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Top Undiscovered #IndieGames To Try At Work This Morning #GameDev

#IndieGames RealGamerNewz

Today’s Top Undiscovered Indie Game to try at work this morning is…. Horror Paintings Parodies – Truly the definition of indie, this game has only been seen a couple of thousand times by human eyes at the time of this post according to trusted free-to-play web games portal Newgrounds. I gave it a spin and although the initial load time is going to feel ridiculously long to the modernly entitled – IT’S WORTH THE WAIT. Parental Advisory on this one, who knows if the devil himself invented painting as an art to imitate life and cause the worship of false idols obsessed with creep, gore, and ultimately death worshiping? This game’s soundtrack is perfectly fit and you’ll get more than your money’s worth (of $0 asking price) if you’re at all into a good disturbing puzzle while you grin in confusion among your co-workers usual hump day miseries. There’s even medals to unlock and track your progress should you decide this is a weekly (or daily) thing that needs to happen in your life….

Editor’s Note: This is a series article, More Coming Soon – you may recall our earlier posts which were similar quick features on completely undiscovered titles just waiting for you to play them. Going forward the format will be changing a bit – and while we never use games for coverage in partnership during the “play at work” games series articles. This is because we want to give totally undiscovered indies a chance to and find them on our own, though do feel free to submit your game for other coverage formats by emailing RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight with a Press Release / Coverage Request (Include a Steam key or copy of the game for best results and don’t be fooled by fakers out there pretending to be us, this is us! 🙂 )

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Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Logan-RRR (Newgrounds Profile)

Disclaimer: We don’t actually recommend playing these games while on work hours, unless you want to get fired, that’s just our twisted sense of humor.

#GamerGate Files: Why Being a #Gamer Makes You a Good Person

GamerGate RealGamerNewz Good Person

As a gamer, I know how important it is to be heard. For so long, and I’m sure you can agree, gamers have been dismissed or ignored for their identity – simply because mainstream media portrays gamers as childish or a menace to society.

This brings me to this week’s video. A video I wanted to share ever since #GamerGate became a cultural phenomenon.

Gamers have done so much good in the world. I’d like to remind you why you’re amazing.

Cheers. Keep on Gaming.

Jennie Bharaj


Music by TeknoAXE: http://youtu.be/gA_dXGEF5gA

Epic Games Releases “Tappy Chicken” To Showcase Indie #GameDev Capabilities Of Unreal Engine 4

Tappy Chicken RealGamerNewz epic games

Unreal Engine is a household name these days. Many of us grew up with titles like Gears of War – okay fine, I’m old – I grew up with Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament, and other stuff you never heard of – the point is Unreal doesn’t exactly ring bells in your head for indie development. Many hurdles, mainly licensing fees, have plagued indie developers attempting to gain access to a larger audience by utilizing the Unreal Engine over the years.

And while the UDK Unreal Development Kit has made intense strides in providing indie devs with real success – UE4 seeks to re-invent the wheel somewhat by offering indie devs the center floor and support. Realizing that the term “indie devs” can refer to teams that end up producing anything from the next Flappy Bird to the next COD Epic Games is seemingly offering more blanket support to their overall customer-base and implementing some of the transparency the indie scene demands for sake of productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.

In order to show that dedication, Tappy Chicken was created. Tappy Chicken is a game which publishing house Epic Games claims was made by an artist who does not have programming experience. Updates and mod support are forthcoming for the project which has been made available on Google Play, the iOS App Store, and hits the HTML5 platform in a few hours. This title is free-to-play and highlights how truly anybody can become an indie game maker with UE4’s $19.99 per year subscription (more info here).

Are you an indie developer? Let us know what you think about this post in the comments below! We are always seeking to improve our understanding of the development process and the tools being made available in the industry today.

Below is a trailer for Tappy Chicken followed by an excerpt from the Official Press Release with further information on UE4 and Tappy Chicken which was put out by Epic Games today.

“Tappy Chicken features:

  • Pretty 2D style visuals with procedural level generation
  • Easy yet hard to master gameplay
  • Small download size
  • iOS: Game Center leaderboards, achievements and iAd Network integration
  • Android: Google Play leaderboards, achievements and AdMob support
  • HTML5/WebGL: Emscripten toolchain; runs in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera
  • Built by one artist using UE4 Blueprint visual scripting
  • Easy to modify and extend
  • UE4 code and Tappy Chicken content available through unrealengine.com”

Dragon Fin Soup (PC / PS4 / PS3 / Vita) – Tactical Action RPG Alpha Gameplay w/ Commentary [HD 1080P]

Dragon Fin Soup - RealGamerNewz - Kickstarter IndieSpotlight

Dragon Fin Soup is a game that has completely surpassed its goals in a crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter in order to bring to the gaming world something truly special. This unique Tactical RPG will arrive on the Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Sony PS3, and PS Vita. This game aims to reproduce the retro feel of SNES Era role playing games, mixing Action elements in a similar way to Secret of Mana’s gameplay battle system.

Another feature that will leave the RPG hardcore die-hard crowd pleased is the fact Dragon Fin Soup is also a Roguelike experience. A story featuring down to earth, flawed but intriguing characters, and a gripping turn of events is also promised. With over 300% funding on Kickstarter, many Stretch Goals have been met as well and the game’s release across these many ambitious platforms has been secured. On PC it will have support for both Mac and Linux in addition to Windows and will also be featured on the Steam market.

