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TGS 2013: Sony PlayStation 4 / PSN 2.0 / Vita TV Sizzle Reel [HD]

TGS 2013 PlayStation 4 - Vita TV Sizzle Reel

In what is probably one of the most well put together advertisements in the history of the video games industry, Sony has presented the following sizzle reel for your enjoyment. Just how connected is the PlayStation brand becoming with the new Vita TV and PlayStation 4 hitting the scene? Take a look at this video and see for yourself Sony’s ultimate vision realized.

TGS 2013: Metal Gear Solid V Xbox ONE and PS4 Gameplay Footage [HD]

Metal Gear Solid 5 RealGamerNewz Konami

Check out the following Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay Footage on both the Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 versions of the game below from Konami’s Tokyo Games Show 2013 Press Conference in Japan.

Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay [Xbox ONE]

Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay [PlayStation 4]

Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay [LIVE]

TGS 2013: Deep Down Is Free-To-Play On PS4


Capcom’s Demon Souls look-alike title Deep Down on their new Panta Rhei game engine will apparently be free-to-play on the Sony PlayStation 4 as announced by Capcom at the Tokyo Games Show 2013. The game will also be going into open beta on the PS4 and will be produced by one of gaming’s most excitable personalities – Yoshinori Ono.