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iRGN Podcast – Physical vs Digital Distribution

iRGN Episode 9 - RealGamerNewz Podcast

In the following podcast iGeekReviews.com and RealGamerNewz discuss buying games on dvd / blu-ray discs versus buying them online through services like Steam, GOG, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. The ups and downs of DLC, free updates, bugs, and glitches are discussed with talks about the different types of games that are good and bad in the free to play genre as well.

This Podcast was originally broadcasted on Twitch.TV/realgamernewz.

Check us out for live podcasts on Wednesdays at 6PM EST.

Life Is Strange – Dev Diary: A New Beginning [HD 1080P]

Square Enix - Life Is Strange - Steam PS4 Xbox One PS3 360 DontNod Entertainment

Dev Diary: A New Beginning of Life Is Strange.

Genre(s): Graphic Adventure
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Dontnod Entertainment
Release Date (NA): January 30th, 2015 (Episode 1), TBA (Episode 2,3,4,5)

Age Of Wonders III Pre-Order + HD 1080P Gameplay Trailer Released By Triumph Studios

Age of Wonders III - Release Date

Triumph Studios (creators of the Overlord franchise) in partnership with Evolve PR have announced the Age of Wonders III release date on the Windows PC platform for March 31, 2014. This Strategy RPG features a random map generator as well as a unique mixture of army building / defending and turn-based elements among noteworthy features. Three years in the making, Age Of Wonders III will be hitting digital distribution outlets such as GOG and Steam when it officially launches. Take a look at the newest Gameplay Trailer revealed for the game below in Full 1080P High Definition. Pre-Orders are now being accepted for this game.

Steam Dev Days: Beyond Porting: How Modern OpenGL can Radically Reduce Driver Overhead [HD]

Steam Dev Days

The Beyond Porting: How Modern OpenGL can Radically Reduce Driver Overhead presentation from Cass Everitt and John McDonald of NVIDIA for Steam Dev Days Conference is presented below in high definition.

PDF Here | PowerPoint Here

“On Jan 15-16, 2014, Valve hosted over 1,200 game developers from around the planet at Steam Dev Devs in Seattle, WA. Now Valve has made videos of 28 Steam Dev Days sessions, covering a wide range of game development topics available.”

Watch them all in the new Steam Dev Days Section of RealGamerNewz.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Other MvC Games Being Removed From XBLA / PSN – DOWNLOAD NOW


If you own a copy of the digital version for Marvel VS Capcom 3 or other MvC games you’d better log in and download them now because Capcom, Sony, Microsoft, and Marvel will working together to remove all of the titles as Capcom and Marvel’s license deal likely has ran out in addition to the fact that bandwidth on these services is NOT FREE.  There’s really nothing further to say about this situation other than download now before it’s too late.

Over 60 PC + Mac Games Marked Down By 70% For Black Friday [Details Here]

GoG Black Friday Gaming Deals PC Mac

Check out one of the most incredible PC Gaming deals of all time. Over 60 games on GOG.com are completely discounted by 70%, and they’re even DRM-free (that means there’s no DRM, A.K.A. copyright protection, A.K.A. super-annoying-you-have-to-log-in-or-it-don’t-work-security-software-overlays). Wow this is cheap. Check out the following list below of just some of the games (with more to be discovered on the marketplace this weekend).

  • Chronicles of Riddick: The Assault on Black Athena
  • Simon the Sorceror
  • The Shivah
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe
  • American McGee’s Grimm
  • Wing Commander
  • Tzar: The Burden of the Crown
  • Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
  • Commandos
  • Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon
  • Capitalism Plus
  • Alone in the Dark
  • And Many More

Hit up GoG.com today and don’t miss out as the deals end on December 3, 2013 at 10:59 AM (GMT).

The Walking Dead: Episode One Being Offered FREE on Xbox Live / PlayStation Network

The Walking Dead Episode One Free

US accounts for the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services on Xbox 360 and PS3 are able to download The Walking Dead: Episode One video game by Telltale Games, although it is unclear how long this will last. The Wolf Among Us has also been put up for pre-order by Telltale Games and it is highly likely that the game is being offered free as a guerrilla advertising technique. Valhalla Knights was recently seen to be free in the same way (and still is at the time of this post) and is also expected to be a form of promotion for the upcoming Valhalla Knights 3. Digital Distribution has its perks after all.

The Digital Download Version of Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Apparently Take Up 50GB

Killzone Shadow Fall PlayStation 4

Digital Distribution is a great business model with an increasingly intriguing amount of benefits for the end-user over time. One of those benefits on the PlayStation 4 side of things includes the ability to instantly demo some games via cloud without even downloading them, pause said demo and purchase, then resume playing the full game as it downloads in the background. Suffice to say, gamers expect the file size of AAA games to increase over time. There is a pretty decent amount of comfort from most of us about downloading games the size of a Blu Ray these days, as we understand the quality in what we are getting.

