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DontNod (The Creators Of “Remember Me”) Are Not Going Out Of Business


The french development house DontNod has not filed for bankruptcy as originally stated this week. DontNod Entertainment partnered with Capcom to release the sleeper-hit of last year “Remember Me” and is now restructuring the company for future projects as stated by the developers CEO Oskar Guilbert. Oskar refutes any of the previous claims or rumors of the companies closure or bankruptcy and that the company is still open for business. Check out the review of Remember Me here on RealGamerNewz and check for more news on this story as it develops.

Some Info Sourced: EGMNOW.com

New Middleware Software For Making PS4 & Xbox ONE Games Look Awesome – YEBIS 2

Silicon Studio YEBIS 2

You may have noticed Ubisoft’s Fighter Within being revealed at this year’s Gamescom 2013, and if you are into fighting, motion capture, or just Ubisoft in general you were probably pretty excited by what was shown. Well you may be surprised to learn that this Xbox ONE exclusive Kinect game being developed for Ubisoft by indie development studio Daoka is actually being powered by a next-gen middle-ware solution created by Silicon Studio.

For those not in the know, middle-ware is a type of software that is often utilized in the video game industry to eliminate development time and costs by using existing technology sort of like a game engine but in this case YEBIS 2 is primarily focusing on post-processing visual effects. YEBIS 2 was also be used in the ‘Agni’s Philosophy’ Tech Demo performed by Square Enix and will be used in a number of other projects yet to be announced. For more information check out the YEBIS 2 tech demo below or hit them up if you’re interested in doing business at their website HERE.

RGN Daily News #22 – Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) Exclusive Lineup

Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) Exclusive Lineup

15 Exclusives Xbox ONE

*8 New IP’s

7 Existing IP’s / New Games


Last Minute Wish List for Microsoft Development

– Executives Versus Gamer Audience

– MMO’s on Xbox ONE

– Retaining Creative Vision and Authorship of Xbox ONE Exclusives