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Halo 3 leaked for PC by AMD (DEBUNKED)

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AMD hosted a event in Korea for it’s new R5 CPUs. AMD had a video featuring many different games for the PC platform, oddly enough artwork of Halo 3 was seen, speculating that the long rumored port of Halo 3 was finally coming to PC. Some have speculated this may the rumored Halo 3 Anniversary, which was denied by 343 last year, but they could have lied. Take all of this with a grain of salt, as information is very minimal, if Microsoft denies this, or confirms we will update the article with new information, or if any other developments happen. Personally I could see it since this year is the 10 year anniversary of Halo 3 which would make sense, launching it on the Xbox Platform, and PC. 343 did say Halo 3 Anniversary wasn’t happening, but that could have been misleading. Or this could simply just be a port of Halo 3, which would be interesting, or maybe even a port of the Halo Master Chief Collection. What do you think? Do you think Microsoft is letting Halo 3 come to PC? Stay tuned here at RGN.

343 shot down rumors of Halo 3 in any form coming to the PC.


RTX 2013: Halo Xbox One News, Halo 3 PC Announcement or Halo 2 Anniversary Reveal?

Halo 3 PC

RTX or Rooster Teeth Expo starts on July 5th, but the Halo 343 Industries Panel doesn’t start till July 6th where we will “Get an exclusive first look at 343’s next Halo announcement!”. This could mean several things, could we be getting information about 343 Industries next installment in the Halo franchise? Could the heavily rumored Halo 3 PC finally be released as all indications point to Certain Affinity to be developing it?

Or could we be getting a Halo 2 Anniversary for the XBOX One? My bet is on a Halo 3 PC announcement as there is a lot information that proves Halo 3 for PC on Steam exists. Back in February a NeoGaf user found a whole range of games that were supposedly coming to Steam in the future, one of those was Halo 3. A few months later, AMD released one of their drivers for their GPU’s and Halo 3 popped up again. There is even a Halo 3 Steam group on the Steam community page. Another source from 4chan gives a compelling case why Halo 3 will arrive on PC in the future, they quote on quote state:

  • “The servers for Halo 2 Windows Vista are being replaced
  • Game for Windows Live will be removed from Halo 2 for Windows Vista.
  • Halo 2 will drop Windows Vista and appear on iOS.
  • The Halo trilogy (Halo: Combat Evolved, a fixed version of Halo 2, and Halo 3) will be available on Steam”

Certain Affinity, a third party developer for 343 Industries was asked on Twitter, “If they were working on Halo 3 for PC”, their response was, “We plead the 5th ;)”. Obviously referring to the 5th Amendment but curiously not giving a definitive no and using a wink emoticon just to make us that much more curiously.

And lastly there is some leaked Halo 3 PC footage that was uploaded on June 26th. This video could easily be fake but the timing of the mouse and keyboard seem to indicate he is using a Mouse/KB. Interesting enough though, he showed a new map called Forge Globe in the Map menu. We’ll have to wait and see on July 6th at RTX to find out what 343 Industries/Certain Affinity are planning.