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343 Industries gives the legal go for fan-game Installation 01


343 Industries the developers have the Halo brand, have officially and legally backed the fan project, Installation 01. After a recent blog post from the Installation 01 site, the team confirmed the legal backing. “Through these interactions we have been ensured that Installation 01 is not under imminent legal threat, provided we remain non-commercial in nature and scope, and continue to follow Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules to the letter.”So of course they can’t profit from it, which I am sure they are fine with, they have legal permission to distribute upon it’s official release. In the future maybe 343 will hire some of these people, similar to the situation with SEGA and the Sonic Mania developers. What do you think?



Happy Birthday Master Chief!


Today is Steve Downes Birthday, the voice of video game icon, Master Chief Petty Officer Sierra-117, or just Master Chief. Today he is 66 years old, but he surely looks much younger. We wish him a happy birthday, and we are excited to see what he does next in the eventual Halo 6.

Jen Taylor the voice of Cortana also wished him a happy birthday, how awesome!


Halo 6 “Won’t be soon”


Do not expect to see anything related to Halo 6 “for quite some time.” 343 Industries writer Jeff Easterling made a post on Halo Waypoint discussing the next Halo game and the future of the series. He stated  “While there’s little to nothing that can be said on that front, it’s been made clear that we won’t be talking about Halo’s next major title for quite some time,” Easterling then stated. “And no, that doesn’t mean Gamescom. Or PAX. Trust us, when we’re ready to begin pulling back that proverbial curtain, you’ll know. It won’t be soon.” All we know about this title is that it will focus more on Master Chief after the events of Halo 5: Guardians. We are not sure when we will get a first look, maybe E3 2018, but the language is suggesting possibly 2019 at the earliest. Stay tuned at RGN for everything Halo.

Halo 5: Guardians Earns a T Rating


The fifth numbered entry in the Halo franchise has been rated “T for Teen” by the ESRB, Gamesradar discovered today. All previous Halo titles — with the exception of Halo Wars, Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike, have been rated “M for Mature”.

The content descriptors reveal the game will feature blood, mild language, violence. It appears the violence in Halo 5 has been toned compared to its predecessors; its official rating summary mentions occasional blood-splatter effects, while Halo 4‘s lists “Large blood-splatter effects” and describes a gory scene. You can read the full rating summary for more detail.

Halo 5 Rating Summary:

This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of a super soldier (Locke) searching for a missing character. Players use pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers, and futuristic weapons to kill alien and human enemies in frenetic combat. Battles are highlighted by realistic gunfire, explosions, and occasional blood-splatter effects. Characters can also use “assassinations” to kill characters by snapping their necks, or by stabbing them with bladed weapons. The word “a*s” appears in the dialogue, as well as occasional taunts/insults (e.g., “I have copulated…with your genetic progenitors!”; ‘Your father was a filthy colo and your mother was a hole in the wall!’)

Halo 5: Guardians launches on October 27, 2015, exclusively for Xbox One.


Source: Gamesradar via ESRB.

Halo 5: Guardians – Multiplayer Beta Impressions


Art By VGWallpapers
Halo 5 Guardians is the next installment of the highly successful FPS series and marquee Xbox Franchise will be making its way to the Xbox One later this year. 343 Industries recently gave Halo Fans who purchased “Halo The Master Chief Collection”  a chance to participate in the multiplayer beta for the game to give players a feel for the game mechanics and control scheme. Halo 5 Guardians’ Multiplayer Beta takes what players loved from the games previous entries and meshes it with things gamers expect from the modern FPS Shooters as well as stream lined a lot of the game mechanics they introduced Halo 4. Players can now jump, hover, boost, ground pound and shoot seamlessly with skipping the beat. The pace of the game is dramatically increased and the maps are refined for fast pace yet tactical gameplay. The weapons and gun play in the game are highly updated and no one weapon can decimate your opponent unlike in previous entries making aiming and shot placement even more critical than before especially in the 4V4 multiplayer modes. The targeting and scopes have been greatly improved allowing players to point and shoot with out a huge recital in the middle of the screen. The Assault Rifle, DRM, and Pistol make their return as well as some of the Covenant and Promethean weapons for the previous game. The player assassinations and take-down’s are back as well as kill reversals for those critical moments right before a player’s death. 343 has also brought player customization back allowing you fully customize your Spartan’s looks, color palate as well as your Clan Tag but the load out option has been locked for the Beta. 343 has allowed players to change their button layout so if you don’t like the new default you can change it however you like to player the game. Halo 5: Guardians looks like it will uphold the legacy of the series iconic mulitplayer mode and maybe even take it a step further. The beta does has some visually hiccups and it does take a while to join in a match at times but when you join a game you stay inside the current match. Halo 5 Guardians looks like it is on the right path and now its up to 343 Industries to follow through and finish their work on the game the data that the gain in this session as well as feedback from the community then couple that with the massive single player the company has promised us Halo 5 might just be the FPS of the year for 2015. Check out our video impressions of the Multiplayer Beta below and keep it locked to RGN for all your Halo news.

Video Impressions

“Halo Day” At Gamestop This Weekend


Calling all Halo fans! This Saturday, January 3rd only at Gamestop there will be an exclusive “Halo Day.” According to a recent article by Gamespot and a flyer that I received from Gamestop, gamers are invited to come out and take advantage of exclusive Halo deals.

Any Halo fanatic that attends will receive a free Halo controller skin and/or an analog stick skin as well. Gamestop is also going to be offering an exclusive Halo Game bundle which includes six Halo tiles for $50, however the names of the games were not released. You can also save $5 on Halo figures and $20 on the SLYR headset.


With the Halo 5 beta starting this week for owners of the Halo Master Chief Collection, be sure to pre-order your copy of Halo 5 Guardians while at Gamestop to receive an exclusive poster. And with the exciting start of the beta, it was also announced that Halo 5 will have collector’s editions at prices of $100 and $250 respectively. Although there are limited details this far on these collector’s editions, it’s still great news for any hardcore Halo fan.

“Halo Day” is a great way to start your New Year, so head out to Gamestop on Saturday, January 3rd and take advantage of these great Halo deals.

Xbox Turns 13, I Remember Changing Diapers, Our Baby Is Growing Up!!! *Happy Tears*

Xbox Fan Art RealGamerNewz 13 Years Birthday

[Image Credit: Xbox Fan Art by Artist DreeFire]

Happy Birthday Microsoft Xbox. I still remember the days of old when some of my favorites included The Thing, Run Like Hell, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy,  Fuzion Frenzy, True Crime: Streets of LA and New York City, Crimson Skies, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, 187 Ride or Die, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Silent Scope Complete, Ninja Gaiden, a modern day Spy Hunter, Tenchu 3, 25 To Life, Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions, Shadow the Hedgehog, Scarface: The World Is Yours, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, Brute Force, 50 Cent: Bulletproof and more on my Xbox.

Sure, there’s plenty more popular ones – and I love Halo: Combat Evolved as much as the next gamer – but these ones touched my heart. Because I remember the days when we discussed what it would be like as Microsoft announced the Xbox. I was a PC Gamer who also loved my PlayStation and had outgrown my Nintendo (skipped N64 which I realized later was a mistake) when me and the rest of the gaming scene decided to happily welcome the new Xbox brand to our universe. The green flavor of gaming today stands strong for many gamers worldwide, but I remember when nobody was really sure if Xbox would really release, catch on, or even be any good.

Thank you Microsoft for taking the chance, jumping in, and staying with us for the past 13 years. Below is a list of every Xbox game that ever released, 999 in total.

You owe it to yourself to take a look at the list and remember any Xbox games you wanted to play back in the day but didn’t get around to.

For me personally, I will be checking out Phantom Dust when it hits Xbox One, since I never got around to playing it on the original Xbox. Comment some of your favorites below if you get the time and let us know which games you missed out on from the original Xbox lineup. There’s still time to play them now! The zombie apocalypse hasn’t started yet.



