guns in the game only last 7 days after you buy them, unless you pay for “a lifetime” where it’s still $20 bucks on average for something decent. Yes, you can for sure do only F2P,but that option to P2W is there… Suddenly everyone has much better things than you, even if you’ve synced 500+ hours, you’ll have almost nothing to really show. All that cool doc cars, guns and clothes will be at the tip of your grip tempting you. Don’t get me wrong, there is a special quality of this game that makes it a gem, and sure it’s fun.. But once the pay to win scam is bigger than its F2P model is, I stopped…

RGN Reader’s Choice Game of the Year Awards

RealGamerNewz Reader Choice 2014

The votes are all counted and the winners are all named, this is the first of many to come RealGamerNewz Reader’s Choice Awards and these are your picks as winners for Game of the Year as well as other honors bestowed upon the video games industry by one of the most discerning audiences in the underground gaming world.

Let your voice be heard in RGN’s Next Poll. Thank you all for voting!

final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best Overall Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

PC final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best PC Game of 2014:

Runners Up:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Mobile final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best Mobile Game of 2014:

PS4 final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best PS4 Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


xbox ONE final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best Xbox ONE Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


xbox 360 final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best 360 Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

South Park: The Stick of Truth


PS3 final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best PS3 Game of 2014:

Runners Up:

Dark Souls 2, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax & The Walking Dead Season 2


Vita final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best PS Vita Game of 2014:

Runner Up:

Velocity 2x


3ds final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best 3DS Game of 2014:

  • Bravely Default (Post-Mortem Review Coming SOON)

Runner Up:

Fantasy Life

wii u final-RGN GOTY 2014

Best Wii U Game of 2014:

  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Post-Mortem Review Coming SOON)

Runner Up:

Bayonetta 2

Wii U and #New3DS Could Get More Free-To-Play / Micro Games Alongside AAA


Everyone under the sun has heard about the New 3DS XL at this point (haven’t you? READ HERE if not), and of course the main reason gamers have become interested is due to the mostly universally praised 1st party titles Nintendo comes up with. Most of these are considered AAA games whether we’re talking about Pokemon, Mario, or Zelda.

With the announcement of the New 3DS XL most gamers are drawn to not only the technical benefits of better hardware, but also the fact that some AAA games will be exclusive to this new device somewhere down the road. Nintendo fans certainly do not want to miss out on the next big (or little considering we are talking handheld gaming) installment for any of their given IPs.

However, an interesting trend is beginning to pop up with the announcement of a Free-to-Play Pokemon game strangely resembling what most people were playing on their smartphones in 2012 – insert ‘Jewels’ clone names here. This begins to seem like a smart idea, since of course the Free-to-Play model is heavily profitable and can allow Nintendo to try out more experimental ideas with their IP which fans have always asked for.

Ultimately, fans can support the experiments they think went right by buying in-game purchases, and if they find it to be a broken piece of crap – may let Nintendo know that by NOT buying them. For Nintendo’s somewhat stubborn and picky fan-base, this should work out just fine. These are seasoned gamers who would hopefully be discerning with their dollars.

Beyond that, purely free games may become a promotional avenue for large AAA games in the third party world. The amount of micro games costing between 99 cents and 15 dollars should also increase as titles on the eShop like Shovel Knight have proven there’s a lot of money to be made by cashing in on pleasing Nintendo’s hardcore gaming audience with purely simple and fun gameplay everyone can easily agree to.

Bandai Namco has announced one such exciting prospect in this direction, and is perhaps one of the most overlooked titles right now from Nintendo’s recent event. Katsuhiro Harada has stated that a new project is underway between Nintendo and Bandai Namco currently dubbed “Project Treasure” and although there is no screenshot to show just yet – this sounds at least a bit promising. Four players will come together on the Nintendo Wii U in order to hunt enemies together and quest for loot which will likely be tied to some sort of role playing game system capable of using this loot for addictive “leveling up” moments that are all the rage these days.

This trend can lead into directions that are obviously bad, but with over a decade of Free-to-Play games for the market and consumers to learn from, I think Nintendo is doing the right thing by allowing this sort of renovation to prosper on their two main platforms. We all know Nintendo is going to be picky about what they allow on the eShop, and as long as that remains true plus Nintendo fans being loud and non-paying to projects they don’t agree with, I see this as smooth sailing and another huge step forward for the positive end of what can come out of digital distribution.

RGN Public Ethics Policy

RealGamerNewz DOT Com 1

RGN Contributing Editor Tristan Werbe’s Note:

RealGamerNewz Presents the first of many versions to our RGN Public Ethics Policy. All writers hereby agree to these terms, otherwise comment below and allow a public transparent discussion to take place in front of our audience about your concerns and views to this policy. The same goes for readers both long-time, new, as well as fly-by-night. Everyone from the RGN Community and even wider-spectrum Gaming Community are welcome to make their thoughts be known on this policy and will help shape our website for years to come.

Feedback Is Appreciated

Real Gamers Unite! Keep It Real, Keep It Gaming

~ d0G3 Over And Out.

