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343 Industries Working At Multiple Projects On Once


Many may not remember this, but in a major interview 343 Industries had stated that they were working on more than one project at once. This opens up the doors for the Halo franchise, not only to continue its trilogy started with Halo 4 (as promised to fans by 343i) but also to create other, new projects.

One of these projects is Cortana for the Xbox ONE Kinect, Windows Phone 8, and other devices that use voice commands. Players will get to speak with Cortana and have her speak back. It is unknown exactly how much 343i has their hands in this, but it’s safe to say that they are certainly overlooking the project to some degree at least.

Halo for Xbox ONE is tossed between the names “Halo”, “Halo 5”, and “Halo on Xbox ONE” so often it almost seems as if Microsoft isn’t sure which game they want to market first. It is likely that 343 Industries has most of the development focused on one project at this time, whichever is meant to release next – but is also working on the early planning stages for their other titles. These projects could be Halo 6, Halo 7, spinoffs, remakes, who knows – it is really unclear at this time.


Right now the most highly likely situation is that 343i is in fact creating a Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Remake as we previously reported in our rumor section – in order to release as soon as possible and warm the crowd for Halo 5 which is most likely the main development project for the company right now.

However, there is another possibility being discussed by investors and gamers which is that Halo 1’s multiplayer was never correctly remade in full – instead it was pasted on top of Halo: Reach gameplay. There is a remote possibility that 343i could remake the Halo 1 multiplayer and release it alongside the single player remake with Halo 2: Anniversary Edition all in one package for Xbox ONE.

This would mean that players could play both titles on the X1 to see the storyline roots of the series, then be encouraged to buy Halo 5 when it comes out to see the full experience 343i and Microsoft will offer at that time on the Xbox ONE hardware. Even more remotely plausible are the possibilities of 343i considering a Halo 3 remake and Halo 4 port to Xbox ONE some time in the distant future, or that they may be working on Xbox 360 software as well still. Time will remain to tell the story, however we can say for sure that 343i has something up their sleeve for Xbox gamers coming soon.

Halo on Xbox ONE

Halo On Xbox ONE Gets New Concept Art


343i has released some new concept art on the upcoming Halo game. As you can see it seems to be maybe a colony, or a structure of some kind. Along with a brand new Covenant vehicle. Halo for Xbox One is coming out later this year and more will be shown in the upcoming months. Stay tuned here at RGN in our dedicated Halo and Xbox ONE categories. CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL SIZE IMAGE.

Cortana Actress Will Play AI To Rival iPhone’s Siri For Xbox ONE And Windows Phone 8


As we previously reported, Siri is facing competition from Cortana of Halo / Xbox fame soon. This all began as a strong rumor, but major mainstream media outlets and Microsoft are digging those up again and pointing this more towards a hard-coded fact. New reports see the voice taking over as Microsoft’s voice control AI some time in the year 2015 for Windows Phone 8, Xbox ONE, and other devices under the MS flag. The voice actress who played as Cortana will be voicing the role for the AI as well with a beta expected to launch some time in April 2014 if reports are indeed solid.

Cortana Windows Phone Siri

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RGN Daily News #48: Microsoft’s Cortana vs Siri? / New GTA V Videos

RGN Daily 48

RGN Daily News #48: Microsoft’s Cortana vs Siri? / New GTA V Videos

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343 Industries Teases Unknown “Projects”; Are They Helping Develop Cortana?

Halo 5 Xbox ONE

343 Industries took to their Halo Waypoint blog recently to let the world know that they are facing “both exciting and daunting” work on not only Halo for Xbox ONE and the Halo TV Show being directed by Steven Spielberg but also more unknown “projects” which have yet to be announced in nature. They also congratulated the commemoration of Halo 4 which occurred between the sheets for some of the crew at 343. Could this new tease have something to do with the rumor that Cortana will be the voice of the Xbox ONE and Windows Phone 8 to compete with iPhone’s Siri? Only time will tell. Check out some hilarious and insightful talk from 343 below.

“Last month, Halo 4 turned nine months old. I know this because our studio recently experienced a sizeable baby boom. While I celebrated the launch of the game by hitting the virtual battlefields, several coworkers marked the occasion in a different, yet equally exciting way. Whether we’re talking about my merrymaking or theirs, it’s safe to say numerous bases were penetrated. And successfully, at that.

Game development is a curious thing. You start with an idea, frolic in a dream pasture where anything is possible, adjust accordingly until you’re back in reality, and then work your ass off building, developing and polishing what you hope will eventually become an enjoyable experience. Seeing Halo 4 transform from a small stake in the ground, into what we shipped, and into what it is now has been a fascinating and valuable learning experience, both for me personally, and the studio as a whole.”

Head to the 343 Industries Halo Waypoint posts for info on the upcoming Halo 4 update.

Rumor: When Kinect Talks Back to You, It Uses Cortana’s Likeness

Cortana vs Siri Xbox ONE Voice

We’ve known for some time that Xbox ONE will be able to not only take your voice commands through the improved version of Kinect that comes with it, but that it will also be able to respond to your commands with a voice of its own. A rumor has been reported this morning by reliable sources that say the beloved A.I. Cortana from Bungie’s Halo universe will be the personality embodied by these voice replies.

Not only that, but that they will also launch on the Windows Phone in an attempt for Microsoft to compete with (and possibly gain some market-share on) the Siri voice which is exclusive to the Apple iPhone. This functionality is expected to hit Windows PC, Windows Phone, and Xbox ONE some time in Early 2014 if it’s real. If it’s not real, I think somebody just gave Microsoft the ultimate idea.

[Source: ZDNet via EGMNow]

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Halo on Xbox ONE – Leaked Footage Explained

Halo on Xbox ONE

The following footage has been leaked from a vetted source as a cut-scene from Halo on Xbox ONE featuring the forerunner symbol at the end. Cortana is also featured in the footage. Be sure to remember this game is scheduled for 2014 on Microsoft’s next-generation game console Xbox ONE and is titled “Halo” not “Halo 5” as it is sometimes referred to by developer 343 Industries and their massive Halo fan-base.

What does it all mean?

That Cortana is still alive or revived and that this scene might be after what ever causes Master Chief to lose his chest piece and get the huge scratch on his helm. It looks like some type of dark forerunner room with obvious forerunner colors, in blue and red plus the fact Cortana is blue also symbolizes this.