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#GamerGate – An Open Letter to Gaming Media

RealGamerNewz GamerGate Feminism Sexism Gamers

I have been on the sidelines observing the recent stories that involve everything from Anita Sarkeesian to Zoe Quinn to Phil Fish to Polygon to Kotaku to indie studios’ attacks to corruption and finally to gaming media lashing out at gamers. I have recently commented that enough is enough and I’m not going to stand for it anymore. Everything that I have mentioned is going to get their fair share of my open dialogue concerning their individual strikes within the gaming community and at gamers.

They have taken free punches at us without consequence. Anytime they are challenged, we get silenced and are left with having to let our voices be heard in a miniscule scale on random forums or comments sections. That is given that you don’t get banned or censored. Not today, folks. Today, I’m opening up this series of blogs with an open letter to the very gaming media who have attacked gamers and why their attempts at misdirection is a poor effort that bore no success.

I can only really begin my opening statement with one direct question: What the hell are you self-proclaimed journalists doing? You sit at your computer screens and act all high and mighty, while belittling the dignity of the gaming industry with your convoluted and misguided notions of supremacy over everyone else. Case in point with this very situation regarding the relationship between gaming media and game developers, you are confronted about this story, yet you resist it and point fingers at us to proclaim that we are the problem.

You sit there and attack gamers (the very people who help you keep a job mind you) and say that we are the problem? We are the problem for actions that you have done? We are responsible for the very real corruption going on in game journalism? Correct me if I’m wrong, but we are not the ones giving artificial praise to projects done by someone who voluntarily slept with us and we are not the ones accepting perks and bribes from publishers and public relations.

When someone has the gall to declare that an entire group of people is a problem, it speaks of both ignorance and megalomania. That person is so willingly blind that they do everything in their power to make others out to be the bad guys. When someone does this, they more often than not do it because they did something wrong. They are either in sheer denial and convince themselves that everyone else is the problem or they realize they are busted and attempt to use a scapegoat.

Their attempts at reverse psychology is an effort to reduce the negative aspect of their actions, while reflecting an entirely different subject unto another party. In this case, when gamers unleashed their frustration with the recent corruption that was made public, the reverse argument made by you journalists is that the reason gamers are so angry is because we are misogynists.

Do any of you “journalists” who started that conversation honestly think that we are going to allow you to label us like that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ignorant to the fact that there is sexism in the world. I’ve seen it firsthand. But what you “journalists” are essentially doing here is defining all gamers (including female gamers) under one of the many stigmas that we have been fighting against for years. People who have agendas (like Anita Sarkeesian, Jack Thompson, and Phil Fish) have been trying to convince anyone who will listen that people in the video game industry and gamers are testosterone-filled, misogynistic, disrespectful, violent brutes who don’t deserve the things we have access to lest we end up disrupting the fabric of society. You “journalists” have successfully joined their ranks.

How can you conceive the idea that by reversing the polarity of the topic at hand (which is supposed to be about Zoe Quinn influencing game media via sexual favors or any other recent corruption for that matter) that it will result in you gaining favor? The topic is Zoe Quinn is accused of sleeping with a few journalists in exchange for positive coverage of her game. The rebuttal on your side? Gamers are overreacting and angry over nothing because we are misogynists. Seriously?! You just really wanted to commit career suicide there, huh? There is a plethora of information available that pertains to Zoe Quinn and her storied history, yet you have not proven or disproven your involvement and instead opted to attack gamers. You are actively avoiding the topic that started all of this and that makes us even more skeptical of you!

Your job is to report on the recent news of the video game industry. Images, gameplay videos, first looks, trailers, interviews, conferences, reviews, and many other topics that could be worked on via your outlet is what you should be doing; however, giving your opinion like it’s law seems to be the going trend for some of you. Sharing your opinion is all good and well, but lately that seems to be the only thing you are doing. Attacking gamers seems to be the next best thing for you as well.

The ultimate problem that lies here is that you have no idea how to conduct yourselves publicly. You are already coming up from a high horse that you put yourselves on. Naturally, your egoism will show as we have seen countless times. When you write on the internet, that’s technically public domain space, but on a worldwide scale. When you attack someone over Twitter, that is seen by hundreds of thousands of people. When you review a game and dock it by a whole point by bringing up a topic that is so insignificant to the game itself, that can be seen by everyone. When you lash out against gamers and tell them that they should be grateful to you for your contributions, people will see that. When you misrepresent an entire industry and its audience to bring up selective points to support your claims, you will have backlash. You have no one to blame but yourselves. You are creating your own hell. We have zero influence for what comes out of your mouth. If you cannot filter out what may get you into trouble, then that fault is your own.