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RealGamerNewz Sun

RGN Public Ethics Policy v1.0 [As Of 12/4/14]

I; Foreword by RGN Public Relations Editor Josh Ehresmann:

“The thing is, with RealGamerNewz being an underground website, people come to us to get real news and if authors are reviewing half-a$$ed then it’s not worth it to the reader. I always go into each review as if it’s different, clean slate, and fresh mindset so that I can give that game its very best attention, even if I don’t care for the genre. This way all games make or break their own scores by how well their own gameplay mechanics, game world, art direction, and other elements flow together.”

a. Disclosure:

1. All authors will disclose exactly what products they received or purchased to indicate the status of Review Copy Info for all Reviews and Previews.

2. All authors will disclose any job positions they hold with companies they write about and are encouraged to create updates on their articles should they become involved with post-hubris to any writing’s publish date.

3. All authors will disclose any Kickstarter / Patreon / Etc. donations made to products they write about and are encouraged to participate only in News, Features, or Interviews (Informative Writing) for such pieces. Once money has been donated, an author should then pass on Review (Evaluative Writing) of that product on to another Staff member.

b. Expectation Standards:

1. Informative text needs to stay Informative and Evaluative text is only appropriate in certain circumstances such as Reviews. Previews will be mainly Informative Writing whereas Reviews will serve a more healthy balance, this is due to the fact that Previews are often not based on the final build of a game. However, Evaluative text is not appropriate in places like News. Authors are encouraged to reach out to Editors for case-by-case guidance if re-training during work is necessary.

2. The Full Rating Scale 0 – 10 will be used here at RealGamerNewz. Usage of the number 0 will be limited to certain criteria, such as totally unplayable content or something that not one person in the world enjoys – if a game has an existing audience whom are happy to play a game we will also keep that in mind. When authors review a game, they are instructed to try and stay true to the development team’s vision and the game’s final result – even if neither are of familiar origin such as non-favorite genres, etc. If a game development studio aims for excellence in a given genre / design approach, that should be respected by the author and taken into account. Note: This doesn’t mean every review will be glowing, it just means circumstantial fairness is enforced.

3. Any time video evidence, sources of information, or credible explanation through sound logic can be presented – it should be presented. Authors are discouraged from going off of opinions and feeling only and instead are tasked with making a research paper for heavy topics to which their words effect entire communities. Some great examples of this type of journalistic work can already be found among many of our top articles.

c. Core Principles:

1. Unity Among Gamers – Focus should remain on the common interest and benefits of the individual gamer and consumer of video game products. Authors are discouraged from writing inflammatory pieces that don’t create a valuable, constructive discussion.

2. RGN Is A Gameplay-Centric Website – We care first and foremost about Gameplay in Video games, and as such our coverage should be expected to revolve almost entirely around our addiction / appreciation to great gameplay mechanics. Authors are instructed to delve deep into games.

3. Creative Coverage – We encourage authors to get in touch with developers for idle chats that don’t necessarily have to lead to anything and are free of pressure. This should hopefully result in more creative coverage for our audience that normally doesn’t come about and focuses on gameplay discussions rather than evaluative / promotional sections of speech.

Other Rules and Amendments:

1. No Harassment Allowed – to / from any RGN Staff on Social Media. Please E-Mail any hate speech activity found to

2. Honesty To Gamers – Previews of games that aren’t done yet shouldn’t judge a game prematurely, but they also shouldn’t wrongfully hype a game either and if there are major signs that the final product is going to be low quality then those should be expressed but backed up with factual data.

3. Some Info Sourced – All Sources of information used to create an article should be identified. If no source is listed for a piece of information, that means RealGamerNewz News / Tips Center have received an Official Press Release from corporate partners. This will be announced in-line mid-text.

4. Respecting This Policy – By respecting this ethics policy we also recognize that the gaming community at large including our direct audience may offer criticisms and ideas for changes to this document. Having this document be respected among staff will also help us as a team to keep authors more accountable for the products they receive as well as stay true to the writing.

5. Amendment 1 – All authors will be required to disclose whether or not they have been supported by an individual / group / corp that they are writing about. This is not just review copies, this means Patreon, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Paypal donations, anything made to the author by the person / person(s) / company / product they are writing about MUST be disclosed. Also, no Evaluative Text (i. e. Reviews) should be created if this is the case and rather only Informative Text (i. e. News).

World Premiere “#EndGamerGate” by MegaRan [HD Music + Lyrics Video]

#EndGamerGate by MegaRan - RealGamerNewz Premiere

I wrote this a few months ago to express my feelings on GamerGate. The message in the song might not be immediately visible, so here it is. It sickens me to read some of the threats people have made to game journalists. If you don’t like what someone does or says, you have the freedom to turn the other way. People are able to say whatever they want about other people, but it doesn’t mean that’s the best way to communicate, and that it won’t come back to haunt you.

If we are a community of gamers, then we should celebrate each others differences and not tear each other down in the name of ethics. This is the same mentality that has caused wars, discrimination, and even death. Respect all people. The term “gamer” will never die.

– Mega Ran