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Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere date announced


Bungie has just announced a worldwide gameplay premiere for Destiny, ahead of E3. The first ever Destiny 2 gameplay will be streamed May 18th, no exact times given yet, but presumably it could be a all day event. No leaks regarding the gameplay have come to light, but we can assume it’ll likely be similar to the first title. Earlier today the Destiny 2 Worldwide reveal trailer launched, you can watch it here at RGN, stay tuned for everything Destiny 2 with us.

Destiny 2 – “Last Call” Teaser Trailer


Bungie has released a teaser trailer for their sequel to Destiny. No actual gameplay was shown, instead we are treated to something that feels different from the tone of the first game. Nathan Fillion reprises his role as Cayde, the cocky robot hunter from the first game, who had a big role in “The Taken King” expansion pack. On March 30th Bungie and Activison will reveal a full trailer for Destiny 2, prepping up for their big unveiling this summer at E3. The trailer will come out March 3oth at 10 am PT so stay tuned as we will cover it.


Destiny 2 leaked, coming in September (Rumor)


Destiny 2 may launch on September 8, according to a poster for the game that has of course appeared on reddit and at the Italian gaming site named Lega. In an earnings call earlier this year, Activision stated the game is coming out in 2017 but no release date, or time frame. The first game came out back in September of 2014, and many of Bungie’s past games such as Halo 3 and Halo Reach have also released in the September time frame. Time will tell if this rumor holds true but we will cover any future updates on this.

Destiny – Expansion II: House of Wolves Behind the Scenes Trailer [HD 1080P]

Destiny Expansion Dev Diary

Expansion II: House of Wolves Behind the Scenes Trailer of Destiny.

Genre(s): Action role playing, first person shooter
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360
Publisher(s): Activision
Developer(s): Bungie
Release Date (NA): September 9, 2014

Illuminati In Gaming Episode #1: Ready At Dawn’s Misleading, Ruined Reputation

Illuminati In Gaming - RealGamerNetwork - Logo 1p0

The Order 1886 is Ready At Dawn’s first full-fledged production, but has it done the development studio more harm than good? The only other games Ready At Dawn has been known for thus far were the PlayStation Portable God of War games which as we all know came out great but are nowhere near the development challenge of next-gen console games. Take a listen as we discuss some major issues with the industry and how we feel about them. As always, you are free to disagree and feedback is yours to give.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Language, Guidance Suggested.

Topics Included:

  • Should Multiplayer Games Cost $60 Still?
  • When Is A Game Too Cinematic + Not Enough Gameplay?
  • Will Anyone Be Interested In MORE Destiny?
  • Are Evolve and Titanfall Too Thin on Content?
  • Gamers Are Only Getting A Piece of a Game These Days
  • Should Gaming Sites Accept Free Games & Tech?
  • And More

RGN Members on this Episode:

Destiny Hard Mode Crota Isn’t As Hard As It Looks..


Bungie finally released the hard mode raid the Crota’s End on January 22. The top five contenders finish this battle in under one hour,very impressive. My raid team didn’t complete this fight in under a hour but we did complete the whole raid in under three hours and for the first part of the troll cave you are capable of receiving a 32 gauntlet,shards a pulse rifle or even a auto rifle. These rewards aren’t guaranteed so you can escape with a just shards. The second part of the raid is basically the bridge pretty easy once you practice it on normal .But a bit hard if you never did this legit. So if your just wondering how you do this I’ll explain this in steps.

Always send the titans over the bridge first due to the fact that if they have the helm of the saint 14 they can go across the bridge,drop the sword place the ward of the dawn on the gatekeeper that could blind him and you can pick up the sword and bash him. if you don’t have the helm then which to striker class and use flash grenades. There will be knights that will be shooting you down, just be careful. Make sure you give people there roles so nobody is lost and run around like a chicken with there head cut off. Once everybody is across then half the team push right side with gjallahorn three shots will kill the ogre on the right . Then push the same people to the left side and take out the ogre (gjallahorn isn’t a must but is the most effective weapon). Once the ogre are down then the loot drops which can be chest armor, leg armor pulse rifle and assault rifle. The next step is the deathsinger there’s a trick to this and the trick is if you complete this on normal then you will not get no rewards on hard so the best thing to do is complete it on normal so you can skip it to hard. So once you beat the deathsinger have a friend save the checkpoint on Crota so you can do this on all your guardians.