You have prided yourselves as these great pioneers for writing in the video game industry, yet you have failed your audience. You failed because you accepted favors and gifts. You failed because you attacked the very audience who keeps you in business. You failed because any shred of dignity that you had is left to be questioned. Rather, you left that dignity at the door when you made the conscious decision to take whatever perk was offered to you. No one in the community can go by your word because of your failures.

I’m not ignorant nor is the majority of the gaming community. We are not stupid. We are not the fools that you think that we are. We do have bad apples here and there (as does every community in existence), but you single them out as the voice for all. We know there is corruption in the gaming industry. Whether you’re on Youtube or any major gaming publication site, some of your peers have been offered something. If it comes to light that everything regarding Zoe Quinn is true (because barely anything involving her has been undeniably proven as fact given it’s difficult to find any information), then every single journalist who attacked gamers through the pieces that I have linked here have lost all credibility.





Editor’s Note: These links were removed to discourage the proliferation of anti-gamer rhetoric.

Why? Because the yearly abuse that the gaming press does to the community at large is constant. They write that gamers are entitled, immature, and recently misogynists. There are multiple articles from journalists that detail how gamers are horrible people, yet gamers are the ones who help them have a job. Again, brilliant idea on their part by insulting the very audience to which is the only audience who can support them. Simply put, shame on you. Shame on you for letting go of your dignity and professionalism. Shame on you for turning your back on the very people who support you. Shame on you for plaguing gaming media with your sensationalist articles and hidden agendas.

I don’t want this open letter to be misinterpreted. I’m not targeting every single writer out there. There are good people in the gaming media. Just like how we (the gamers) refuse a few bad apples to ruin our image, the same goes for those people in gaming media. There are good writers and workers in gaming media that work their fingers to the bone to help you be informed and entertained. They do what they do because they love it. The perks they get from being in that part of the industry is just a bonus for them.

I’m not merely talking about the big websites, but also Youtube and smaller sites. There are people worth supporting out there. Whether they go to PAX, Tokyo Game Show, and E3 to do interviews or if they review games or if they give helpful tips and tricks for games, there are many of them worth supporting. Those people who attack gamers by saying we are misogynists and we are the problem with the industry have their heads so far up their butts that any insult they hurl at us is equal to crap. Their egos know no bounds and they flaunt their position in our face.

From this point on, should I see any article or self-proclaimed “journalist” ever make a questionable piece or attack gamers again, be on notice. I’m starting a new series. It will be called “Journalism Failure” where I will dissect the same sensationalism, propaganda, clickbait, and hidden agendas that some writers are known for. I have the article below to thank for giving me the idea that the gaming press “are becoming obsolete”. Stay tuned and stay informed.

Editor’s Note: These views are that of HonestDragon and may / may not represent those of RGN Staff / audience.

Here’s Almost 17 Minutes of New Gameplay for The Evil Within


Once again the catch is to posses the ability to put up with PewDiePie’s incessant ramblings. The insanely popular Youtube personality has uploaded the second part to his E3 demo gameplay of The Evil Within. Clocking in at a shy under 17 minutes, the video shows off more of the scares and seriously F**ked up moments that await players this October. Your level of immersion depends on how well you can block out PDP’s commentary. Sadly there is no button that allows for the muting of commentators without the expense of in-game audio.

Check the video out below.


The Evil Within launches on October 14 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

16 Minutes of The Evil Within Gameplay

Why I’m Excited For The Evil Within

Check out This 16 Minute The Evil Within Gameplay Video


If you can stand PewDiePie that is. The super popular Youtube personality has uploaded E3 gameplay of the upcoming survival horror game from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda. The demo sees protagonist Sebastian searching for a lost patient before things get crazy…well crazier. There are some tense psychological moments and the game is looking like it will deliver on the scares, though PeWDiePie’s constant commentary (which is annoying and occasionally funny)makes it a bit difficult to stay immersed. I shouldn’t be laughing during a scary scene, just saying.

The guy has a ton of subscribers though (28,692,300 actually), so the more exposure this game gets, the better. Click to watch Part 1 of his video.