TitleDeveloper(s)Publisher(s)NA United StatesPAL European UnionJP JapanExclus.Genre
007: Agent Under FireSavage EntertainmentEA GamesMarch 26, 2002June 14, 2002UnreleasedNoFirst Person Shooter
007: Everything or NothingEA GamesEA GamesFebruary 17, 2004February 27, 2004UnreleasedNoThird Person Action Adventure/Stealth
007: From Russia with LoveEA GamesEA GamesNovember 1, 2005November 18, 2005UnreleasedNoThird Person Action Adventure/Stealth
007: NightfireEurocomEA GamesNovember 18, 2002November 29, 2003UnreleasedNoFirst Person Shooter
187 Ride or DieUbisoftUbisoftAugust 23, 2005August 26, 2005UnreleasedNoVehicular Combat
2002 FIFA World CupEA SportsEA SportsApril 22, 2002April 26, 2002May 2, 2002NoSoccer
25 To LifeAvalanche Software
Ritual Entertainment
EidosJanuary 17, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNoThird Person Shooter
4×4 EVO 2Terminal RealityGatheringNovember 15, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedNoRacing
50 Cent: BulletproofGenuine GamesVU GamesNovember 17, 2005November 25, 2005UnreleasedNoThird Person Shooter
Advent RisingGlyphX GamesMajesco EntertainmentMay 31, 2005June 30, 2005UnreleasedConsoleThird Person Shooter
Æon FluxTerminal RealityMajesco EntertainmentNovember 15, 2005March 31, 2006UnreleasedNoAction-adventure
AFL Live 2003[AUS]AcclaimAcclaimUnreleasedNovember 1, 2002UnreleasedNoSports
AFL Live 2004[AUS]AcclaimAcclaimUnreleasedAugust 1, 2003UnreleasedNoSports
Aggressive InlineZ-AxisAcclaimJuly 29, 2002August 23, 2002UnreleasedNoExtreme Sports
Airforce Delta Storm
Deadly Skies(PAL)
Airforce Delta II(JP)
KonamiKonamiNovember 15, 2001April 12, 2002February 22, 2002YesFlight Sim
AliasAcclaimAcclaimApril 5, 2004April 8, 2004UnreleasedNoAction Adventure
Alien HominidThe BehemothO~3 EntertainmentUnreleasedMay 1, 2005UnreleasedNo
Aliens vs Predator: ExtinctionZono IncorporatedEA GamesJuly 30, 2003August 8, 2003UnreleasedNoRTS
Alfa Romeo Racing ItalianoMilestone S.r.l.Black Bean GamesJune 24, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNoRacing
All-Star Baseball 2003AcclaimAcclaimFebruary 25, 2002May 31, 2002August 8, 2002No
All-Star Baseball 2004AcclaimAcclaimFebruary 23, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
All-Star Baseball 2005AcclaimAcclaimMarch 23, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Alter EchoOutrage EntertainmentTHQAugust 19, 2003October 3, 2003UnreleasedNo
America’s Army: Rise of a SoldierSecret LevelUbisoftNovember 17, 2005February 24, 2006UnreleasedYes
American ChopperCreat StudiosActivisionDecember 3, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
American Chopper 2: Full ThrottleCreat StudiosActivisionNovember 17, 2005March 17, 2006UnreleasedNo
AMF Bowling 2004Mud Duck ProductionsBethesda SoftworksNovember 14, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
AMF Xtreme Bowling 2006Mud Duck ProductionsBethesda SoftworksJune 21, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
Tenku: Freestyle Snowboarding(JP)
Indie BuiltMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 19, 2001March 14, 2002February 22, 2002Yes
Amped 2
Tenku 2(JP)
Indie BuiltMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 28, 2003November 14, 2003February 26, 2004Yes
AND 1 StreetballBlack Ops EntertainmentUbisoftJune 6, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Animaniacs: The Great Edgar HuntWarthog GamesIgnition EntertainmentAugust 29, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Antz Extreme RacingLSPEmpire InteractiveSeptember 2, 2002July 26, 2002UnreleasedNo
Racing Evoluzione (PAL)
MilestoneAtariFebruary 18, 2003February 28, 2003UnreleasedYes
Aquaman: Battle for AtlantisTDKTDKJuly 30, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Arctic ThunderMidway GamesMidway GamesNovember 15, 2001March 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
Area 51Midway Studios AustinMidwayApril 25, 2005May 27, 2005UnreleasedNo
Arena FootballEA TiburonEA GamesFebruary 7, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Armed and DangerousPlanet Moon StudiosLucasArtsDecember 2, 20032004UnreleasedConsole
Army Men: Major MalfunctionGlobal Star Software3DOApril 15, 20062006UnreleasedNo
Army Men: Sarge’s WarGlobal Star Software3DOAugust 2, 2004July 23, 2004UnreleasedNo
Arx FatalisArkane StudiosJoWood ProductionsDecember 23, 2003February 13, 2004UnreleasedConsole
Atari AnthologyDigital EclipseAtariNovember 16, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ATV Quad Power Racing 2Climax StudiosAcclaim EntertainmentJanuary 27, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Auto ModellistaCapcom Production Studio 1CapcomJanuary 21, 2004UnreleasedJanuary 20, 2004No
Avatar: The Last AirbenderTOSETHQOctober 10, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Azurik: Rise of PerathiaAdrenium GamesMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 25, 2001May 17, 2002UnreleasedYes
Backyard Wrestling: Don’t Try This at HomeParadox DevelopmentEidos InteractiveOctober 9, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the NeighborhoodParadox DevelopmentEidos InteractiveNovember 16, 2004November 19, 2004April 7, 2005No
Bad Boys: Miami TakedownBlitz GamesEmpire InteractiveSeptember 14, 2004February 25, 2004UnreleasedNo
Baldur’s Gate: Dark AllianceSnowblind StudiosVivendi Universal GamesOctober 22, 2002March 23, 2003UnreleasedNo
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance IIBlack Isle StudiosInterplay EntertainmentJanuary 20, 2004February 6, 2004UnreleasedNo
Barbarian[EU]SaffireAvalon InteractiveUnreleasedDecember 23, 2003UnreleasedNo
Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse RescueUniversal InteractiveUniversal InteractiveNovember 4, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
The Bard’s TaleInXile EntertainmentVivendi Universal GamesOctober 26, 2004March 24, 2005UnreleasedNo
Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Hunter 2007Jarhead GamesVivendi UniversalNovember 20, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Batman BeginsEurocomEA GamesJune 14, 2005June 17, 2005UnreleasedNo
Batman: Dark TomorrowHotGenKemcoMarch 18, 2003April 11, 2003March 20, 2003No
Batman: Rise of Sin TzuUbisoft MontrealUbisoftOctober 16, 2003November 14, 2003UnreleasedNo
Batman VengeanceUbisoft MontrealUbisoftDecember 18, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
Battle Engine AquilaLost ToysAtariJanuary 20, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEA DICEEA GamesOctober 24, 2005November 18, 2005January 26, 2006No
Battlestar GalacticaWarthog GamesVivendi UniversalNovember 18, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Beat Down: Fists of VengeanceCaviaCapcomAugust 23, 2005November 2, 2005UnreleasedNo
Beyond Good & EvilUbisoft MilanUbisoftDecember 2, 2003February 27, 2004UnreleasedNo
The Bible GameCrave EntertainmentCrave EntertainmentOctober 23, 2005June 30, 2006UnreleasedNo
Bicycle CasinoLeaping LizardActivision ValueOctober 26, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Big Bumpin’Blitz GamesKing GamesNovember 19, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Big Mutha TruckersEutechnyxTHQJune 23, 2003December 29, 2002UnreleasedNo
Big Mutha Truckers 2Empire InteractiveTHQAugust 28, 2005June 24, 2005UnreleasedNo
Bionicle: The GameArgonaut GamesEA GamesOctober 20, 2003October 17, 2003UnreleasedNo
BlackCriterion GamesEA GamesFebruary 28, 2006February 24, 2006UnreleasedNo
Black Stone: Magic & Steel
XPEC EntertainmentXicat InteractiveMarch 19, 2003March 21, 2003May 22, 2003Yes
Blade IIMucky Foot ProductionsActivisionSeptember 3, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIIUbisoft RomaniaUbisoftMarch 23, 2006March 31, 2006UnreleasedNo
Blinx: The Time SweeperArtoonMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 7, 2002November 8, 2002December 12, 2002Yes
Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space
Blinx 2: Battle of Time and Space(JP)
ArtoonMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 18, 2004December 3, 2004November 18, 2004Yes
Blitz: The LeagueMidway GamesMidway GamesOctober 17, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Blood Omen 2Crystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveMarch 19, 2002March 28, 2002UnreleasedNo
Blood WakeStormfront StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosDecember 25, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedYes
BloodRayneTerminal RealityMajesco EntertainmentOctober 15, 2002May 2, 2003UnreleasedNo
BloodRayne 2Terminal RealityMajesco EntertainmentOctober 12, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Bloody Roar: ExtremeHudson SoftKonamiMay 27, 2003July 17, 2003November 28, 2003No
BlowOutTerminal RealityMajesco EntertainmentJanuary 30, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
BMX XXXZ-AxisAcclaim EntertainmentNovember 10, 2002December 6, 2002UnreleasedNo
Break Nine: World Billiards Tournament[JP]ASKASKUnreleasedUnreleasedJuly 25, 2002Yes
BreakdownNamcoNamcoMarch 16, 2004June 18, 2004January 29, 2004Yes
Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred ChampionshipsZeniMaxBethesdaSeptember 29, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Brian Lara International Cricket 2005[EU]CodemastersCodemastersUnreleasedJuly 21, 2005UnreleasedNo
Broken Sword: The Sleeping DragonRevolution SoftwareThe Adventure CompanyDecember 4, 2003November 14, 2003UnreleasedNo
Brothers in Arms: Earned in BloodGearbox SoftwareUbisoftOctober 4, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30Gearbox SoftwareUbisoftMarch 1, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Bruce Lee: Quest of the DragonRonin EntertainmentVivendiJuly 2, 2002September 6, 2002UnreleasedYes
Brute ForceDigital AnvilMicrosoft Game StudiosMay 27, 2003June 20, 2003October 9, 2003Yes
Buffy the Vampire SlayerThe Collective, Inc.EA GamesAugust 18, 2002September 13, 2002UnreleasedYes
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos BleedsEurocomVivendiAugust 27, 2003October 24, 2003UnreleasedNo
BurnoutCriterion GamesAcclaimApril 30, 2002May 5, 2002UnreleasedNo
Burnout 2: Point of ImpactCriterion GamesAcclaimMay 1, 2003May 9, 2003UnreleasedNo
Burnout 3: TakedownCriterion GamesEA GamesSeptember 7, 2004September 10, 2004October 14, 2004No
Burnout RevengeCriterion GamesEA GamesSeptember 13, 2005September 23, 2005UnreleasedNo
C.A.T.: Cyber Attack Team [JP]HideHideUnreleasedUnreleasedJune 26, 2003Yes
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2005 AdventuresFun Labs/Sand Grain StudiosActivisionNovember 23, 2004October 13, 2005UnreleasedNo
Cabela’s Dangerous HuntsFun LabsActivisionNovember 11, 2003October 1, 2004UnreleasedNo
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2Sand Grain StudiosActivisionNovember 16, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Cabela’s Deer Hunt: 2004 SeasonSand Grain StudiosActivisionAugust 26, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Cabela’s Deer Hunt: 2005 SeasonFun LabsActivisionAugust 31, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Cabela’s Outdoor AdventuresSand Grain StudiosActivisionSeptember 14, 2005March 17, 2006UnreleasedNo
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthHeadfirst ProductionsBethesda Softworks/2K GamesOctober 24, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Call of Duty: Finest HourSpark UnlimitedActivisionNovember 16, 2004December 2, 2004UnreleasedNo
Call of Duty 2: Big Red OneTreyarchActivisionNovember 1, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Call of Duty 3Treyarch, Pi StudiosActivisionNovember 7, 2006November 10, 2006UnreleasedNo
Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1Backbone EntertainmentCapcomSeptember 27, 2005November 18, 2005UnreleasedNo
Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2Backbone EntertainmentCapcomNovember 14, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Capcom Fighting Jam(PAL)
Capcom Production Studio 2CapcomJune 14, 2005June 24, 2006June 16, 2006No
Capcom vs. SNK 2 EOCapcom Production Studio 1CapcomFebruary 11, 2003March 7, 2003January 16, 2003No
Carmen Sandiego: The Secret of the Stolen DrumsA2MBAM! EntertainmentSeptember 13, 2004March 5, 2004UnreleasedNo
CarsRainbow StudiosTHQJune 5, 2006July 13, 2006UnreleasedNo
CarveArgonaut GamesGlobal Star SoftwareFebruary 26, 2004December 31, 2004UnreleasedYes
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Akumajo Dracula: Yami no Juin(JP)
KonamiKonamiNovember 5, 2005February 17, 2006November 24, 2005No
CatwomanArgonaut GamesEA GamesJuly 20, 2004August 6, 2004UnreleasedNo
Cel DamagePseudo InteractiveEA GamesNovember 15, 2001May 3, 2002UnreleasedNo
Celebrity DeathmatchBig Ape ProductionsGotham GamesOctober 14, 2003October 31, 2003UnreleasedNo
Championship Manager: Season 01/02 [EU]Sports InteractiveEidos InteractiveUnreleasedApril 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
Championship Manager: Season 02/03 [EU]Sports InteractiveEidos InteractiveUnreleasedDecember 6, 2002UnreleasedYes
Championship Manager 2006 [EU]Gusto GamesEidos InteractiveUnreleasedMay 12, 2006UnreleasedNo
Championship Manager 5 [EU]Gusto GamesEidos InteractiveUnreleasedMay 13, 2005UnreleasedNo
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryHigh Voltage SoftwareGlobal Star SoftwareJuly 15, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Chase: Hollywood Stunt DriverI-ImagineBAM! EntertainmentSeptember 22, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Chessmaster 10th EditionUbisoftUbisoftOctober 27, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Chicago EnforcerTouchdownKemcoFebruary 23, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Chicken LittleAvalanche SoftwareBuena Vista GamesOctober 18, 2005February 10, 2006UnreleasedNo
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeTraveller’s TalesBuena Vista GamesNovember 14, 2005March 31, 2006UnreleasedNo
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher BayStarbreeze Studios, Tigon StudiosVivendi GamesJune 1, 2004August 13, 2004UnreleasedConsole
Circus Maximus: Chariot WarsKodiak InteractiveEncoreJuly 5, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Classified: The Sentinel CrisisTorus GamesGlobal Star SoftwareMay 25, 2005April 29, 2005UnreleasedYes
Close Combat: First to FightDestineer2K GamesApril 6, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Club Football [EU]CodemastersCodemastersUnreleasedOctober 10, 2003UnreleasedNo
Club Football 2005 [EU]CodemastersCodemastersUnreleasedOctober 15, 2004UnreleasedNo
Codename: Kids Next Door – Operation: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E.High Voltage SoftwareGlobal Star SoftwareOctober 11, 2005December 2, 2005UnreleasedNo
Cold FearDarkworksUbisoftMarch 15, 2005March 4, 2005UnreleasedNo
Cold WarMindware StudiosDreamCatcher GamesSeptember 27, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Colin McRae Rally 04CodemastersCodemastersMarch 4, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Colin McRae Rally 2005CodemastersCodemastersSeptember 28, 2004October 31, 2004UnreleasedNo
Colin McRae Rally 3CodemastersCodemastersFebruary 18, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
College Hoops 2K6Visual Concepts2K SportsNovember 1, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
College Hoops 2K7Visual Concepts2K SportsNovember 20, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Combat Elite: WWII ParatroopersBattleBorne EntertainmentSouthPeak GamesNovember 21, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Combat: Task Force 121Direct ActionGroove GamesMarch 22, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Commandos: Strike ForcePyro StudiosEidos InteractiveApril 4, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Commandos 2: Men of CouragePyro StudiosEidos InteractiveSeptember 10, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Conan [EU]Cauldron HQTDK MediactiveUnreleasedApril 8, 2004UnreleasedNo
Conflict: Desert StormPivotal GamesSCiSeptember 30, 2002September 13, 2002UnreleasedNo
Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back to BaghdadPivotal GamesSCiOctober 8, 2003September 19, 2003No
Conflict: Global TerrorPivotal GamesSCi / 2K GamesOctober 4, 2005September 30, 2005UnreleasedNo
