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Here’s When You Can Expect Evolve’s Next Four Hunters and Monster to Join the Fight


2K has revealed when players can download the next batch of hunters and the monster, for their 4v1 first-person shooter. On March 31, Evolve’s next four hunters will be able for all platforms. Players will also be able to download the next monster, the Behemoth on the same day. The Behemoth will cost $15 for those who didn’t pre-order the game, while those who did will get him for free. The four hunters; Torvald (Assault), Crow (Trapper), Slim (Medic) and Sunny (Support) are included in the game’s season pass for $24.99.

You can check out the hunters below, along with what they bring to the battlefield and some tips from Turtle Rock Studios’ Jess Damerst.

TORVALD (Assault)



  •  Cybernetic implants
  • Back-mounted Mortar Cannons
  • Shrapnel Grenade for exposing weak spots on the Monster
  • Autofire Shotgun

TRS Tip: Torvald’s Mortar is obviously great for splash damage at a distance, but you can also aim straight up for a close-range drop. Combine that with the Shrapnel Grenade to bring the Monster a world of pain.

Crow (Trapper)



  • Pet Batray named Gobi, who flies ahead on command to scout for the monster’s location
  • Stasis Gun with two firing modes: A rapid-fire mode for briefly slowing down the Monster, or a charged shot for a longer effect
  • His Kinetic Long Rifle deals a lot of damage-per-second with its rapid-fire mode, while a charged shot will penetrate a Monster’s armor and damage its health.

TRS Tip: Send Gobi out often. He should be looking for the Monster even when you’re in a dome to keep tabs on it. Also, try to stick with the charged shot with the Stasis Gun – it will slow the monster longer, as opposed to short-burst shots.

Slim (Medic)



  • His Leech Gun saps the Monster’s strength and dictates how quickly his healing burst recharges
  • Healing Burst has the largest radius among all medics
  • Slim’s Healing Drone flies around have aids his teammates by regenerating their health
  • His Spore Cloud Launcher masks the Hunters scent, making the Monster’s ability to smell their location useless

TRS Tip: Fire the Leech Gun often – even if you don’t think you’re hitting anything. The Leech gun is how Slim replenishes the Medic Heal Burst ability. The more shots you take at the wildlife (and the Monster), the faster it recharges!

Sunny (Support)



  • Her Shield Drones will provide cover for nearby teammates
  • The Jetpack Booster allows her teammates to fly farther and faster. As long as they are within range, their jetpacks won’t run out of fuel
  • Sunny’s Mininuke Grenade Launcher does more damage than any other hand-wielded weapon in the game with a single projectile

TRS Tip: Jetpack Boost teammates that are being attacked so they can dodge out of the way as much as possible. Also, if you’re hot on the trail of the Monster, Jetpack Boost your Trapper so that they can keep pace and drop a dome on it.

Source: Evolve

Illuminati In Gaming Episode #1: Ready At Dawn’s Misleading, Ruined Reputation

Illuminati In Gaming - RealGamerNetwork - Logo 1p0

The Order 1886 is Ready At Dawn’s first full-fledged production, but has it done the development studio more harm than good? The only other games Ready At Dawn has been known for thus far were the PlayStation Portable God of War games which as we all know came out great but are nowhere near the development challenge of next-gen console games. Take a listen as we discuss some major issues with the industry and how we feel about them. As always, you are free to disagree and feedback is yours to give.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Language, Guidance Suggested.

Topics Included:

  • Should Multiplayer Games Cost $60 Still?
  • When Is A Game Too Cinematic + Not Enough Gameplay?
  • Will Anyone Be Interested In MORE Destiny?
  • Are Evolve and Titanfall Too Thin on Content?
  • Gamers Are Only Getting A Piece of a Game These Days
  • Should Gaming Sites Accept Free Games & Tech?
  • And More

RGN Members on this Episode:

Karma’s a B*tch; Evolve’s Wraith Glitches Out


Ask anyone who has encountered the wraith in Evolve and they’ll confirm; she is overpowered as hell. Despite having the least armor and health out of the three monsters, her unique abilities and speed make her a formidable foe. Too formidable in fact. When the monster that is supposed to be the toughest to play as, ends up with a high win rate, you have a problem. When more and more players start using her to get easier wins, you have a bigger problem. It starts to hurt the overall experience and results in frustration.

Which is what this wraith player must have felt towards the end of our match. Despite giving my teammates and I a hard time, we eventually prevailed. Not because we outsmarted our opponent, or fought to the bitter end like true warriors. No, no, we won because the bastard got stuck. Check it out below.


