Facebook Gaming: Indie Elevate giving away $50K in Ads

Attention independent game developers, Facebook Gaming has announced that they will be giving away $10,000 USD in Facebook Advertising credits to 5 winners of their Indie Elevate competition as well as a free month of Bidalgo marketing tools. The press release mentions a focus on US and Canada for this time around, with games that were released in 2020 and deserve to be promoted to a wider audience.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submit between Oct 21, 2020 - Nov 4, 2020
  • Platform(s): PC, Mobile, FB Instant Games
  • Game's release date was in 2020
  • US / Canada based developers only

As an additional caveat to note, developers who have already invested over $50,000 USD in Facebook Ads will not be eligible for this contest. This is, of course, to give the smaller players a fair chance at cashing in on an unexpected opportunity rather than larger studios which have already seen the value of Facebook Ads.

Surely, Facebook is hoping that the free $10K in Ads will increase exposure, engagement, and sales for developers which could inherently lead to more spending in future, but either way it seems like a great way to help get your game noticed, especially if it is currently struggling on Social Media.

As an added bonus, when things work out really well with a contestant, the winner and FB could even develop a larger business relationship or at the very least become an object to promote the Facebook Gaming brand with. Their press release notably mentions this in the following excerpt;

"We may also promote your game and your studio across our professional and consumer networks to show the world what you can do. It doesn’t matter how small your team is, as long as you have big dreams and big ideas."

The committee who evaluates the games submitted to Facebook Gaming's Indie Elevate contest have also been revealed and include a variety of different backgrounds such as game studio leads, marketing, and more.

  1. Ben Webley - Director, FBG
  2. Gordon Rowe - Game Development Partner, FBG
  3. Amy Harmer - Head of Scaled Gaming
  4. Mike Lee - Account Manager, FBG
  5. Ben Figueroa - Strategic Partner Manager, FBG
  6. Neal Baroni - Client Partner
  7. Charlie Patterson - Client Partner
  8. Yorick Reyes - Technical Solutions Consultant
  9. Lorelay Carvalho - Business Development Lead, FBG

Potential applicants should be fully prepared and already have their game released for this contest before applying.

To submit your game go to FBG Indie Elevate and fill out your information, company size, funding level, game information, and a brief description of why you believe your game should be chosen as a winner for Indie Elevate. This is probably the most important part of the whole submission, and you've only got 400 characters maximum to make the perfect pitch!
Good luck to everyone who enters. We look forward to seeing some great games get more attention soon.

Written by Jon Ireson. Some Info Sourced: Facebook Gaming, October 21, 2020