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Rainbow Six: Siege Receives Marketing Trailer to Build Hype

Rainbow Six Siege - Marketing Trailer

The upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege aims to bring back some of the more classic mechanics of the franchise while edging forward towards a more modern experience at the same time. Recently the following trailer was dropped with an immersive feel to it giving players a sneak peak at what will hopefully represent the actual game itself.

Inside Rainbow #1 Trailer of Rainbow Six: Siege.

Genre(s): First person shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date (NA): TBA 2015

New Black Ops 3 Trailer + Info Released by Treyarch

Black Ops 3 RealGamerNewZ

The game takes place fifty years from now with a focus on cybernetics as well as the challenge that technology brings mankind. Long since time technology has acted as a double edged sword for the human species who must find the right balance between its evolution and its obedience to our will. Treyarch launched a new Live Action trailer in anticipation for the official Gameplay Reveal which will take place this Sunday and has offered both Double XP as well as Double Weapon XP for Black Ops 2 players starting this Friday and ending on Monday.

Based on hidden information in the official Call of Duty website which was spotted recently the game will feature an all-new Zombies mode from Treyarch as well as launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC. Other platforms are not ruled out at this time but are also not confirmed nor listed in said information leaks. Take a look at the Live Action trailer below, presented in Full High Definition by our video partners over at GamersPreyHD the one stop shop for all of the latest video game trailers.

Halo: Spartan Strike Review


The Year is 2552. Murder aliens for the good of the human species in Halo: Spartan Strike, where you don’t play as Master Chief but you will be fellow a Spartan soldier uncovering the details of events in the Halo story-line previously shrouded in some degree of mystery. Thirty missions are faced as back-story is given to the Halo franchise and that same beloved twin-stick shooter gameplay from Halo: Spartan Assault is brought to an even higher quality level. Tom Salta who did the soundtrack for Halo 2: Anniversary is back again to provide a moving score that feels great while gaming, and graphically the title has been taken to a new level as well. While you can get the game from Windows Store on your Windows 8 Phone, Windows 8 PC, or the Apple Appstore on iPhone / iPad, many people enjoy playing through Steam on Windows 7 still and Microsoft chose not to leave us behind thankfully. The game is fully available on its own for just $5.99 or with the original game it sequels for $9.99 as a two-game bundle.

In addition to Achievements there are also Assault Ops to accomplish which are goals that correspond with the statistics of your actions in battle. This can be very fun and rewarding and speed-running or just trying your best in missions does enhance the feel of the game. The classic pistol damage has been cranked up a bit. One shot kills on most enemies can now be possible with the pistol allowing players to get crazy kill-streaks that have that old halo feel to them, but you need to be skilled enough to pull this off. That isn’t as hard as you might expect because of a bit of Aim Assist being added into the picture.

Yes, a tiny amount of aim assist being thrown in to the game and although it requires players to be aiming almost in the exact right spot to begin with it can be annoying at times when a kill is completed then your aim gets thrown off because the aim assist was correcting the angle of fire and you didn’t know it at the time. This cannot be turned off which is a bit of a downer overall, but luckily it’s not too heavy of an Aim Assist to make me want to stop playing. There are a lot of improvements to the game including subtle touches to the user interface which make it more useful and better looking, but also bigger changes such as the way the story flows with missions, the graphical quality and gameplay design being at a higher level, and the surplus of weapon choices adding to tactical decisions mid-battle really make this game worth the extra investment of money and time over just playing the original and stopping there.

Halo Spartan Strike RealGamerNewZ Review

One way that replay value is extended is by rating your performance from each match. You can spend money on using different gear to go into battle with versus the original layout designated for that particular mission, but this can add to the challenge rather than help you out at times. There’s also a skull system to add difficulty to the game for higher experience payouts at the end. It would have been nice if some sort of endless survival mode could be designed since I really feel that these spin-offs have a huge potential for that, and then the replay value would be even higher. However, the game as it is has a lot to offer and I think it’s great how many full-size Halo features were crunched into this smaller experience. It’s great being able to pick up and play in short bursts something that feels so fun and true to the Halo franchise.

A couple issues that I did find slightly annoying but not game-breaking were that alt-tabbing forced the game into a Windowed mode with the wrong resolution for me. This might not be a problem for all users and could entirely be a symptom of my exact software configuration, but it still merits mentioning nonetheless. The game also seems to not recognize my Xbox ONE controller unless I plug it in before booting up the game. As long as your Xbox ONE controller is being recognized though, you can switch between the two inputs at the main menu’s settings screen. At the end of the day these issues are not really a big deal though and the game itself is very addictive and fun with an excellent flow.

