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Dragon Quest XI Confirmed for the West


A Dutch PR company recently confirmed that they would be handling the PR for Dragon Quest 11 in the west. They did not mention a release date, platforms, or anything, just the fact it’s coming. Dragon Quest XI is coming to Japan on July 29th for the PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3ds family of systems.

Source: https://gamer.nl/artikelen/nieuws/dragon-quest-11-bevestigd-voor-westerse-markt/

Nintendo is doing a direct for Dragon Quest XI


Nintendo will be hosting a direct for the 3ds version of Dragon Quest XI primarily on June 21st, ahead of the games July 29th launch. They will be discussing some of the features on the 3ds version such as how streetpass will operate with the game, and various other things. There be a release date announcement for the Nintendo Switch version but no word yet. Dragon Quest XI will come out on Nintendo 3ds and Playstation 4 July 29th, with the Switch version coming at a later date.