Karma’s a bitch.

Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast – Minisode #1 Just A Lil Bit

Beatz N' Bitz Podcast MiniSode #1 by_kimunatsu-d4o3rru

Episode Logo Art By KimuNatsu
Killzown Goes in For A solo for the first mini episode of the Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast as he talks about, Taraji P Henson on Empire, Evolve First Impressions, Drakes New album & more. Tune in next week for episode #12 of the Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast. Leep up with Killzown on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and subscribe to his channel on Youtube.

Source – djkillzownjones

Evolve — Launch Trailer and More

Evolve RealGamerNewz Xbox One Windows PC PlayStation 4 Launch

Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Turtle Rock Studios
Release Date (NA): February 10th, 2015

Launch Trailer:

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Evolve (XO / PS4 / PC) – Ready or Not (Official Live Action Trailer) #4v1

Evolve Transparent RealGamerNewz Logo Turtle Rock Xbox

Choose Your Side in Evolve for next-gen and PC releasing February 10, 2015.

Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Turtle Rock Studios
Release Date (NA): February 10th, 2015

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Ready or Not (Official Live Action Trailer):

Piano & arrangement by Steven Kolacny
Produced by Yannick De Pauw
Recorded by Dries D’Hondt and Filip Heurckmans

Offline Solo Gameplay:

Solo Gameplay of Evolve in 60fps.

Online Multiplayer Gameplay:

Gamescom 2014 Online Multiplayer Gameplay Demonstration of Evolve.

@TurtleRock : @EvolveGame OFFLINE XP Carries to Competitive; 1 Player 1080P / 60 FPS Gameplay

RealGamerNewz Evolve Single Player Story Mode Offline

Once and for all, Turtle Rock Studios settles the question about EVOLVE’s 1 player capabilities and its relevance to the competitive gaming scene in the following 1080P High Definition Gameplay displayed at 60 Frames Per Second.

Solo Gameplay of Evolve in 60fps.

Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Turtle Rock Studios
Release Date (NA): February 10th, 2015

Evolve’s Official Strategy Guide Looks to Make a Hunter/Monster Out of You


Excited for Turtle Rock Studio’s upcoming 4v1 first-person shooter but are worried about facing off against the more skilled players? Well BradyGames and Turtle Rock have your back with the official Evolve Strategy Guide.

The guide is set to deliver detailed coverage of the entire game, including every game mode, weapon, character class and much more. Full information on what you can expect should you purchase copy, is below.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire game, including the groundbreaking multiplayer mode that combines the very best aspects of competitive and cooperative gameplay.
  • Complete maps and breakdowns of every level and arena.
  • Game-winning tactics and analysis of all four Hunter classes: Trapper, Medic, Support, and Assault. Plus, lethally effective strategies to turn the tables and eviscerate the Hunters while playing as the Monster.
  • Detailed coverage of every game mode, including strategies for Hunters, Monsters, map effects, weather, wildlife, and more.
  • Play to your character’s offensive and defensive strengths, regardless of your role—each Character subclass and Monster evolution is covered in detail.
  • In-depth data and commentary for every weapon and item, each ability, all power-ups, perks, equipment, and more.
  • Expert guidance for exploiting the environment, wildlife, and upgrades to full advantage. Gain powers, grow in strength, level up.
  • That’s not all: Player Progression, Accolades, Badges, Achievements, unlock new Hunter and Monster characters, upgrades, and skins.
  • Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide. Unlock the enhanced eGuide for access to updated content, all optimized for a second-screen experience.

You can pre-order the guide at select retailers for $24.99. Amazon has it for a discounted price at the moment. It will release alongside the game on February 10, 2015 and covers all versions of the game.

You can read our Beta impressions here.

Impressions: EVOLVE Brings an Original Flavor of Gameplay Innovation That’s Worthwhile

Evolve Turtle Rock Studios 2K Games

Evolve on Xbox ONE has a solid frame rate, gameplay, and graphics. Over time, we’ve seen Turtle Rock Studios give a very much improved build again and again. The game overall is very quick and easy to jump in to and play and the design concept is original and good. Turtle Rock has given birth to a lot of new moments for the shooter genre and we appreciate that as the genre certainly needs revitalizing.

Evacuation Mode and the map to map, round to round changes (Turtle Rock claims results in over 800,000 possible combinations) give a dynamic feel to the game. Guns and upgrades all have a very different feeling. The game has a similar feel to Destiny in that players feel an urge to perpetually upgrade gear and bring it online with their crew.

Evolve is even more focused on gameplay and user interactions online than most games in the shooter market and will likely be judged heavily for it. There are some issues with core elements of the game being sectioned off and costing extra money but the fun factor, replay value, and dare I say innovative nature of Evolve makes these issues possible to overlook.

This game has shown promise since the start of development and I’ve personally now played more than a few builds both through public and press access, at events and from home in real world settings, and each time milestones have seemingly been met to push performance, controls, and graphics in leaps and bounds. There’s a lot of game modes that simulate other games in the genre, or add new original twists to the scene. Some of these include Rescue Mode, Nest Mode, and Defend mode. Hopefully these all stay available to play and aren’t phased in / out due to popularity – since I like diversity. But hopefully they can also be populated with games.

Evolve PS4 Xbox ONE

Balancing can be a tricky thing, and we expect more along the lines of tweaks and updates as the full build is prepared for launch, and even once its out the door. Such is the way with heavily multiplayer-centric shooters after all. But besides that, and all caveats discussed aside, So Far So GOOD!

Jermain Jackson, Deputy Editor Impressions of Evolve:

Having played the technical test on my Sony PS4, my excitement level for Evolve went from almost non-existent to, ”Give it to me NOW!”

Evolve is one of the most fun co-op experiences I’ve played in years. Even if there is no verbal communication between you and your teammates, as long as everyone plays smart and utilizes their character class’s unique abilities, you can achieve victory.

Based on gameplay footage, it seemed as though being in control of the Monster would have been the most fun part about Evolve. Boy was I wrong. For the most part, playing on the hunters’ side was just as fun and intense as playing as a Monster. Neither side felt unbalanced, each had their strengths and weaknesses.

From my experience Turtle Rock Studios has done a wonderful job of capturing the thrill of the hunt and the fight for survival. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it come February 10, 2015.

Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Turtle Rock Studios
Release Date (NA): February 10th, 2015


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Evolve (Xbox ONE, PS4, PC) – Survival Guide Trailer [HD 1080P/60FPS]

Evolve Xbox ONE PS4 PC

Survival Guide Trailer of Evolve.

Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Developer(s): Turtle Rock Studios
Release Date (NA): February 10th, 2015

Which Version of Evolve Is Right For You?

Evolve RealGamerNewz Review

When we published our article about Evolve’s DLC, many people had confusions and questions as to what they could get from each of Evolve’s offerings. Beyond the Season Pass, here’s what players can get their hands in for that more wholesome Evolve bundle feel (hold the missing content shivers please).

Details Below:

Evolve Xbox ONE RealGamerNewz Pre Order

Evolve Xbox ONE Digital Deluxe Edition

PC Monster Edition

  • Evolve PC Monster Race Edition – $99.99:
    • Evolve Game
    • Pre Load Bonus
    • Pre-Purchase Bonus
    • Free Hunting Season Pass (Info Here) Included
    • *PC Exclusive Post-Launch Content
    • 5th Monster **Post-Launch Content
    • 2 Bonus Hunters
    • 4 Timed PC Exclusive** Monster Skins
      • *More content available on PC after launch.
      • **This skins will be exclusive for 1 month.

Evolve RealGamerNewz Xbox PS4

Let us know in the RGN Comments section below which version you think gives the best bang for your buck and if you’ll be picking this game up or not.

Evolve DLC Prices Getting Criticized by Gamers, Is It Too Much?

Evolve DLC RealGamerNewz

If you pre-order and play in the Beta right now, your progress will transfer over – you will get that skin – and you will get that monster. This is definitely an appreciated advantage to what Turtle Rock Studios is providing with Evolve. However, recently they have been drawn to scrutiny about their DLC pricing per monster and hunter.

The Hunting Season Pass comes for $24.99 and includes 3 monster skins as well as 4 hunter characters. Players can opt to not pay for it and they will still end up fighting against the more advanced monsters, and alongside the more advanced hunters or they can pick and choose Individual DLC which are priced at $14.99 per monster or $7.49 per hunter. The pre-order monster will be sold as well for $14.99 if you didn’t get the chance to do so.

On the flip side of things, new maps are free and it appears that hunters and monsters purchased as DLC will appear in matchmaking with players who don’t pick up the DLC as well, thus preventing the splinter of Evolve’s community. This is being looked at by many as acceptable, while getting criticized by others. Some say it is similar to Destiny and has an MMO type of feel to the way it’s designed.

Is this too much?

Please leave your thoughts below in RGN’s comment section for Turtle Rock Studios to see.



Savage Goliath:





Evacuation Story:

New Hunters & Gameplay: