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The Boycott Gamer – Styx: Master of Shadows Review!


Today gamers I am going to review Styx: Master of Shadows. This game takes place In the Tower of Akenash, where humans and elves jealously guard a strange treasure: The amber of the World Tree. Styx the Goblin Assassin’s mission is to steal the heart of the world tree, or as he calls it, “The crime of the century”. At his capacity are an astounding set of skills and tricks he can use to get to his goal, but first he must get the key from the governor.

The game play in Styx: Master of Shadows varies per gamer, for you have a couple ways to complete each mission in your own way. After completing one or more of these missions you may obtain different skills that will help you as you further your progress. Some pertaining to how silent you are, and some that make it easier to take out your enemies without detection. Throughout the game Stealth and how you use your skills is key, for if you are seen it isn’t very easy to get away let alone fight all the buggers off. How you progress through the levels is your choice, take the high path, or take the low path. You can also choose whether or not to go throughout the levels without harming a soul, or take down anyone who you deem a threat to your mission, and don’t worry, if you feel a little pacifism coming on, you will be rewarded upon completing a mission without killing anyone. And also if your those puzzlers who like a good puzzle, then this game might catch your fancy, cause from what I have seen, a couple of these puzzles actually pertain to how much you can pay attention to detail.


Now the Graphics and atmosphere in Styx: Master of Shadows are actually very astounding. A lot of smooth and rich textures as well as dark and gloomy ones to fit each scene perfectly, whether your in the sewers or high atop the tower looking down to your next target, the scenery will always astound you. The lighting and how well each area is lit is also decently realistic, but could use some touch ups cause if I noticed a torch wasn’t lit that was, I would probably freak out haha. Now what goes good with atmosphere, Oh yeah! Music! Can’t create a good atmosphere without it. now the music in Styx: Master of Shadows is actually varied from my point of view. It could be a daunting tune if your deep in the bowels or within an enemies view, or a nice melody to welcome you to your hideout or an area where there could be a puzzle. All in all I enjoy the tunes and music that plays, it is actually very peaceful and helps me focus on the game and fits perfectly into the background.

Styx: Master of Shadows’ progression system is based on how well you do on missions, how many insignias are found in missions, time it takes for completion, how many bodies (if any) were found, and if any side objectives were completed. So you see there is many ways to earn skill points to increase Styx’s skills. The difficulty setting for this game is based on your preference, if you like the casual way pick easy mode, if you enjoy a little challenge pick medium or hard difficulty, but if your that person who enjoys a real kick in the ass, pick goblin mode. This mode is sure to test your skills because if your caught, or a dead body is found, it is instant game over. I played 3 missions with goblin mode active and i must say, it is definitely a grueling mode that definitely takes a lot of stealth and strategy.

Final Verdict: Overall Styx: Master of Shadows is definitely one of those games that will take time, but is worth it in the end, The stealth in this game is definitely something to look forward to due to the fact its all about it.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8.0/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Cyanide Studios

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Available on: PC| PS4 | Xbox One

Played on: PC

Review Copy info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Impire Receives “Best in Play” GDC Award

Today Paradox and Cyanide Studios celebrates Impires’ first month in the open market with the Game Developer Conference “Best in Play” award. For those of you who don’t know, Impire is a dungeon-building RTS where the player wrecks havoc as a Demonic Overlord. Compared to Dungeon Keeper, a successful game of the same genre predating Impire, the game features heroes who try to slay the player, sending raids into the open world, creating a dungeon and more.

Paradox Interactives’ CEO, Fredrik Wester said “to receive an award from [GDC] was very gratifying.” Along with seven other games, Impire will be featured on the GDC show floor where attendees will get the chance to take the game for a spin. With the announcement of the award Paradox has also released a Demo of the game, which is available for download here.