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Oddworld: New N Tasty PSN Price, Cross-Buy, and Cross-Save Confirmed, New Hi-Res Screenshots Released

New N Tasty - Oddworld - RealGamerNewz

The upcoming Oddworld: New N Tasty has been given a confirmed price and will release with Cross Buy across the PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 / PlayStation Vita / Vita TV platforms. That means if you’re a PlayStation gamer you can just pay for the title once and have access to it under your PSN login credentials on all of the consoles you own from that list.

Release date information is expected to arrive in the next couple of months. Oddworld: New N Tasty will be priced at $29.99 for North America and €24.99 for Europe (alternatively £19.99 for UK). Oddworld: New N Tasty will eventually make its way to other platforms as well and was planned for Wii U at some point with a Linux, Mac, and Windows release in the eventual future as well.

Take a look at the following hi-resolution screenshots released today by development studio Just Add Water and publisher Oddworld Inhabitants. Below that, a link to the official Oddworld website as well as the 2014 Game Developer Conference trailer released previously for the upcoming game is presented.

The Oddworld series is one that has always held on to a special place in most gamers’ hearts, starting with the original PlayStation era hits Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey followed by the double-disc classic Abe’s Exoddus. Oddworld: New N Tasty marks a return to some of the more classic elements the series presented in terms of gameplay. We will be watching this one closely and recommend that readers do as well. The developer has also stated that future installments depend on the success of this release, so supporting the franchise now will pay off over time.

Today’s Official Screenshots:

Oddworld - New N Tasty - RealGamerNewz 8 Oddworld - New N Tasty - RealGamerNewz 7 Oddworld - New N Tasty - RealGamerNewz 6 Oddworld - New N Tasty - RealGamerNewz 5 Oddworld - New N Tasty - RealGamerNewz 4 Oddworld - New N Tasty - RealGamerNewz 3 Oddworld - New N Tasty - RealGamerNewz 2 Oddworld - New N Tasty - RealGamerNewz

GDC Trailer:

Story Trailer:

Find out more at Oddworld.com

@Beatshapers Teases Unannounced Project Morpheus Title w/ Concept Art

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers

Development studio Beatshapers has released Concept Art for an unannounced project they are apparently creating for Sony’s Project Morpheus (virtual reality headset debuted at GDC 2014 for Sony PlayStation 4). More information will be made available for this project as it surfaces, for now feel free to tweet your thoughts and feedback directly to the developer.

Project Morpheus - RealGamerNewz - Beatshapers


Rumor: PS4 Will Soon Play PS1/PS2 Games At 1080P HD Resolution


A trusted industry source which has been responsible for some recent leaks that proved to stand true by the name of Ahsan Rasheed (feel free to Google his track record) has delivered some new info today about Sony’s plans for adding backwards-compatible support to the PlayStation 4 through PS Now as well as local support for 1080P High Definition rendering “for select titles”.

The Virtual Reality headset that PS4 that we spoke about live on the air with our source from the development community broadcasting with us on the RGN Podcast back in December 2013 (which was later officially announced by Sony at GDC 2014 (HD Presentation recently released by Sony here for those who didn’t attend). This device is called Project Morpheus at this moment in time (though that could change later) and Ahsan Rasheed also states that developers believe this is the device that will finally bring Virtual Reality Gaming to the forefront of the video games industry, with time of course.

Developers are very much interested in this device and companies are likely getting involved in deals now to showcase the hardware in-store for consumers in the near future. The device will definitely be getting a lot more hands-on demo access at future Press Events such as E3 as well.

PS4 Virtual Reality Morpheus PlayStation Headset

This all of course is a no-brainer after Facebook bought Oculus Rift causing Developer Distrust in the device from Minecraft Creator Notch.

Perhaps most shocking is that PS1 games and PS2 games will work on PS4 with 1080P HD for select titles as mentioned above, but the overall viewpoint of the company can be seen now with PS Now being launched sooner rather than later (hopefully) and a huge focus on customer feedback being at the top of Sony’s strategy this generation. They appear to want to give gamers exactly what they want, if at all possible, and hopefully will be able to announce some very rare and unexpected exclusive games for the PS4 console that gamers never thought would ever become possible or happen in their lifetime. Of course this refers to the PlayStation team’s list of essential fantasy games that fans have been compiling including projects like Shenmue III.

PlayStation Plus will also be receiving a new exclusive feature soon.

PlayStation Plus PS4

In addition to all of this leaked information, likely to be officially confirmed soon – Blu Ray and Media support will be increased for the PS4 soon beyond the already known about MP3 support which is incoming for in-game use. There will also be game content for popular mainstream titles that will only appear on the PS4 versions of games (exactly which titles and content has not yet been revealed by this source).

Stay tuned to RealGamerNewz as we attempt to keep up with this incredibly fast paced industry and all of its mysteries. As always, feel free to ask questions by contacting us or hitting the comments section below and we’ll do our best to factor in your input for further statements.

