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Oliver Wright RealGamerNewz




Lead Programmer: Oliver Wright



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Jon Ireson RealGamerNewz

Editor-In-Chief: Jon Ireson

Bio: “Gamer for over 22 years and author of over 4,000 living online documents detailing the international video games industry. I miss RTS games like Red Alert 2, RPGs like Final Fantasy VI, and War games like Battlefield 1942, Warhawk, Halo: Combat Evolved, Soldier Of Fortune, and Unreal. I play PC and Consoles.”

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Jermain Jackson RealGamerNewz


Deputy Editor: Jermain Jackson

Bio: “Aspiring Journalist, Editor, and Author. Avid gamer, prefers 3rd person shooters and action/adventure games. Barbados born, Brooklyn raised.”

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DJ Killzown Jones RealGamerNewz




News Editor / Podcast Team: DJ Killzown Jones

Bio: “It’s official!!! DJ KILLZOWN JONES has joined RGN as Crew and Partner with his established Mixtape, YouTube, Gaming brand and its audience of over 200,000 listeners / viewers (as of January 29, 2014) and growing.”

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Tristan Werbe RealGamerNewz


Contributing Editor / Podcast Team: Tristan Werbe

Bio: “In addition to being a News Editor at RealGamerNewz, I also run an RGN brand called Tristan’s Twisted World which is an exclusive point-of-view articles, videos, and more. My favorite games are Final Fantasy VII, Halo 4, BioShock, Sonic CD, Zelda Ocrania of Time, StarFox 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Alan Wake, and much more.  #TeamSonic #TeamShenmue #TeamMasterChief #Garrus #TeamStarFox #YourToSlow #Yoshi #SliceOfLife #CrystalBlue #FinalSmash #MakingAKilling

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Alos Tucker RealGamerNewz

Author / Podcast Team: Alos Tucker

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Paul I - RealGamerNewz Executive Editor



Executive Editor: Paul I

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Nigel Strong RealGamerNewz

Supervisor: Nigel Schonfeld

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Augustus Bel




Author: Augustus Bel

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Kyle Heller RGN




Contributor / Retro Reviewer: Kyle Heller

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Yoda RealGamerNewz




Contributor: Josh Ehresmann

Bio:My Steam library is worth more than your car. I play all platforms and all genres.

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Matthew Dokurno RealGamerNewz




Contributor / Podcast Team: Matthew Dokurno

Bio: “I’ve been playing video games since the golden days of the SNES, being able to beat world 1 of Super Mario World before I could even walk. My favorite games of all time are Ocarina Of Time, Wind Waker and MGS3. Besides video games, I love hockey and cooking.”

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MrBrodo789 RealGamerNewz




Contributor / Podcast Team: Brody Arnold

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Louis Thompson RealGamerNewz




Contributor / Video Team: Louis Thompson

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alex hinkley rgn




Contributor: Alex Hinkley

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Mitch Walters RealGamerNewz




Contributor / Key Account Holder: Mitch Walters

Bio: Always offline DRM, DLC is not my thing.” #AllHailTheKing

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Last Updated: March 2014


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