Xbox Series

Microsoft's fourth console generation is set to launch November 10, 2020 in North America and most major regions and consists of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X is an all-powerful unit based on AMD Ryzen architecture, 1TB NVMe SSD internal storage, and internal graphics processing power equivalent of recent high-end graphics cards on the PC market. Featuring NVMe SSD expansion, USB 3.1 external expansion, and a heavy emphasis on Xbox Game Pass - players are being offered a huge value comparable to PC Gaming for a fraction of the cost with the 4K Ultra Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S is a $299 USD console being released for budget-friendly purchase with just 512GB storage and no disc drive, as well as reduced GPU power (1440p Medium graphics are targeted instead of 4K Ultra). The unit will feature a similar CPU processing power as XSX.