GDC 2014: GameMaker: Studio Engine Free For Licensed PS4 Developers

GDC 2014 RealGamerNewz Xbox

YoYo Games’ GameMaker: Studio engine has been announced that it will be free for all licensed PlayStation 4 Developers. This partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment Inc and YoYo Games will allow developers a much simpler way to get their games out there and onto the consoles. Another asset to this news is that the PlayStation community will now have easier access to outstanding indie games. GameMaker: Studio is in open beta starting directly after GDC is over. Public availability for GameMaker will begin on April 30th, for PS4 and PS Vita, and on June 30th for PS3.

Former AAA Developers Moving To Indie Development


The recently made studio Tangentlemen is at GDC 2014 with a new project to talk about as well as some new talented employees. These developers come from different companies as well as different types of genres:

  • Richard Smith: A previous senior art designer of Infinity Ward. Smith also contributed art work towards Respawn’s Titanfall.
  • Cory Davis: The lead designer and creative force of Spec Ops: The Line.
  • Toby Gard: A game director who helped launch Tomb Raider as well as create Lara Croft in 1995.
  • Five additional members of their team come from the development team of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z with Davis and Gard.

The first game the company is working on is titled Daedalus which they have described as “an existential horror trip into a surreal, half-forgotten dream.” Davis expects the game to be revealed in the upcoming weeks. The team is currently actually working out of the producer John Shelton-Garcia’s garage. So, the question beckons: Why move from AAA to this? Davis goes on to explain this  by saying “I was finding the structure of making big games to be too rigid and restrictive,” he also goes on to say “There seems to be a problem with chasing after photorealism–it makes everything else about the game very myopic. By moving into an illustrative space, the look of the game can become a voice in its overall intent, rather than a limitation to that intent. It’s indie games that understand this, and because of that, it’s indie games that are really progressing the art form of game making.” With indie games becoming more and more popular it seems to be a great idea overall.

Davis also commented on their current working conditions by saying “It’s an awesome experience to be in our own new space, even if that space has heating, electricity, and claustrophobia issues,”  Davis seems to reinforce his decision by saying “It’s a reminder that we’re not only free to make great games, but that it’s our responsibility at this point. Every aspect of the game will be hand-crafted, just like a piece of furniture, in our development garage.”

Davis’ choice doesn’t seem to be influenced by money or any other type of motivation that is depicted negatively. Davis’ seems to be chasing one of the most important things in the gaming world which is his freedom of expression. Davis seems very excited about his decision and I hope his enthusiasm is shown in his games as well. When asked about funding Davis stated “We’re looking for publishers who would be interested in smaller, more daring projects, but I’m personally really interested in seeing if we can Kickstart our first game,” and that “Being able to engage directly with game players right from the start of development sounds like an incredibly liberating way to do things.”

Davis ends his interview with the following: “Starting a video game company has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, but this opportunity is more than that,” Davis stated. “Tangentlemen is a studio made up of the developers that I respect the most in the entire industry. ” and goes on with “I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to join up with individuals that are at least as passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced as I am to create the games that we all were born to create, in an environment where we have the freedom to do something truly unique, potent, and if we so desire, even risky.” We here at RealGamerNewz look forward to their first project’s reveal as well as their funding choice.


Replay: 2013 Video Games Trade Industry Events Roundup

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GDC 2014: It’s Like E3, But For Developers (Mostly)

Game Developers Conference RealGamerNewz Event

In jus a couple of weeks The Game Developers Conference 2014 (GDC 2014) will take place. GDC is an industry trade event where professionals such as programmers, artists, executives, marketing teams, public relations crews, publishers, investors, gaming press, and more all come together to discuss important issues facing the industry as a whole this year. Beyond this, panels are held with topics often ranging from analysis of cultural phenomena, business politics, technological innovation, strategic posturing, major industry announcements, and more.

Over the years GDC has also become similar to PAX and E3 in that gamers who are sitting out on the sidelines and catching the information flowing from the event in the comfort of their own homes have come to expect a certain amount of announcements from major publishers and game companies (especially ‘The Big 3’). Many game companies have already began listing their lineups for the GDC 2014 event and appointment booking is already commencing as well.

Readers can rest assured that all of the trailers released at / alongside this year’s GDC 2014 will find their way to RealGamerNewz in the highest quality resolution available. Beyond that, we are committed to posting relevant and important industry / developer issues that are brought up by this year’s panels and news announcements. Be sure to shoot us an email if we miss anything or if you have specific topics you want discussed with our business partners and crew (email us at our tips account). Expect a WrapUp Videocast or two in addition to the stream of coverage the team aims to provide, with the potential appearance of industry insiders and indie developers chiming in on these issues with the RGN Podcast Crew and / or through text-based RGN Analysis articles.

For info / videos released during GDC 2014, follow our dedicated GDC 2014 Section here.

GDC 2014 RealGamerNewz