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Video Game Writer Rhianna Pratchett to Write the Next Tomb Raider Comics Arc


On November 20, 2014, award-winning scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett, announced via Twitter, her partnership with Dark Horse Comics to write the next set of Tomb Raider comics. Though she was co-writer on a few of the previous releases (issues 7-12), she will be the sole contributor as of issue 13.

Starting a new arc, this issue finds Lara employed at the British Museum enjoying a quiet life. Suddenly, she is thrust into a game where a thought to be deceased friend’s life is in danger.


Issue #13 cover

Pratchett has an extensive background, with titles such as Tomb Raider, Heavenly Sword, Bioshock Infinite, Mirror’s Edge and several others under her belt. She was named one of the top 100 women in the UK gaming industry and holds the position of co-director of the 2012 created Narrativia multimedia production company. She is taking over for comic book writer Gail Simone.

Issue 13 is due for release on February 25, 2015 for $3.99.

Source: Darkhorse

Killzown Interviews: Star Clipper – Part 1

Killzown Interviews Star clipper (1)


In this edition of Killzown Interviews DJ Killzown Jones stops by Star Clipper, the iconic comic book store in the Delmar Loop. In part one of the interview Killzown talks to one of the store managers Fleet and begins his tour of the store. Check out the video below and be sure to keep it locked to RGN for more Killzown Interviews.

Source – djkillzownjones.com



Tomb Raider Volume 1: Season of the Witch Coming This November


Tomb Raider Volume 1: Season of the Witch, is a comic series covering the adventures of Lara following the events on Yamatai. This trade paperback collection contains issue #1-6. It was created by Gail Simone (writer), Nicolás Daniel Selma (penciller), Juan Gedeon (inker), Michael Atiyeh (colorist), Dan Dos Santos (cover artist) and published by Dark Horse Books.

Lara and the other survivors of the Endurance are experiencing horrific visions after their ordeal in the lost kingdom of Yamatai. But the visions lead to a darker fate . . . Can Lara survive the calamities that await her as she struggles to piece this new mystery, and her life, back together?


Issues #1-6

Available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers, Season of the Witch is due for release on November 12, 2014.

Killzown Komics – The Series So Far



Comics have been apart of my life since the day I could read and ever since I was little I always had a comic collection. In recent years I have blessed in being able to purchase more comics to add to my collection and one day I decided to share it with the world on Killzown Komics. In the playlist below you can watch  every episode of Killzown Komics from the first episode to my Fourth Of July special. If you see anything you like or would like more information on don’t hesitate to leave a comment below  and check back to RGN for more of”Killzown Komics” .



Tristans Twisted World: Mass Effect: Foundation Comics Series To Be Written By ME 3 Story Lead Mac Walters

Mass Effect is getting its first ongoing comics series in the form of Mass Effect: Foundation from Dark Horse Comics, penned by Mac Walters who was the writer on Mass Effect 2 and the story lead on Mass Effect 3. Some might argue that being in charge of Mass Effect 3‘ was a mistake even though he likes it. Walters has also written four comics miniseries in the Mass Effect universe.

There are 12 issues planed at this point and it is a sequel to the ending of Mass Effect 3 which I don’t know how that will work one bit since there are so many little variables and four major choices.

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