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Battlefield 3 First Impressions – Frostbyte What Point What?

From the author of the first article to warn you all about the downfalls of Battlefield 3 on the modern gaming consoles comes a first impression Podcast featuring the RealGamerNewz crew. Once upon a time we were all to be wowed, amazed, and excited by the PC footage of BF3 and sworn testimonials of hundreds of game journalists and PR departments clamoring that BF3 on consoles was something to behold. Check out the results in this show which begins to delve into the final product presented at launch day.

PSA: RAGE Side-Content Cannot Be Completed After Subway Town

In this Public Service Announcement brought to you by RealGamerNewz, find out what you can do to prevent having the side-content locked out of your RAGE play-through and when exactly this event is triggered.

RAGE has released and reviews and articles of all kinds are pouring in both positive and negative regarding the game’s quality, fun factor, and various other attributes. While all in all, the game’s engine looks amazing to us in terms of hit detection and graphics, we are sad to report that a major bug mentioned by only a small number of the available review material has been discovered. It has been discovered by RealGamerNewz member BoodyBandit on the Xbox 360 version of the game and appears to have a workaround. Consider this article a Public Service Announcement to gamers worldwide who might otherwise not have known about it and thus suffered a massive inconvenience to say the least.

Without giving away any spoilers, anyone who has been playing through the game for some time now knows that halfway through the area called Subway Town’s missions a shadowy entity largely changes . At this point in time, doors that were once open in the game become locked, and people who gave out side-missions and races are either gone or refusing to do so from now on. This renders all of the side-content in the game useless and prevents 100% completion from taking place! The precise time in the game that this happens is about 3 missions into Subway Town. Everything must be done before then.

Further information we can provide beyond this is that the Final Mission, once completed, will never be removed from your objectives and instead the game will always pit you against the final mission every time you load after completion.

It also appears that the dialog in the game would suggest you were supposed to be able to go back to complete the side-content after the final mission. For example, characters are found saying that they will re-host races when “The Authority” leaves, yet this never happens due to the save file always pitting you against the final mission as stated above. If this is something Id can fix then by god we pray that they make a statement soon. For now, play at your own risk and consider using one of the following workarounds which may be able to help avoid the same situation BoodyBandit found himself in.

Workaround #1: Create many save files. Some people do this instinctively when playing games but you really never know which files you will end up needing plus some games limit the amount of saves you can create. So now you know not to overwrite the ones that take place before Subway Town because of this article. Keep some on hand with good weapons and all of the side-content still available.

Workaround #2: Start a second play-through. This may be a pretty brutal workaround for most people, especially if you have already completed a great deal of the side-content. Unfortunately, if you didn’t happen to create spare save files and likewise didn’t know about this glitch before now it may be too late to do anything else. Until a patch emerges from Id or at least an acknowledgement of this issue, this will have to be the recourse for many who discovered the glitch after already triggering the side-content to be locked out.

Workaround #3: Look for mods (PC Version Only). If you have the PC Version you may be able to create or find some type of modification to the game that would allow for side-content to be accessed again. This is essentially cheating and will most likely not help you earn achievements on Steam or anything, but at least you won’t have to start all over again or use some one else’s save files.

There are also a number of glitches reported including falling through the map when fighting through the final missions such as the bandit car missions, lock-on failures, vehicle glitches, and save data corruption causing glitches to be saved. So be careful and aware about when and where you are saving in the game!

Despite the graphical and gameplay quality being great, the bugs being reported are rightfully labeled as outrageous by many. It is quite sad because this game seems like it had the potential to be a flawless masterpiece but may have been rushed at the last minute. This is yet another example for gamers to witness that our industry needs to be doing way more testing on the games they release to the public at top dollar pricing.

In conclusion the game still has a lot of positives to it and every shooter fan should experience it at least once. We are not attempting to refute that. The creatures and weaponry are very diverse. The difficulty, gameplay, and graphics are great as well. However people deserve to know if their game will lose functionality at some point and here we feel that these simple workarounds need to be presented since at this time RAGE side-content cannot, in fact, be completed after Subway Town.

