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The Technomancer Announced for PS4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC

The Technomancer - RealGamerNewz - Gameplay Screenshot

Cyberpunk theme meets the Post-Apocalypse setting in a freshly revealed upcoming Action RPG which will launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC platforms next year from publisher Focus Home Interactive. Being developed by long-standing development studio SPIDERS (responsible for unique and interesting titles such as Mars: War Logs and Bound By Flame), The Technomancer brings players through an ordeal which pits them against a covert martial force on Mars known as The Secret Police in the midst of ongoing war. Players must make use of branching dialogue choices, crafting weapons and equipment, as well as engaging in intense combat while gaining allies to fight by their side along the way.

The Technomancer brings a science fiction approach to defining the source of electricity-based powers which remain somewhat mysterious to the characters involved in this struggle against injustice. Eventually uncovering the secrets behind this cybernetic / magical technology is perhaps one of the keys to gaining the power to overthrow all that is wrong with the establishment on Mars as players take the role of a Technomancer themselves.

This title will feature a full-fledged inventory system in addition to 3 different fighting styles, 5 different endings as well as various rewards and paths based on player choice, plus the ability to recruit companions full of back-story. Although not much is known yet about the basis of its plot, there seems to be a clear enemy force to be reckoned with in The Technomancer with no shortage of creatures and conflicted neutral opponents standing in the way.

Will we get the chance to use reason and logic, or be forced to live and die by the lightning-sparked blade? More info on this game as it becomes available. You can also sign up for the Official Mailing List at

The Technomancer - RealGamerNewz - Gameplay Screenshot 2

Here are Three New Screenshots for The Evil Within: The Consequence

The Consequence

As the release of The Evil Within’s second DLC draws near, Bethesda continues to provide their fans with more footage from part-two of Juli Kidman’s story. Today, three new screenshots were released via facebook, along with the caption:

‪#‎TheConsequence‬ adds to that eerie feeling that someone is watching you”




The Evil Within: The Consequence will release on April 21, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. You can purchase it separately are part of the Season Pass for $19.99.

You can read our review of part one, ‘The Assignment’.

Here are Two New Screens for The Evil Within’s Second DLC


Bethesda has released two new screenshots from The Evil Within: The Consequence, the second DLC for their survival horror title.

Posted on the game’s official Facebook page, the screens (first one above) feature Juli Kidman armed with her flashlight and a mysterious item. They are also accompanied with the following oddly worded caption:

“Kidman continues where she left off, with lots of new toys for her to play with ‪#‎TheConsequence‬


The Evil Within: The Consequence will release on April 21, 2015 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. You can read our review of the first DLC, “The Assignment” here.

Kidman isn’t Running Anymore in these Images for The Evil Within’s 2nd DLC


The finale to Juli Kidman’s two-part story, “The Evil Within: The Consequence”, will release later this month. The game’s official Facebook page has released a screenshot and concept art for the upcoming DLC, featuring an armed Kidman and the following caption:

“No more running. Kidman is now armed and dangerous in ‪#‎TheConsequence‬



It appears The Consequence will be more action oriented this time around, unlike the previous DLC which featured a bigger emphasis on stealth, since Juli spent most of her time playing hide-n-seek.

The Evil Within: The Consequence will release on April 21, 2015 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. You can read our reviews of the main game and the first DLC, “The Assignment“.

In cased you missed it here, is the teaser for “The Consequence”.


Here are Three New Screenshots for The Evil Within: The Assignment


With a only few days left until its release, Bethesda continues to roll out new screenshots for The Evil Within’s first story DLC. The screens feature rookie detective Juli Kidman, searching for something (or someone!) and finding herself face to face with a terrifying foe.




The Evil Within: The Assignment will release on March 10th, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for $9.99. For $19.99 you can get the game’s season pass, which includes The Assignment, The Consequence (Part-two of Kidman’s story) and The Executioner (Starring the Keeper).

Bethesda will be hosting a livestream via Twitch, this Monday at 1pm EST.

The Evil Within: The Assignment Receives Two New Screens


Part-one of Juli Kidman’s story, releases in just under a week. Two new screenshots have been released to tide fans over until then. In the screens below, we can see Kidman doing her best to stay hidden from one of the new enemy types, who also happens to have a huge spotlight for a face. Bethesda has stated there will be an increased focused on stealth this time around.