Users on the iOS or Windows Phone are reporting that some of the mobile-specific issues with the original title have been very much improved such as touchscreen controls being much more responsive. Players are able to use all-new weapons, such as the Incineration Cannon, Scatter Shot, Binary Rifle, and more. There are also brand new armor abilities including an Airstrike, Proximity Mine, Shock Chain, and more.

Final Verdict:

With so many improvements over the original title, Halo: Spartan Strike takes an already fun formula and makes it even better. The game looks better, feels better with enhanced hit detection and more engaging, longer missions, and gives a lot of new content such as weaponry and enemies to be battled. Even after the title has been beaten the addictive nature of it makes you crave more. While waiting for a third entry to this side-series of Halo players can rack up Assault Ops accomplishments, Steam Achievements, and level up their game through achieving better results, playing against tougher scenarios through skull difficulty modifiers, and afford going out into combat with their favorite weapons for each mission which may actually make the game harder in some cases. Halo: Spartan Strike manages to come off feeling like a full production and could have easily been believable as a $15 game but instead comes in at a nice low cost of $5.99 and surely will satisfy players on Desktop PC (especially if they have a controller) despite the design for Mobile which has also been improved. Halo: Spartan Strike earns a 9.3 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz making it an RGN Gold Rated Game of 2015 and is easily one of our favorite twin-stick shooters of all time.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.3 / 10
RGN Rating: Gold Game
Developer: Vanguard Games / 343 Industries
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Available On: PC | Windows Phone | iOS

Played On: Windows PC (via Steam)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Goes Gold + Everything We Know Inside This Article

The Witcher 3 Gone Gold

CD Projekt RED have announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is ready to be pressed onto the Blu-Ray discs that will bring much joy to the crowds of gamers heavily anticipating its release and likely uploaded to Steam / GOG as well for the many PC Gamers equally excited for the upcoming AAA Action RPG title.

The developer has stated numerous times that they believe the game will graphically please players no matter which platform they choose to play on and obviously gamers are expecting it to shine the most on the Windows PC assuming you have the parts in your machine to make that possible. May 19, 2015 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release for PS4, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC with tons of open world features that could rival any game in the genre. If you missed it, check out the Dev Overview Video w/ Gameplay.

“-we literally spent tens of thousands of hours to turn all that into an adventure that will kick your ass and make you want to come for more.” – Direct Quote from CD Projekt RED’s Adam Badowski

The Witcher 3 RealGamerNewz PC Xbox ONE PS4

Now that the title is gold the development of two newly announced expansion packs will continue forward. In Hearts of Stone there will be over 10 hours of No Man’s Land and Oxenfurt gameplay surrounding some sort of mysterious contract with Geralt as the main player and deception as a key theme.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Collector Edition

Blood and Wine is over 20 hours and instead introduces Geralt to an entire region called Toussaint where, again, secrecy is an occurring theme that will eventually be unfolded over the course of the expansion content.

It’s currently unknown what exactly will come of these expansions but CD Projekt RED feels our pain as to DLC not always living up to expectations and urges players to hold back if they have doubts. They even explicitly state there is no need to buy them now, but the options is there, and mark their intentions to draw from the earlier time of PC Gaming days when expansions really meant something substantial and were worth the dollar amount since they really added to the games.

Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

Hearts of Stone will premiere in October, while Blood and Wine is slated for release in the first quarter of 2016.

Both expansions will be available on all three platforms: Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4.”

Editor’s Note: There will also be 16 Free DLCs for the game included for everyone.

The Witcher 3 Xbox ONE UK Bundle

In addition to all of this news revolving around The Witcher 3 we also now know that there will be Xbox ONE consoles being sold with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt included. This appears to be a Europe, Middle East, and Africa only thing for the time being and is being released on May 19, 2015 in the UK for £310 British Pounds (we thought they use Euros over there? So much for the New World Order 🙂 ). The price and release date for other countries has not yet been revealed. There will be a standard controller, HDMI cable, and power cord, with a standard black Xbox ONE console in the bundle and the game itself is going to be a digital voucher for download over Xbox LIVE as most bundles these days are.

