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SEGA Conspiracy Theories That Make You Wonder…

Sega Conspiracy Theories That Make You Wonder - RealGamerNewZ

Video game publisher, console manufacturer, creator to the favorite systems of many fans (Genesis, Master System, Dreamcast, and more), SEGA is not without its interesting background. With routes tied to what many consider to be the potential case for subtle occult hints left within the software of their games and even the menu system of their machines, SEGA is pressed to some conspiracy theories which they didn’t have to answer for in years’ past due to the advent of high-speed internet (Broadband) in the home and eventually in the hand (iPhone, Galaxy). Now we wonder, and without the ability to ask the past from the future about the present, we are left in awe to only speculate as to what happened to cause the stories below.

Fun Is Infinite, SEGA Enterprises. Signed By Devil.

Sonic CD Users discovered that if you follow a particular input of the Sega CD game system, the following strange messages will occur! At title screen pressed Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A. At next screen enter FM no.46, PCM no. 12, DA no. 25, press start. Newer Versions Use Just the #s 12 and 25. “Fun Is Infinite, Sega Enterprises. Signed by Devil”  The theory has been challenged by some who say that the “Devil” word in Japanese was actually a mistranslated and instead an extremely similar name is listed as a signature from a member of the game’s development team. These stories have yet to be solved to this day and still the debate remains.

Captured Alien Audio if Saturn games put in CD Player

Planet Saturn and word Satan are the same thing also? In addition to creepy infomercials and bizarre hidden messages in their game systems, if you’d try to put the Sega Dreamcast GDI gigabyte game discs into a music player, you’d get an odd tone of voice from a commanding female officer of the Sega elite. Have you heard this before? Does it give you De Ja Vu? Do you feel like you have? The sounds heard in the background are argued between fans as being either the sounds coming from hell itself of mankind and beasts yelling out in agony or the recorded sounds of an extraterrestrial being held captive on Earth for humans to study. Be our guest and let us know what you draw as your own conclusions after hearing it below.

Sega Illuminati Easter Eggs RealGamerNewZ

Illuminati In Gaming Episode #2: Freedom Under Attack Through Censorship

Illuminati In Gaming - RealGamerNetwork - Logo 1p0

Today’s Episode Includes Topics Such As: Hate speech being used in games and why the media makes it worse, censorship of the game industry and how it will be spread, developers trying to silence journalists they don’t agree with, and more.

Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset Releasing Early Next Month


If you are in need of a new quality gaming headset or looking to purchase your very first, then you may want to consider Kingston Technology’s next entry. The Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset will release on February 9, 2015. It will be compatible with PlayStation 4, PC, Mobile devices and Xbox One (Requires the X1 Stereo Adapter). The soon to be released headset touts 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, a detachable microphone with noise and echo cancelling capabilities and more.

  • USB Audio Sound Card with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • 53mm Drivers Neodymium Magnets
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone via Inline Sound Card
  • Echo Cancelling via Inline Sound Card
  • 15-25kKhz Frequency Response
  • Memory foam ear pads with extra set of Velour ear pads and Detachable Microphone
  • TeamSpeak Certified – Voice Chat Optimized
  • Compatibility – USB 7.1 Connectivity for PC & Mac. Stereo compatible with PS4, Xbox One (Xbox One Stereo Adapter Required, not included), Mobile
  • Two Colors – Gun Metal and Red




Gun Metal

The who pre-order the headset through Amazon, will not only get it for the discounted price of $99.99 (Regularly $149) but also a free 16GB USB Drive.


Review: Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER

Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil made its inception back on the early days of the PlayStation. Since then, Capcom has ported the game to over other platforms and released numerous sequels to the original all time classic.   Audiences have cringed at the monstrosities that await them in the desolate Spencer mansion.

Not all the Jill Sandwiches in the world can save you from the horrors that lurk inside Resident Evil.  Resident Evil’s creepy environments, terrifying enemies and obscure camera angles have garnered masses of fans through the years. Resident Evil HD Re-mastered Edition for the PS4 is a re-mastered version done right the way fans new and old can come to love this already amazing franchise.