The Evil Within Launches on October 14, 2104 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Why I’m Excited for The Evil Within

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse : E3 Announcement Trailer

DragonballZ Xenoverse logo


Bandai Namco (formally Namco Bandai) have released the announcement trailer for Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse during this years’ E3  for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game is being created  by acclaimed  developed Dimps  which haven’t developed a  console DBZ game since 2008’s “Burst Limit”. It will be interesting to see if Dimps can bring the DBZ video game series back to its former glory as the last few titles have not been a commercial success and what will bring to the table to differentiate themselves from the previous titles in the series.  Check out the trailer below and be sure to check back for more news on Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse as it develops.


Phantom Dust Makes a Huge Comeback At The Xbox E3 2014 Press Conference [Trailer And Info]

Phantom Dust logo


Phantom Dust  for the Xbox One is a remake of the 2005 Original Xbox title  of the same name. Phantom Dust is a action rpg/card battle game hybrid in which the players take control of powerful mystical characters called Espers who wield a myriad of powers like Telekinesis, Fire, Water and others all the while  managing their power and skill points to dispatch their foes. The game was closely compared to the popular trading card games Magic The Gathering and Pokemon due to certain attacks being match with certain skills and points were used according to each skill/ability.  The story  of Phantom Dust was just as compelling as its gameplay putting gamers right at the heart of the action and mystery spanning the farthest  reaches of  earth, space, time and beyond to uncover the secret origins of the Espers.  The game was created by legendary video game designed  Yukio Futatsugi who created and developed the Panzer Dragoon series on the Sega Saturn. When the original game debuted it was met was good reviews and praise throughout the industry but was a Sleeper hit in Japan and almost didn’t make it to American shores back in 2005 due to the poor sales in Japan.  Phantom Dust was then up by then 3rd party developer Majesco picked up the game for distribution in the North American Territories.

The remake is once again be developed by Microsoft  Games Studios and there is no word yet if Futasugi will have any involvement or producing the game but this time Microsoft will also publish the game and not 3rd Party company Majesco which has since been shut down. This announcement comes as a surprise to long time Phantom Dust fans and to others a brand new game experience for the Xbox One. It is good to see that Microsoft is making an effort to create new and quality next gen exclusives for the Xbox One and Phantom Dust was definitely a gem in the original  Xbox  library.  It will be interesting to see if the game’s story will be retold  in this new game as it was before or will Microsoft Game Studio will completely reimagine the game story for a new audience while keeping the core fanbase happy? Will Phantom Dust’s gameplay be as deep and innovative as its predecessor or will this game take the series in a new direction and will the multiplayer mode return?  Will the game contain an open world  for players to explore or be mission based and will the games action measure up to the amazing trailer? We will have to wait for these questions to be answered as Microsoft Game Studios have not announced any other information on this title and have not given the game a release date.  Check out the trailer for Phantom Dust below and be sure to check back to RealGamerNewz for more information on Phantom Dust as it develops. Make sure to check back to RGN all week long for our E3 2014 news coverage.



Phantom Dust

Game info:

Microsoft Game Studios Remake of the Xbox Original Action RPG/ Card Battle Game for the Xbox One

Genre: Action RPG/Card Battle Game

Developer: Microsoft Game Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Platform: Xbox One


Release date: TBA

E3 2014: ‘The Order: 1886’ Release Date and Collector’s Editions Revealed


Sony has revealed that Ready At Dawn’s upcoming PS4 exclusive action-adventure title will receive, not one, not two but three collector’s editions.

The European Collector’s Edition will come in a special black case and include:

  • A replica pendant of the Blackwater vial worn by the Knights
  • Exclusive The Knight’s Arsenal DLC ( Alternate outfits for Galahad and the Arsonist rifle and Arc rifle prototype)
  • Woven coat of arms patches
  • Concept art postcards
  • Behind the scenes footage of the making of the game
  • Official Soundtrack

North American Collector’s Edition – $79.99

  • 7 inch ‘Galahad Under Fire’statue
  • Steelbook case
  • The Knight’s Arsenal DLC
  • Stickers
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Behind the scenes footage


North American Premium Edition – $149.99

  • 13 inch ‘The Endless Duel’ statue
  • Art Book
  • Steelbook case
  • The Knight’s Arsenal DLC
  • Stickers
  • Sound track
  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Blackwater vial pendant
  • Collector’s Box


Pre-ordering the standard edition of the game will net players The Knight’s Arsenal DLC.