Conflict: VietnamPivotal GamesEidos InteractiveOctober 5, 2004September 3, 2004UnreleasedNo
Conker: Live & ReloadedRareMicrosoft Game StudiosJune 21, 2005June 24, 2005June 30, 2005Yes
Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction [EU]Kuju EntertainmentOxygen InteractiveUnreleasedAugust 12, 2005UnreleasedNo
ConstantineBits StudiosTHQFebruary 15, 2005UnreleasedApril 21, 2005No
CorvetteSteel MonkeysTDK MediactiveDecember 10, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Counter-StrikeValve SoftwareMicrosoft Game StudiosMarch 25, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of CortexTraveller’s TalesUniversal Interactive StudiosApril 15, 2002April 26, 2002UnreleasedNo
Crash ‘n’ BurnClimaxEidos InteractiveNovember 19, 2004December 3, 2004UnreleasedNo
Crash Nitro KartVicarious VisionsUniversal InteractiveNovember 11, 2003November 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Crash Tag Team RacingRadical EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentOctober 20, 2005November 4, 2005UnreleasedNo
Crash TwinsanityTraveller’s TalesVivendi Universal GamesSeptember 28, 2004October 8, 2004UnreleasedNo
Crazy Taxi 3: High RollerHitmakerSegaJuly 24, 2002September 20, 2002October 23, 2003Console
Cricket 2005 [EU]HB StudiosEA GamesUnreleasedDecember 31, 2005UnreleasedNo
Crime Life: Gang WarsHothouse CreationsKonamiNovember 22, 2005September 30, 2005UnreleasedNo
Crimson SeaKoeiKoeiDecember 16, 2002March 24, 2003December 12, 2002Yes
Crimson Skies: High Road to RevengeFASA InteractiveMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 21, 2003October 31, 2003May 20, 2004Yes
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonBergsala LightweightUbisoftDecember 9, 2003November 28, 2003January 22, 2004No
Crusty DemonsEvolved Games, ClimaxSouthPeak GamesJune 27, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation369 InteractiveUbisoftDecember 14, 2004February 4, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Curious GeorgeMonkey Bar GamesNamcoFebruary 1, 2006October 20, 2006UnreleasedNo
Curse: The Eye of IsisAsylum EntertainmentDreamCatcher InteractiveDecember 8, 2003February 6, 2004UnreleasedNo
The Da Vinci CodeThe Collective, Inc.2K GamesMay 19, 2006May 16, 2007UnreleasedNo
Daemon Vector[AUS]XPEC EntertainmentXPEC EntertainmentUnreleasedJune 21, 2004UnreleasedConsole
Dai Senryaku VII: Modern Military Tactics
Daisenryaku VII(JP)
SystemSoftKemcoFebruary 15, 2005UnreleasedMay 29, 2004No
Dakar 2: The World’s Ultimate RallyAcclaimAcclaimJune 19, 2003June 6, 2003UnreleasedNo
Dance Dance Revolution UltramixKonamiKonamiNovember 19, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2KonamiKonamiNovember 18, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3KonamiKonamiNovember 15, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4KonamiKonamiNovember 14, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Dancing Stage Unleashed[EU]KonamiKonamiUnreleasedMarch 12, 2004UnreleasedYes
Dancing Stage Unleashed 2[EU]KonamiKonamiUnreleasedMay 13, 2005UnreleasedYes
Dancing Stage Unleashed 3[EU]KonamiKonamiUnreleasedMarch 16, 2006UnreleasedYes
Dark SummitRadical EntertainmentTHQNovember 15, 2001March 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
DarkwatchHigh Moon StudiosCapcomAugust 16, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2Z-Axis Ltd.AcclaimNovember 28, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
Dead Man’s HandHuman Head StudiosAtariMarch 16, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Dead or Alive 3Team NinjaTecmoNovember 15, 2001March 14, 2002February 22, 2002Yes
Dead or Alive UltimateTeam NinjaTecmoOctober 26, 2004February 18, 2005November 3, 2004Yes
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach VolleyballTeam NinjaTecmoJanuary 22, 2003March 28, 2003January 23, 2003Yes
Dead to RightsNamcoNamcoAugust 19, 2002February 21, 2003November 28, 2002No
Dead to Rights IIWidescreen GamesNamcoApril 12, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
DeathrowSouthend InteractiveUbisoftOctober 22, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Def Jam: Fight for NYAKI Corporation, EA CanadaEA GamesSeptember 20, 2004October 1, 2004UnreleasedNo
Defender7 StudiosMidway GamesOctober 22, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Delta Force: Black Hawk DownVU Games, ClimaxNovaLogicJuly 26, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Dennou Taisen: DroneZ[JP]Zetha GameZMetro 3DUnreleasedUnreleasedApril 22, 2004Console
Destroy All Humans!Pandemic StudiosTHQJune 21, 2005June 24, 2005UnreleasedNo
Destroy All Humans! 2Pandemic StudiosTHQOctober 17, 2006October 20, 2006UnreleasedNo
Deus Ex: Invisible WarIon Storm Inc.Eidos InteractiveDecember 2, 2003March 5, 2003June 17, 2004Console
Die Hard: Vendetta[EU]Bits StudiosVU Games, Fox InteractiveUnreleasedJune 27, 2003UnreleasedNo
Digimon Rumble Arena 2BandaiBandaiSeptember 3, 2004October 15, 2004UnreleasedNo
Digimon World 4
Dejimon Warudo X (JP)
BandaiAtariJune 2, 2005September 2, 2005January 5, 2005No
Dino Crisis 3CapcomCapcomSeptember 16, 2003November 7, 2003June 26, 2003Yes
Dinosaur HuntingScarabMetro 3DAugust 2, 2004UnreleasedSeptember 18, 2003Yes
Dinotopia: The Sunstone OdysseyVicious CycleTDK MediactiveAugust 5, 2003April 16, 2004UnreleasedNo
Disney’s Extreme Skate AdventureToys for BobActivisionSeptember 3, 2003September 5, 2003UnreleasedNo
Doom 3id Software, Vicarious VisionsActivisionApril 3, 2005April 8, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evilid SoftwareActivisionOctober 5, 2005October 21, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Dr. MutoMidway GamesMidway GamesNovember 19, 2002March 21, 2003UnreleasedNo
Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the HatMagenta SoftwareVU GamesNovember 5, 2003March 19, 2004March 25, 2004No
Dragon Ball Z: SagasAvalanche SoftwareAtariMarch 22, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Dragon’s Lair 3D: Return to the LairDragonstone SoftwareUbisoftNovember 18, 2002March 5, 2004UnreleasedNo
DrakeIdol FXMajescoNovember 3, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Dreamfall: The Longest JourneyFuncomAspyr MediaApril 18, 2006August 11, 2006UnreleasedConsole
Drive to Survive
Mashed: Drive to Survive(PAL)
CodemastersEmpire InteractiveDecember 13, 2006June 18, 2004UnreleasedNo
DRIV3RReflections InteractiveAtariJune 21, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Driver: Parallel LinesReflections InteractiveAtariMarch 14, 2006March 17, 2006UnreleasedNo
The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General LeeRatbagUbisoftSeptember 28, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Dungeons & Dragons: HeroesAtariAtariSeptember 17, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Dynasty Warriors 3
Shin Sangokumusou 2(JP)
Omega ForceKoeiSeptember 30, 2002UnreleasedSeptember 26, 2002No
Dynasty Warriors 4
Shin Sangokumusou 3(JP)
Omega ForceKoeiSeptember 30, 2003November 14, 2003September 4, 2003No
Dynasty Warriors 5
Shin Sangokumusou 4(JP)
Omega ForceKoeiSeptember 13, 2005September 23, 2005August 25, 2005No
Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-EdventuresA2MMidway GamesNovember 3, 2005November 25, 2005UnreleasedNo
Egg Mania: Eggstreme MadnessHotGenKemcoSeptember 11, 2002October 25, 2002October 3, 2002No
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindBethesda SoftworksBethesda SoftworksJune 6, 2002November 22, 2002UnreleasedConsole
EnclaveStarbreezeConspiracy EntertainmentJuly 29, 2002July 19, 2002UnreleasedConsole
England International Football[EU]CodemastersCodemastersUnreleasedApril 30, 2004UnreleasedNo
Enter the MatrixShinyAtariMay 14, 2003May 15, 2003June 19, 2003No
EragonStormfront StudiosVivendi GamesNovember 14, 2006November 24, 2006UnreleasedNo
ESPN College HoopsVisual ConceptsSegaNovember 13, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN College Hoops 2K5Visual ConceptsSegaNovember 17, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN International Winter Sports 2002KonamiKonamiFebruary 28, 2002April 12, 2002February 22, 2002No
ESPN Major League BaseballBlue ShiftSegaFebruary 23, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN MLS ExtraTime 2002KCEAKonamiMarch 27, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN NBA 2K5Visual ConceptsSegaSeptember 28, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN NBA 2Night 2002KonamiKonamiApril 16, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN NBA BasketballVisual ConceptsSegaOctober 22, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN NFL 2K5Visual ConceptsSegaJuly 20, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN NFL FootballVisual ConceptsSegaSeptember 3, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002Farsight TechnologiesKonamiJanuary 22, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN NHL 2K5Kush GamesSegaAugust 30, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN NHL HockeyKush GamesSegaSeptember 9, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2002KonamiKonamiMarch 4, 2002June 7, 2002February 22, 2002No
Evil Dead: A Fistful of BoomstickVIS EntertainmentTHQJune 17, 2003June 27, 2003UnreleasedNo
Evil Dead: RegenerationCranky Pants GamesTHQSeptember 13, 2003September 30, 2003UnreleasedNo
ExaSkeleton[JP]Kiki Co.Kiki Co.UnreleasedUnreleasedDecember 18, 2003Yes
Exhibition: Volume 1VariousMicrosoft Game Studios200220022002Yes
Exhibition: Volume 2VariousMicrosoft Game StudiosMarch 5, 2003March 5, 2003March 5, 2003Yes
Exhibition: Volume 3VariousMicrosoft Game StudiosJune 17, 2003June 17, 2003June 17, 2003Yes
Exhibition: Volume 4VariousMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 26, 2003November 26, 2003November 26, 2003Yes
Exhibition: Volume 5VariousMicrosoft Game StudiosMay 27, 2004May 27, 2004May 27, 2004Yes
Exhibition: Volume 6VariousMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 17, 2004November 17, 2004November 17, 2004Yes
Exhibition: Volume 7VariousMicrosoft Game StudiosDecember 2004December 2004December 2004Yes
F1 2001EA SportsEA GamesNovember 18, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
F1 2002[EU]EA SportsEA GamesUnreleasedApril 4, 2002UnreleasedNo
F1 Career Challenge[EU]EA SportsEA GamesUnreleasedJune 27, 2003UnreleasedNo
FableLionhead StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosSeptember 14, 2004October 8, 2004UnreleasedYes
Fable: The Lost ChaptersLionhead StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 18, 2005October 21, 2005UnreleasedConsole
The Fairly OddParents: Breakin’ Da RulesTHQTHQNovember 3, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Fallout: Brotherhood of SteelInterplayInterplayJanuary 14, 2004April 2, 2004April 28, 2005No
Family Guy Video Game!High Voltage Software2K Games, Fox InteractiveOctober 16, 2006November 3, 2006UnreleasedNo
Fantastic 47 StudiosActivisionJune 27, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Far Cry InstinctsUbisoft MontrealUbisoftSeptember 27, 2005September 30, 2005UnreleasedYes
Far Cry Instincts: EvolutionUbisoft MontrealUbisoftMarch 28, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Fatal Frame
Project Zero(PAL)
TecmoTecmoNovember 22, 2002May 2, 2003February 6, 2003No
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly(PAL)
TecmoTecmoNovember 1, 2004February 4, 2005November 11, 2004No
FIFA 06 SoccerEA CanadaEA GamesOctober 4, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
FIFA 07 SoccerEA CanadaEA GamesOctober 3, 2006September 25, 2006UnreleasedNo
FIFA Soccer 2003EA CanadaEA GamesNovember 12, 2002November 1, 2002UnreleasedNo
FIFA Soccer 2004EA CanadaEA GamesNovember 4, 2003October 24, 2003UnreleasedNo
FIFA Soccer 2005EA CanadaEA GamesOctober 12, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
FIFA StreetEA CanadaEA GamesFebruary 22, 2005March 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
FIFA Street 2EA CanadaEA GamesFebruary 28, 2006March 3, 2006UnreleasedNo
FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006EA CanadaEA GamesApril 24, 2006April 28, 2006UnreleasedNo
Fight ClubGenuine GamesVU GamesNovember 16, 2004December 10, 2004UnreleasedNo
Fight Night 2004EA SportsEA SportsApril 5, 2004April 30, 2004UnreleasedNo
Fight Night Round 2EA SportsEA SportsFebruary 28, 2005March 18, 2005September 1, 2005No
Fight Night: Round 3EA ChicagoEA SportsFebruary 23, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Final Fight: StreetwiseSecret LevelCapcomFebruary 28, 2006April 7, 2006UnreleasedNo
Finding NemoTraveller’s TalesTHQ, Disney InteractiveMay 5, 2003September 26, 2003UnreleasedNo
Fire BladeKuju EntertainmentMidway GamesNovember 17, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
FlatOutBugbear EntertainmentVivendi UniversalJuly 12, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
FlatOut 2Bugbear EntertainmentVivendi UniversalAugust 1, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Flight Academy[JP]AquasystemAquasystemUnreleasedUnreleasedAugust 29, 2002Yes
Ford Bold Moves Street RacingRazorworksEidos InteractiveSeptember 25, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Ford Mustang: The Legend LivesEutechnyx2K GamesApril 20, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Ford Racing 2RazorworksTake-Two InteractiveNovember 3, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Ford Racing 3Razorworks2K GamesMarch 22, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Ford vs. Chevy2K GamesGlobal Star SoftwareNovember 9, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Forgotten Realms: Demon StoneStormfront Studios, Zono IncorporatedAtariNovember 17, 2004February 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
Forza MotorsportMicrosoft Game StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosMay 3, 2005May 13, 2005May 12, 2005Yes
Freaky FlyersMidway GamesMidway GamesAugust 5, 2003October 10, 2003UnreleasedNo
Freedom FightersIO InteractiveEA GamesOctober 1, 2003September 26, 2003UnreleasedNo
Freestyle MetalXMidway GamesMidway GamesSeptember 14, 2003September 19, 2003UnreleasedNo
Freestyle Street SoccerSilicon DreamsAcclaimMarch 25, 2004February 13, 2004UnreleasedNo
Frogger BeyondKonamiKonamiDecember 11, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Frogger: Ancient ShadowHudson SoftKonamiSeptember 28, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Full Spectrum WarriorPandemic StudiosTHQJune 1, 2004June 25, 2004September 30, 2004No
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten HammersPandemic StudiosTHQMarch 28, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Furious KartingBabylon SoftwareAtariMarch 28, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
FuturamaUnique Development StudiosVU Games, Fox InteractiveAugust 13, 2003August 1, 2003UnreleasedNo
Future Tactics: The UprisingZed TwoCrave EntertainmentMay 10, 2004October 22, 2004UnreleasedNo
Fuzion FrenzyBlitz GamesMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 15, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedYes
GalleonConfounding FactorSCiAugust 3, 20042004UnreleasedYes
Gauntlet: Dark LegacyMidway GamesMidway GamesApril 15, 2002June 28, 2002UnreleasedNo
Gauntlet: Seven SorrowsMidway GamesMidway GamesDecember 12, 2005March 26, 2005UnreleasedNo
Genma OnimushaCapcomCapcomJanuary 28, 2002March 22, 2002February 22, 2002No
Ghost Master: The Gravenville Chronicles[EU]Empire InteractiveEmpire InteractiveUnreleasedAugust 27, 2004UnreleasedNo
Gladiator: Sword of VengeanceAcclaim Studios ManchesterAcclaim EntertainmentNovember 5, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
GladiusLucasArtsLucasArtsOctober 28, 2003November 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Goblin Commander: Unleash the HordeJaleco EntertainmentJaleco EntertainmentNovember 11, 2003March 19, 2003UnreleasedNo
The Godfather: The GameEA GamesEA GamesMarch 21, 2006March 24, 2006UnreleasedNo
Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters MeleePipeworks SoftwareAtariApril 16, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Godzilla: Save the EarthPipeworks SoftwareAtariNovember 2, 2004December 10, 2004December 2, 2004No
GoldenEye: Rogue AgentEA Los AngelesEA GamesNovember 22, 2004November 26, 2004UnreleasedNo