At 20 bucks it’s a steal for what you’re paying for. You are getting all the content that was released on the original Gamecube release plus a little more. Multiple runs of this game means hours of replay value.


I was stunned at the remarkable difference of quality in the lighting and sharpness of the textures. The graphics make this already horror gem a marvel to look at. The Cut-scenes and Cinematics have all been done in real-time. The cut-scenes also had zero lag when running compared to the Gamecube version.  All the environments look absolutely amazing and polished. Everything is solid from the environments to the animations.


The HD aspect ratio has been raised from the original 480p to 1080p. Including the aspect ratio there is a number of new tweaks to give the game that graphical precision. Non-static 3d Models and Post Processing Bloom filters which were not possible at the time of the original Gamecube release.

The graphics are breathtaking, everything is brighter and cleaner. 5.1 surround has been added as an option and the sampling rate has been enhanced. Widescreen support is also an included feature. If you wish to play the game in original settings with nothing changed you can do so as well.  The game also adds new bonuses to players including all the various game modes and extra costumes that were bundled in the original Gamecube version.

Resident Evil Remaster HD RealGamerNewz Review - Capcom 2


The controls have also had a change to be more intuitive and user friendly that closely resembles a next gen game control scheme. No stiffer tank controls but if you still prefer it then by all means. I had no trouble maneuvering around the mansion as Jill or Chris and it made it that much easier to save time and effort.

You can still pull off a 180 turn and there are different types of control schemes but movement can be changed from original to alternate. Aiming is still the same auto aim depending how close you are to a foe but manual is the other option if you can’t get them in your sights. The inventory menu is still the classic swap, combine, and examine system from the earlier titles.


The story is the same song and dance but if you haven’t played the game let me do a quick recap. You take on the role of either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine as they search for the lost members of Bravo team. As soon as you they touch down on the ground near the Spencer mansion, they find the lost chopper of Bravo team.

Though not is all at is it seems as Chris and Jill find a derelict chopper with no one inside. As soon as they start searching they are met with ravenous dogs called Cerberus who are now hunting them down to tear apart their flesh. They hope to find safety as they run towards the Spencer mansion but they couldn’t be anymore wrong.  The game picks up with whatever character you chose.

If you picked Jill you will be partnered with Barry Burton until certain instances in the game. If you go with Chris you are forced to fight alone until you meet up with Rebecca Chambers.  Depending on who you pick you will meet different people and have different choices that determine the ending as well as who you will save.


You will have to shoot, dodge, and use your wits to escape the many terrors that await you inside the mansion. The creepy environments and the uneasiness of silence as you enter a room only to find yourself desperately in the arms of zombie trying to make you his late night snack.

The Crimson Heads are all the more terrifying and are a force to be reckoned with.  Make a wrong move and you pay for it with your life, a team member’s, or a loss of an item you so desperately need to survive. Not only enemies but traps await you that will catch you off-guard if you’re not too careful.

Both characters Jill and Chris have their own different strategies you must learn in order to keep them alive to make it through horrors that surround you. Jill’s campaign is fairly easier compared to Chris’ as it is meant for more experienced players.

Resident Evil Remaster HD RealGamerNewz Review - Capcom 3

You will embark on quests that will make you backtrack to different areas of the mansion for key items. Some quests will require you to help an AI partner whether it means scouring the rooms of the mansion to save their life.  Your strongest enemy is your sanity as you take on bosses that can kill you in an instant.

If you do survive the terror it isn’t over just yet if you want to unlock the many unlockable items such as costumes, weapons, and modes. Overall the game can take you anywhere from 8 ½ hours to finish the main quest and 11+ hours if you do so with the intent to unlock everything at 100%.

If you beat this game in less time there will be special bonuses for achieving it. There are achievements and trophies now so at least somewhat of a guide on what you have to do.


The sound quality is amazing especially on the 5.1 surround sound setting. You can hear the sound of a bullet as it exits the chamber of your berretta and the crunch of a zombie’s head as you stomp his brains in. The ambience sounds such as the clanking of chains off in the distance as you enter the silent rooms in the mansion, the howling of the wind in the forest, and the cawing of crows waiting to poke you to death in an instance. The music in the save room brings a shiver down my spine and a trip down memory lane of all those countless nights I spent years ago.

Final Verdict:

Resident Evil Re-mastered Edition is a long awaited revival of Survival-Horror games. It seems they are coming back slowly but surely. It brings a classic feel of the old days of gaming that had a lot of time and creative flow put into them.

These games aren’t just to entertain us; they are supposed to inspire us. If games like this come back not just through ports but through new titles that offer something new fresh and innovating ideas then I still have hope for the Game Industry to not get lost in translation with the same shooter we have seen a thousand times before.

I also would like to add that if you want to pick this up for any other platform you can do so for the PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and *PC. Though, the PC version is by far the best because it runs at the full 60 Frames Per Second.  If you don’t have one you can’t go wrong playing on a PS4 or Xbox One.  As for you gamers who haven’t made the leap yet to Next Gen, you can still be glad you can play it on your Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles to experience most of the uplift in texture quality and cinematic cut-scene upgrades. Check out the Specs for the PC version below:

OS: Windows® 7 SP1 / Windows® 8.1
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.7 GHz, AMD Phenom™ II X4 3.0 GHz or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560, ATI Radeon HD 6950, or better
Monitor Resolution: 1280×720 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectSound compatible (must support DirectX 9.0c or higher)


Here’s How You Can Upgrade Your PS4 HDD to 2TB for Less than $150


If you are a PS4 owner and you’ve already maxed out the 500GB HDD in your PS4, then it might be time to upgrade. Well upgrading to a bigger hard drive can be a bit pricey but it doesn’t have to be. Enter the “DIY 2.0TB Drive Upgrade Bundle for the PlayStation 4”. From Other World Computing (OWC), this bundle includes:

  • a 2.0TB HGST 5400RPM HDD
  • an OWC Express USB 3.0 Black Enclosure
  • 1 GB Flash Drive
  • USB cable & Screwdriver.

PS4 Upgrade

At the moment Amazon is selling the bundle for the discounted price of $139.00 (Normally $161.74). So for less than $150 you can more the double your console’s storage. If you haven’t upgraded PlayStation consoles and still plan on gaming with your PS3 for a little while longer,then you’ll be glad to know that this also works for the last gen system. Get on it while you can.

OWC DIY 2.0TB Drive Upgrade Bundle for the PlayStation¨ 4 – 14% off

Razer Bringing Razer Kraken To Xbox One

Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset

Today Razer announced that they are going to be bringing their favorite PC headset to the Xbox One. The Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset is joining the Razer Atrox Arcade stick on the Xbox one. The Kraken features 40 mm drivers that are tuned so that users can hear clear highs and mid ranges as well as immersive  bass for great gameplay. The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset features an ergonomic design with plush padding that creates great sound isolation for the best gaming experience. The Razer Kraken Gaming headset comes with unidirectional flip microphone that had crystal clear audio and can be flipped out of the way when users are not using it, the headset also comes bundled with a audio unit that plugs into the Xbox One controller which makes it a complete audio package. The Razer Kraken Stereo Gaming Headset can be purchased on the RazerStore today worldwide in December 2014 for $99.99.


Headphone Features:

  • Optimized weight for extended wear
  • Closed ear cup design for maximum comfort
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance 32Ω at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity (@ 1 kHz, 1 V/Pa) 110 ± 4 dB at 1 kHz Max
  • Input Power: 50 mW
  • Drivers: 40 mm with Neodymium magnets

Microphone Features:

  • Frequency response: 100 – 10,000 Hz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 50 dB
  • Sensitivity (@ 1 kHz, 1 V/Pa): -42 ± 3 dB

Audio Control Unit Features:

  • Proprietary port for connection to the Xbox One Controller
  • Dedicated volume control and mute button
  • Individual controls for game and chat volume

#GamerGate Files: Why Being a #Gamer Makes You a Good Person

GamerGate RealGamerNewz Good Person

As a gamer, I know how important it is to be heard. For so long, and I’m sure you can agree, gamers have been dismissed or ignored for their identity – simply because mainstream media portrays gamers as childish or a menace to society.