The Evil Within: The Assignment will release on March 10th, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for $9.99. For $19.99 you can get the game’s season pass, which includes The Assignment, The Consequence (Part-two of Kidman’s story) and The Executioner (Where you play as the Boxman).

Bethesda will hold a livestream of the first DLC on March 6 at 4pm EST on

These Rise of the Tomb Raider Screenshots Look Amazing


The highly anticipated sequel to the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, is set to release later this year on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. To keep fans satisfied, several new screenshots have released online. These screens — which are obviously of the Xbox One version, show Lara exploring Siberia and being confronted by a vicious bear. Give em a look.




TR4\ TR5








Stay tuned to RGN for more things Tomb Raider.

Source: EvilSourceGaming 

Resident Evil Producer Gives “Thank You” Spencer Mansion Floor Map + Video, As Remaster Continues Breaking Records

Resident Evil Remaster HD RealGamerNewz Review - Capcom

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has issued a Public Thank You Video on behalf of Capcom and all involved in the Resident Evil series as well as the recent Remaster which was the #1 Fastest Selling Day 1 Digital PSN Game and continues setting sales records across various platforms including Capcom Digital, being recognized now as the fastest selling digital video game worldwide by many. Here is a quote below for those who may be at work right now and can’t view the video until later on:

Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

Capcom’s Producer on the title, Yoshiaki Hirabyashi, commented “It’s been great to see so many positive comments from fans that have enjoyed this new release. The team here at Capcom Japan have worked hard to bring the game to the latest generation of consoles and we are thrilled at this news on its performance.”

Further information was also provided to fans and customers in the publicly accessible Resident Evil HD Remaster’s Official Steam Group in which Hirabyashi has released the Resident Evil Mansion Floor Plan to the world! This is a great piece of nostalgia and behind-the-scenes look at what went into making the original mansion that made us all fall in love with this classic survival horror franchise in the first place.

The game is also available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One through Xbox Live as well as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Network respectively.

Resident Evil Mansion - Floor Plans - Released by RE Producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today – A New Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Coming Soon

Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today

When the game starts, you have no idea who you are or what happened to you to bring about the turn of events you are now faced with. A Great Wave of natural disasters paired with a scientific paradox turning all living beings to dust, flesh, and blood is what you’re up against… but is there time for both finding out your own identity as well as stopping the hands of time?

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is the name of a brand new game hitting the scene in the near future from development studio Fictiorama Studios and publishing house Daedalic Entertainment. On April 10, 2015 players will get their hands on Dead Synchronicity for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac OS X through Steam or other means of digital distribution online.

Check out the Official Screenshots for the game below and be on the lookout for a Full RealGamerNewz Hands-On Preview & eventually Review of the final build:

Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today 2






Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today

Here’s Your First Official Look at WWE 2K15’s NXT Superstar Corey Graves


2K Games has revealed new screenshots for their upcoming wrestling title. These in-game photos feature NXT Champ Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn who were already confirmed. Now fans are given a first look at Corey Graves.

You can check them out below.


Graves vs Zayn


Zayn delivering a dropkick 




NXT Champ Adrian Neville

WWE 2K15 launches on October 28, 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360. November 18 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Brings the Fight to 360 and PS3 this Winter, News Screenshots Released



The official release date for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has been revealed. Activision and developer Torn Banner’s 12-player online multiplayer title will launch on December 2, 2014 for PS3 and Dec 3 for Xbox 360.


For the price of $14.99 players will be able to go to battle as an Archer, Knight, Vanguard or Man-at-Arms. With over 60 customizable options for their warrior, players can fight to the death in a variety of game modes including Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Team Objective.


Yeah, it has log traps.

Some new screenshots have been made available as well, you can check them out below.

Chivalry_Screen1 Chivalry_Screen2 Chivalry_Screen3 Chivalry_Screen4

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will be available for PS3’s PlayStation Network on December 2, Xbox 360’s XBL Games Store on December 3rd.

New Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Screens Feature A Familiar Face


Some brand new and awesome looking screenshots for Monolith Productions upcoming open world action title.

The screens shows a Black Captain, one of Sauron’s faithful and a formidable foe for the game’s protagonist. Fans of The Lord of the Rings, be it the movies, books or both will be happy to see Gollum’s inclusion in the game. The former ring bearer seems to play a vital role in the game as he is seen conversing with Talion and Celebrimbor, the elf wraith who is bound to him.





Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor launches on September 30, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.