Games like The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V sit nicely on my PlayStation 3 Super Slim, and although the download wait was a bit brutal, PlayStation 4’s download speeds will likely be a lot faster than the current PSN’s performance for such highly in-demand games. I am also glad I have these titles digitally that way they are idiot-proof against me selling based on a bad judgement call, they’ll always be there for me to play so long as I have this hard drive or this PlayStation Store is up and running.

All of that being said, and taking in to account a considerable upgrade for the PlayStation Network which is going on behind the scenes as we speak; it has become revealed that Killzone: Shadow Fall will take up approximately 50GB of data out of the PS4’s 500GB stock hard drive. There are probably some out there who would begin to assume the extreme here, that PS4’s hdd will only be good for storing around 10 games. I would say that’s a stretch in the least, since the graphics of a game like KZ:SF are going to be pretty up there in terms of quality as well as being an early title for the console therefore not privy to as many optimization techniques as later games might be.

Then again, I could be wrong; major AAA games could just keep getting bigger. Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky that we can still pick up titles in the physical format and be a bit careful to pick and choose which we accept digital versions of. We should probably factor in whether or not we are willing to wait for the download times and if we are comfortable with needing a hard drive upgrade down the road or not. In any event, it’s great to have the choice and if you have the gigabytes you probably might as well spend them! Oh, and by the way, this is probably not including anything from their Season Pass / DLC schedule but actually just the main game.

Data: It’s Official PC Gaming Has Overcome Console Gaming; Digital Sales Up 1,400%

PC Gaming Overcomes Console

In what is perhaps a surprising turn of events (or not, depending on your perspective) cold hard data recently released by SuperData Research Inc. and Digital River confirms that the growth in the game industry’s PC Gaming sector has actually caused what was once considered to be a niche audience to overtake that of the Console Gaming sector. Similar to the argument of art imitating life and vice verca, we’ve been seeing a lot more AAA publishers supporting the PC Gaming market who normally haven’t been so open to it in the past; which is likely either because of, or causing, this type of reaction from the gaming community. Of course PC Gaming is still a ways off from producing the same amount of cash as Console Gaming. Other information in the quantitative data report includes evidence of a lean towards digital which is stronger than ever seen before.

Contrary to the vocal minority who spoke out against the ban on re-sellable physical game media when Microsoft revealed their next-generation Xbox ONE console, this new data suggests gamers currently prefer digital content that is not re-sellable versus boxed physical games; at least statistically speaking. Digital sales on the whole have increased upwards of 1,400% when speaking to the United States market per capita.

Also contrary to some of the outspoken feedback from those who take to forums to express their gaming views, free-to-play products are doing better than ever and proving to be one of the most lucrative markets in the industry. The entire report can be accessed for free in exchange for providing a small amount of personal information to the research firm (including the typical name / email address as well as a company name and job title) at the Official Digital River Website for those who are interested in learning more about these market changes and the deep statistics behind them.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is Now Available for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360


Konami’s latest installment of world renowned sports series Pro Evolution Soccer has released today. PES 2014 is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in stores and will also be coming to digital distribution services Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live as a downloadable title this October 2013. PES 2014 runs on the new Fox Engine from Kojima Productions giving it an advanced look and feel.

The game will also be released in the near future for Windows PC, PlayStation Portable (Sony PSP), and PlayStation 2. Today Konami has released the following information regarding specific details of the title for those who want to know more.

Excerpt from Official Press Release:

“PES 2014 reworks every element of play, creating a fresh and energetic new standard for football titles. In addition to noticeably improved graphics and fluid animation, the thrust of the new system’s power redefines the way football is played on a home system. All-new AI is also in place. While the individuality of key players has been perfectly recreated, team AI has been enhanced to ensure favored teams play just as they do in real life. Online modes are also enhanced in PES 2014. The popular Master League Online mode is available and will feature a realistic working budget cap. Additionally, users can now take their “Become a Legend” avatars to online match rooms, while the long awaited 11 vs 11 will be available shortly after release.

The six key features of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 include:

· TrueBall Tech: PES 2014 centers everything thing on the ball: how it moves and how players use it. First touch and sublime control is what sets certain players apart from others. The ability to not only read a pass, but to be one step ahead and to know what is needed to gain yards on an encroaching defender. TrueBall Tech allows the player to trap or knock on a pass using the analogue stick with detailed barycentric physics determining the weight shift of the player and the height and speed of the pass, as to how the player’s body will automatically shape to receive it.

  • With TrueBall Tech, the players have total control in determining how their body is angled to receive a pass, whereas previous football titles present the user with scant options. TrueBall Tech means that it can be chested or nodded past an opponent, flicked into space or to a team mate, while closer dribbling control is a much more personal attribute in the new game.
  • The Pro Evolution Soccer series has long since treated the ball as an individual entity, allowing the player huge amounts of freedom to pass into space, run on to a knocked-on counter, or produce short triangular passes to make space. TrueBall Tech adds even more freedom, with full 360-degree control within several yards around the player and the ability to shield the ball from opposing players, use deft controls to wrong-foot them, and intuitive methods to master close control.

· Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.): The physical combat between players is a vital part of a match, and the new M.A.S.S. component simulate the bodily contact between multiple players within tailored animations that segue seamlessly into each other. Rather than a series of pre-set animations that occur under specific circumstances, M.A.S.S. reacts instantly to any situation, with the reaction of a fouled player entirely dependent on the direction and force with which they are tackled. Dependent on factors such as their size and power, players will stumble but instantly recover if clipped, barge others off the ball, and use their stature to block players from possession. Similarly, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 now has more styles of tackle, as opposed to basic foot in or sliding types.

  • Tackling also becomes more integral to PES 2014’s quest for realism, with clashes of players utilising the TrueBall physics to ensure the ball reacts as it would in a real game. As players fight for a 50-50 ball, the challenge will see the ball bobbling into space, or emerging at the feet of the triumphant player
  • The integration of the M.A.S.S. element has also facilitated new advances in one-on-one situations. The individual battles between key players can determine the outcome of a match, so particular emphasis has been made on such battles in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. Defenders will put greater pressure on the attacking player, by tussling for possession, standing back to restrict passing opportunities, or making the tackle. Likewise, attackers are faced with ether trying to outpace the defender while retaining possession, feinting to gain advantage, or passing, dribbling or shooting when space allows. The result allows for incredibly open games, where the attributes and skills of the players come to the fore in personal feuds all over the pitch.

· Heart: Defining what makes football so riveting is difficult. It isn’t a technical thing, but more an emotional hook. Matches can be imposing for visiting teams, as home support barracks the opposition, and acts as the infamous ‘twelfth man’ by cheering their side on. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014’s ‘Heart’ aims to recreate the effects of team support, both on an individual player basis and across the entire team.

  • Each player in the game now employs mental attributes in addition to playing styles and skills, and can be adversely affected when having a poor game. However, if an individual is not playing well, his teammates can rally round and will work to support him. The cauldron effect of a vibrant stadium will showcase the mood of the fans, with all-new sound effects combining with stunning AI systems to create a palpable match day atmosphere.

· PES ID: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 set a new bar for realism, with its inclusion of the Player ID system. For the first time, players could instantly recognize a player by their faithfully recreated running and play styles. The way a player ran, moved and spread the ball about would be identical to that of their real-life counterpart, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 featured 50 players that utilised the system.

  • For Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, that number has been greatly expanded, with twice as many stars featuring customized animations and AI, while the system has also been rolled out to cover entire teams and to replicate the basic playing ethos and technical styles of the world’s greatest teams.

· Team Play: Via the new game’s innovative Combination Play users can set up a variety of different tactics in key areas of the pitch using three or more players. These players will make very different off-the-ball runs to exploit holes in the defence or midfield, using the flanks, curved runs, or overlapping play to make themselves available. These moves can be pre-set to key areas of the field, allowing users to exploit defensive weaknesses beforehand.

· The Core: The PES Productions team has undergone several years of consultation with both Pro Evolution Soccer and football fans related to key elements of the series are able to implement a wide range of additional improvements.

  • Visually, the game will benefit from an incredible level of acuity, from the weave of the kits, through to facial movement and a new animation process that offers slick segues from one move to the next, with no pauses or restrictions on control. Stadia will be faithful to real-life, with the entrances to the pitches recreated, crowds that move during the course of the game – and even leave early if their team is being humiliated! The new Fluidity engine also allows for a new light-mapping effect, adding a natural look to the proceedings. The flow of a match has also been improved, with tactical decisions made on the fly, and the removal of cut scenes after specific events.
  • Free kicks and penalties have also been radically changed. Free kicks will no longer have restrictions on the position of players in relation to the ball, for instance, while decoy runs have been added and short passes easier to effect from a set piece. To counter, players can now move the position of their keeper for the kick, while the wall will react to the kick instinctively to block or deflect the ball.
  • Penalties now use a target guide that is changed according to the kicker’s ability and where they intend to place the ball. The goal keeper can now opt to move ahead of the kick, sensing when the penalty taker is not particularly strong.

PES 2014 also marks the first appearance of the Asia Champions League, adding a wealth of officially licensed clubs to the competition. The new game exclusively retains its use of the UEFA Champions League club competition.”

SUPERHOT Greenlight Trailer [1080P HD]

SUPERHOT Greenlight

Perhaps one of the most creative and original killing games in recent history, SUPERHOT is up for Steam Greenlight. Take a look at their Greenlight trailer below and place your vote on the SUPERHOT Greenlight Page if you deem it worthy for release on Valve’s massive digital distribution marketplace. The game is compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.