This brings me to this week’s video. A video I wanted to share ever since #GamerGate became a cultural phenomenon.

Gamers have done so much good in the world. I’d like to remind you why you’re amazing.

Cheers. Keep on Gaming.

Jennie Bharaj


Music by TeknoAXE: http://youtu.be/gA_dXGEF5gA

Trolls, #gamergate style.

GamerGate The Stream

Image Credit: The Stream

Trolls, trolls everywhere! And they are getting fed plenty right now.

The way I see it a troll is someone who takes the opposite stance to pretty much anyone just to get the reaction they desire, usually it’s just for a rise but I see a new troll kind of troll has arisen. It’s dangerous, insidious and has sharp pointy teeth (said in a Monty Python voice)!

GamerGate SJW Troll

Ladies and gentlemen, I refer to the professional troll.

Lately in the game journalism world (and by lately I mean for some years now) has been full of these trolls and they have manipulated our passion to make themselves buckets of money. Lately this has all been brought to the forefront by the #gamergate movement and I feel that instead of labeling those under suspicion as journalists or SJW’S it’s more important to call them what they are, manipulative money hungry cave trolls.

Let me explain this a little better, when a person spends a lot of money it is more than a financial investment it is lo an investment of time and effort (since most people work for money) and as such people get very defensive and passionate about said investments.

What did the profit trolls do when they realized this? They created click bait articles about consoles and specs and which is better to make money off the advertisers willing to fork over money to websites with a lot of traffic. They created this hotpot know as the console wars, let us stew in it to boiling point and then laughed all the way to the bank!

Then others got wise to this ploy and decided there were more markets than just the gamers to get money from in this way but they needed to use gamers as a launching pad first…

Que the SJW’S! Feminism is defined as a movement to bring equality to the sexes, it first started out as a women’s movement because women were the most discriminated against group as far as rights and social standing went but since women are now considered equal to men the stance shifted to maintaining this balance between both.

Some Info Sourced: http://i.word.com/idictionary/feminism

This means that modern feminists, according to feminist theory should approach any topic with the idea that they are trying to bring equality to both men and to women. In regard to media such as gaming and television men and women have the same rights and social perception in regard to being able to consume this media. So no feminist problem there yet.

Next we move on to how women are overly sexualized and misrepresented in said media and I agree that is a bad thing but it can also be stated that men are also over sexualized and misrepresented in media (just look at dad’s on tv shows… always idiots it’s insulting and men in games, always physically perfect and over masculine). Both of these are insulting to many but since both genders are both represented poorly in the same way, according to feminist theory it is not a feminist issue.

internet trolling

Why do I bring this up? I’m glad you asked!

It’s because not everyone has a good understanding of what feminism really is. Many people think it’s all about getting justice for the downtrodden females and smiting evil misogynists and they feel pretty passionate about it too.

Knowing that, the profit trolls decided to point out why faux feminists would have a problem with media such as games and made their own click-bait articles and YouTube videos to make their money and get their fame, and it worked until gamers became offended that their passion was being attacked and so they jumped to the defense.

And so #gamergate was born!!! Fellow gamers we have been trolled and I urge everyone to help get the trolls out of video game journalism… trolling for fun is one thing, but trolling for profit? That’s a special kind of dirty.

Editor’s Note: This User Blog was submitted by kingdip90 who has granted permission for this post to exist as a mirror to his views. These views may / may not represent the views of RealGamerNewz.com staff and our audience.

A New Elgato Gaming Capture Device Could Be On The Way


Earlier today Elgato, creators behind the popular gaming capture devices, sent out a tweet teasing what could be the reveal of a newer model.


Now it could be anything but the current models can’t stream or capture content at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.



Seeing as many gamers argue that 1080p and 60fps is the only way games should be viewed and played, as well as the meteoric rise is streaming gameplay online via Twitch and other sources. It makes sense for Elgato to get with the times.

Stay tuned to RGN, as soon as Elgato pulls back the curtain next Monday.