Stay Tuned to RealGamerNewz.com for much, much more information on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as launch approaches next month (including our Review) and if you haven’t been keeping up then be sure to check out some of our existing coverage for the game below in our Related Reading feature.

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Witness Goro in Action in Brand New Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Videos


Goro, the half-man, half-dragon Kombatant will playable in Mortal Kombat X. You can view some gameplay videos of him in action. He looks a brutal as ever and his fatality is pretty gruesome. #PunchWalk indeed.

Apologizes in advanced for that one guy in the stream.





Below is the gameplay trailer reveal for Goro.


Mortal Komabt X will launch on April 14, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Last gen versions will release later this year. Pre-ordering the game will give players access to Goro.

Let’s Play Dirty Bomb – Part 1 (Closed Beta Gameplay)

Lets Play Dirty Bomb - Part 1

Join us as we begin checking out just what Nexon and Splash Damage’s new shooter has to offer in a new Let’s Play series of Dirty Bomb (currently in Closed Beta phase and available via Steam). Already we can say that the game has great hit detection and virtually no lag, an important factor when deciding whether a shooter actually has merit or not. It is heavily team-based and focuses around a few important classes which can be outfitted with customized gear as points are earned with experience and weapons / other mercenaries are purchased through the in-game shop. This can be done with real life money or in-game currency.

☭ What is Dirty Bomb? Original News Post HERE.

We’re still just getting our feet wet with Dirty Bomb but look out for future episodes to go further in-depth.

Closed Beta Gameplay w/ Commentary:

Warlocks Hits Steam Early Access w/ Gameplay Trailer to Make Your Eyes Bleed

RealGamerNewz - Indie Games - Warlocks Steam Early Access

Part Bullet Hell, Part 2D Action RPG, Warlocks for Steam Early Access has a new trailer that is hard for the brain to follow but certainly leaves a desire to know more about the game behind it. Currently 10% off to celebrate its launch on Steam, Warlocks is developed by Frozen District and published by ONE MORE LEVEL who also published Deadlings – Rotten Edition. In addition to being SteamOS compatible, the game runs on Windows / Mac OS X / Linux platforms of reasonably low spec or better and focuses on co-op as well as competitive multiplayer though it can also be played as a single player experience. Controller support and Steam Trading Cards are already supported with the developer estimating to be ready for a full release in 2-3 months claiming that the current stage of Warlocks is a late Beta with “most of the content and all game modes”. Take a look at their newest trailer today showing straight up gameplay.

Warlocks Early Access Gameplay Trailer:

Dragonball Xenoverse Super and Ultimate Attacks Gameplay


Here is some game play featuring some of Dragonball Xenoverse’s most powerful attacks. More videos will be sure to come, although for now this is entertaining enough to know what lies in store in terms of game play. The attacks featured are pretty simple, but not easy to obtain. Most notably is the Super Spirit Bomb, just due to the fact that a bit of grinding is required in order to obtain this sweet ultimate attack. Check out the videos below and let me know what you think.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Dying Light Hard Mode + Free DLC Content Update Released for PC, XO, PS4


Techland has now brought a new patch to the Dying Light (our review here) introducing Hard Mode. This new level of difficulty has been added totally free and is meant for the extremely hardcore survivors who want the best experience out of the game with an enabled night gameplay that is twice the length and double the difficulty seen originally. Intensity is at an all time high. Other things included in the free content update made available through a patch on Steam, PS4, and Xbox ONE including new outfits across the game world some are national and some are reward outfits.

If you’re a user looking to try out some new weapons, well, you’re in luck because the development team has added a bunch of new weapons such as the Rune Hammer and the Bone Splitter. Techland has also added a new weapon level which is set at Gold which is now the highest level of rarity. Be sure to check out the video below and get back into the game if these new content updates sound interesting or check out our review if you haven’t already started playing. Editor’s Note: If you’re not in North America / South America, expect to see this content on March 11, 2015 for XO / PC while users outside of North America / South America on PlayStation 4 have to wait until March 14, 2015.

You’ve Got Some Imagine Dragons in Your Battlefield Hardline Launch Trailer EA


EA has released the official launch trailer for Battlefield Hardline, ahead of its March, 17 release. The trailer, seen below, offers fans a closer look at the game’s singleplayer campaign.

Its a glorious mixture of high octane action, explosions and cop drama, all set to Imagine Dragon’s “I’m So Sorry”. Check it out below.


Now I have this song on repeat.

Battlefield Hardline launches on March 17, 2015 for PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.