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Virtual Reality Gaming is an emerging field that has recently exploded with the announcement of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & PlayStation Morpheus

Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery – VR Review

Best VR Games For HTC Vive 2017

Psychological thriller meets gallery shooter in a must-have title for the HTC Vive. Although savvy shoppers will immediately look up Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery and proclaim its short length a standard issue of current first generation VR equipment, purveyors of VR Games know this is a title which provides a small chunk of perfection. Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery can be seen as a vision for VR Games to come.

Starting out in a quiet room with little explanation, players discover they can walk around using a walking button that moves the play-space “forward” in the direction the gamer is facing. A robotic westerner greets players and despite a lingering gloom / creepy feeling – our cart ride, gallery shooter experience seems to be kosher. The dark secret of this place is not immediately obvious – but may begin to set into precognition soon.

There’s a shooting gallery that players can stand in front of and practice their aim at. Everything with a red dot is a target to score on. In addition to the gallery, players can ride in the cart during a moving gallery shooter scene similar to a “haunted house” kid’s ride but with a six shooter in your hand and red dot targets presented again.

In addition to the targets labeled with red dots ranging from beer bottles to interactive environment elements, players will also see robot miners who seem to be part of the ride. Ten minutes in, things take a turn for the more sinister! What is this place? The kosher or even silly experience gamers might have expected is instead swiftly replaced with a fast-paced intense shooter game that challenges players to survive a hopeless gun fight against an onslaught of robotic miners perhaps inhabited by the spirits of ghosts from an unknown historic past.

Ghost Town Mine Ride And Shootin Gallery HTC Vive Review

As the game’s inhabitants turn on you, the player, an eerie sort of meta game vibe is evoked when the player realizes they are no longer worried about the gallery targets and instead have to avoid being murdered by what seemed like harmless decorations and actually are some sort of terrible enemy. Switching between cart rides, river rafts, a roller-coaster style segment, and on foot scenes, Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery gives you the right feeling at the right time and manages to encompass all of the touch a full game could expect to provide.

The developers claim the title is at least 25 minutes of gameplay, but most gamers will end up somewhere around 30 – 40 minutes in accounting for deaths and a small bit of exploration during walking scenes. The consensus among family I enjoyed sharing this title with was that riding in the cart felt the best and while the walking parts were not bad for an interlude, sometimes could’ve been a bit shorter. It is also true that optimization of the game needs a little work. In some areas there can be a bit of stuttering, even on high-end machines. GTX 1080 was used with an Intel i7 during the course of our review and while not game-breaking it is certainly a point of interest to note while considering a sequel.

Lots of attention to detail made it possible for this short but powerful experience to inspire the demand for more titles like this from the developer and we surely hope they are able to present their full ideas in the near future. As it stands, a bonus level has been added earlier this year and for a low price gamers can experience the heart racing, robot / zombie / ghost killing mayhem for themselves today and we highly recommend it.

Official Trailer:

System Requirements:

HTC Vive is required to play this Steam VR Game. CPU: i5-4590 or Better. GPU: GTX 970 or Better.

Rating: 9 / 10

RGN Rating: Gold Game
Developer: Spectral Illusions
Publisher: Spectral Illusions

Available On: SteamVR

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

Samsung Announces Price for Gear VR Controller, along with Availability


Samsung held it’s Unpacked event in New York and London, showing investors and consumers what to expect in the near future from the tech giant. The Galaxy S8 was of course announced, but they also shared some big news about their plans for VR. The new VR controller will launch on April 21st of this year at $39 price point. It can also be purchased with a Samsung Gear VR for $129 so you can have the full set. The plan is to have the VR controller widely available for consumers at launch, and throughout the year.

PlayStation VR @ Best Buy – DJ Killzown Jones Hands-On Impressions

PlayStation VR Impressions - DJ Killzown Jones - RealGamerNewZ

DJ KILLZOWN JONES Gives his Impressions on the PlayStation VR hands-on experience. More to come as RGN and our partners get deeper into technology and software surrounding the Virtual Reality Gaming Industry… If you like the video feel free to give it a share or comment with your own opinions on VR Gaming and what it means to you.

Will FPS / War Sims be #1 choice in VR Gaming? + PlayStation VR Comparisons to Oculus Rift

Altspace VR RealGamerNewZ Microsoft VR Oculus PS4 VR

Hey gamer family, this question is to everyone: What do you think is an exciting idea for a video game that does not involve guns?

With the prevelance of Virtual Reality hitting us sooner than later, starting off with a 1st generation round of hardware including the PlayStation VR for PS4, we are about to see real-life “Murder Simulators” that anti-video game fanatics have been ranting about for decades. And while war / shooters have their place in entertainment, historical knowledge, tactical survival skill, etc. – will shooters and the so-called “Murder Sims” the industry has been condemned by time and time again really remain the #1 choice for gaming experiences once Virtual Reality begins to slowly take over?

I enjoy war games of all types but once in awhile I feel like shooter games are all the same.

This is why I don’t heavily invest in the Fighting and Racing genres as well. With Virtual Reality Gaming 1st Gen approaching, I’m hearing that shooting people nonstop and whipping your head around massive speeds isn’t going to be available right away and isn’t even recommended for obvious reasons.

The genre of shooters will need to be recreated from the ground up with some amount of realism added to the pace of gun fights at least, never mind the psychological implications of shooting on end in what seems more and more real each hardware cycle.

To see projects like DayZ, H1Z1: Just Survive, or RUST where shooting happens but isn’t a main objective or a nonstop, unrealistic event when it does happen. But let’s be honest these games are still quite buggy, unfinished, boring at times, and need to be replaced by more robust franchises that have been given the proper TLC a new genre birth deserves, not Early Access hell for years upon years of stagnation!

VR Shooter Guy Omni tech

Alternatively this also opens the door brilliantly for titles with new mechanics and genre concepts. Its very hard to predict and invent what that would be exactly but thankfully many developers worldwide are already working on the initial waves of design. I can at least say I’m glad that No Man’s Sky has been confirmed for PlayStation VR compatibility and it would be great to see a World of Warcraft type game some day on this hardware. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like Sea of Thieves reach VR as well.

Unfortunately, it has been practically confirmed that some games available now will get support patched in. Most likely Sony will keep an eye on quality control for these patches and make sure it only happens when it makes sense. It has been relatively proven in VR already that shooters coded for a TV, Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard, or GamePad Controller are not as good on a VR headset as they need to be to avoid motion sickness.

This was found out thanks to the research & development of great minds like John Carmack who led up Oculus prior to Facebook purchasing the company, and of course engineers at Valve who essentially used Oculus as a shell to do R&D with then ditched for their own standardized Steam VR platform now competing with Oculus Rift via the HTC Vive. A number of specs were gathered and future R&D was revealed by HTC and Valve advancing the release of this round of VR hardware to occur more quickly. While Oculus has attempted to adopt most of this new research and has accomplished much of this in the Consumer Rift, the two technologies still have differences and it remains unclear how the market will shift in terms of support for either headset.

PlayStation 4 PS4 Worlds VR

For this reason and the hefty cost of investing in PC parts to handle running such a device, many gamers are looking towards news, development, and eventually impressions of the best content PlayStation VR has to offer. PSVR will not run at the high level of specs that HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are now calling their minimum standard. But initial impressions are that the PSVR is still a satisfying experience. Sony will be showing off a lot over the next few months and has remained firm on a 2016 release date for the PlayStation VR headset at a price range of $399.99 (base unit) with a $499.99 bundle for people who don’t yet already own a PS4 Camera since it is required to use the PSVR headset. The $499 bundle also includes a game demo disc, headphones, 2 PS Move controllers, and PlayStation Worlds – .

Some controversy surrounds the fact that the recently leaked PlayStation 4K specs (AKA PlayStation 4.5 or codename NEO) give mention to improved experience for the PSVR headset. This seems a little bit unjustified to me, since it’s obviously going to perform better doing EVERYTHING as a system with a higher speed, bus speed, bandwidth, and memory in its APU (CPU / GPU) as well as RAM – Of Course, PSVR will perform better too!

AMD PlayStation 4K Radeon PS4 NEO

However, both the standard PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4K are capable of allowing traditional players on DualShock 4 / Television while another player is using the PlayStation VR headset and PS Move Controllers (or DualShock 4) and interacting in an experience together while viewing the different screens. This is possible because the PSVR comes with an additional processing unit mounted to it. And although some may even find it unfortunate that PS Move controllers and a PS4 Camera are required for the ultimate experience, this is a very early but great time for VR technology.

Oculus and Vive both have their own similar controllers with additional technologies added to them and while Vive comes with them, it’s built into cost at $799. Currently the Oculus Rift doesn’t come with these but a future bundle will and is called Oculus Touch. For now, that bundle is not available and Oculus Rift is going for $599. These are early adopter prices and early adopter bundles, with the expectation that if you are buying PSVR you can afford a PS4 Camera. If you want the ultimate experience, you will eventually afford some PS Moves since you probably already sold yours at the end of the PlayStation 3 era like most of us did (D’oh! *Homer Simpson voice).

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Will Support Oculus Rift VR Gaming Headset

Minecraft Oculus Rift Windows 10 Edition

Editor’s Note: After Notch (creator of Minecraft) announced that the game would never be on Oculus Rift because he found Facebook “creepy” (and they’re the new owners of Oculus), the indie development super star moved to sell off the franchise to Microsoft. At the recent industry trade event Oculus Connect 2  which took place this week in Hollywood, California and saw the announcement of several high profile Virtual Reality Gaming projects varying in nature. Mojang, the development studio handling Minecraft titles for Microsoft, phoned in the following announcement for a VR Minecraft to be released with Oculus Rift support for Windows 10 users.

Image Credit: Road To VR

Oculus Rift Announcement Trailer of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

Here’s Prototype Gameplay for the First-person Indie Horror Game Allison Road


Newly founded UK studio Lilith, recently released prototype gameplay footage for what many are calling a “spiritual successor” to Konami’s P.T./Silent Hills. The 13+ minute video for Allison Road certainly seems to capture the look and feel of last year’s P.T. demo, as things start off normal before getting down right creepy and disturbing.


Allison Road is set to release sometime next year for PC, with full Oculus Rift support. Console ports are also on their to do list.

First Look At Retail Version of Oculus Rift for Gamers & Finally A Release Date Window

Oculus Rift - Retail Version - for Gamers

As Unreal Engine rolls a new update for SteamVR development support and the HTC Vive endorsed by Valve approaches release this Fall 2015 (if all goes according to plan), it is expected that the PlayStation Morpheus for PS4 VR Gaming will be given some sort of further information at E3 2015. But what about Oculus Rift?

Oculus Rift was the first and strongest proponent of research & development during the recent modern wave of VR Gaming and will not be sitting this one out on the stands. It is unconfirmed as of yet if the device will ever work on consoles, but for many Windows PC and Linux users the Oculus Rift will likely remain the device of choice simply because of the large community surrounding it both of gamers and dev studios. Although it is good that a nebulous VR Gaming market is forming with multiple options such as the Vive, Rift, and platforms like Steam VR it is also great to see the original inspiration for all of this getting more info.

It’s not much to go on just yet but here’s today’s newest tid-bits for Oculus Rift:

The Oculus Rift’s Retail Version will launch some time during Q1 2016. Exact Date Soon.

Price will be above $199, but final price is still not revealed.

Detailed Specs of Retail Version Coming Soon.

Microphone Included – “Hidden In The Best Place”.

Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 Still Available (In Short Supply Currently).

Oculus Rift - Retail Version - for Gamers 2

Drop a comment and let us know which you’re most interested in: Vive, Morpheus, or Oculus Rift?

Valve and HTC Announce Vive – A New 90Hz Virtual Reality Headset


Valve has announced their own virtual reality headset. Teaming up with HTC, the new device is called the HTC Vive and will present full room 360 degree experiences in virtual reality gaming to the world. More information is expected to be dropped at this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC) trade industry event. Capabilities currently confirmed include 90 Frames Per Second visuals (compared to the latest Oculus rendition only achieving around 75) and audio quality that is currently being described as high fidelity by Valve.

The developer kit version of this headset becomes available Spring 2015 and some partners already involved include Vertigo Games, Fireproof Games, as well as Bossa Studios. Lionsgate and HBO have also announced partnerships with HTC and Valve that will see cinematic content also arriving on the device when it finally hits retail Holiday 2015.

The device will work with something called SteamVR base stations and is equipped with 70 sensors internally. The virtual environment that will be accomplished because of this is going to be larger than anything seen in the VR space thus far and allows for 15 x 15 ft. of simulated movement in terms of perspective posturing. When Vive ships to retail, consumers will be given two controllers to have wireless interaction with their environment rather than rely on simply eye and hand gesturing. Currently not much information is known about them though.

[Some Info Sourced from Official HTC VR Website]

HTC RE Vive Steam Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality & Next-Gen Engines

Virtual Reality Helmet drawing

At last year’s latest Game Developers Conference (GDC) Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) was in talks about developing virtual reality video games. Now the company has scheduled another virtual reality (VR) session, talking about next-generation video game engines and more.

The talk titled ‘Virtual Reality and Getting the Best from your Next-Gen Engine’ hosted by SCE Immersive Technology Group technical director Ian Bickerstaff and Research and Development senior engineer Patrick Connor. They will discuss the importance of creating a video game engine that can sustain VR development, and its need for higher frame rates and low-latency. Ian Bickerstaff and Patrick Connor will be offering advice on how to deliver high quality VR experiences, focusing on Project Morpheus VR head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4. It was also stressed how these techniques discussed will be applicable to standard video game development as well as VR development.

It maybe for a while until we all have a VR-HMD part of our gaming experience but at such a time when third-party game developers have further acquainted themselves with the new tech we won’t be playing Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin’s Creed, or Call of Duty VR editions soon.