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Cooler Master Seidon 120V All In One Liquid CPU Cooler Video Review

RealGamerNewz Review - Cooler Master Seidon 120V CPU Liquid Cooler

Affordable all-in-one liquid cooling has been accomplished, it’s an amazing time we live in.

Recently my CPU Cooler died on me and was causing outrageous temperatures that would have surely ruined my machine had I not turned it off for over a week while waiting to raise capital, order the part, and get proper equipment to do the install with (I just needed rubbing alcohol and a Phillips head screwdriver, everything else needed was already included). Once the install was done and I was up and running again, I decided to review the new cooler I ended up purchasing over at GeekEssentials© which I hold the title of Partner at enjoyably since both of our brands work together great for some time now.

The Cooler Master Seidon 120V CPU Cooler is an all-in-one liquid cooled unit that sits on top of your processor. In the Review I speak about how to check your CPU cores and the temperature they are at for any given moment which may differ in accuracy depending on which version of Windows you are using as well as what brand of processor you have in your machine. Beyond that, I give an idea of what it’s like to install the part for anyone who is considering buying it, though you should seek better instructions once you actually make that purchase since this is a Review not a How-To video. Check the Video Review out below and if you end up wanting to know more about the tech industry beyond what we cover here on RealGamerNewz then be sure to subscribe to the GE channel.

Seidon 120V CPU Cooler Video Review:

#Destiny Vault of Glass Livestream – Presented by @MegaRan @RealGamerNewz Starring $K!L CLAN [PS4]

RealGamerNewz DOT Com 1

Check out the $K!L CLAN playing Destiny’s Vault of Glass Raid Livestreamed on MegaRan’s Twitch Channel. (If you’re tuning in late, there will be a replay posted once this article gets updated after the raid attempt).

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Watch live video from Mega_Ran on Twitch Watch live video from Mega_Ran on www.twitch.tv 

Destiny Gameplay Stream Replay – Test by @MegaRan @RealGamerNewz

RealGamerNewz DestinyBeta Mars Gameplay

Watch me get destroyed in Free For All, talk about Destiny and the upcoming Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, and more gameplay streams from myself @RealGamerNewz and @MegaRan , and then watch me get into Control with a great team and have a great comeback on one of my favorite maps!

Production: RealGamerNewz
Special Appearance from DJ Killzown Jones

☭ Make sure to subscribe to @MegaRan’s Twitch to see Vault of Glass RAID LIVE Sunday #Destiny #Gameplay http://www.twitch.tv/mega_ran

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RealGamerNewz.com Presents… $K!L Destiny PS4 CLAN [Recruitment Open]

RealGamerNewz SKIL Clan Destiny PS4

Welcome to everyone who is a part of the $K!L CLAN started back in Warhawk days on PlayStation 3, as well as all of our new members from RealGamerNewz.com. Our primary game is now DESTINY on PLAYSTATION 4. Recruiting is now OPEN.


Step 1. Set up your Bungie Account linked with your PS4 Account.
Step 2. Click the link here: http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/263317
Step 3. Click Request Join
Step 4. Click Set as PlayStation Clan* (Important: Do Not Miss This Step)
Step 5. Add Hitman0769 on PS4 Friends List, the leader of $K!L and send a message on PSN

Why Join?

– Classic $K!L Team Reunion
– Training for Upcoming 6 Man Raid “Vault Of Glass on Venus” – Lvl 26+
– Help w/ Crucible MP, Co-Op XP, Tips
– Built in Forum, PSN friends in USA and EU
– Game with some of the RGN Staff and our friends.
– PSN Party Chat w/ Gamers who have your back in the game.

Indie Gaming Update: Runers – Available On Steam Now [w/ HD 1080P Trailer]

Runers Indie Steam

Mastertronic reveals Runers has now launched on Steam with the following 1080P High Definition trailer presented below. Runers is a procedurally generated hack and slash dungeon crawler that echoes back to a simpler time for the Action RPG genre when legendary titles like Gauntlet walked the earth.

MegaRan Documentary Premiere Event Footage in Phoenix Filmbar [FAMEAZ.TV] Sold Out Mega-Lo-Mania Debut [HD 1080P]


Check out the MegaRan Documentary Premiere Event footage published recently by FAMEAZ.TV which took place in Phoenix, AZ at Phoenix Filmbar and grab your own copy of Mega-Lo-Mania today on DVD HERE.

Phoenix Filmbar Event – Mega Ran’s Documentary World Premiere:

Official Mega-Lo-Mania MegaRan Documentary Trailer:

Watch Dogs Amazon Deal of the Day (Today Only) 40% OFF For PS4, Xbox ONE, and PC

Watch Dogs Amazon Deal of the Day (Today Only)

Hurry up and log in to the following link (Amazon.com Official Gold Box) to take advantage of the Amazon Deal of the Day in which today only Watch Dogs is on sale for $34.99 on two platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and $31.99 for Windows PC. Love or hate Watch Dogs there is something to be said about the gameplay and fun factor that can be experienced in the game. If you haven’t had a chance yet, try giving a look at our Watch Dogs Review.

Xbox Upload Does The #IceBucketChallenge – Xbox Asks Have You Uploaded Yours?

Xbox Upload IceBucketChallenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge isn’t just about dumping some ice on your head, it’s about spreading awareness of the disease ASL which is behind it all as those who complete the challenge donate to the cause as well and will then teach others about the disease and what is needed to get involved and make a difference in the community. Recently, Bungie / Destiny took the challenge with in-game CGI and it was glorious. They challenged George Lucas, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare villain Kevin Spacey (as Jonathan Irons), and Joel from The Last Of Us – so here’s for hoping many more interesting ones coming up with in-game graphics. Here’s Xbox Upload’s Mensahboss taking the challenge on the Official Xbox YouTube Channel who is now encouraging users to upload themselves performing the challenge to their servers as well.

Leaked Gameplay: GTA V Zombies DLC + GTA Online Heists… Finally… From an Unlikely Source

GTA V Zombies DLC

YouTube has its benefits and when their new nazi-copy-reich system isn’t busy removing every single piece of your heart from the internet, it sometimes watches videos too. Well, okay no it doesn’t because artificial intelligence isn’t that smart yet (or is it?) but in any event if it did watch videos – they would be totally awesome and reveal hidden gameplay experiences found by the modding community within the Grand Theft Auto V build code showing off GTA Online Heist information / animations as well as a never-before-seen GTA V Zombies DLC mission. Oh, and apparently Trevor was once destined to join the CIA?

Of course, all of this is all on leaked footage but shouldn’t get you too hyped for now since it could have been scrapped from the game’s final release. At least we know it’s going to forever be possible to play these modes with modding and that will become especially easy once the Windows PC version launches (we hope). I doubt we will see any official confirmation of these features though or public discussion otherwise until Rockstar Games is ready to promote the PS4 / Xbox ONE / PC versions of the game more heavily though, so for now check out this video and investigate our sources below it for more information on the entire leak in full.

GTA V Zombies DLC:

GTA Online Heists:

GTA V Zombies First Person Mode:

GTA V Single Player DLC:

GTA V Secret Developer Menu:

[Source: Chr0m3xMoDz]

Clockwork Empires Hits Steampunk Early Access This August

Clockwork Empires - Steam Early Access

Chopping down trees, farming, mining, guts, and glory. These are some of the things that make up Clockwork Empires – a story about settling the colonies set to a Steampunk theme. On August 15, 2014 players will be able to experience this game thanks to Steam Early Access.

The sinister side of the steampunk world is fully intact as things start out in ways one might perhaps consider pretty standard for the time period but take a strange turn as the alternate reality of having no electronic advancements begins to take its toll on the characters in the game.

Singleplayer, Multiplayer for up to four players, and all the fixin’s you’ve come to expect with your Steam titles are set for staggered deployment as this project gets off the ground from developer / publisher Gaslamp Games (who also made Dungeons of Dredmor). This game will be compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems when the final version launches some time in Spring 2014. Check out an announcement trailer for it from Gaslamp Games below!

Dating Sim: Hatoful Boyfriend “Summer of Love” Collector’s Edition Hits Steam August 21

Hatoful Boyfriend

Devolver Digital’s next big thing… Hatoful Boyfriend “Summer of Dove” Collector’s Edition, has been announced for the Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. Players who want to get into this romance saga have a chance to pre-order for 10% off via Steam (link here) and should know that this game comes highly praised from critics and Steam users as an abnormal yet highly enjoyable experience (and it even features a female protagonist). If you’re up for something a bit different from the usual indie offerings, take a look at the quote from Devolver Digital’s own corporate big wig below and be on the lookout for Mediatonic’s release hitting August 21, 2014.

“Our research shows that consumer fatigue for space marines and dragons is at an all-time high – gamers are ready for something new and fresh,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Semi-realistic pigeon dating simulations are the next great frontier in video games.”

LUFTRAUSERS Post-Mortem Review

Luftrausers Review - RealGamerNewz

When you think of indie games, you think of a booming market of original titles that don’t always have the biggest budgets or the shiniest graphic engines, but gain their merit on gameplay and fun factor rather than flash. That’s exactly what development studio Vlambeer aimed to present with LUFTRAUSERS which was made available on Steam (as well as PS3 and Vita) during March of this year. I’ll admit I didn’t really get the hang of this one quickly, and at first rejected it completely based on how terrible it felt on a keyboard. But once you plug a controller in and really begin to appreciate this game for what it is, I think it’s easy to agree that something different albeit strange was presented by this developer and is worthy of most gamers’ attention.

Players take control of a plane trapped in a psychedelic shoot-em-up like never seen before. While diving into what can only be called water (for lack of real world definition) like a dolphin, and using planned trajectories to slingshot back up with the force of gravity, players destroy other planes, battleships, and even blimp-like objects earning upgrades for their vehicle of death enhancing and changing the projectiles they are capable of dispensing as well as the speeds they are capable of achieving.

Although Vlambeer made the game and Devolver Digital just published it, I feel like their golden touch can always be felt. It’s almost like indie devs bring Devolver Digital a project and Devolver Digital says “It better have bitchin’ music”. Of course in reality they probably do a lot more than that. LUFTRAUSERS doesn’t suffer from many game-breaking issues, leading me to believe quality assurance play-testing was pretty heavy on this project. This is also a testament to what a development team founded by only two human beings can achieve, and a lot of the quality here is likely from these two dedicated people alone.

Luftrausers Review - RealGamerNewz Gameplay

The Feng Shui of flying the plane in this game combined with the silly fun vibe it gives off, but a lasting impression isn’t very strong here. Some issues exist when it comes to the game being entirely too luck-based, while heavily relying on players to nail down high scores. This can be frustrating for some to say the least. Enemies spawn randomly and challenges are not set out in concrete level designs. This is a pretty big let down although I respect the methodology that led Vlambeer to this end result and probably wouldn’t have done any better myself. But it also means that you’re probably not going to play this game all the time unless you’re a ‘Chieve-hunter. Get chieved! Get some! Or let it drop to the bottom of your backlog like most Steam games… either way.

Final Verdict:

First things first, if you don’t have a controller don’t bother. That being said, it would be your loss since this is a totally unique game. I never fell head over heels in love with it, but that doesn’t mean other players won’t. Originality in the game industry is a thing that should be embraced and praised, and serves as the core of Vlambeer’s existence. LUFTRAUSERS is a giant monument symbolizing their significant commitment to that philosophy of creating new. It’s also a great shoot-em-up with abstract graphics and an abstract gameworld, both of which are mechanics I feel need to be used way more often in the industry. Major props to everyone involved in making this project a reality.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: Vlambeer

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available On: PC | PS3 | Vita | Mac OS X | Linux

Played On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.