So once you get to Crota himself you need allot of teamwork and communication. The loot that drops is a shader that glows in the dark, a badass ship, crux of the Crota, a hand cannon, scout rifle, or an exotic. Check out the video below to see the communication and teamwork and a great way how to defeat Crota himself.


3 Million #Destiny Gamers Played New Raid In Just 24 Hours, @Bungie Announces New Mode

Destiny RealGamerNewz New Game Modes DLC 1

Dual Duel

-is a new 2 versus 2 double skirmish competitive multiplayer mode announced by Bungie and will be available for the week in Crucible. Jump in with one of your best friends, fam, or partners and get your game on as a two man army with Level Advantages Disabled, Small Team Tactics, and the ability to Revive your team mate. Why are we doing this? Because New Monarchy seeks those capable of reclaiming the frontier, one battle at a time, that’s why. Rewards include Crucible Gear, Crucible Marks, Crucible Reputation, and of course you can earn rep for your company if wearing their mark – which should be the New Monarchy for your main since the World Order will soon be achieved, have you seen the value of the Euro lately?

Our New Monarchy will be established soon to usher in the next Era, so get ready for the first experimental game mode from Destiny to celebrate the beginning of a series of experimental game modes which will be released soon according to Lars Bakken (Lead Designer at Bungie) who also gave a few more hints about what to expect in Dual Duel, calling it “a slower burn with more explosive pockets.”


  • Doubles is the first experiment
  • More New theoretical game modes coming soon
  • Two Guardian Fireteams
  • Heavy ammo appears once a match
  • Revives enabled
  • “It’s a gun game. Lars advises you to rely more on your wits, your weapon, and a strategy shared with only one other player. “Your Supers will come back more slowly because you’re not getting as many actions per minute as you would in a game of Control.”” – Bungie

  • “Space Magic will be at a premium. Use it wisely for the big plays. The most you’ll ever score is a Double Down, so make it count.” – Bungie

Destiny RealGamerNewz New Game Modes DLC 2


Bungie has announced that the new difficulty mode for Crota’s End on Destiny (its latest Raid available as a part of the Destiny Season Pass) has been attempted over half a million times. More than 3 million players have jumped in and one team in particular managed to get it done first within less than half an hour, and with proof that there was no exploiting seen in the footage below.

Destiny RealGamerNewz New Game Modes DLC 3

RGN Round Table Video Podcast: GOTY 2014 Discussion, Honorable & Dishonorable Mentions

rgn round table goty 2014

Contributing Editor Tristan joins myself and Public Relations Editor Josh as we recount our own personal favorite and not-so-favorite video games from the past year 2014 as we move forward to a new year of shining new opportunities for gamers, and more importantly no half-measures taken by big studios this year (we hope). Each of us discuss our own personal experiences with the games we picked to be in our Top 5, Honorable Mentions, and Dishonorable Mentions.

  1. Top 5 Best Games of 2014 (AKA The GOTY 2014 Discussion)
  2. Watch Dogs VS Grand Theft Auto V Next-Gen
  3. Destiny VS Gamers???
  4. Titanfall Reflections
  5. Indie Games of the Year
  6. 2014 Games You Missed, Or Forgot You Own
  7. 2014 Games That Shouldn’t Have Ever Existed
  8. Let-downs of 2014

There’s also been a poll taken by Deputy Editor Jermain in which many RealGamerNewz Readers voted for their favorite games in various categories for various platforms. These RGN GOTY Awards will be announced (update: Monday 1/12/15) with Reader’s Choice picks by you the readers (thank you to everyone who voted). For now, please enjoy this Video Podcast in which three of us RGN members give you our thoughts on the entire year summed up in just 45 minutes.

Production: RealGamerNewz 2015 (C)

Originally Live-streamed January 9, 2015