Gears of War 3 Review

Gears of War 3 is undeniably the most anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive of the year. Released this September to much critical acclaim, real gamers might have trouble considering the mainstream reviews out there trustworthy. In response to the demand for a true, uncensored, and unadulterated review of this title the RealGamerNewz team has joined up again.

Within this complete review you will find everything from the gameplay to the graphics, story, and more analyzed and described in great detail. Best of all, you will get three viewpoints at once instead of one! Listen to the full show if you want the real deal about Gears of War 3 from Epic Games.

Timestamps for each section (hours:minutes:seconds):

  • 1:10 Graphics – (Art Direction, Technical Quality, Etc.)
  • 10:30 Gameplay – (A.I., Level/Enemy/Gameplay Design, Etc.)
  • 27:00 Story – (Plot, Characters, Storytelling, Etc.)
  • 40:42 Presentation
  • 47:31 Sound/Music
  • 1:00:58 Multiplayer – (Co-Op, Competitive, Hoard 2.0, Beast Mode, Etc.)
  • 1:41:56 Enjoyment Level (A.K.A. Fun Factor) & Longevity (A.K.A. Replay Value)
  • 1:52:00 Final Evaluation and Official RealGamerNewz Verdict
This game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for independent review. purposes.

Which console really has the most exclusives in 2011?

Every year holiday shopping takes place. New users flood into the gaming industry and holiday shoppers may or may not know the current state of the game industry. One of the many factors going through a buyer’s mind when looking at which console to gift their loved ones is the library of exclusive titles that can only be experienced on each system. Here is a list of this year’s exclusive lineup for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. As for which are best and/or most fun, that is all a matter of personal opinion.

Xbox 360 Exclusives for 2011

  1. The Gunstringer – September 2011
  2. Gears of War 3 – September 2011
  3. Rise of Nightmares – September 2011
  4. PowerUp Heroes – October 2011
  5. Forza Motorsport 4 – October 2011
  6. Kinect Sports Season 2 – October 2011
  7. Dance Central 2 – October 2011
  8. Kinect Disneyland Adventures – November 2011
  9. Otomedius Excellent – November 2011
  10. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – November 2011
  11. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster – TBA 2011
  12. Codename D – TBA 2011
  13. Age of Pirates: Captain Blood – TBA 2011
  14. Haunt – TBA 2011

PlayStation 3 Exclusives for 2011

  1. LittleBigPlanet 2 – January 2011
  2. Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll – February 2011
  3. Hyperdimension Neptunia – February 2011
  4. Killzone 3 – February 2011
  5. MLB 11: The Show – March 2011
  6. Yakuza 4 – March 2011
  7. Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel – March 2011
  8. The Tomb Raider Trilogy – March 2011
  9. PlayStation Move Heroes – March 2011
  10. Socom 4: U.S. Navy Seals – April 2011
  11. Prince of Persia Trilogy – April 2011
  12. MotorStorm Apocalypse – May 2011
  13. Infamous 2 – June 2011
  14. Bleach: Soul Resurreccion – August 2011
  15. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise – August 2011
  16. Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland – September 2011
  17. Resistance 3 – September 2011
  18. Disgaea 4: A Promise Forgotten – September 2011
  19. God of War: Origins Collection – September 2011
  20. Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection – September 2011
  21. White Knight Chronicles II – September 2011
  22. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD – September 2011
  23. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One – October 2011
  24. Everybody Dance – October 2011
  25. Carnival Island – October 2011
  26. Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest – October 2011
  27. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – November 2011
  28. Tekken Hybrid – November 2011

This list is based on confirmed release dates only at the time of this writing. To be announced titles that have not received the “2011” official statement have not been included. Many titles have been delayed to 2011 and will not be featured on this list since this list concerns itself only with the year of 2011.

Downloadable-only games have not been included. Release dates may be subject to change. “Console exclusives” that can be purchased on PC or are ported from Mobile platforms are not included for consideration on this list as they are not truly exclusive since they can be purchased on another platform.

If any truly exclusive titles (not found on ANY other platform) are missing, leave a comment, but don’t expect it to get added to the list unless it is completely legit with a “2011” official statement, retailer placeholder dates and assumptions do not count. All rules for this list apply to each console.

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