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Extract 237 Preview


It’s Halloween and RealGamerNewz has some interesting things lined up for the night. We got a chance to play a rather interesting game late last night called Extract 237, a game where you are inside the body of an alien. Crowdfunding was all the rage a few years ago, but it has died down like any other fad. With ridiculous things hitting Kickstarter like Potato Salad, it isn’t hard to see why some may have turned their back on it. It has actually become somewhat rare to hear about a great game on Kickstarter, but they still exist.

Extract 237 is one of these games. With two developers, 16 days to go, and 2% of their project funded, it does not look like they will make it this time around. We had a chance to see a basic build of Extract 237 and it is one game that I do not believe should be looked over. We couldn’t interact with objects and we couldn’t do much of anything come to think of it.

We got a very early build of the game that let us explore some of the areas of the game and get a feel for it’s atmosphere. From what we saw though, it’s definitely something to look forward to though. The areas we went through were very atmospheric and interestingly unique. It may be because I don’t play horror games often, but this feels very unique as a whole and I don’t believe anything like this has been done before.


Extract 237 may not have a giant company behind it, but it is not without talent. The 2 developers are hard at work and it really shows. We have Matt McCorkell behind Character/Environment art and animation,  then we have the designer, Robert Nelms, who designs the creatures and the environment. They both do a fantastic job as the levels we got to explore were extremely beautiful. It doesn’t seem very uncommon for indie games to come out with pixelated games, but Extract 237 doesn’t do that. Instead they use the Unreal Engine 4 to the best of their abilities and it really shows.

The environment of the game gives off such an interesting vibe and it’s really hard to explain. It’s also somewhat challenging to explain the feeling of being inside of an alien, but if I had to guess, I would say Extract 237 hits the nail on the head. It’s really hard to imagine, but even harder for me to truthfully describe. It’s done really well and it looks as beautiful as it does unique, I don’t know what it feels or looks like to be inside of an alien, but I would wager it’s something like I experienced on here, It would be interesting to see first person and it would be awesome to see Oculus support. Right now though, Extract 237 is a game with a lot of potential. It would be a real shame if that’s all it will ever be.

I think the game would do a lot better in first person, but it seems like they set it 3rd so you can see what’s going on around you. I’m not entirely sure what I saw, but there was definitely signs of a functioning body. It’s actually really crazy to see that though, as they don’t only focus on an interesting design, they also have put effort in to making it feel like you are in a living being. It’s was truthfully a great experience, except the movements need to be fixed up a bit. Again though, we have an early build.


While I love exploring the game, it’s not without issues. We got a very early build, of course it isn’t without issues. The sad thing is that Extract 237 may take longer to come out though as their funding doesn’t seem to be happening. It’s definitely a game to look forward to though and I hope it gets it’s funding as I rather enjoyed my experience in the build. The demo should be out on November 3rd for everyone to try. While I don’t think Extract 237 will reach it’s goal this time around, it is definitely still a game worth looking forward to. It’s a rather small team with some real talent and it’s sad that they are being looked over with ease.

There are other projects like this not reaching their goal on Kickstarter as the funding on the site has dropped drastically since the craze began to die down. It’s a shame really, as these people are on to something. I think the craze should come back, but it’s hard to gamble your money when Kickstarter does it’s best to take little to no responsibility. Still though, it’s a really good thing to help fund these companies, but you should be careful. Extract 237 is a project I would deem as fund worthy, as it has some real talent behind it and it is really interesting from what we got to see.

You can check them out on Kickstarter ,which only has 15 days left. You can also check out their Twitter and Facebook for updates about the game as well and you can up vote them on Steam’s Greenlight.

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After writing and submitting this preview, I began talking to the developers at Project Extract. I really enjoyed the game and we began to speak about a position. I really believed and enjoyed the project I saw and upon further discussion I decided to help them out. I am currently the Community Manager at Project Extract, this position was talked about after the preview and the developers are actually unaware of the preview. It will be something they read after this disclaimer is posted as I did not want it to give me an unfair advantage, I wanted to be hired because of what I have to offer them.

Hanakai Announces $100K ‘Prodigy’ Kickstarter Successful In 4 Days, 26 Days Left To Invest

Prodigy RPG Kickstarter - RealGamerNewz - Hanakai

Hanakai has reached their Kickstarter goal successfully and launched a new blog about it on their Kickstarter page as well. This Role Playing Card / Video Game hybrid powered by Unreal Engine, and some pretty inventive use of tabletop gaming’s latest technologies, has been an example of a product that sparked so much interest so fast that it was only because of getting all of the working pieces together that they were able to meet the expectations that backers have these days for an ambitious six figure Kickstarter project. Take a look for yourself at the Pitch Video below.

Become An Early Backer Here

Cult County (PS4 / PC / Xbox ONE / Wii U / PS3 / Vita) Kickstarter Launched w/ Best Pitch Video Ever

Cult County Renegade Kid RealGamerNewz

The video for Cult County begins with Art Director and Co-Founder of Renegade Kid in a barn finding out he can’t make a third Dementium game due to license agreements of yester-year. The minds behind Dementium did go on from this to create Renegade Kid which has brought us such titles as Mutant Mudds Deluxe (our review here), as well as Treasurenauts arriving May 2014. Jools Watsham joins in to explain this and a number of other details regarding the vision for this new title Cult County which will serve as a spiritual successor to the Dementium series (though completely brand new) and has been described by its creators as a game that focuses on horror, loneliness, and our worst fears.

If funded, this game will potentially arrive on PlayStation 4, Windows PC (on Steam), Xbox ONE, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. A full documentary of the making of Cult County as well as a version on Xbox 360 could be possible too if certain Stretch Goals are met. Renegade Kid has also brought some social relevance under our noses as well by nodding to the Oculus / FB Buyout recently and seemingly promising that Cult County will remain the property of Renegade Kid so that they can avoid what happened with Dementium (or sub-consciously you might have thought about what people think could happen to Oculus after that buyout).

This is a great game from a very experienced set of developers and is very much well deserving of funding. Those who back the game have a various list of choices regarding donation amount and reward / compensation including copies of the game (so you could think of it as a pre-order), and since this is taking place on Kickstarter none of the money will change hands until Cult County’s goal has been met completely.

Help Fund This Game On Kickstarter Now

Kickstarter News: Tech Industry Tycoon Needs Just Under 5 Grand In 40 Days

Tech Industry Tycoon - RealGamerNewz - Indie Games

If you’ve ever been interested in a sim game that offers an experience of running your very own tech industry company, then now is the chance to support just a project. The following clip pithes the idea behind Tech Industry Tycoon (Kickstarter Link Here) from developer WEB Gaming Entertainment based out of New York which has already raised over $2,500 and needs less than $5,000 over the course of the next 40 days in order to achieve its ultimate goal of presenting the game to the public on GamersGate.com and more if successfully funded.

IndieGoGo News: The Mims: Beginning Needs Barely Over A Thousand To Be Successfully Funded

The Mims Beginning 2

We recently covered The Mims: Beginning in a Steam Greenlight News Post detailing the title and wanted to provide an update for those who may be looking forward to the colorful RTS that takes place on alien worlds. Currently the game has received $4,359 of its $5,500 goal meaning that just a little bit over a grand is separating the developers from getting funded or not. This isn’t too much of a worry as there is still 34 days left of time, but if you or people you know would love to play this game then getting the word out through ThunderClap or on your own is a great thing to do right now.

Those who would like to donate can do so at IndieGoGo and various amounts of donation come with different rewards including the usual early access to the game. The Mims is also up for Steam Greenlight so send in your thumbs up votes if you’re a fan of the genre and want to see something new.

Steam Greenlight News: A Unique RTS Emerges Called The Mims: Beginning

The Mims Beginning 2

On Steam Greenlight (as well as the lesser known Thunder Clap social awareness booster) today is a new title being crowdfunded with a $5,500 budget (being raised over the next 47 days) on IndieGoGo and an impressively well put together pitch for gamers to digest while waiting for the full release. The title is already 18 months in development and has come very far including being playable internally for testing and visibly publicly in the video at the bottom of this article (gameplay, story, and dev diary all in one).

The Mims: Beginning is the game we’ve been talking about and is a 3D Real-Time Strategy / Adventure Game with humor involved, and yet it is more than that. On other planets the player takes the role of a leader helping colonists to expand and defend themselves in an area that was not originally their own. Fast reaction time and thoughtful moves are required though the game will serve both Adventure game audience as well as RTS vets.

With a mix of Strategy elements like building structures and commanding units as well as Adventure features like automated artificial intelligence and story-driven directives, The Mims: Beginning is already well underway. Take a look at the video below and see for yourself what the team at Squatting Penguins has put together so far.

The Mims Beginning