Dragon Fin Soup - RealGamerNewz - Gameplay Screenshot

Classic elements such as inventory management, item accumulation, HP / Mana management, and exploration are in some ways resurrected from the golden age of the genre and re-invented where development studio Grimm Bros has saw fit. The team was highly inspired by titles such as Chocobo Dungeon and is made up by just five talented people who have managed to get the game this far and show it off in the Alpha version footage seen below.

Some of the bonus features unlocked by the generous Kickstarter backer support include Endless Labyrinth Mode, Online Leader Boards, Additional Porting cost for PS3, PS4, Vita, Asian / Oriental Weapon Pack, Sheep Pet Quest, and Playable Skeletons in Survival / Labyrinth Modes.

Dragon Fin Soup PS4 - RealGamerNewz - Kickstarter IndieSpotlight

Dragon Fin Soup PS4 - RealGamerNewz - Concept Art

Dragon Fin Soup RPG Gameplay - RealGamerNewz - Kickstarter IndieSpotlight

Steam Greenlight: Successful

Kickstarter: Successful

Follow Dragon Fin Soup: Twitter | Facebook | Kickstarter | Official Website | YouTube | Google+

1080P Gameplay w/ Commentary of Work-In-Progress Game


Kickstarter News: Newly Announced Role Playing Game Prodigy Gets 1080P Teaser; KS Incoming Next Week

Prodigy RPG Kickstarter - Hanakai

Next Wednesday a Kickstarter will be launched for the upcoming role playing game Prodigy that’s being created right now by development studio Hanakai being led on the project by Jean Bey (known for expertise in Rackham/Confrontation). Take a look at the following Teaser video released by Hanakai and presented below in Full 1080P High Definition.

Ether One (Indie Oculus Rift VR Game) Releases Today w/ 1080P Launch Trailer

Ether One (Indie Oculus Rift VR Game) Releases Today w 1080P Launch Trailer

Today sees the release of the following indie puzzle game complete with Oculus Rift virtual reality headset support. The game is Ether One and can be purchased on Steam (among other places online). Officially the title will unlock in 2 hours on Steam at the time of this writing, and can be seen in its new Launch Trailer below in Full 1080P High Definition.

Valve Hires UK Indie Creator Robert Briscoe (Developer Of Dear Esther On Steam)

Valve Greenlight Games

Robert Briscoe has made a statement today which echoed the sentiments of a developer who really enjoys the collaborative experience but has grown a business model based on the “small but effective” indie formula currently trending in the industry. After becoming established as the creative mind behind Dear Esther, Briscoe has saw fit to seek obtaining a US Work Visa (which is now approved successfully)  and will make the move to Seattle-based game industry headliner Valve Software soon.

Here is a quote from the developer which addresses going to a major company versus remaining indie:

“So I’ve decided I need a break from the solitary life I’ve been living these past years. I think I need to be around people for a while; A lot of my energy and enthusiasm comes from being in the presence of people, sharing different ideas, methods and techniques, different views, outlooks and inspirations, and mostly by just being out of my comfort zone (which I have very much slipped into).”

This move from Valve to take on board a clearly proven indie developer who may or may not have much experience working in groups on AAA games shows their willingness to innovate and take risks betting on the indie community that has time and time again proven themselves to be ahead of the curve with design ideas, work ethic, and creative commitment to originality and fun factor for the end-result product gamers face. Be sure to check out Dear Esther on Steam to support Briscoe during this transitional period if it happens to turn out that you like his game.

Terraria Teams Up With Pixel Piracy! Full Publishing Deal + Development Collab Announced

Terraria Teams up With Pixel Piracy

Re-Logic and Quadro Delta have just dropped a megaton bomb of an announcement on the gaming industry! This deal sees the creators of Pixel Piracy becoming more empowered to control their own future than ever before as the team behind Terraria have stepped in as supporters and partners (as well as the official Publisher) of the Pixel Piracy vision.

The Pixel Piracy development team has been working closely with Re-Logic (creators of Terraria) on a cross-game experience collaboration. In addition to Re-Logic becoming publisher for development studio Quadro Delta’s upcoming final build of Pixel Piracy (due sometime around Q2 2014) there will also be exciting cross-over elements being announced soon such as Terraria weapons in Pixel Piracy, discounts on the game for those who already own Terraria, and a lot more!

Re-Logic has even gone as far as to get involved with development via lending the Pixel Piracy team a musician, scripter, sprite artist, and will also assist in post-production, marketing, and more.

Quadro Delta Terraria Pixel Piracy

Play PixelPiracy Early Access | Follow @PixelPiracyGame On Twitter

Quadro Delta, the very ambitious development team behind Pixel Piracy, released the following statement about this new deal and what it means to the studio:

”Working with Re-Logic will be an amazing opportunity to do Pixel Piracy justice. We feel that our collaboration with one of the world’s most prestigious independent studios will serve as a means to give our humble title the touches it needs to become a sincere contender in the gaming ring. We are honored by the opportunity, and will prove that it was an immensely positive choice.” – Vitali Kirpu, Lead Designer at Quadro Delta

Re-Logic Terraria Pixel Piracy

Play Terraria | Follow Terraria / Re-Logic On Twitter

Re-Logic, the new publisher / collaborative studio for Pixel Piracy and well-known as the creators of Terraria, also released a statement about today’s announcement:

“We are really excited about what Vitali has done so far with Pixel Piracy.  We feel like the game is a good example of what the indie game community has to offer, and we want to do our part to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.” – Andrew Spinks, CEO of Re-Logic

Check out the following video released for the Re-Logic collaborative announcement: