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RGN Week In Review – April 18, 2015 (A Totally New Format, Experimental Launch #1)

RGN Week In Review - Post Easter Hiatus

Hey RealGamerNewZ Fans! In case you didn’t get a chance to check us out this week, here’s all the best posts in one spot! As you know, we often do Podcasts at the end of the week, but not every week. So we are working on a new experimental system that will allow us to display the best News, Reviews, and other posts we had during the week while you were gone. This way, even if we don’t get a chance to Podcast about the Week In Review, there will still be a way to keep up with everything we’ve got going on in the form of a post. If the text below is gibberish or some kind of code error, please check back later!

This is the first time testing our new system. 🙂 Thanks in advance for being cool and understanding. Hope you’re all playing some amazing games, I just picked up H1Z1 on Steam and got my eye on DayZ Standalone – and I’ve been playing lots of GTA V on Steam as well as I Am Bread, Dirty Bomb, Halo: Spartan Strike, that Killing Floor 2 Beta, and I forget what else. Man, so much good stuff in gaming right now! The drought is over!!! And it’s only going to get crazier and crazier from here on out.

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Week In Review – Post Easter Hiatus

RGN Week In Review - Post Easter Hiatus

We’re back from our brief Easter Holiday Vacation and we share our opinions on the goings on of the past week including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and what we think of it so far, Black Ops 3 and everything there is to know about it up to this point, Not A Hero from Devolver Digital + Roll7 and its current exclusivity to Steam, WB Games and Capcom arguing on Twitter over whether Mortal Kombat has more lifetime sales or Street Fighter (more like WB Games getting called out for false advertising the MK series in general, just by a hair), and our own confirmation that Yes, H1Z1 is still coming to PS4 (eventually), as well as some very inspiring news from the world of Tech as a brighter future approaches.

These stories and more in today’s RGN Week In Review. Sources can be found below the video.

RGN Week In Review HD Video Podcast:


Stories Covered:

☣ Black Ops 3 Revealed w/ First Details + Zombies Mode Leak

☣ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gets Dev Overview w/ Gameplay

☣ The Technomancer Announced for PS4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC

☣ Not A Hero From The Creators of Olli Olli Series Gets Gameplay

☣ WB Games and Capcom Arguing Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter Sales

☣ H1Z1 PS4 Version Confirmed to Still Be In Development

☣ Tech: Blind Given Sight + Deaf Given Hearing Through Electronics

☣ And More Including Our Opinions On This Week’s Events

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Week In Review: Zelda Wii U Delayed To 2016 + More Gamer News

RGN Week In Review - Friday March 27

Nintendo has made a move, and while it might not be one that you agree with we hope that it’s a move which will result in a better game. Surely they are feeling the pressure and hype of Zelda Wii U building and now have announced today that it won’t be at E3 2015 and will not release until some time during 2016. In addition to that, in yesterday’s RGN Daily News #73 Jon spoke about Halo Online which is coming to PC only in Russia only, and the other high order News stories of the day. RGN Daily News will return on Monday but for now give this Week In Review a look if you want all the important stuff run down.

Week In Review Videocast:

Pax East 2014 : DJ Killzown Jones – Recap


The Penny Arcade Expo is an event that was put together in 2004 by Penny Arcade to showcase and celebrate all things gaming with the general public which up until that time industry events rarely did. The first event dubbed Pax Prime took place in Seattle Washington and since then has spread around the country and abroad. Pax has become one of the largest gaming events in the world with each one selling out the previous event. Pax East was founded in 2010 and in 2012 it was announced that the Expo will stay in Boston Massachusetts until the year 2023.

This year Pax East was once again held in the heart of downtown Boston at the Boston Expo and Convention Center last week beginning Friday April 11th and ending on Sunday April 13th 2014. It was my first trip to Boston and I was accompanied by RGN Camera Person Lady Killzown to help cover the event.


We departed from Saint Louis Missouri on Wednesday April 10th and arrived in Boston around noon, checking into our hotel a day early to explore the city as well as learn how to navigate to and from the convention center. The following day the expo had begun and there were a wealth of companies in attendance for the 10th anniversary of the expo. There were many triple AAA studios such as Ubisoft, Bethesda, 2K, Square Enix, and Blizzard with even more independent game makers such as Devolver Digital, Tribute Games and others who were placed on the massive expo floor for eager gamers to explore.

There were other companies such as Wizard of The Coast, Hyperkin, Twitch, Cartoon Network, Skullcandy, Astro, Turtle Beach, and a plethora others who were showcasing their new games, products and merchandise to public as well as conducting tournaments out of their booths. There many panels that were conducted outside the show floor during event with the Penny Arcade Crew, Gaming Personalities, companies, websites and others representing their video game communities held during all three days of the expo. These panels offered new information on newly released and upcoming games such as Titanfall and Heroes of the Storm, fun crowd oriented panels and finally dealt with the social and technical issues that the gaming community faces today.


In rear of the convention center there was a arcade center where gamers can play basically any console that had been released if it was available and a table top center where gamers could play board games, trading card games, and more. There was also a PC stable made by the many pc hardware companies that were advertising on the floor allowing players to access their Steam libraries and play their games on the best hardware available.

Cosplayers were also in full effect coming from both near and far to showcase their creations on the show floor and the ones we saw had put in a lot of work and effort into their costumes. The Main Theater and Jam Space hosted concerts for NerdCore, Chiptune, Chip-Hop Artist as well as other video game music artist like MC FrontALot, Mega Ran, Metroid Metal and others took to the stage and performed in front a packed house.


There were many developers and new games at Pax East showcasing their new titles. The go to go to Triple A titles was Bethesda’s Wolfenstein and 2K’s Evolve with lines that were almost all the way out of the door and after a few hours had to be “Perma-capped” or cut off for safety reasons as well as to insure people can play the games. The Indie presence was huge and many of the games we’re fun to play and very polished. We got to check out Rumble Jungle, Chroma Squad, Secret Ponchos, Gods Will Be Watching, and so many other titles coming soon this year.

We’ve done a lot of networking with the developers on the show floor and we hope to work with to bring RGN fans more new and exciting content in the coming months. Pax East 2014 was all in all amazing, I recommend that anyone who is a gamer attend any of Penny Arcade’s upcoming events including this years Pax Prime and on behalf of RGN I would like to thank all that were involved in organizing the event for inviting RealGamerNewz to come out and to cover the event.

RGN Week In Review Podcast – 11/30/13

RGN Week in Review - 3p1

– Top News Of The Week

– Mediocrity Being Accepted in the Games Industry

– Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, And Crash Bandicoot Are On Gamers’  Minds

– Activision Confirms Crash Bandicoot NOT Sold To Sony

– Acti Says They Might Release A Crash Bandicoot Title Again Some Day

– Naughty Dog Working On A New IP’s In Addition To Sequel Games; (Which Will Release First?)

– Man Strips His Wife Nude On PS4 Twitch Streaming

– Twitch Takes Away PS4 Playroom Option After Misuse

– PS4 Sells 1 Million In 24 Hours In 1 Region

– Xbox ONE Sells 1 Million In 24 Hours In 13 Regions

– Call Of Duty Ghosts = PS4’s Most Popular Game

– RGN Reviews Of BF4, Ghosts, Killzone Shadow Fall Are Live

– COD: Ghosts DLC Pack Names Revealed

– Killzone Shadow Fall MP Maps Will Be Free, $20 Season Pass Covers Co Op

– No Digital Option For $10 Next Gen Trade Up On Madden NFL 25 For PS4 (Some Fans Outraged)

– PlayStation 4 Priced At $1500 on

– PS4 Reviews Coming Soon to

– PS4 Indie Developer Interviews Coming Soon to

– And More


RGN Week In Review: Xbox ONE RAM Vs PlayStation 4 RAM – The True Story

RGN Week in Review - 3p1

RGN Week In Review: X1 RAM Vs PS4 RAM – The True Story

Published on November 8, 2013

– Top News of the Week
– Miyamoto Working On New IP, Not New Mario
– Square Enix Focusing on Online Games
– Dishonored Devs Working w/ Crytek Engine
– PlayStation 4 RAM vs Xbox ONE RAM (Begins at 24:37)
(full detailed specs as told by game development veterans)
(breakdown on how each type of RAM works, pros/cons to each)
(the true and complete story about which is better and at what)
– And More


RGN Week In Review: Half-Life 3 = Hoax, Portal 3 Trademarked!