Standard Edition – $59.99


Ready At Dawn also showed off new gameplay footage for The Order: 1886 at Sony’s E3 press conference a few hours ago. Finally showing off what I personally had been dying to see, the game’s supernatural enemies; the half human half monster hybrids. The monster Galahad encountered did not disappoint, not only was it fearsome, but smart and still able to communicate despite the transformation. It also displayed tracking skills. The encounter was as tense as it was stunning to look to at. The transitions from cinematic to gameplay was seemless and most impressive.

When can players expect to get their hands on the game and/or its awesome collector’s editions? On February 20th 2015. Well I know what my first 2015 purchase will be, time to start saving up for the Premium Edition.

The Order: 1886

Game info: 

The Order: 1886™ introduces players to a unique vision of Victorian-Era London where Man uses advanced technology to battle a powerful and ancient foe.  As a member of an elite order of knights, join a centuries-old war that will determine the course of history forever.

Genre: Action-adventure

Developer: Ready At Dawn

Publisher: SCEA

Platform: PS4

Price: Standard $59.99, CE $79.99, PE $149.99

Release date: 02/20/2015


E3 2014: Rise of the Tomb Raider announced for 2015 Release with Details


Crystal Dynamics has announced ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ for a Holiday 2015 release.

The world premiere trailer was dropped during Microsoft’s E3 conference (Don’t worry PS fans it isn’t an exclusive). In the trailer we see protagonist Lara Croft in therapy, no doubt suffering from PTSD due to the events of that took place in 2013’s Tomb Raider. Of course it wouldn’t be a TR trailer without cave exploration and the killing of bad guys. Fans will be glad to know that Lara’s signature bow makes a return allowing for more satisfying stealth kills.

rise-of-the-tomb-raider (1)

“In the next chapter of her journey, Lara must use her survival skills and wits, learn to trust new friends, and ultimately accept her destiny as the Tomb Raider,” said Microsoft. “Featuring epic, high-octane action moments, Rise of the Tomb Raider will take gamers to multiple locations around the world filled with exploration spaces that are some of the most beautifully hostile places on earth. In addition, after hearing the cry from fans loud and clear, the game will put the tombs back into “Tomb Raider” all in the franchise’s gritty Survival-Action style.”

Check out the gorgeous announcement trailer below and stay tuned to RGN for all things Rise of the Tomb Raider (Ridiculous title in my honest opinion) leading up to its release.


E3 2014: Here’s a List of Confirmed Booth Games For PlayStation


In just 3 days Sony will kick of E3 with their Press conference on Monday June 9th. On the PlayStation Blog Sony has released the list of games that will be shown on the floor at their booths. Not every title that will be available, is on this list so keep that in mind. Before anyone goes off on a rant about where’s Uncharted 4 and such and such, please note this is a list for games that will be shown on the floor. The list of games that will be shown on stage is still being kept secret. Now behold!!!

Games                                                                      Developers/Publishers                                 Platform(s)

Aaru’s AwakeningLumenoxPS3
Akiba’s Trip Undead & UndressedXSEEDPS Vita
Assault Android CactusWitchbeam GamesPS4
Axiom VergeThomas Happ GamesPS4
Big FestSCE / On The Metal Ltd.PS Vita
The Binding of Issac: RebirthNicalisPS4
ChasmDiscord GamesPS4
CounterSpySCE / DynamightyPS4/PS3/PS Vita
Danganronpa 2NIS AmericaPS Vita
DestinyActivision / BungiePS4
Diablo III: The Ultimate Evil EditionActivision BlizzardPS4
Disgaea 4NIS AmericaPS Vita
Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super HeroesDisney InteractivePS4
DRIVECLUBSCE / Evolution StudiosPS4
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam RebornBandai Namco GamesPS3
Freedom WarsSCE/SCE Japan Studios SHIFT and DimpsPS Vita
GALAK-Z: The Dimensional17-BITPS4
Gravity Crash UltraJust Add WaterPS Vita
Guilty Gear XrdAksys GamesPS4
Gunship XHidden ElephantPS Vita
HelldiversSCE / Arrowhead Game StudiosPS4/PS3
HohokumSCE / HoneyslugPS4/PS3
HomeBenjamin Rivers Inc.PS Vita
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberDevolverPS Vita
Hyper Light DrifterHeart MachinePS Vita
Invizimals: The AllianceSCE / NovaramaPS Vita
Jamestown PlusFinal Form GamesPS4
Killzone Shadow Fall InterceptSCE / Guerrilla GamesPS4
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 RemixSquare EnixPS3
Legend of RavenNicalisPS Vita
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond GothamWarner BrosPS4
MechRunnerSpark Plug GamesPS Vita
MetricoDigital DreamsPS Vita
MLB 14 The ShowSCE / San Diego StudioPS4, PS Vita
Murasaki BabySCE / OvosonicoPS Vita
N++Metanet SoftwarePS4
Night in the WoodsFinji GamesPS4
Nuclear ThroneVlambeerPS4
Oddworld: New ‘n’ TastyOddworld Inhabitants, IncPS4
One Way TripBeret ApplicationsPS Vita
Persona 4: Arena UltimaxAtlus GamesPS3
PS Vita PetsSpiral HousePS Vita
PixelJunk Shooter UltimateDouble 11PS Vita
Planetside 2SOEPS4
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareEAPS4
Project CARSSlightly MadPS4
Race the SunFlippflyPS Vita
Road Not TakenSpry FoxPS4
Rogue LegacyCellar DoorPS Vita
Samurai Warriors 4Tecmo-KoeiPS4
Secret PonchosSwitchblade MonkeysPS4
Shadow WarriorDevolver DigitalPS4
Starwhal: Just the TipBreakfallPS3
Super Exploding ZooHoneyslugPS Vita
Switch Galaxy UltraAtomiconPS Vita
Tales of Xillia 2Bandai Namco GamesPS3
TeslagradRain GamesPS3
The CrewUbisoftPS4
The Golf ClubHB StudiosPS4
The Order: 1886SCE / Ready At DawnPS4
The SwapperCurve StudiosPS3
To LeaveFreaky CreationsPS Vita
EA Sports UFCEA SportsPS4
Valiant HeartsUbisoftPS4
Velocity 2XFuturLabPS4
Zen Pinball 2: The Walking Dead Table PackZen StudiosPS3


They (Sony) have also released a Slogan. No longer is it “Greatness awaits” but “Where the Greatest play”.


E3 is just looking more and more exciting by the minute.


Via: PlayStation Blog

Watch the new ‘Narration and Revolution’ Trailer for ‘The Order: 1886’


Sony recently released a new video for Ready At Dawn’s ‘The Order: 1886’.

Titled ‘Narration and Revolution’ the video features the studio’s Game Director Dana Jan who briefly discusses the reason for the game’s setting being in an alternate history London. Jan also talks of Sony’s newest console, and how working on the platform allowed them to cross the boundaries of believable characters. Thanks to complicated motion capture technology at the team’s disposal, Ready At Dawn hopes to deliver an experience where players will no longer feel like they are playing a game. They plan on accomplishing this by blurring the line between gameplay and cinematic cutscenes; the same character models and detail featured in the cutscenes will be present when engaging in firefights, running etc. Based on the footage so far the developer seems to be on the right track.


Looks more like a scene from a movie than a video game.

It was recently revealed that The Order would not be making the company’s expected fall 2014 release window. It has been delayed until early 2015, so the developer could spend more time polishing it up to deliver the type of game they promised. We can expect to see more of the intriguing new IP in less than two weeks at this year’s E3.

The Order: 1886

Official Game info: 

The Order: 1886™ introduces players to a unique vision of Victorian-Era London where Man uses advanced technology to battle a powerful and ancient foe.  As a member of an elite order of knights, join a centuries-old war that will determine the course of history forever.

Genre: Third-person Action-adventure

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: Ready At Dawn

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America

Price: $59.99

Release date: Q1 2015


Watch New Gameplay Footage for The Order: 1886


Sony has released new gameplay footage from their upcoming action-adventure game, The Order: 1886.

Developed by Ready At Dawn, the team responsible for God of War: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta on the Sony PSP, The Order is set in an alternate history London where an elite order knights must keep the world safe evil.

It’s only 2 minutes long, no doubt a sneak peak to get us excited for its showing at E3 (Come on its a given) but its a stunning couple of minutes nonetheless. Visually the game looks undeniably amazing and the gameplay solid as well. Personally my excitement for E3 just grew even more.


