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Super Nintendo Classic Controller Length longer than NES Classic


Nintendo has confirmed the cord for the Super Nintendo Classic. The NES Classic’s controller and this the SNES Classic’s is stated to be ” about 2 ft. longer than the cord on the NES Classic Controller.” The controller length was a huge issue for most people last time, seems that Nintendo has learned the lesson from the first time around.

Samsung Announces Price for Gear VR Controller, along with Availability


Samsung held it’s Unpacked event in New York and London, showing investors and consumers what to expect in the near future from the tech giant. The Galaxy S8 was of course announced, but they also shared some big news about their plans for VR. The new VR controller will launch on April 21st of this year at $39 price point. It can also be purchased with a Samsung Gear VR for $129 so you can have the full set. The plan is to have the VR controller widely available for consumers at launch, and throughout the year.

KontrolFreek Ultra (PS4 / Xbox One) Next Gen Controller Accessory Mini Review

Kontrol Freek PS4 Xbox One

Kontrol Freek has become almost a common household name at this point in the gaming community, or at least it should be. Don’t invite me to your house if it isn’t yet. They are known for their many different analog stick accessories that help gamers win, but they also help with general accuracy for the everyday player. KontrolFreek accessories essentially plug into the top of an analog stick controller extending the stick and causing more precise movement to become possible. KontrolFreek will elevate the total length of the analog stick and add a higher spot to put your thumbs giving the user a better range of motion and allowing them to pull of more accurate shots in game.

Using the next-generation versions of this tech I found gameplay enhancements are not just for shooters. During my tests with the KontrolFreek FPSFreek Ultra several games were tested including: Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Need for Speed Rivals, Killzone Shadow Fall, Trials Fusion, and more. The KontrolFreek Ultra really seems to make the controller for the PS4 more comfortable to use especially with me having bigger hands. Thanks to KontrolFreek the sticks flowed a lot easier.

Using this product I honestly did notice myself aiming a lot faster on games. Now there’s definitely some downsides to these they do tend to fall off your controller from time to time and this can be really annoying especially if you’re in a huge streak on a game. Also tested the FPSFreek CQC which don’t elevate as high and they were better for a more accurate feel of the sticks mainly for more precise shots in game.

Custom Orders Available Here

Final Verdict:

In all, the KontrolFreek sticks for both the Xbox One and the PS4 are improving on what are great items from the previous console generation. Many pro gamers are familiar in and out of the MLG scene with these and some even swear by them. They provide better accuracy in game and a more precise feel when playing games they are at a competitive price so they aren’t hard to get a hold of and try out, perhaps you’ll end up adding them to your controller line as well.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9 / 10

RGN Rating: Gold Accessory

Manufacturer: Kontrol Freek

More Info | Buy Here

Review Copy Info: 4 sample units were provided to RealGamerNewz by the Manufacturer on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers for the purpose of this review.

Broforce Tactical Update + Steam Early Access Now Available – April 2014

Broforce - RealGamerNewz - Logo

If you don’t buy Broforce, you’re not a bro. Broforce has become available for Steam Early Access today and Devolver Digital has released the following Tactical Update video to the public. Windows PC and Mac OS X versions of this title are available with local and online co-op, single player, multiplayer, controller support, and level editor. The game is developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. The latest version introduces Ripbro as the first female member of Broforce.

Order Early Access Now

“Download the beta version of Broforce and provide invaluable feedback to the Free Lives team in the creation of new bros and new features during development. Updated builds will be delivered each month on the way to a targeted late Summer 2014 launch as players are encouraged to provide feedback on Broforce via the official forums and help shape Broforce into its final, explosive form.”

Broforce - RealGamerNewz

Free Lives - RealGamerNewz - Broforce

Amazon Fire TV Released For $99 (1080P HD, 60FPS) w/ Over 100 Games Including Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Console - Android

Oculus Rift won’t be getting any support from Minecraft, but the Amazon Fire TV has been announced today and released for $99.99 with the Fire Game Controller running $39.99 and over 100 games already existing on the device (starting at 99 cents a piece, averaging at $1.85 each, and obviously we’re talking digital games here).

Finally, an Android-based device that you can plug into your TV and do Gaming properly without worrying about garbage controllers or a brand that will fade and leave you with a paperweight some time later. The Amazon Fire TV is capable of starting videos immediately without buffering and has 3X PROCESSING POWER of the Apple TV as well as 2GB of memory making it 4X MORE MEMORY than the AppleTV. Amazon Fire TV is going to be streaming movies and television shows at Full 1080P High Definition with 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound Audio through either of its HDMI or Optical outputs.