RGN Week in Review - Half Life 3 Hoax Portal 3 Trademarked

This Week In Review ends up being much more than a typical rundown of the weeks events as we also get in depth with our views on certain topics ranging from company’s personal histories such as Respawn Entertainment, Silicon Knights, the games that they make, whether or not franchises like Final Fantasy should just drop the name for some of the less recognizable projects and form New IP instead, as well as whether or not Valve should ever attempt a Half-Life 3 since they have already peaked the franchise with HL2 and would likely just disappoint (similarly to how SquareSoft peaked Final Fantasy franchise with the FF6, FF7, FF8 games (exactly when it peaked the most is depending on which is your favorite).

There’s also a lot more topics and we go over everything that happened throughout the week in case you didn’t have time to keep up with it as it was released. Oh, and we even give you guys a lesson on how the entire fanboy war began and how great life was before it. 🙂

RGN Week In Review: What’s The Industry’s Next Big Innovation?

RGN Week in Review - 3p0

RGN Week In Review: What’s The Industry’s Next Big Innovation?

– Top News Stories of the Week
– OUYA’s Downfall Told By an Indie Dev
– Microsoft’s PR = Killing Themselves
– Beef w/ “Ultimate Gamer” Title and Mainstream Representations of Gamers
– Death of G4TV Versus Birth of Let’s Play Phenomenon
– Gameplay Vs Graphics Vs Storyline
– What’s The Industry’s Next Big Innovation?
– The Truth About DRM Vs Piracy on Consoles + PC
– And More


RGN Week In Review: Gran Turismo 7 Announced / PS4 + XO Shortage

RGN Week in Review - GT7 - PS4 XO Shortage

RGN Week In Review: Will There Be A PS4 / XO Shortage?

– Top News of the Week
– Midnight Releases
– Gran Turismo 7 Development Will Begin for PS4 Soon
– GTA V Online Comes After Launch
– Gamestop Reserve Policy
– PS4 and Xbox ONE: When Should Pick Yours Up
– League of Legends World Championships

RGN Week In Review: PS4 Dust 514 + TimeSplitters

RGN Week in Review - 2p0

Welcome back to the RealGamerNewz Week In Review. In this episode we talk about a number of topics and go over the last week’s announcements including a lot of interesting things you may have missed. We also talked briefly about DDR4 RAM being put into production and when we might expect to see that trickle down to the mainstream PC Gaming world in addition to a number of other topics including the possibility of an upgraded Dust 514 hitting the PlayStation 4 in addition to the new TimeSplitters Rewind project for Sony’s next-generation console.

There’s also been talk about Kojima’s female Metal Gear Solid V Protagonist and how badazz she is going to be as well as the status of indie games, what to expect for future content from RealGamerNewz, and a lot more. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch it live on Google+ we have created this remix version, just hit play to start it up and enjoy. Due to some rendering technical difficulties this time around it’s just a sound file. By the way, the music in the background is Black Materia by Random AKA MegaRan and you can buy a copy here if you are interested in hearing it without our rants on top of it.

Week In Review: Saints Row IV Preview + The Real Reason Fez 2 Was Cancelled

RGNTV2 - Week In Review SR IV + More

In this week’s Week In Review RealGamerNewz speaks on the upcoming Saints Row IV title which will release in a couple of weeks as well as the biggest news of the week which of course is the meltdown of self-proclaimed indie developer Phil Fish who has cancelled Fez 2. Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think. You can also find more information about Saints Row IV in our Full Preview of the game as well as our SR4 Section.

View it in High Definition at our YouTube Channel RGNtv2, and be sure to subscribe.

Week In Review: Grand Theft Auto V Revealed + More

RealGamerNewz Week In Review GTA V and More

The Week In Review section of RGN is back for the weekends, and this week’s edition even comes with some decent gameplay video. Take a look at this video feature which sees Da Shredder hopping online with myself to discuss the week’s gaming news including Grand Theft Auto V’s full gameplay reveal as well as a lot of other Next-Generation topics, debates, and new information. We also give a shout out to Ubisoft for a nice lineup including Splinter Cell: Blacklist and the upcoming PS4 / Xbox ONE Exclusive title Tom Clancy’s The Division is also shown. We show some gameplay to you guys while you listen to us talk and these are games we would actually enjoy ourselves, not just stuff to report on for no reason. Enjoy and let us know what games you’re looking forward to as well.

RGN Posted on EWallstreeter Weekly

RealGamerNewz R Logo 1p0

RealGamerNewz Week In Review