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FortNite Get Your Build On!!


Well gamers if you have been excited for FortNite then get ready for this. Epic games has announced that as of today Dec. 2 the first wave of alpha invites have been sent out to those lucky few.  The first phase is appropriately called Online Test N0.1 and takes place starting today, and will go until December 19th. So for about 2 weeks Alpha testers get a chance to test and see this games amazing potential and test out all those cool mechanics that have been showcased to us. From a more personal view and as some info for those who have not seen this game, this game does look pretty amazing. I won’t lie, I have seen some other building games that are pretty cool, but this one takes the cake. I won’t spoil too much but if you enjoy building, customization, and shoot em up co-op all in one, then this game is for you. FortNite introduces, from what I see, an interesting build it yourself mechanic that allows you to what else, build your up your own stuff, most importantly a base to defend. There is definitely more to this game and I wish I could force myself to say more, but I don’t want to spoil too much without you all being able to see this game for yourself. So check out the video below for a pretty cool sneak peak at what is to come.

What Ever Happened to Fortnite? Was the Ultimate Zombie Survival Game Cancelled?

Fortnite - Next-Gen

For those who aren’t aware, a promising game by the name of Fortnite perhaps could have been the best zombies-themed survival game concept of all time. In the initial concept pitched to the gaming public by publisher Epic Games, Players create their own home base during the day and once night breaks all hell breaks loose as you and your crew must defend yourselves against oncoming onslaughts of Zombies and other strange creatures that descend upon your fortress from the darkness.

Say what you want about the art style shown in the 2011 teaser trailer Epic released (seen at the bottom), but the gameplay concepts promised were certainly revolutionary. A persistent world vision was laid out only to be cast aside with little to no word about what the title’s fate would become. Just when you thought Fortnite was gone for good Epic Games has put the word out that they are still creating the game and after being originally invented as an Xbox 360 exclusive, it will likely be heading to next-generation Xbox ONE and might even arrive on PlayStation 4 as well as Windows PC.

Fortnite has been rebuilt for the Unreal 4 Engine and the videos seen below are not representative of the next-gen version, but still interesting to see how scavenging an open world for resources to build with was envisioned by Epic Games.

Unreal Engine 4 Game Fortnite Gets Gameplay Footage Off-Screen

New, third person camera angle game Fortnite produced on the Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 is being displayed in the latest Off-Screen Gameplay Footage to be released of the company’s supporting the Sony PlayStation 4 with Unreal Engine 4’s platform making it possible for many publishers and developers to bring their ideas to market at AAA quality.

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