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343 Industries Working At Multiple Projects On Once


Many may not remember this, but in a major interview 343 Industries had stated that they were working on more than one project at once. This opens up the doors for the Halo franchise, not only to continue its trilogy started with Halo 4 (as promised to fans by 343i) but also to create other, new projects.

One of these projects is Cortana for the Xbox ONE Kinect, Windows Phone 8, and other devices that use voice commands. Players will get to speak with Cortana and have her speak back. It is unknown exactly how much 343i has their hands in this, but it’s safe to say that they are certainly overlooking the project to some degree at least.

Halo for Xbox ONE is tossed between the names “Halo”, “Halo 5”, and “Halo on Xbox ONE” so often it almost seems as if Microsoft isn’t sure which game they want to market first. It is likely that 343 Industries has most of the development focused on one project at this time, whichever is meant to release next – but is also working on the early planning stages for their other titles. These projects could be Halo 6, Halo 7, spinoffs, remakes, who knows – it is really unclear at this time.


Right now the most highly likely situation is that 343i is in fact creating a Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Remake as we previously reported in our rumor section – in order to release as soon as possible and warm the crowd for Halo 5 which is most likely the main development project for the company right now.

However, there is another possibility being discussed by investors and gamers which is that Halo 1’s multiplayer was never correctly remade in full – instead it was pasted on top of Halo: Reach gameplay. There is a remote possibility that 343i could remake the Halo 1 multiplayer and release it alongside the single player remake with Halo 2: Anniversary Edition all in one package for Xbox ONE.

This would mean that players could play both titles on the X1 to see the storyline roots of the series, then be encouraged to buy Halo 5 when it comes out to see the full experience 343i and Microsoft will offer at that time on the Xbox ONE hardware. Even more remotely plausible are the possibilities of 343i considering a Halo 3 remake and Halo 4 port to Xbox ONE some time in the distant future, or that they may be working on Xbox 360 software as well still. Time will remain to tell the story, however we can say for sure that 343i has something up their sleeve for Xbox gamers coming soon.

Halo on Xbox ONE

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – Smoke & Mirrors Trailer [HD 1080P] **Update** w/Release info


The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 RealGamerNewz

The Smoke & Mirrors Trailer of The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2.


Telltale games have confirmed via twitter that episode 2 will launch next week. February 4th for PC/Mac and PS3 in NA and Feb 5th for Xbox 360 (NA/EU) and PS3 (EU). It will also be available on the iOS Appstore. Stay tuned for the review.

Titanfall Beta Confirmed for Xbox ONE and PC


After the leak yesterday, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that a TitanFall beta is being developed for the Xbox One and PC. No dates were given, but Vince Zampella has promised more information in the coming days. A French retailer advertising a TitanFall beta has been leaked online. The poster says that the beta will start on February 14, but only last until February 19th. There is no way to know for sure if these dates are true or not.

There is no beta being developed for the Xbox 360 version of the game. The studio developing the Xbox 360 version was also finally revealed, and it is Bluepoint Games. Hopefully, they will do a good job making TitanFall the best it can be. Windows 7 and Windows 8 are both supported for TitanFall which will require an EA Origin account similarly to Battlefield.

TitanFall on PC is Now Available as a Pre-Order From GamersGate.com with bonus rewards.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Jump Festa 2013 Trailer [HD 1080P]

Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Z

The Jump Festa 2013 Trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita from publisher Namco Bandai featuring bosses and more is featured below in Full 1080P High Definition.

Tiny Brains PS4 Review

Tiny Brains PS4 RealGamerNewz Review 2

Tiny Brains on PlayStation 4 is about the experimental procedures of a scientist who has constructed some miniature and intelligent beings. This means players take the role of four test subjects each with their own powers. Every character is needed in their own way for solving the puzzles that this strange science experiment presents them with and they are color coded. When a session has less than four people playing players can swap between different characters at will. Each is color coded to help the player remember their power and in addition to voice chat players can communicate with each other by using the DualShock 4’s touch pad to point out areas they are trying to explain. The color coding also lights up differently on each controller based on which character the player currently has selected.

The stages in Tiny Brains start off very easy and quick serving as something of a tutorial for how to navigate in the game-world and seamlessly evolve into challenging stages that have very interesting and sometimes hilarious consequences. Players will participate in puzzles that sometimes focus on speed and skill while other times demand complete co-operation such as one stage that sees players kicking and pulling a ball uphill as the board changes, similar to something out of Marble Madness from the Nintendo NES days only this time two people are trying to control one ball together. The controls of the game work as expected, which is great because sometimes the precise actions of the player will make or break their success on a given puzzle.

Very careful attention has been paid to the way players come into the game. For example, once me and my partners accidentally ran underneath a ramp before it was lowered and I thought “oh, here we go, we are about to see the first glitch” since this was a newly released title and that detail may have been overlooked. I was pleasantly surprised to see that even minute points like this were perfectly remedied because we were automatically spawned to a playable area. That being said, the game is not always easy, but it is usually fun.

Tiny Brains PS4 RealGamerNewz Review 1

Early in the game players begin to experience survival waves which test their might and even more challenges are presented later on down the line. For example, one mid-way situation seen in Tiny Brains sees two players co-operating to light the gas and ignition for a stove-top burner (four or so to  be precise) and burn up chickens that are attacking a target they must defend. The other two players must help direct the enemies onto these flammable platforms and all of this must be timed nicely with the onslaught of enemies being just too much to simply stomp them all out (another attack option players get). These types of segments and mini-games are a great relief from the puzzle sessions and keep it fun and interesting while still providing a challenge. After a few puzzles players get to divert their attention to something like this and then by the time it’s over feel ready for some more puzzling stages anyways, so the pace and flow of the title are pretty good in that respect.

Graphically the game is nothing to write home about. We feel saddened by the developers’ choice to place a crazy looking filter over the title which makes everything look a bit messy and washed out. When playing back the videos using the PS4’s Share Button (shared on Facebook in compressed HD), the graphics actually don’t have this filter. The filter looks like black squiggly lines up and down and was probably added as an artistic expression but comes off as really cheesy and does a disservice to what may be vibrant colors and sharp, anti-aliased character models hiding beneath there. A simple patch could probably remove this, but we’ll see.

Tiny Brains PS4 RealGamerNewz Review 3

Multiplayer Aspect: Tiny Brains supports 1-4 multiplayer for either local or online play. Players can join up with friends, shoot over invites to people on their friends list, and even experience matchmaking sessions open to the public.

Replay Value: Fair – With plenty of trophies and the ability to play this at home with friends and family, the replay value on this game is really not bad. The challenges can get a bit tedious over time though, so this isn’t something you’ll be playing forever. That being said, it’s well worth the asking price in terms of how many hours players can expect to get out of it.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: Fair – The audio in Tiny Brains PS4 did not take away from the gameplay but didn’t do much to add to it either. Overall it was forgettable, but this is not problematic to the overall experience.

Tiny Brains PS4 RealGamerNewz Review 4

Final Verdict:

To the detriment of this game some sections seem to be only passable with 3-4 players. Although this is not the case and these puzzles just become much more difficult with 1-2 players it can be frustrating to experience these moments when running through as a pair of brains the huge fun factor of the game slams into a brick wall and players must quit to try again later or find more people to help out whether they like it or not. Other than this issue of difficulty pacing, the developers of Tiny Brains have shown a mastery of pulling fun factor from the puzzle genre which can sometimes be like pulling teeth for other devs. Tiny Brains is an incredibly entertaining experience well worth its asking price and will give a lot of laughs while mixing up the puzzle action with survival waves and very creative gameplay elements. Tiny Brains gets an 8.5 out of 10 making it a Silver RGN Game.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8.5/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Spearhead Games

Publisher: 505 Games

Available On: PS4 | PS3 | 360 | PC

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: Four digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Preview – Max: Curse of Brotherhood Xbox ONE

Max Curse of Brotherhood - Xbox ONE

Preview – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

A game developed by Press Play for Xbox ONE

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a new platforming and puzzle solving game premiering on the Xbox ONE following the main character Max. The story take place after Max accidentally banishes his annoying brother Felix to another dimension called Anotherland ruled by the evil sorcerer Mustachio and then realizes he is going to have to save him.

He has to run, jump, and use his imagination solving various puzzles and predicaments to save his brother, with the help of his magic marker. The marker is controlled by the right stick on the Xbox ONE controller to solve various puzzles by creating stepping stones, branches, elemental solutions and even harnessing fire balls to smite his enemies among many other devices he can create with his magic marker.

Max Curse of Brotherhood 2 - Xbox ONE

If this sounds at all familiar to you then you probably played their first game on iOS, Wii, DS, or PS3 called Max and the Magic Marker, which mainly utilized touch controls and motion controls were available. However, this spiritual sequel will offer more variety than just drawing solutions like its predecessor. For example, in this one you may have to draw a branch to reach a destination or cut that branch to create a raft.

The foundation of this game seems to give the touch screen feel using the smoothness of the marker with an analog stick interface. This game (so far) looks to be a very creative platformer with some very unique puzzle solving abilities. I’m very exited to see how this game turns out and how it can changes the way we platform. This game will be available for both Xbox 360 (30fps) and Xbox ONE (60fps) and is exclusive to the Xbox platform. Keep an eye on RealGamerNewz for more information on this and other Xbox titles as it becomes available.

LEGO The Hobbit Video Game Announced Following Desolation of Smaug Film’s Release

Lego The Hobbit Video Game

The following trailer is for the announcement of LEGO The Hobbit becoming available next year on the following platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PC and is a follow up to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug which hit theaters this Friday December 13, 2013 shortly after we showcased a vivid behind-the-scenes look at the film.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD Review

Castlevania Mirror of Fate HD Review - RealGamerNewz

Mirror of Fate HD is the console port of Konami’s Nintendo 3DS title which installed the Lords of Shadow series into the handheld console. Mirror of Fate is not a 3D action adventure title like Lords of Shadow though, and instead harkens back to the good old days when Castlevania was a 2D open world type of game. With a less linear approach to things, Mirror of Fate HD extends the Castlevania: LoS series into the 2D world with 3D character models as well as other assets including backgrounds fleshed out with new age graphical techniques.

Story: In an alternate telling of the Belmont chronicles, Mirror of Fate HD completely re-writes the history of the Castlevania series. In this game Gabriel Belmont is Dracula and players must play the roles of Simon, Alucard, and Trevor. For some players this is probably going to be upsetting, however it does offer a fresh new plot to the series. The title starts off with Gariel’s woman being shown the future through a mirror (the Mirror of Fate) in which things take a turn for the worst for the Belmont family. Later on down the line we are shown that fate is something written in stone and a strange and eerie guide watches over this fate to ensure its proper fulfillment.

The storyline overall is interesting and gripping and may be one of the game’s strong points. Without getting into spoilers, players should know that there are many emotional moments in this title that shouldn’t be missed by dedicated fans of the franchise. The twists and turns of the events that take place in Mirror of Fate HD are extremely moving and go in-depth developing each character’s resolve, history, and purpose in life. Although slightly adjusted from the plot in traditional Castlevania past, much of this game’s events will feel familiar. While once again we must stress that the story in Mirror of Fate HD is incredible but may at times come off a bit silly with a sort of “family airing out dirty laundry” theme recurring.

Gameplay / Controls: Mirror of Fate HD opens up with an epic series of events but unfortunately the majority of the gameplay seen in this title is extremely confusing. Players who like to find things out for themselves, pressing on through the maze-like castle, will enjoy themselves just fine. Lords of Shadow fans who are looking for something more linear are going to be disappointed though.

The mini-map often fails to direct players as to how to get around and instead just vaguely reference where they’ll eventually end up once they’ve figured out what to do. The great thing about Mirror of Fate HD’s gameplay is that it’s a lot like the old school Castlevania games and yet the unfortunate thing about this title’s gameplay is that players get lost way more often than in the classic titles. Again, there’s a great game to be had here and most Castlevania players will  be willing to work through the madness while many even still will enjoy the fact that the game sports a labyrinth of a layout, it’s just something that should be understood going in from the beginning. Upgrades are available but this isn’t a role playing type of game such as previous Castlevania titles.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD PS3 Review 2

This game is essentially Lords of Shadow on a 2D playing field, hence the extremely long name that felt the need to refer back to LoS as a reminder of what the developer was aiming for. Mirror of Fate HD is already described by many as a ‘Metroidvania’ style of a game which relates to the fact that it’s two dimensional and yet lends itself to the exploration expected from an open world title. The game also features puzzles, platforming, and quick-time events that keep things interesting the entire time. The responsiveness of the DualShock 3 and Xbox 360 controller are much appreciated as well as the preciseness to the directional pad as gamers are tasked with a difficult platformer with Mirror of Fate HD.

Characters / Enemies: There are three playable characters for this game. Experience points are earned and used throughout the game which apply to you the player rather than each character though, which is good since players change characters quickly as they progress through the title. Most enemies present poor A.I. and typically require repetition to take them out, but they look good and Bosses are much more interesting to do battle with. Simon, fan-favorite Alucard, and Trevor each have their own abilities and powers that are experienced through the game.

Graphics / Art Direction: Visually the game fails to be stunning but looks great. Players who missed out on the 3DS version will be happy to see what the title looks like on a home console. The Art Direction is of course a realistic geometric representation of the anatomy of the characters and enemies seen in the game as well as the castle but set in the fantastical Castlevania universe.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The voice acting in this game is top quality, as expected from the publisher and developer behind it. The music in the game is equally excellent and the audio sound effects are pretty much what you’d expect. Overall the audio quality of Mirror of Fate HD is without a question Triple A material.

Replay Ability: Easy, Normal, and Hard gameplay modes are available from the start with a Hardcore mode for extended play which is unlocked after beating the game. There are also a few different types of collectibles that can  be acquired by keeping a look on the mini-map for when they appear throughout the title and making sure to figure out how to grab them before moving on. This extends the length of the game somewhat, but can also make for a reason to return to the title a second time in Hardcore mode.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD PS3 Review 3

Engine Performance: No glitches were encountered during our playthrough of this game. The engine is solid and cohesive with no hit detection issues or graphical problems to be seen at all.

Final Verdict:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD is a nice little adventure while fans wait for the Lords of Shadow 2 title to hit. It morphs the classical tale of the Castlevania universe which can be seen as a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about new takes on old legends. The gameplay is exploratory and yet manages to throw in enough Lords of Shadow to feel new and unique. Getting lost in the castle will not be fun to everyone though, and some of the game’s moments will be spent wandering around bored and annoyed. Overall the game is well worth playing and fails to disappoint in terms of a great story, decent gameplay, and excellent soundtrack. Mirror of Fate HD gets a 7.5 out of 10 making it a Bronze Game for RealGamerNewz.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.5/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developers: MercurySteam

Publisher: Konami

Available On: 3DS | PS3 | 360

Played On: Sony PlayStation 3

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review


Dynasty Warriors 8 (known in Japan as Shin Sangokumusou 7) is the eighth main installment in the long running hack and slash series from developers Omega Force. For the uninitiated, Dynasty Warriors tells the historical tale of “The Three Kingdoms”; a tripartite between the Wei, Shu and Wu states that followed the fall of the Han Dynasty during the imperial age of China. The story mode features four playable campaigns chronicling the many battles between the three aforementioned factions who fought for control, and the rise of Jin.

The motif of this game is to make the player the ultimate “one-man army” and that quickly becomes apparent as soon as you engage a group of enemies. The combat in Dynasty Warriors 8 is exciting, fast paced and ridiculously over the top. Players can combine light and heavy attacks to pull off some pretty outlandish moves that will clear a group of enemies in a matter of seconds. Musou attacks are powerful moves that do more damage and have a large radius allowing the player to take down even larger groups. Everyone can perform a total of three different musous, two on the ground and one from the air. Two of them have will have to be unlocked first (more on that in a bit) before you can use them.

It’s the simple yet satisfying tried and true combat system that DW fans know and love. It has suffered from becoming too repetitive in previous installments. DW8 features some new tweaks to help alleviate that in the form of the ‘Commander Affinity’ mechanic.  Weapons now come with an affinity, one of three elements: Earth, Man and Heaven. This elemental system determines which weapon has an advantage and disadvantage. Think the rock, paper, scissors. Man is effective against Heaven, Heaven against Earth, and Earth against Man. This encourages players to switch between their character’s weapons during battles. Each warrior is equipped with two weapons: their main weapon and a secondary that can be swapped for another weapon type. The amount of weapons to choose from is plentiful and each feature their own set of combos, injecting more variety in the combat system.

Another exciting new feature is ‘Storm Rush’. This is triggered when the player faces off against an enemy officer whose weapon affinity is lower. Repeatedly striking said opponent will unleash a barrage of rapid strikes, that will not only damage multiple enemies unlucky enough to be within range but quickly deplete their health bars as well. ‘Switch Counter’ allows the player to land a powerful counter attack against an enemy whose weapon has a higher affinity, essentially knocking them back and quickly switching weapons afterwards.

