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BIOHAZARD FRANCE Releasing Resident Evil “Rebirth” Remake Footage [France]

 Resident Evil Illuminati

These footage clips seem to have been used in testing of some sort and now have become released to show off some of the work that was done in the original Resident Evil Remake known on the GameCube. Soon, a next-gen remake will come as recently confirmed by Capcom. It would make sense if BIOHAZARD FRANCE (which is the branch of the game under its alternative name overseas) are releasing these footage clips now as a precursor to something larger at Tokyo Games Show 2014. Enjoy them for yourselves below.

“Ces clips vidéo semblent avoir été utilisé dans les essais de quelque sorte et maintenant sont devenus publié pour montrer une partie du travail qui a été fait dans l’original Resident Evil Remake connu sur la GameCube. Bientôt, une nouvelle génération remake viendra comme l’a récemment confirmé par Capcom. Il serait logique si BIOHAZARD FRANCE (qui est la branche du jeu sous son autre nom à l’étranger) sont libérant ces clips vidéo maintenant comme un précurseur de quelque chose de plus à Tokyo Games Show 2014 Profitez-en pour vous-mêmes ci-dessous.”

Editor’s Note: These clips are not indication of the final game product, we make no claim of ownership over these clips.

Halo on Xbox ONE – Leaked Footage Explained

Halo on Xbox ONE

The following footage has been leaked from a vetted source as a cut-scene from Halo on Xbox ONE featuring the forerunner symbol at the end. Cortana is also featured in the footage. Be sure to remember this game is scheduled for 2014 on Microsoft’s next-generation game console Xbox ONE and is titled “Halo” not “Halo 5” as it is sometimes referred to by developer 343 Industries and their massive Halo fan-base.

What does it all mean?

That Cortana is still alive or revived and that this scene might be after what ever causes Master Chief to lose his chest piece and get the huge scratch on his helm. It looks like some type of dark forerunner room with obvious forerunner colors, in blue and red plus the fact Cortana is blue also symbolizes this.