Gotcha![EU]Sixteen Tons EntertainmentGlobal Star SoftwareUnreleasedApril 15, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Grabbed by the GhouliesRareMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 21, 2003November 21, 2003April 29, 2004Yes
Grand Theft Auto IIIRockstar ViennaRockstar GamesOctober 31, 2003January 2, 2004UnreleasedNo
Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack [1]Rockstar ViennaRockstar GamesOctober 31, 2003January 2, 2004July 29, 2004No
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasRockstar NorthRockstar GamesJune 7, 2005June 10, 2005UnreleasedNo
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy [2]Rockstar NorthRockstar GamesOctober 19, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityRockstar ViennaRockstar GamesOctober 31, 2003January 2, 2004July 29, 2004No
Gravity Games Bike: Street. Vert. Dirt.Midway GamesMidway GamesSeptember 4, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
The Great EscapePivotal GamesGotham GamesJuly 23, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Greg Hastings Tournament PaintballWXPActivisionNovember 16, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball Max’dWXPActivisionOctober 18, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Grooverider: Slot Car ThunderKing of the JungleEncoreSeptember 26, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Group S ChallengeCapcomCapcomNovember 11, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Guilty Gear Isuka[1]SammySammyUnreleasedJanuary 17, 2006December 16, 2004No
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload[2]SammySammySeptember 14, 2004November 26, 2004April 29, 2004No
GunNeversoftActivisionNovember 8, 2005November 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
Gun MetalRage SoftwareMajesco GamesNovember 30, 2002June 30, 2002UnreleasedConsole
GunGriffon: Allied StrikeGame ArtsTecmoDecember 14, 2004April 8, 2005December 16, 2004Yes
GunvalkyrieSmilebitSegaMarch 18, 2002May 17, 2002March 21, 2002Yes
The Guy GameTop HeavyGatheringAugust 30, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Half-Life 2Valve SoftwareEA GamesNovember 15, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Halo: Combat EvolvedBungie StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 15, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedConsole
Halo 2Bungie StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 9, 2004November 9, 2004UnreleasedConsole
Halo 2 Multiplayer Map PackBungie StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosJuly 5, 2005July 8, 2005July 7, 2005Yes
Halo Triple PackBungie StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 6, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsEurocomEA GamesNovember 14, 2002November 15, 2002UnreleasedNo
Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireEA UKEA GamesNovember 8, 2005November 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneWarthog GamesEA GamesDecember 9, 2003December 12, 2003UnreleasedNo
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanEA GamesEA GamesJune 2, 2004May 29, 2004UnreleasedNo
Harry Potter: Quidditch World CupEA GamesEA GamesOctober 28, 2003November 7, 2003UnreleasedNo
The Haunted MansionHigh Voltage SoftwareTDK MediactiveOctober 14, 2003March 5, 2003UnreleasedNo
Headhunter RedemptionAmuzeSegaSeptember 21, 2004October 31, 2003UnreleasedNo
Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue[NA]
Hello Kitty: Mission Rescue(JP)
XPEC EntertainmentNamcoUnreleasedSeptember 9, 2005March 31, 2005No
Heroes of the PacificIR GurusCodemasters, UbisoftSeptember 28, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
High Heat Major League Baseball 20043DO3DOMarch 5, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Hitman: Blood MoneyIO InteractiveEidos InteractiveMay 30, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Hitman: ContractsIO InteractiveEidos InteractiveApril 20, 2004April 30, 2004October 14, 2004No
Hitman 2: Silent AssassinIO InteractiveEidos InteractiveSeptember 30, 2002October 4, 2002UnreleasedNo
The HobbitInevitable EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentNovember 11, 2003November 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Hot Wheels: Stunt Track ChallengeClimaxTHQNovember 10, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
The House of the Dead IIIWow EntertainmentSegaOctober 24, 2002March 14, 2003January 30, 2003No
HulkRadical EntertainmentVivendi UniversalMay 27, 2003June 13, 2003UnreleasedNo
Hummer BadlandsEutechnyx2K GamesApril 14, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Hunter: The ReckoningHigh Voltage SoftwareInterplayMay 21, 2002July 5, 2002UnreleasedNo
Hunter: The Reckoning: RedeemerHigh Voltage SoftwareVivendi UniversalOctober 28, 2003November 21, 2003January 22, 2003Yes
The Hustle: Detroit StreetsBlade InteractiveActivision ValueApril 26, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
I-NinjaArgonaut GamesNamcoDecember 4, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownVivendi GamesVivendi GamesMarch 14, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
IHRA Drag Racing 2004Bethesda SoftworksBethesda SoftworksDecember 1, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
IHRA Drag Racing: Sportsman EditionBethesda SoftworksBethesda SoftworksJune 28, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005Bethesda SoftworksBethesda SoftworksNovember 8, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate DestructionRadical EntertainmentVivendi GamesAugust 23, 2005September 9, 2005UnreleasedNo
The Incredibles
Mr. Incredible (JP)
Heavy Iron StudiosTHQOctober 31, 2004November 5, 2004December 2, 2004No
The Incredibles: Rise of the UnderminerHeavy Iron StudiosTHQNovember 1, 2005November 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s TombThe CollectiveLucasArtsFebruary 24, 2003March 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Indigo Prophecy
Fahrenheit (PAL)
Quantic DreamAtariSeptember 20, 2005September 16, 2005UnreleasedNo
IndyCar SeriesCodemastersCodemastersJune 26, 2003June 20, 2006UnreleasedNo
IndyCar Series 2005CodemastersCodemastersJune 22, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Inside Pitch 2003Microsoft Game StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosMay 20, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
The Italian JobClimax GroupEidos InteractiveJune 25, 2003September 12, 2003UnreleasedNo
Intellivision Lives!Realtime AssociatesCrave EntertainmentFebruary 2, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
International Superstar Soccer 2[EU]KCEOKonamiUnreleasedMay 3, 2002UnreleasedNo
Iron PhoenixInterServ InternationalSegaMarch 25, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Jacked[EU]SproingEmpire InteractiveUnreleasedFebruary 10, 2006UnreleasedNo
Jade EmpireBioWareMicrosoft Game StudiosApril 12, 2005April 22, 2005UnreleasedConsole
James Cameron’s Dark AngelSierra EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentNovember 20, 2002November 19, 2002UnreleasedNo
Jaws UnleashedAppaloosa InteractiveMajesco GamesMay 23, 2006October 20, 2006UnreleasedNo
Jet Set Radio FutureSmilebitSEGAFebruary 25, 2002March 14, 2002February 22, 2002Yes
Jikkyou World Soccer 2002[JP]KonamiKonamiUnreleasedUnreleasedMay 23, 2002No
Jockey’s Road[JP]Progress SoftwareMicrosoft Game StudiosUnreleasedUnreleasedOctober 10, 2002Yes
Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. DeathRebellionEvolved GamesMarch 3, 2005October 17, 2003UnreleasedNo
JuicedJuice GamesTHQJune 13, 2005June 17, 2005May 18, 2006No
Jurassic Park: Operation GenesisBlue TongueVU Games, Universal InteractiveMarch 26, 2003March 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Just CauseAvalanche StudiosEidos InteractiveSeptember 27, 2006September 22, 2006UnreleasedNo
Justice League HeroesSnowblind StudiosEidos InteractiveOctober 17, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Kabuki WarriorsBergsala LightweightCrave EntertainmentNovember 19, 2001UnreleasedFebruary 28, 2002Yes
Kakuto ChojinDream PublishingMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 11, 2002UnreleasedJanuary 1, 2003Yes
Kao the Kangaroo Round 2Tate InteractiveAtariMarch 21, 2006April 15, 2003UnreleasedNo
Karaoke RevolutionHarmonix MusicKonamiNovember 10, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Karaoke Revolution PartyHarmonix MusicKonamiNovember 8, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Kelly Slater’s Pro SurferTreyarchActivisionSeptember 16, 2002October 18, 2002UnreleasedNo
Kill SwitchNamcoNamcoOctober 28, 2003February 20, 2004UnreleasedNo
King ArthurKrome StudiosKonamiNovember 16, 2004February 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
Kingdom Under Fire: HeroesBlueside, PhantagramMicrosoft Game StudiosSeptember 20, 2005October 7, 2005UnreleasedYes
Kingdom Under Fire: The CrusadersPhantagramMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 12, 2004October 29, 2004UnreleasedYes
The King of Fighters 02/03EolithEolithAugust 30, 2005UnreleasedFebruary 11, 2004No
The King of Fighters 2002[JP]EolithEolithUnreleasedMarch 24, 2005March 18, 2005No
The King of Fighters NeowaveSNK PlaymoreSNK PlaymoreApril 18, 2006October 13, 2006March 30, 2006No
The King of Fighters: Maximum ImpactSNK PlaymoreSNK NeoGeoOctober 12, 2004March 4, 2005August 12, 2004No
Knight’s Apprentice: Memorick’s AdventuresMicroidsXS GamesJune 9, 2004June 15, 2004UnreleasedYes
Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade[EU]Starbreeze StudiosTDK MediactiveUnreleasedApril 8, 2004UnreleasedNo
Knockout Kings 2002EA GamesEA SportsMarch 4, 2002May 3, 2002April 4, 2002No
Kung Fu ChaosJust Add MonstersMicrosoft Game StudiosFebruary 24, 2003April 11, 2003May 29, 2003Yes
L.A. RushMidway GamesMidway GamesOctober 10, 2005October 21, 2005UnreleasedNo
Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s GreenBrainbox GamesGroove GamesOctober 18, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Largo Winch: Empire Under Threat[EU]DupuisUbisoftUnreleasedSeptember 19, 2002UnreleasedNo
Legacy of Kain: DefianceCrystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveFebruary 2, 2004November 18, 2003UnreleasedNo
The Legend of Spyro: A New BeginningKrome StudiosSierra EntertainmentOctober 10, 2006October 27, 2006UnreleasedNo
Legends of WrestlingAcclaim EntertainmentAcclaim EntertainmentMay 27, 2002June 7, 2002UnreleasedNo
Legends of Wrestling IIAcclaim EntertainmentAcclaim EntertainmentDecember 5, 2002February 7, 2003UnreleasedNo
Lego Star Wars: The Video GameTraveller’s TalesLucasArtsApril 5, 2005April 22, 2005UnreleasedNo
Lego Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyTraveller’s TalesLucasArtsSeptember 11, 2006September 12, 2006UnreleasedNo
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum LaudeHigh Voltage SoftwareSierra EntertainmentOctober 5, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate EventsAdrenium GamesActivisionNovember 10, 2004November 26, 2004UnreleasedNo
Links 2004Indie BuiltMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 1, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
LMA Manager 2003[EU]CodemastersCodemastersUnreleasedNovember 15, 2002UnreleasedNo
LMA Manager 2004[EU]CodemastersCodemastersUnreleasedMarch 12, 2004UnreleasedNo
LMA Manager 2005[EU]CodemastersCodemastersUnreleasedOctober 31, 2004UnreleasedNo
LMA Manager 2006[EU]CodemastersCodemastersUnreleasedNovember 18, 2005UnreleasedNo
Loons: The Fight for FameInfogramesInfogramesSeptember 15, 2002September 27, 2002UnreleasedYes
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingThe Whole ExperienceUniversal InteractiveSeptember 26, 2002November 8, 2002UnreleasedNo
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingHypnos EntertainmentEA GamesNovember 5, 2003November 14, 2003UnreleasedNo
The Lord of the Rings: The Third AgeEA GamesEA GamesNovember 2, 2004November 5, 2004UnreleasedNo
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersStormfront StudiosEA GamesDecember 30, 2002March 14, 2003UnreleasedNo
Lotus ChallengeKuju EntertainmentIgnition EntertainmentJuly 28, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Mace Griffin: Bounty HunterWarthog GamesVU GamesJune 20, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Mad Dash RacingCrystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveNovember 15, 2001March 14, 2002May 30, 2002Yes
MadagascarToys for BobActivisionMay 24, 2005UnreleasedAugust 11, 2005No
Madden NFL 06EA TiburonEA SportsAugust 8, 2005UnreleasedSeptember 16, 2005No
Madden NFL 07EA TiburonEA SportsAugust 22, 2006August 25, 2006UnreleasedNo
Madden NFL 08EA TiburonEA SportsAugust 14, 2007UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Madden NFL 09EA TiburonEA SportsAugust 12, 2008August 15, 2008UnreleasedNo
Madden NFL 2002EA TiburonEA SportsNovember 15, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Madden NFL 2003EA TiburonEA SportsAugust 12, 2002September 27, 2002UnreleasedNo
Madden NFL 2004EA TiburonEA SportsAugust 11, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Madden NFL 2005EA TiburonEA SportsSeptember 7, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Mafia: The City of Lost HeavenIllusion SoftworksGathering of DevelopersMarch 13, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Magic the Gathering: BattlegroundsSecret LevelAtariNovember 18, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Major League Baseball 2K6Kush Games2K GamesApril 3, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MaliceArgonaut GamesMud Duck GamesJune 2, 2004August 6, 2004UnreleasedNo
Manchester United Manager 2005[3][EU]CodemastersCodemastersOctober 31, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ManhuntRockstar NorthRockstar GamesApril 20, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under PressureThe Collective, Inc.AtariFebruary 14, 2006February 24, 2006UnreleasedNo
Marvel: Ultimate AllianceRaven SoftwareActivisionOctober 24, 2006October 27, 2006UnreleasedNo
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the ImperfectsNihilistic SoftwareEA GamesSeptember 20, 2005October 14, 2005UnreleasedNo
Marvel vs. Capcom 2CapcomCapcomMarch 30, 2003November 29, 2002September 19, 2002No
Mashed: Fully Loaded[EU]Supersonic SoftwareEmpire InteractiveUnreleasedMarch 30, 2005UnreleasedNo
Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2Rainbow StudiosActivisionAugust 12, 2002October 4, 2002UnreleasedNo
The Matrix: Path of NeoShiny EntertainmentAtariNovember 7, 2005November 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
Max PayneRockstar ViennaRockstar GamesDecember 12, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max PayneRockstar ViennaRockstar GamesNovember 25, 2003December 5, 2003UnreleasedNo
Maximum ChaseGenkiMajescoNovember 6, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
MechAssaultDay 1 StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 11, 2002November 22, 2002June 12, 2003Yes
MechAssault 2: Lone WolfDay 1 StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosDecember 28, 2004January 1, 2005February 4, 2005Yes
Medal of Honor: European AssaultEA Los AngelesEA GamesJune 7, 2005June 17, 2005UnreleasedNo
Medal of Honor: Frontline2015EA GamesNovember 10, 2002December 6, 2002UnreleasedNo
Medal of Honor: Rising SunEA Los AngelesEA GamesNovember 11, 2003November 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Mega Man Anniversary CollectionAtomic Planet, Capcom Production Studio 2CapcomMarch 15, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Melbourne Cup Challenge[EU]Sidhe InteractiveHome Entertainment ProvidersUnreleasedDecember 8, 2006UnreleasedNo
Men of Valor2015Vivendi GamesOctober 19, 2004November 5, 2004UnreleasedConsole
Mercenaries: Playground of DestructionPandemic StudiosLucasArtsJanuary 11, 2005February 18, 2005April 28, 2005No
Metal Arms: Glitch in the SystemSwingin’ Ape StudiosVivendi GamesNovember 18, 2003December 5, 2003UnreleasedNo
Metal DungeonPanther SoftwareXicat InteractiveDecember 6, 2002December 15, 2002February 28, 2002Yes
Metal Gear Solid 2: SubstanceKonamiKonamiNovember 5, 2002March 7, 2003UnreleasedNo
Metal Slug 3Playmore, SNKSNK NeoGeoMay 26, 2004November 12, 2004June 24, 2004No
Metal Slug 4[NA]Mega EnterprisePlaymoreUnreleasedOctober 14, 2005February 24, 2005No
Metal Slug 5[NA]SNK Playmore, Noise FactorySNK PlaymoreUnreleasedMarch 10, 2006June 25, 2005No
Metal Wolf Chaos[JP]FromSoftwareFromSoftwareUnreleasedUnreleasedDecember 22, 2004Yes
Miami Vice[EU]Davilex GamesDavilex GamesUnreleasedDecember 17, 2004UnreleasedNo
Midnight Club IIRockstar San DiegoRockstar GamesJune 3, 2003June 30, 2003UnreleasedNo
Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionRockstar San DiegoRockstar GamesApril 13, 2005December 10, 2004UnreleasedNo
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition RemixRockstar San DiegoRockstar GamesMarch 12, 2006March 17, 2006UnreleasedNo
Midtown Madness 3EA DICEMicrosoft Game StudiosJune 17, 2002June 27, 2002August 7, 2002Yes
Midway Arcade TreasuresDigital Eclipse SoftwareMidway GamesNovember 24, 2003February 6, 2004UnreleasedNo
Midway Arcade Treasures 2Digital Eclipse SoftwareMidway GamesOctober 11, 2004October 29, 2004UnreleasedNo
Midway Arcade Treasures 3Midway GamesMidway GamesSeptember 26, 2005October 14, 2005UnreleasedNo
Mike Tyson Heavyweight BoxingAtomic PlanetCodemastersJuly 16, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Minority Report: Everybody RunsTreyarchActivisionNovember 18, 2002November 6, 2002UnreleasedNo
Mission Impossible: Operation SurmaParadigm EntertainmentAtariDecember 2, 2003December 5, 2003UnreleasedNo
MLB Slugfest 2003Midway GamesMidway GamesAugust 26, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MLB Slugfest 2004Midway GamesMidway GamesMarch 17, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MLB Slugfest 2006Midway GamesMidway GamesJune 5, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MLB Slugfest: LoadedMidway GamesMidway GamesJune 21, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Mojo!Farsight TechnologiesCrave EntertainmentAugust 26, 2003March 26, 2004UnreleasedNo
Monopoly PartyRunecraftInfogramesOctober 29, 2002November 29, 2002UnreleasedNo
Monster 4×4: World CircuitUbisoftUbisoftMarch 23, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Monster GarageImpulse GamesActivisionNovember 3, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Mortal Kombat: ArmageddonMidway GamesMidway GamesOctober 17, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Mortal Kombat: Deadly AllianceMidway GamesMidway GamesNovember 18, 2002February 14, 2003UnreleasedNo
Mortal Kombat: DeceptionMidway GamesMidway GamesOctober 4, 2004November 19, 2004UnreleasedNo
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin MonksMidway L.A.Midway GamesSeptember 16, 2005September 30, 2005UnreleasedNo
Motocross Mania 3Deibus Studios2K Games, Global Star SoftwareApril 27, 2005April 22, 2005UnreleasedNo
MotoGPClimax StudiosTHQApril 19, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MotoGP 2Climax StudiosTHQMay 21, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MotoGP 3Climax StudiosTHQAugust 30, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MTX: MototraxLeft Field ProductionsActivisionMarch 2, 2004March 26, 2004UnreleasedNo
Murakumo: Renegade Mech PursuitFrom SoftwareUbisoftMarch 5, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
MVP 06: NCAA BaseballEA CanadaEA SportsJanuary 18, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MVP Baseball 2003EA SportsEA SportsMarch 10, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MVP Baseball 2004EA SportsEA SportsMarch 9, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MVP Baseball 2005EA SportsEA SportsFebruary 22, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MX 2002Pacific Coast Power & LightTHQDecember 6, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MX SuperflyPacific Coast Power & LightTHQNovember 20, 2002March 21, 2003UnreleasedNo
MX UnleashedRainbow StudiosTHQFebruary 17, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MX vs. ATV UnleashedRainbow StudiosTHQMarch 24, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
MX World Tour Featuring Jamie LittleImpulse GamesCrave EntertainmentApril 6, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Myst III: ExilePresto StudiosUbisoftSeptember 17, 2002October 4, 2002UnreleasedNo
Myst IV: RevelationUbisoft MontrealUbisoftMarch 20, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
N.U.D.E.@ Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment[JP]RED EntertainmentMicrosoft Game StudiosUnreleasedUnreleasedApril 24, 2003Yes
Namco MuseumMass Media Inc.NamcoOctober 9, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade CollectionNamcoNamcoAugust 30, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NarcPoint of ViewMidway GamesMarch 22, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NASCAR 06: Total Team ControlEA SportsEA SportsAugust 30, 2005October 21, 2005UnreleasedNo
NASCAR 07EA SportsEA SportsSeptember 6, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NASCAR 2005: Chase for the CupEA TiburonEA GamesAugust 31, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NASCAR Heat 2002Monster GamesAtariNovember 15, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NASCAR Thunder 2002EA GamesEA GamesNovember 15, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NASCAR Thunder 2003EA SportsEA SportsSeptember 19, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NASCAR Thunder 2004EA GamesEA GamesSeptember 16, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA 2K2Visual ConceptsSegaFebruary 27, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA 2K3Visual ConceptsSegaOctober 9, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA 2K6Visual Concepts2K SportsSeptember 26, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA 2K7Visual Concepts, Kush Games2K SportsSeptember 25, 2006November 3, 2006UnreleasedNo
NBA BallersMidway GamesMidway GamesApril 5, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA Ballers: PhenomMidway GamesMidway GamesMarch 29, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA Inside Drive 2002High Voltage SoftwareMicrosoft Game StudiosJanuary 21, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
NBA Inside Drive 2003High Voltage SoftwareMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 31, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
NBA Inside Drive 2004High Voltage SoftwareMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 18, 2003November 28, 2003January 22, 2004Yes
NBA JamAcclaim EntertainmentAcclaim EntertainmentSeptember 23, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA Live 06EA CanadaEA SportsSeptember 26, 2005October 28, 2005December 15, 2005No
NBA Live 07EA SportsEA SportsSeptember 25, 2006October 6, 2006December 21, 2006No
NBA Live 2002EA GamesEA GamesNovember 18, 2001March 14, 2002March 7, 2002No
NBA Live 2003EA CanadaEA SportsOctober 8, 2002UnreleasedNovember 29, 2002No
NBA Live 2004EA SportsEA SportsOctober 14, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA Live 2005EA CanadaEA SportsSeptember 28, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA Starting FiveKonamiKonamiOctober 28, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NBA Street V3EA CanadaEA Sports BIGFebruary 8, 2005February 18, 2005UnreleasedNo
NBA Street Vol. 2EA GamesEA GamesApril 28, 2003May 2, 2003UnreleasedNo
NCAA College Basketball 2K3Kush GamesSegaDecember 2, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA College Football 2K3Visual ConceptsSegaAugust 13, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA Football 06EA SportsEA SportsJuly 11, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA Football 07EA SportsEA SportsJuly 18, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA Football 08EA SportsEA SportsJuly 17, 2007UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA Football 2003EA SportsEA SportsJuly 23, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA Football 2004EA SportsEA SportsJuly 16, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA Football 2005EA SportsEA SportsJuly 15, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA March Madness 06EA SportsEA SportsOctober 11, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA March Madness 2004EA SportsEA GamesNovember 17, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NCAA March Madness 2005EA CanadaEA SportsNovember 17, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Need for Speed: CarbonEA CanadaEA GamesOctober 31, 2006November 10, 2006UnreleasedNo
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2EA SeattleEA GamesOctober 1, 2002October 25, 2002UnreleasedNo
Need for Speed: Most WantedEA CanadaEA GamesNovember 15, 2005November 25, 2005UnreleasedNo
Need for Speed: UndergroundEA GamesEA GamesNovember 17, 2003November 21, 2003UnreleasedNo
Need for Speed: Underground 2EA CanadaEA GamesNovember 15, 2004November 19, 2004UnreleasedNo
Neighbours from Hell[EU]JoWood ProductionsJoWood ProductionsUnreleasedMarch 4, 2005UnreleasedNo
New LegendsInfinite MachineTHQFebruary 17, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
NFL 2K2Visual ConceptsSegaJanuary 9, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NFL 2K3Visual ConceptsSegaAugust 12, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NFL Blitz 2002Point of View, Inc.Midway GamesMarch 18, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NFL Blitz 2003Point of View, Inc.Midway GamesAugust 12, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NFL Blitz ProMidway GamesMidway GamesNovember 4, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NFL Fever 2002Microsoft Game StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 15, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
NFL Fever 2003Microsoft Game StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosAugust 5, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
NFL Fever 2004Microsoft Game StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosAugust 27, 2003October 23, 2003September 19, 2003Yes
NFL Head CoachEA TiburonEA SportsJune 20, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NFL StreetEA TiburonEA SportsJanuary 13, 2004January 30, 2004UnreleasedNo
NFL Street 2EA TiburonEA Sports BigDecember 22, 2004January 28, 2005UnreleasedNo
NHL 06EA CanadaEA GamesSeptember 6, 2005September 23, 2005UnreleasedNo
NHL 07EA SportsEA SportsSeptember 12, 2006September 22, 2006UnreleasedNo
NHL 2002EA SportsEA GamesDecember 10, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
NHL 2003EA SportsEA SportsOctober 9, 2002October 25, 2002UnreleasedNo
NHL 2004EA GamesEA GamesSeptember 22, 2003October 3, 2003UnreleasedNo
NHL 2005EA GamesEA GamesSeptember 20, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NHL 2K3TreyarchSegaNovember 19, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NHL 2K6Kush Games2K SportsSeptember 6, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
NHL 2K7Kush Games, Visual Concepts2K SportsSeptember 12, 2006October 6, 2006UnreleasedNo
NHL Hitz 20-02Black Box GamesMidway GamesNovember 15, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
NHL Hitz 20-03Midway GamesMidway GamesSeptember 16, 2002November 1, 2002UnreleasedNo
NHL Hitz ProNext Level GamesMidway GamesSeptember 25, 2003November 14, 2003UnreleasedNo
NHL Rivals 2004Microsoft Game StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 18, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Nickelodeon Party BlastData Design InteractiveInfogramesOctober 30, 2002December 6, 2002UnreleasedNo
NightCasterVR-1Microsoft Game StudiosJanuary 21, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
NightCaster II: EquinoxJalecoJalecoDecember 10, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Ninja GaidenTeam NinjaTecmoMarch 2, 2004May 14, 2004March 11, 2004Yes
Ninja Gaiden BlackTeam NinjaMicrosoft Game StudiosSeptember 20, 2005October 21, 2005September 29, 2005Yes
Nobunaga no Yabou: RanseikiKoeiKoeiUnreleasedUnreleasedFebruary 22, 2002No
ObsCureHydravisionDreamCatcher InteractiveApril 6, 2005October 1, 2004UnreleasedNo
Oddworld: Munch’s OddyseeOddworld InhabitantsMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 15, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedConsole
Oddworld: Stranger’s WrathOddworld InhabitantsEA GamesJanuary 25, 2005March 3, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Open SeasonUbisoftUbisoftSeptember 19, 2006October 6, 2006UnreleasedNo
Operation Flashpoint: EliteBohemia InteractiveCodemastersNovember 8, 2005October 28, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Otogi: Myth of DemonsFrom SoftwareSegaAugust 27, 2003September 5, 2003December 12, 2002Yes
Otogi 2: Immortal WarriorsFrom SoftwareSegaOctober 19, 2004February 11, 2004December 25, 2003Yes
Outlaw GolfSimon & SchusterSimon & SchusterJune 10, 2002November 29, 2002UnreleasedNo
Outlaw Golf 2HypnotixGlobal Star SoftwareOctober 21, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Outlaw Golf: 9 Holes of X-Mas[4]Simon & SchusterSimon & SchusterDecember 13, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Outlaw Golf: 9 More Holes of X-Mas[4]HypnotixSimon & SchusterNovember 15, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Outlaw Golf: Holiday Golf[4]Simon & SchusterSimon & SchusterDecember 13, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Outlaw TennisHypnotixGlobal Star SoftwareJuly 26, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Outlaw VolleyballHypnotixSimon & SchusterJuly 9, 2003November 7, 2003October 23, 2003No
Outlaw Volleyball: Red Hot[4]HypnotixSimon & SchusterOctober 1, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
OutRun 2Sumo DigitalMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 25, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 CoastSumo DigitalSegaMarch 17, 2006March 31, 2006UnreleasedNo
Over the HedgeEdge of RealityActivisionMay 9, 2006June 23, 2006UnreleasedNo
Pac-Man World 2NamcoNamcoOctober 15, 2002October 15, 2002UnreleasedNo
Pac-Man World 3Blitz GamesEA GamesNovember 17, 2005May 5, 2006UnreleasedNo
Painkiller: Hell WarsPeople Can FlyDreamCatcher InteractiveJuly 24, 2006July 7, 2006UnreleasedNo
Panzer Dragoon OrtaSmilebitSegaJanuary 14, 2003April 21, 2003December 19, 2002Yes
Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory[EU]ZootFlyJoWooD EntertainmentUnreleasedJune 2, 2006UnreleasedNo
PariahDigital ExtremesGroove GamesMay 3, 2005May 6, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Peter Jackson’s King KongUbisoft MontpellierUbisoftNovember 21, 2005November 17, 2005December 15, 2005No
Petite Copter[JP]Aqua SystemsAqua SystemsUnreleasedUnreleasedMay 30, 2002No
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & IISonic TeamSegaApril 15, 2003May 23, 2003January 16, 2003No
Phantom CrashGenkiPhantagramNovember 4, 2002November 22, 2002June 20, 2002Yes
Phantom DustMicrosoft Game StudiosMajesco, Microsoft Game StudiosMarch 15, 2005September 23, 2004UnreleasedYes
Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines[EU]Wide GamesMicroidsUnreleasedSeptember 9, 2005UnreleasedNo
Pinball Hall of FameFarSight StudiosCrave EntertainmentNovember 18, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Pirates of the CaribbeanAkellaBethesda SoftworksJuly 1, 2003September 5, 2003UnreleasedConsole
Pirates: Legend of the Black BuccaneerWideScreen Games10tacle StudiosAugust 15, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Pirates: The Legend of Black KatWestwood StudiosEA GamesMarch 24, 2002April 19, 2002UnreleasedNo
Pitfall: The Lost ExpeditionEdge of RealityActivisionFebruary 18, 2004February 20, 2004UnreleasedNo
Playboy: The MansionCyberlore StudiosArush Entertainment, Groove GamesJanuary 25, 2005March 4, 2005UnreleasedNo
Plus Plum 2[JP]TayukoTayukoUnreleasedUnreleasedJanuary 15, 2004No
PocketBike RacerBlitz GamesKing GamesNovember 19, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Pool Shark 2[EU]Blade InteractiveZoo Digital PublishingUnreleasedNovember 19, 2004UnreleasedNo
PowerdromeArgonaut SoftwareMud Duck ProductionsJune 15, 2004October 29, 2004UnreleasedNo
Predator: Concrete JungleEurocomSierra Entertainment, Fox InteractiveApril 26, 2005April 15, 2005UnreleasedNo
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeUbisoft MontrealUbisoftNovember 12, 2003February 20, 2004UnreleasedNo
Prince of Persia: The Two ThronesUbisoft MontrealUbisoftDecember 1, 2005December 9, 2005UnreleasedNo
Prince of Persia: Warrior WithinUbisoft MontrealUbisoftNovember 30, 2004December 3, 2004UnreleasedNo
Prisoner of WarWide GamesHistoric Action AdventureAugust 26, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Pro Cast Sports Fishing
Lakemasters: Bass Fishing Game(JP)
CapcomCapcomAugust 27, 2003September 26, 2003July 17, 2003Yes
Pro Fishing ChallengeOpus CompanyAtlusAugust 31, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Pro Race Driver
TOCA Race Driver (EU)
CodemastersCodemastersApril 16, 2003March 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Project Gotham RacingBizarre CreationsMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 15, 2001March 14, 2002February 22, 2002Yes
Project Gotham Racing 2Bizarre CreationsMicrosoft Game StudiosNovember 17, 2003November 28, 2003UnreleasedYes
Project SnowblindCrystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveFebruary 23, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007Gusto GamesOxygen InteractiveSeptember 12, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Psi-Ops: The Mindgate ConspiracyMidway GamesMidway GamesJune 14, 2004October 1, 2004November 10, 2005No
PsychonautsDouble Fine ProductionsMajesco EntertainmentApril 19, 2005February 10, 2006UnreleasedNo
Psyvariar 2[JP]SKONEC EntertainmentSuccess CorporationUnreleasedUnreleasedOctober 28, 2004No
Pulse RacerJalecoJalecoJanuary 2, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Pump It Up: ExceedAndamiroMastiffAugust 29, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
The PunisherVolition, Inc.THQJanuary 17, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Pure PinballIridonXS GamesAugust 5, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Puyo Pop: Fever[NA]Sonic TeamSegaUnreleasedFebruary 27, 2004April 24, 2004No
Quantum RedshiftCurly MonstersMicrosoft Game StudiosSeptember 16, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
R: Racing EvolutionNamcoNamcoDecember 9, 2003April 2, 2004November 27, 2003No
Rallisport ChallengeEA DICEMicrosoft Game StudiosMarch 4, 2002March 14, 2002June 13, 2002Console
RalliSport Challenge 2EA DICEMicrosoft Game StudiosMay 4, 2004May 21, 2004June 10, 2004Yes
Rally Fusion: Race of ChampionsClimax StudiosActivisionNovember 11, 2002November 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
Rapala Pro FishingFUN LabsActivisionAugust 31, 2004August 4, 2005May 5, 2005No
RatatouilleHeavy Iron StudiosTHQJune 26, 2007UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Rayman 3: Hoodlum HavocUbisoftUbisoftMarch 18, 2003March 14, 2003UnreleasedNo
Rayman ArenaUbisoftUbisoftSeptember 24, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Raze’s HellArtech StudiosMajesco EntertainmentApril 21, 2005October 14, 2005UnreleasedNo
Real World GolfIn2GamesMad KatzApril 11, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Red Dead RevolverRockstar San DiegoRockstar GamesMay 3, 2004June 11, 2004May 26, 2005No
Red Faction IIVolitionTHQMarch 31, 2003June 6, 2003UnreleasedNo
Red Ninja: End of HonorTranji StudiosVivendi GamesMarch 29, 2005April 1, 2005UnreleasedNo
RedCard 20-03Point of ViewMidway GamesJune 24, 2002July 12, 2002UnreleasedNo
Reign of FireKuju EntertainmentBAM! EntertainmentOctober 22, 2002November 15, 2002UnreleasedNo
Rent-A-Hero No. 1[JP]SegaAIA GamesUnreleasedUnreleasedSeptember 4, 2003No
Reservoir DogsVolatile GamesEidos InteractiveOctober 24, 2006August 25, 2006UnreleasedNo
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of WarGray Matter InteractiveActivisionMay 6, 2003May 15, 2003UnreleasedNo
Richard Burns RallyWarthog GamesSCiJuly 9, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
RLH: Run Like HellDigital MayhemInterplayApril 9, 2003June 18, 2004UnreleasedNo
RoadKillMidway GamesMidway GamesOctober 14, 2003November 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Robin Hood: Defender of the CrownCinemawareZOO Digital Group, CapcomNovember 11, 2003November 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
RoboCopTitus SoftwareMGM InteractiveJuly 24, 2003December 12, 2003UnreleasedNo
Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction[EU]Futuretech Inc.BBC MultimediaUnreleasedNovember 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
Robotech: BattlecryVicious Cycle SoftwareTDK MediactiveSeptember 25, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Robotech: InvasionVicious Cycle SoftwareGlobal Star SoftwareOctober 5, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
RobotsEurocomVivendi GamesFebruary 24, 2005March 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
RockyRage SoftwareUbisoftOctober 18, 2002November 17, 2002UnreleasedNo
Rocky: LegendsVenom GamesUbisoftSeptember 28, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Rogue OpsBits StudiosKemcoOctober 29, 2003February 6, 2004February 26, 2004No
Rogue TrooperRebellion DevelopmentsEidos InteractiveMay 23, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
RollerCoaster TycoonChris SawyerHasbro InteractiveMarch 25, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Rolling[EU]Rage SoftwareRage SoftwareUnreleasedOctober 24, 2003UnreleasedNo
Room ZoomBlade InteractiveJalecoJuly 14, 2004July 14, 2004UnreleasedNo
Rugby 06EA Canada, HB StudiosEA SportsFebruary 14, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Rugby 2005EA CanadaEA GamesMarch 8, 2005March 18, 2005UnreleasedNo
Rugby Challenge 2006[EU]Swordfish StudiosHip Interactive, UbisoftUnreleasedFebruary 3, 2006UnreleasedNo
Rugby League[EU]Sidhe InteractiveHome Entertainment Suppliers, Tru Blu EntertainmentUnreleasedDecember 19, 2003UnreleasedNo
Rugby League 2[EU]Sidhe InteractiveHome Entertainment SuppliersUnreleasedJuly 21, 2006UnreleasedNo
Samurai Shodown VSNK PlaymoreSNK PlaymoreJanuary 18, 2006May 26, 2006UnreleasedNo
Samurai WarriorsOmega ForceKoeiJuly 13, 2004September 24, 2004July 29, 2004No
ScalerA2MOctober 20, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Scarface: The World Is YoursRadical EntertainmentSierra EntertainmentJuly 25, 2006July 28, 2006UnreleasedNo
Scooby-Doo! Mystery MayhemA2MTHQMarch 2, 2004March 26, 2004UnreleasedNo
Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 FrightsHeavy Iron StudiosTHQAugust 27, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Scooby-Doo! UnmaskedA2MTHQSeptember 12, 2005September 16, 2005UnreleasedNo
American McGee Presents: ScraplandMercury Steam EntertainmentEnlightFebruary 28, 2005March 18, 2005UnreleasedConsole
SeaBladeSimon & SchusterSimon & SchusterNovember 20, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
SeaWorld: Shamu’s Deep Sea AdventuresActivisionActivisionNovember 1, 2005March 17, 2006UnreleasedNo
Second SightFree Radical DesignCodemastersSeptember 3, 2004September 21, 2004UnreleasedNo
Secret Weapons Over NormandyTotally GamesLucasArtsNovember 18, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Sega GT 2002Wow EntertainmentSegaSeptember 2, 2002November 8, 2002September 12, 2002Yes
Sega GT OnlineWow EntertainmentSegaNovember 1, 2005March 17, 2006March 17, 2006Yes
Sega Soccer SlamBlack Box GamesSegaAugust 22, 2002October 11, 2002UnreleasedNo
Sensible Soccer 2006[EU]Kuju EntertainmentCodemastersUnreleasedJune 9, 2006UnreleasedNo
Serious SamCroteamGathering of DevelopersNovember 10, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Serious Sam IICroteam2K GamesOctober 11, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Shade: Wrath of AngelsBlack ElementCenega PublishingOctober 29, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Shadow of Memories[EU]KonamiKonamiUnreleasedNovember 8, 2002UnreleasedNo
Shadow Ops: Red MercuryZombie StudiosAtariJune 15, 2004June 18, 2004UnreleasedConsole
Shadow the HedgehogSega Studio USASegaNovember 15, 2005November 18, 2005UnreleasedNo
Shark TaleEdge of RealityActivisionSeptember 27, 2004October 1, 2004UnreleasedNo
Shattered UnionPopTop Software2K GamesOctober 17, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Shellshock: Nam ’67Guerrilla GamesEidos InteractiveSeptember 14, 2004September 3, 2004UnreleasedNo
Shenmue IIRutubo GamesMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 28, 2002March 21, 2003UnreleasedNo
Shikigami no Shiro[JP]Alfa SystemMediaQuestUnreleasedUnreleasedMarch 14, 2002No
Shikigami no Shiro Evolution[JP]Alfa SystemMediaQuestUnreleasedUnreleasedDecember 19, 2002No
Shikigami no Shiro II[JP]Alfa SystemMediaQuestUnreleasedUnreleasedApril 15, 2004No
Shin Megami Tensei: NINE[JP]Next EntertainmentAtlusUnreleasedUnreleasedDecember 5, 2002Yes
Showdown: Legends of WrestlingAcclaim Studios AustinAcclaim EntertainmentJune 22, 2004July 2, 2004UnreleasedNo
ShrekEA DICETDK MediactiveNovember 15, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Shrek 2LuxofluxActivisionApril 28, 2004June 18, 2004December 16, 2004No
Shrek Super PartyMass MediaTDK MediactiveNovember 29, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Shrek SuperSlamShaba GamesActivisionOctober 25, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Sid Meier’s Pirates!Firaxis Games2K GamesJuly 11, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Silent Hill 2KonamiKonamiDecember 20, 2001October 14, 2002February 22, 2002No
Silent Hill 4: The RoomKonamiKonamiSeptember 7, 2004September 17, 2004UnreleasedNo
Silent Scope CompleteKonamiKonamiFebruary 10, 2004March 19, 2004UnreleasedYes
The Simpsons: Hit & RunRadical EntertainmentVivendi Universal GamesSeptember 16, 2003October 31, 2003December 25, 2003No
The Simpsons SkateboardingThe Code MonkeysEA GamesNovember 11, 2002December 6, 2002No
The Simpsons: Road RageRadical EntertainmentEA GamesDecember 1, 2001March 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
The SimsEdge of RealityEA GamesMarch 24, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
The Sims 2MaxisEA GamesOctober 24, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
The Sims Bustin’ OutMaxisEA GamesDecember 15, 2003December 19, 2003UnreleasedNo
Ski Racing 2005[EU]ColdWood InteractiveJoWooD EntertainmentUnreleasedMarch 24, 2005UnreleasedNo
Ski Racing 2006[EU]ColdWood InteractiveDeep SilverUnreleasedNovember 25, 2005UnreleasedNo
Slam Tennis[EU]AtariAtariUnreleasedAugust 23, 2003UnreleasedNo
Smashing DrivePoint of ViewNamcoMay 13, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Sneak KingBlitz GamesKing GamesNovember 19, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
SneakersMedia.VisionMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 22, 2002October 13, 2002February 22, 2002Yes
Sniper EliteRebellion DevelopmentsNamcoOctober 18, 2005May 30, 2005UnreleasedNo
Soldier of Fortune II: Double HelixGratuitous GamesActivisionJune 18, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Sonic HeroesSonic TeamSegaJanuary 27, 2004February 6, 2004December 30, 2003No
Sonic Mega Collection PlusSonic TeamSegaNovember 2, 2004February 4, 2005December 9, 2004No
Sonic RidersSonic TeamSegaFebruary 21, 2006March 17, 2006February 23, 2006No
Soul Calibur IINamcoNamcoAugust 27, 2003September 26, 2003March 27, 2003No
Spartan: Total WarriorThe Creative AssemblySegaOctober 27, 2005October 7, 2005UnreleasedNo
Spawn: ArmageddonPoint of ViewNamcoNovember 21, 2003March 12, 2004UnreleasedNo
Special Forces: Nemesis StrikeAsobo StudioHip GamesMarch 22, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Speed KingsClimax GroupAcclaim EntertainmentMay 23, 2003June 3, 2003UnreleasedNo
Sphinx and the Cursed MummyEurocomTHQNovember 10, 2003February 20, 2004UnreleasedNo
Spider-ManTreyarchActivisionApril 15, 2002June 7, 2002February 13, 2003No
Spider-Man 2TreyarchActivisionJune 28, 2004July 9, 2004September 30, 2004No
Spikeout: Battle StreetDimpsSegaMarch 29, 2005April 22, 2005March 24, 2005Yes
SplashdownRainbow StudiosAtariJune 25, 2002August 30, 2002UnreleasedNo
Splat Magazine Renegade PaintballCat Daddy GamesTake-Two InteractiveOctober 11, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini BottomHeavy Iron StudiosTHQNovember 10, 2003November 10, 2003UnreleasedNo
SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!WayForward TechnologiesTHQOctober 21, 2005October 21, 2005UnreleasedNo
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie GameHeavy Iron StudiosTHQFebruary 6, 2005February 18, 2005UnreleasedNo
Spy HunterParadigm EntertainmentMidway GamesMarch 10, 2002June 28, 2002UnreleasedNo
Spy Hunter 2Angel StudiosMidway GamesNovember 20, 2003March 5, 2004UnreleasedNo
Spy Hunter: Nowhere to RunTerminal RealityMidway GamesSeptember 5, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Spy vs. SpyVicious Cycle SoftwareGlobal Star SoftwareApril 29, 2005April 29, 2005April 29, 2005No
Spyro: A Hero’s TailEurocomVivendi Universal GamesNovember 3, 2004November 12, 2004UnreleasedNo
SSX 3EA CanadaEA SportsOctober 20, 2003October 31, 2003UnreleasedNo
SSX On TourEA CanadaEA SportsOctober 11, 2005October 21, 2005UnreleasedNo
SSX TrickyEA CanadaEA SportsDecember 10, 2001June 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
Stacked with Daniel Negreanu5000ftMyelin MediaMay 30, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Stake: Fortune FightersGameness ArtMetro3D, Inc.July 1, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Star Trek: Shattered UniverseStarsphereTDKJanuary 14, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyVicarious VisionsLucasArtsNovember 19, 2003November 21, 2003September 2, 2004Console
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi OutcastVicarious VisionsLucasArtsNovember 20, 2002November 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
Star Wars: BattlefrontPandemic StudiosLucasArtsSeptember 20, 2004September 24, 2004October 7, 2004No
Star Wars: Battlefront IIPandemic StudiosLucasArtsNovember 1, 2005October 31, 2005UnreleasedNo
Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the SithThe Collective, Inc.LucasArtsMay 4, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Star Wars: Jedi StarfighterLucasArtsLucasArtsMay 13, 2002May 31, 2002UnreleasedNo
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old RepublicBioWareLucasArtsJuly 15, 2003September 12, 2003UnreleasedConsole
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith LordsObsidian EntertainmentLucasArtsDecember 6, 2004February 11, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Star Wars: Obi-WanLucasArtsLucasArtsDecember 19, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedYes
Star Wars: Republic CommandoLucasArtsLucasArtsMarch 1, 2005March 4, 2005UnreleasedConsole
Star Wars: StarfighterLucasArtsLucasArtsNovember 26, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Star Wars: The Clone WarsPandemic StudiosLucasArtsApril 22, 2003May 9, 2003UnreleasedNo
Starsky & HutchMind’s EyeEmpire InteractiveSeptember 9, 2003June 20, 2003UnreleasedNo
State of EmergencyVIS EntertainmentRockstar GamesMarch 26, 2003April 4, 2003UnreleasedNo
Steel BattalionCapcom, Nude MakerCapcom, Microsoft Game StudiosNovember 21, 2002March 28, 2003September 12, 2002Yes
Steel Battalion: Line of ContactCapcom, Nude MakerCapcomFebruary 27, 2004March 26, 2004February 26, 2004Yes
Still LifeMicroïdsThe Adventure CompanyJune 6, 2005June 3, 2005UnreleasedConsole
StolenBlue 52Hip InteractiveApril 22, 2005April 1, 2005UnreleasedNo
Street Fighter Anniversary CollectionCapcomCapcomFebruary 22, 2005October 29, 2004October 28, 2004No
Street HoopsBlack OpsActivisionAugust 12, 2002October 4, 2002UnreleasedNo
Street Racing SyndicateEutechnyxNamcoAugust 31, 2004May 6, 2005UnreleasedNo
Strike Force BowlingLAB Rats GamesCrave EntertainmentMay 10, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a PulseWideloadAspyrOctober 18, 2005February 10, 2006UnreleasedConsole
SudekiClimaxMicrosoft Game StudiosJuly 20, 2004August 24, 2004July 14, 2005Console
The SufferingSurreal SoftwareMidway GamesMarch 9, 2004May 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
The Suffering: Ties That BindSurreal SoftwareMidway GamesSeptember 26, 2005October 28, 2002UnreleasedNo
Super Bubble PopZombie StudiosJalecoDecember 25, 2002March 15, 2003UnreleasedNo
Super Monkey Ball DeluxeSegaSegaMarch 15, 2005August 26, 2005March 24, 2005No
Superman ReturnsEA TiburonEA GamesNovember 20, 2006December 8, 2006UnreleasedNo
Superman: The Man of SteelCircus Freak StudiosAtariNovember 19, 2002December 13, 2002UnreleasedYes
SVC Chaos: SNK vs. CapcomPlaymorePlaymoreSeptember 28, 2004March 18, 2005October 7, 2004No
SWAT: Global Strike TeamArgonautSierra EntertainmentOctober 28, 2003December 5, 2003UnreleasedNo
SX SuperstarClimax StudiosAcclaim EntertainmentJune 26, 2003July 4, 2003UnreleasedNo
SyberiaMicroïdsXS GamesJuly 23, 2003June 6, 2003UnreleasedNo
Syberia IIMicroïdsXS GamesOctober 5, 2004November 26, 2004UnreleasedNo
Taito LegendsTaito CorporationEmpire Interactive, SegaOctober 25, 2005October 14, 2005UnreleasedNo
Taito Legends 2[EU]Taito CorporationEmpire InteractiveUnreleasedMarch 31, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tak: The Great Juju ChallengeAvalanche SoftwareTHQSeptember 19, 2005March 3, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tak 2: The Staff of DreamsAvalanche SoftwareTHQOctober 11, 2004March 24, 2005UnreleasedNo
Tao Feng: Fist of the LotusStudio GiganteMicrosoft Game StudiosMarch 18, 2003May 9, 2003October 23, 2003Yes
Taz: WantedBlitz GamesInfogrames, Warner Bros. InteractiveSeptember 18, 2002September 27, 2002UnreleasedNo
TD Overdrive[EU]Pitbull SyndicateInfogramesUnreleasedMay 17, 2002UnreleasedNo
Tecmo Classic ArcadeTecmoTecmoSeptember 13, 2005October 21, 2005October 27, 2005Yes
Teen TitansArtificial Mind and MovementTHQ, Majesco EntertainmentNovember 13, 2006November 10, 2006UnreleasedNo
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesKonamiKonamiOctober 21, 2003April 16, 2004UnreleasedNo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant MeleeKCE HawaiiKonamiMarch 15, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle NexusKonamiKonamiOctober 19, 2004March 11, 2005UnreleasedNo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant NightmareKonamiKonamiNovember 1, 2005April 14, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tenchu: Return from DarknessK2 LLCActivision, From Software(JP)March 10, 2004March 19, 2004May 27, 2004Yes
Tenerezza[JP]Aqua PlusAqua PlusUnreleasedUnreleasedJanuary 29, 2003Console
Tennis Masters Series 2003MicroidsHip GamesAugust 7, 2003November 30, 2002UnreleasedNo
The Terminator: Dawn of FateParadigm EntertainmentInfogramesSeptember 18, 2002October 25, 2002UnreleasedNo
Terminator 3: Rise of the MachinesBlack Ops EntertainmentAtariNovember 11, 2003November 28, 2002UnreleasedNo
Terminator 3: The RedemptionParadigm EntertainmentAtariSeptember 2, 2004September 24, 2004UnreleasedNo
Test DrivePitbull SyndicateInfogramesMay 27, 2002July 5, 2002UnreleasedNo
Test Drive: Eve of DestructionMonster GamesAtariAugust 25, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Test Drive Off-Road Wide OpenAngel StudiosInfogrames, Inc.November 15, 2001May 24, 2002UnreleasedNo
Tetris WorldsRadical EntertainmentTHQJune 24, 2002September 20, 2002November 14, 2002No
Tetris Worlds (Online Edition)Radical EntertainmentTHQJune 13, 2003October 3, 2003UnreleasedYes
Thief: Deadly ShadowsIon Storm Inc.Eidos InteractiveMay 25, 2004June 11, 2004UnreleasedConsole
The ThingComputer ArtworksVU GamesSeptember 9, 2002September 20, 2002UnreleasedNo
Thousand Land[JP]From SoftwareFrom SoftwareUnreleasedUnreleasedMarch 20, 2003Yes
ThrillvilleFrontier DevelopmentsLucasArtsNovember 21, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003EA SportsEA GamesOctober 27, 2002November 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004EA SportsEA GamesSeptember 22, 2003September 26, 2003UnreleasedNo
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005EA SportsEA GamesSeptember 20, 2004September 24, 2004UnreleasedNo
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06EA SportsEA GamesSeptember 20, 2005October 7, 2005UnreleasedNo
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07EA SportsEA GamesOctober 10, 2006September 22, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s RevengeCapcomBuena Vista GamesOctober 10, 2005September 30, 2005UnreleasedNo
TimeSplitters 2Free RadicalEidos InteractiveOctober 17, 2002October 18, 2002UnreleasedNo
TimeSplitters: Future PerfectFree RadicalEA GamesMarch 21, 2005March 24, 2005UnreleasedNo
TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing SimulatorCodemastersCodemastersApril 13, 2004April 23, 2004UnreleasedNo
TOCA Race Driver 3CodemastersCodemastersFebruary 22, 2006February 24, 2006UnreleasedNo
ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to EarthToeJam & Earl ProductionsSegaOctober 23, 2002March 7, 2003UnreleasedYes
Tom and Jerry in War of the WhiskersVIS EntertainmentNewKidCoDecember 6, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Tom Clancy’s Classic Trilogy[5]UbisoftUbisoftNovember 16, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Tom Clancy’s Ghost ReconRed Storm EntertainmentUbisoftNovember 11, 2002December 6, 2002September 25, 2002No
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2Red Storm EntertainmentUbisoftNovember 16, 2004November 26, 2004UnreleasedNo
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2: Summit StrikeRed Storm EntertainmentUbisoftAugust 2, 2005August 26, 2005UnreleasedYes
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced WarfighterUbisoftUbisoftMarch 9, 2006March 17, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Island ThunderRed Storm EntertainmentUbisoftAugust 6, 2003September 5, 2003March 11, 2004Console
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3UbisoftUbisoftNovember 12, 2003November 7, 2003July 8, 2004No
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3: Black ArrowUbisoftUbisoftAugust 4, 2004August 20, 2004March 10, 2005Yes
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Critical HourUbisoft Quebec, Red Storm EntertainmentUbisoftMarch 14, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: LockdownRed Storm EntertainmentUbisoftSeptember 6, 2005September 9, 2005September 22, 2005No
Tom Clancy’s Splinter CellUbisoft MontrealUbisoftNovember 17, 2002November 29, 2002November 27, 2003No
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryUbisoft Montreal, Ubisoft AnnecyUbisoftMarch 31, 2005April 1, 2005November 17, 2005No
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double AgentUbisoftUbisoftOctober 24, 2006October 26, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora TomorrowUbisoftUbisoftMarch 23, 2004March 26, 2004April 7, 2005No
Tomb Raider: LegendCrystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveApril 11, 2006April 7, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tony Hawk’s American WastelandNeversoftActivisionOctober 18, 2005October 28, 2005UnreleasedNo
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2xNeversoftActivisionNovember 15, 2001UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3NeversoftActivisionMarch 4, 2002March 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4NeversoftActivisionOctober 23, 2002November 15, 2002UnreleasedNo
Tony Hawk’s Project 8Shaba GamesActivisionNovember 7, 2006November 17, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tony Hawk’s UndergroundNeversoftActivisionOctober 27, 2003November 12, 2003May 20, 2004No
Tony Hawk’s Underground 2NeversoftActivisionOctober 4, 2004October 8, 2004UnreleasedNo
Top Spin TennisPAM DevelopmentMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 28, 2003November 7, 2003July 15, 2004No
Torino 200649 Games2K GamesJanuary 24, 2006January 27, 2006UnreleasedNo
Tork: Prehistoric PunkTiwakUbisoftJanuary 12, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Total Club Manager 2004EA CanadaEA SportsUnreleasedDecember 5, 2003UnreleasedNo
Total Club Manager 2005[EU]EA CanadaEA SportsUnreleasedOctober 29, 2004UnreleasedNo
Total Immersion RacingRazorworksEmpire InteractiveNovember 18, 2002November 1, 2002UnreleasedNo
Total Overdose: A Gunslinger’s Tale in MexicoDeadline GamesEidos InteractiveSeptember 27, 2005September 16, 2005UnreleasedNo
Totaled!Rage SoftwareMajesco GamesJuly 29, 2002June 7, 2002UnreleasedNo
Tour de France[EU]KonamiKonamiUnreleasedJuly 26, 2002UnreleasedNo
Toxic GrindBlue ShiftTHQOctober 27, 2002November 15, 2002UnreleasedYes
TransWorld SnowboardingHousemarqueAtariOctober 29, 2002November 15, 2002UnreleasedYes
TransWorld SurfAngel StudiosInfogrames, Inc.November 15, 2001March 14, 2002UnreleasedNo
Trigger ManPoint of ViewCrave EntertainmentOctober 5, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Triple Play 2002Pandemic StudiosEA GamesMarch 18, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Trivial Pursuit UnhingedArtech StudiosAtariMarch 24, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Tron 2.0 Killer AppClimax GroupBuena Vista InteractiveNovember 4, 2004November 26, 2004UnreleasedYes
True Crime: New York CityLuxofluxActivisionNovember 15, 2005November 25, 2005UnreleasedNo
True Crime: Streets of LALuxofluxActivisionNovember 3, 2003November 7, 2005October 28, 2004No
Turok: EvolutionAcclaimAcclaimAugust 31, 2002September 6, 2002UnreleasedNo
Ty the Tasmanian TigerKrome StudiosEA GamesSeptember 10, 2002November 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush RescueKrome StudiosEA GamesOctober 12, 2004November 5, 2004UnreleasedNo
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the QuinkanKrome StudiosActivision ValueOctober 11, 2005April 21, 2006UnreleasedNo
UEFA Champions League 2004-2005[EU]EA GamesEA GamesUnreleasedFebruary 4, 2005UnreleasedNo
UEFA Euro 2004EA CanadaEA GamesMay 4, 2004May 7, 2004May 7, 2004No
UFC: TapoutDreamFactoryCrave EntertainmentFebruary 20, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
UFC: Tapout 2DreamFactoryTDK MediactiveMarch 20, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Ultimate Beach SoccerPAM DevelopmentDreamCatcher InteractiveNovember 10, 2003November 10, 2003UnreleasedNo
Ultimate Pro Pinball[EU]Atomic Planet EntertainmentEmpire InteractiveUnreleasedJuly 15, 2005UnreleasedNo
Ultimate Spider-ManTreyarchActivisionNovember 22, 2005October 14, 2005UnreleasedNo
Ultra Bust-a-MoveTaito CorporationMajesco GamesNovember 4, 2004May 19, 2006January 27, 2005Yes
Unreal ChampionshipDigital ExtremesAtariSeptember 24, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri ConflictEpic GamesMidway GamesApril 18, 20052005UnreleasedYes
Unreal II: The AwakeningTantalus InteractiveAtariFebruary 10, 2004March 23, 2004UnreleasedConsole
Urban Chaos: Riot ResponseRocksteady StudiosEidos InteractiveJune 13, 2006May 19, 2006UnreleasedNo
The Urbz: Sims in the CityMaxisEA GamesNovember 9, 2004November 9, 2004UnreleasedNo
V-Rally 3Eden StudiosAtariMarch 25, 2003March 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
Van HelsingSaffireVU GamesApril 27, 2004May 7, 2004UnreleasedNo
VexxAcclaimAcclaimFebruary 10, 2003April 4, 2003UnreleasedNo
Vietcong: Purple HazeCoyoteGatheringSeptember 15, 2004September 18, 2004UnreleasedNo
Virtual Pool: Tournament EditionCelerisGlobal Star SoftwareMay 11, 2005June 8, 2005UnreleasedYes
Voodoo VinceBeep IndustriesMicrosoft Game StudiosSeptember 23, 2003October 17, 2003June 22, 2004Yes
Wakeboarding UnleashedShaba GamesActivisionJune 10, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Wallace & Gromit in Project ZooFrontier DevelopmentsBAM! EntertainmentOctober 14, 2003October 3, 2003UnreleasedNo
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-RabbitFrontier DevelopmentsKonamiSeptember 29, 2005October 14, 2005March 16, 2006No
WarpathDigital ExtremesGroove GamesJuly 24, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
The WarriorsRockstar TorontoRockstar GamesOctober 17, 2005October 24, 2005UnreleasedNo
Whacked!Presto StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosOctober 8, 2002November 29, 2002UnreleasedYes
WhiplashCrystal DynamicsEidos InteractiveNovember 18, 2003February 11, 2004UnreleasedNo
WhiteoutKonamiKonamiNovember 12, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
The Wild Rings[JP]Microsoft Game StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosUnreleasedUnreleasedApril 10, 2003Yes
WinBack 2: Project PoseidonCavia Inc.KoeiApril 25, 2006June 15, 2006December 31, 2005No
Wings of WarSilver Wish GamesGatheringAugust 31, 2004July 31, 2004UnreleasedConsole
Without WarningCiRCLECapcomNovember 1, 2005October 28, 2005UnreleasedNo
World Championship PokerCrave EntertainmentCrave EntertainmentNovember 30, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
World Championship Poker 2: Featuring Howard LedererCrave EntertainmentCrave EntertainmentNovember 3, 2005April 28, 2006UnreleasedNo
World Championship Pool 2004Blade InteractiveJaleco EntertainmentDecember 9, 2003June 25, 2004UnreleasedNo
World Championship Rugby[EU]Swordfish StudiosAcclaimUnreleasedApril 8, 2004UnreleasedNo
World Championship Snooker 2004[EU]Blade InteractiveCodemastersUnreleasedJune 27, 2003UnreleasedNo
World Championship Snooker 2005[EU]Blade InteractiveCodemastersUnreleasedJune 25, 2004UnreleasedNo
World Poker TourCoresoft2K SportsOctober 18, 2005UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
World RacingSyneticTDK MediactiveMarch 20, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
World Racing 2SyneticEvolved GamesAugust 16, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
World Series BaseballBlueshiftSegaMay 19, 2002UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
World Series Baseball 2K3BlueshiftSegaMarch 10, 2003UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
World Series of PokerActivision ValueActivision ValueAugust 31, 2005February 24, 2006UnreleasedNo
World Snooker Championship 2005[EU]Blade InteractiveSega EuropeUnreleasedApril 15, 2005UnreleasedNo
World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International
Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (PAL)
Winning Eleven 8(JP)
KCETKonamiFebruary 2, 2005November 26, 2004August 5, 2004No
World Soccer Winning Eleven 9
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PAL)
Winning Eleven 9 (JP)
KCETKonamiFebruary 7, 2006October 2, 2006August 4, 2005No
World War II Combat: Iwo JimaDirect ActionGroove GamesJuly 21, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
World War II Combat: Road to BerlinDirect ActionGroove GamesJanuary 24, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedConsole
Worms 3DTeam17SegaMarch 1, 2005October 31, 2003UnreleasedNo
Worms 4: MayhemTeam17Codemasters & Majesco GamesOctober 4, 2005September 29, 2005UnreleasedNo
Worms Forts: Under SiegeTeam17SegaMarch 15, 2005November 24, 2004UnreleasedNo
Wrath UnleashedThe CollectiveLucasArtsFebruary 10, 2004March 5, 2004UnreleasedNo
Wreckless: The Yakuza MissionsBunkasha PublishingActivisionFebruary 4, 2002March 14, 2002February 22, 2002No
WTA Tour TennisKonamiKonamiSeptember 24, 2002September 13, 2002August 29, 2002No
WWE Raw 2AnchorTHQSeptember 15, 2003October 10, 2003UnreleasedYes
WWE WrestleMania 21Studio GiganteTHQApril 20, 2005May 27, 2005UnreleasedYes
WWF RAWAnchorTHQFebruary 11, 2002September 27, 2002October 3, 2002Console
X-Men LegendsRaven SoftwareActivisionSeptember 21, 2004October 22, 2004UnreleasedNo
X-Men Legends II: Rise of ApocalypseRaven SoftwareActivisionSeptember 20, 2005November 25, 2005UnreleasedNo
X-Men: Next DimensionParadox DevelopmentActivisionOctober 15, 2002November 22, 2002UnreleasedNo
X-Men: The Official GameZ-Axis, Ltd.ActivisionMay 16, 2006May 19, 2006UnreleasedNo
X2: Wolverine’s RevengeGenePool SoftwareActivisionApril 15, 2003April 17, 2003UnreleasedNo
Xbox Music MixerWildTangentMicrosoft Game StudiosDecember 1, 2003December 1, 2003UnreleasedYes
XGRAAcclaimAcclaimSeptember 17, 2003October 3, 2003UnreleasedNo
Xiaolin ShowdownBottleRocketKonamiNovember 14, 2006June 29, 2007UnreleasedNo
XIIIUbisoftUbisoftNovember 24, 2003November 28, 2003UnreleasedNo
XyanidePlaylogicPlaylogicAugust 15, 2006UnreleasedUnreleasedYes
YagerYager DevelopmentKemcoOctober 5, 2004May 23, 2003UnreleasedNo
Yetisports Arctic Adventure[EU]JoWood ProductionsJoWood ProductionsSeptember 30, 2005July 18, 2005UnreleasedNo
Yourself!FitnessRespondesignRespondesignSeptember 27, 2004UnreleasedUnreleasedNo
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of DestinyKCEJKonamiMarch 24, 2004November 12, 2004UnreleasedYes
ZapperBlitz GamesAtariNovember 3, 2002March 14, 2003UnreleasedNo
ZathuraHigh Voltage Software2K GamesOctober 25, 2005January 27, 2006UnreleasedNo