Last but certainly not least is my favorite of the new mechanics, ‘Rage Awakening’. Similar to the rage system from Dynasty Warriors 5, players will fill up the awakening gauge by landing attacks. Once full, clicking down on the right stick will activate it and they will receive an increase in strength, defense and speed. They are also able to perform an ‘Awakening Musou’, an even more powerful musou attack that last as long as the button is held until the gauge completely depletes. This attack is arguably the most exciting to unleash in the game, as the player is able to steamroll through massive amounts of enemy soldiers while achieving a ridiculously high combo chain. The highest I’ve pulled off so far is over 2400. Together these new additions combined with the old, makes Dynasty Warrior 8’s combat the most satisfying in the series so far.

Slaying your foes will earn your character experience points, leveling him/her up as well as the special abilities you equip . Level a character up high enough and the third musou attack will become available. Thankfully the character progression system has been improved upon, now being persistent across all modes. All your abilities and unlocked weapons will carry over, regardless of what mode you play.

Speaking of modes, Free mode makes its return, allowing you to play through the stages already completed in story mode. In free mode however, there are no restrictions on what faction you have to fight for and who you play as. If the player wants to choose Cao Cao of Wei and play through the battles featured in the Shu story and face off against Wei, they have the freedom to do so. It’s a fun alternative to story mode.

Ambition mode is the third and brand new mode in the Dynasty Warriors series. In it players are tasked with building a city in with the hope of attracting the Emperor to their cause. You start off with a little camp and must earn the materials and such in order to achieve your goal. In order to do so, players will have to engage three different types of battles; Skirmishes will earn materials required to build shops and other facilities, unconventional battles earn fame required to recruit allies on the battlefield and great battles which earn you more allies.

Engaging in consecutive battles will increase the rewards but also the difficulty of each battle as well. Your health won’t regenerate and there is a chance you won’t bring back anything at all. Completing two-three consecutive battles will allow you to engage in a duel against special officers. Defeating them will get them to join your cause. Bonds can be formed with your allies, further increasing those bond will yield support bonuses for you when out on the battlefield. There are also animals you can unlock to fight by your side. Ambition mode certainly lives up to its name and is a great new addition to the series. It is great to note that all three modes within Dynasty Warriors 8 can be played with a second player, either offline or online. This leads to double the mayhem and makes for an even more fun experience.

While Dynasty Warriors 8 isn’t going to win any awards in the best graphics department, it is still good looking. The playable character models look good in game and their armors are detailed enough to make out. The environments aren’t breathtaking by any means but feature enough detail to not be a pain to look at. The non playable characters, the countless enemies on screen look bad. Their clothes have very little detail and when shown up close during cut scenes they look worse thanks to bad textures. It is only a minor gripe though. In the end when the action is on screen it is a visually stunning game and the environments take a backseat as your eyes will be fixated on all the carnage.

The soundtrack for Dynasty Warriors 8 is fun to listen to, providing you like metal music. The sound effects haven’t really seen any changes and the voice overs get very repetitive on the battlefield. Speaking of voice acting, with the exception of a few, the acting is very cheesy and laughably bad. It’s really annoying when the worst offenders are playing the characters during a tragic scene that is supposed to carry emotional weight. It is very difficult to be moved by someone’s death when it doesn’t sound believable.

Replay Value: High – Once you’ve completed all 4 campaigns, which last about five hours each depending on skill level, you can replay them again to try and unlock the hypothetical(bonus) stages. Free mode and Ambition mode offer a lot of content as well. To top things off, Dynasty Warriors 8 features over 70 playable characters and most must be unlocked in order to play with them. Add the ability to play with a friend, at home or online and you’ve got a lot of choices to keep you busy with this game.

Final Verdict: While it does suffer from the same faults that have plagued previous games in the series, Dynasty Warriors 8’s positives far out way its negatives. Thanks to an updated combat system, improved character progression, an abundance of content and the brand new Ambition mode, Dynasty Warriors solidifies itself as a worth purchase for newcomers and fans alike.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Award: Silver

Developer: Omega Force

Publisher: Tecmo Koei

Available On: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. PlayStation 4 Version Coming ( 2014)

Played On: Sony PS3

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.