Rumor: Leaked Info Regarding Sony’s E3 Conference: The Order, Uncharted, God of War and More


According to Dualshockers, info in regards to Sony’s E3 press conference has been shared with them today from a reliable source. E3 is just under one month away, so clearly one can expect rumors regarding the event to surface but DS claims they were able to confirm parts of it with second source, adding some credibility to it. The detailed info in bold are double sourced and hold more weight but as always take it all in with a grain of salt.

  • Uncharted PS4 3 Minute Trailer showcasing ”In-engine” footage interspersed with gameplay segments. Visuals are supposedly unprecedented and set a benchmark for console graphics. Summer 2015 release date. It looks absolutely stellar. Features tropical setting and differing time periods with Nate/Francis.
  • Media Molecule’s new title will be a landmark title for Morpheus. 3D world building, beautiful, quirky visuals.Extremely creative and fun. Possibly related to the ”Entwined” trademark filed last week by SCE (not sure). Late 2015.
  • Gran Turismo 6 is coming to PS4 as 1080p 60FPS repackaged title in the vein of Gran Turismo 7: Prologue. Stunning visuals, extra features (social connectivity, new tracks, dlc etc). Coming mid-late 2015.
  • God of War 4 teaser will be present – will be CG with snippets of in-engine footage. A little early for reveal, but is designed to offset negativity surrounding canceled new IP and generate excitement – also to partially offset CG announce of Gears of War at Microsoft presser. Late 2015. Date wont be announced.
  • Kill Strain trademark is related to Syphon Filter reboot for PS4. Sony Bend working on revamping the franchise. Stealth, beautiful visuals and a possible Winter 2014 title. Bend finally getting to join the big boys.
  • Wipeout is also making the transition to PS4. Source is unsure of who is developing it, but hints that it could be Sony London, Evolution, or Firesprite.
  • Quantic Dream has a trailer prepared – unsure whether it is penciled in for Gamescom or E3. Sony will be watching Microsoft’s presser earlier in the day to gauge whether additional titles will need to be slotted in to dampen hype. Expect Dark Sorcerer- like visuals in real time. Off-topic, but still relevant – they are close to deal to become a Worldwide Studios developer, along with Ready At Dawn.
  • Speaking of Ready At Dawn, The Order:1886 will get a stage demo. Big title for Fall 2014.  Sony is expecting great things from said title – franchise hopes rest on its performance.
  • Ninja Theory working on a PS4 exclusive – possible Heavenly Sword sequel which was shelved a number of years ago. Quite far into development.
  • Sony London will be at E3. First AAA title in many years. 3rd person title. Gorgeous. They’re back with a bang,
  • Guerrilla Games bringing their RPG to E3. Provocative setting – very interesting. Insane visuals as usual. A good reaction to the title is expected. Will please the hardcore.
  • Sucker Punch busy at work on an inFAMOUS: Second Son DLC. Really cool. New powers. Possible new setting. E3 debut.
  • Sony Japan Studios debuting two, maybe even three titles. Project Beast – spiritual successor to Demon Souls. The other is The Last Guardian. Retooled for PS4, possible Winter 2014 title. The Other title is shrouded in secrecy.
  • Evolution will give Driveclub some time in the limelight. It’s shaping up to be incredible with jaw-dropping visuals. Demo release will be timed with  the press conference.

Publishers are also expected to take the stage according to this anonymous source; including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Konami, Capcom, Warner Bros, Activision, Square Enix, Take Two and Rockstar with Grand Theft Auto ( PS4 port of GTA V maybe?).

Sony’s Virtual Reality project, Project Morpheus will be showcased. The digital rental service PlayStation Now will be re-introduced, big titles will be announced for the Instant Game Collection and PS3 and PS Vita will receive price drops.

There will be a montage for the PS3 and a reveal of a few new titles for it. The PS Vita will also receive a small segment as PS4 is the main attraction. Sevral smaller scale (Most likely indie) digital titles will be shown and the conference will be closed out with, wait for it…. a teaser for a sequel to The Last of Us.

If any of this delicious info holds any weight, then Sony fans are in for a real treat. Here’s hoping its all true, or at least the bit about The Last of Us sequel, Uncharted, God of War 4, The Order: 1886 and PS Now. Those are what I’m most excited for, what about you?

Via: Dualshockers