Amazon has also announced that some games will end up exclusive to the Amazon Store and Amazon family of devices in the future, though the Amazon Fire TV will support thousands of games “soon” with over 100 available for the device now. In addition to the video game offerings the device has debuted with the Amazon Fire TV also has the following features:

Included w/ Purchase: WIFI (Internal b/g/n), Remote Control (no line of sight required), Ethernet (wired port), Certified Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound, HDMI Video Output (1080P HD), Voice Search Functionality, Optical Output, Quad Core Processor, 2GB Memory, USB Input, Qualcomm Adreno 320 GPU, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 AAA batteries (for remote), 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Movie / TV / Music Support:

Hollywood Ticker
Kino Lorber
RealPlayer Cloud
Bloomberg TV
TuneIn Radio
HuffPost Live
Post TV
NowThis News
Magisto TV
Watch ESPN
NBA Game Time
Thuuz Sports
ACC Digital Network

Look & Cook
Hulu Plus
Showtime Anytime
Smithsonian Channel
Red Bull TV
Redux TV
Tubi TV
Film Movement
Hasbro Studios
All Fitness TV
Classic TV
MBC On Demand

Coming Soon: HBO GO, Amazon MP3 Library Support

Amazon FreeTime: Kids mode for letting non-adults enjoy television and movies without any inappropriate content getting in the way. Simplified controls are also used in this mode and lock the kids out of things that aren’t for them. Daily Time Limits and Custom Restrictions can also be used in this Parental Protection setup.

RealGamerNewz will have more on this device soon, check out our new dedicated Amazon Fire TV Section once the device has time to settle in and make its mark!

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amazon fire tv specs

Body Controller / VR GFX Headset ‘PrioVR’ Successfully Kickstarted w/ $322,103 Funding

PrioVR RealGamerNewz

While one PR headset hits its peak moment of crucial liquidity in momentum and purpose (Oculus Rift / FB) another emerges from myth and rumor to our prototype hands-on leaked info, and now a GDC 2014 Reveal (Sony PS4 Morpheus). Now, thanks to a successful Kickstarter program and some great viral marketing, another Virtual Reality venture has been brought to the industry by sheer demand for such technology in the gaming space. PrioVR has been successfully ‘Kickstarted’ with $322,103 of funding after only asking for $75,000 but taking the Internet by storm with their campaign to bring Virtual Reality to gamers worldwide. Take a look at some of the notable features we are particularly excited for below as well as the Official Kickstarter Pitch Video that brought this new device from a fantasy to a tangible production in progress.

Some of PrioVR’s Noteworthy Features:

  • Custom Hand Controllers: Control the game with your body, this VR headset isn’t just for your eyes.
  • Multiplayer Games: The team behind the device provided Demos of games using PrioVR, those will now be turned into MP games.
  • 3 Price Tiers To Choose From: 8, 12, or 17 sensors depending on which price point you choose to enter at.
  • +100 Troll Points: For offering to buy out Oculus / FB if the Stretch Goal of $2,000,000,001.00 was achieved.

Official Pitch Video of Work-In-Progress

PrioVR Technology (Coming Soon):

Xbox Support Tells Customer Who Received Unfinished X1 Controller To Commit Return Fraud


GameFront has reported on a very interesting developing story out of the UK, where Microsoft has already had users pay $621 for replacement consoles and now have refused to refund an Xbox ONE controller that arrived unfinished unless the user paid for the shipping himself. On top of that, this was during the holiday season while MS was claiming to be sending console replacements in under 3 days for American customers, and telling UK customers they’d have to give up a security deposit of $621 while MS waited to receive their broken machine (which in many cases was forced to be shipped at the cost of the user). Beyond that, MS Support publicly took a strange turn for the worst when it actually suggested that this customer “just” buy a new X1 controller while waiting for the replacement to arrive (on top of paying for their own shipping) and then they were told to “just” return it and say it didn’t work – thereby committing return fraud.

Xbox ONE Return Fraud

Read the Full Story at GameFront by Clicking Here

DualShock 4’s Light Bar Gets Dimmer to Indicate How Hidden You Are in THIEF

DualShock 4 Features of Thief

DualShock 4 is a controller that will add to the experiences of PlayStation 4 games. Stephane Roy, The Producer of the new game THIEF (which revives a well received franchise by the same name) indicated some of the ways that this controller will be used in the game today. One way THIEF uses the DualShock 4 which is expected to be seen in many games is that the touch pad at the top / center of the controller will allow players to navigate menus in a more intuitive way.

However, a not-so-common way the game will integrate the DualShock 4 is to make the light bar at the top of it get brighter and darker based on how stealth you are at any given time. For example, if you duck and pin to the wall against the shadows, the amount of illumination on the controller will decrease and you’ll be able to get a good feel for how hidden you really are from the enemies before it’s too late. Motion control will be used for the bow and arrow action and you can catch a lot more next-gen information regarding the PlayStation 4 version of the title at the Full Interview on PlayStation Blog here.

Thief 4 aka THIEF is expected to release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC on February 25, 2014 in North America and on February 28, 2014 in Europe and Japan. The game is being published by Square Enix and developed by Eidos Montreal.

DualShock 4’s Light Sensor Cannot Be Shut Off

DualShock 4 Light Bar Doesnt Turn Off

It’s been confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment that the new DualShock 4 controller launching for the upcoming Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) which launches this Holiday 2013 season will not feature an ability to shut the light sensor on the controller off. Similar to how the PS3 works, the light bar sits at the top of your controller and indicates which player it is (player one, player two, etc.).

However, the DualShock 4 also incorporates PlayStation Move technology and uses the light bar to also communicate with the (sold separately) PS4 Eye. This may be part of the reason why the feature is permanent at the time of this writing.

This is a very minor detail of a great looking next-generation launch for both Microsoft and Sony, but as the saying goes “haters gonna hate” and this is likely going to end up a detail in someone’s console war/fan-boy checklist.