Legendary Status – Halo The Master Chief Collection – Killzown.TV

Legendary Status halo_by_joe_roberts-d1zqikc (1)

Custom Art By Joe Roberts

Watch as DJ Killzown Jones plays the four main Halo games from start to finish on Legendary live on Twitch TV. Check out the stream below and be sure to keep up with Killzown n Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and subscribe to his channel on Youtube.If you would like to play with Killzown in Halo add him on XBL on djklzownjones.

Watch live video from DJKlzownJones on Twitch

RGN Podcast: Das Vin’s Real Gaming Chat

RealGamerNews Logo by Brandon Lee

Das Vin joins RealGamerNewz for a quick podcast about a few gaming products recently released and coming soon.


> : Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – What is really new about it?

> : RISEN 3 – Over-hyped release from a small team, with flawed combat but a deep story.

> : Destiny VS Halo – Is there a new Contender in play for the First Person Shooter genre?

> : Horror Games Reborn – P.T., Silent Hills, Resident Evil, Oculus, Kojima, Genre Revival.

> : Indie Digital Games – Bigger Than Ever, Will They Overtake AAA This Generation?

Halo 5 Guardians Beta Info


As many gamers have heard Halo’s The Master Chief Collection is coming out soon, and along with it comes the Halo 5 Guardians Beta which stars December 29th and lasts 3 weeks. Now this isn’t a single player Beta, it’s a multiplayer one.  Nothing major, but it does give you a sneak peak at what’s to come in Halo 5. The Beta will allow you to play on 7 different multiplayer maps that are suited for 4v4 combat, and for these maps are several different weapons and 3 game modes for you and your buddies to kick a$$ on as well as 7 different armor sets to unlock.  Whats even better is their are a couple things that you can unlock in the Beta that will carry over to the main game and you can experience this all on dedicated servers and run at 60 fps the whole time. but don’t take my word for it. The video below has all the info you need straight from 343.